tagGroup SexRandy's Revenge Ch. 3

Randy's Revenge Ch. 3

byTraci Ott©

After graduation I moved to San Francisco to start my own company. Not knowing that one-day I would be wealthier than humanly possible. I graduated with a degree in computer science. After three years in business I had developed a computer program that when installed would manage all of a companies financial products. I sold off to a larger company and hit the road. All told I made over 500 million dollars for my stake in the company. This made Dave, John and Bill very envious of my efforts. Dave and John had come to work for my company after a few years. I made sure that they didn’t receive very much money after the sale and also made sure that they would lose their job when I was gone. That is not what I had planed for them as revenge….I’ll get to that later.

After traveling around the world for 2 years I came back and settled in the mid-west. It was here that I got the shocking news that Bill was getting married in a few months. I contacted Bill like nothing was happening and he invited me to his wedding. This is where my plan starts to take effect. I told Bill that I would like to throw a bachelor party for him at a local strip club. He resisted at first saying Sally his new wife would not like for him to have a bachelor party, let alone at a strip club. During our conversations it came out that Sally was a virgin and wanted to stay that way until her marriage night. After a little convincing I was able to get Bill to agree to the party. He gave me a list of all the people he wanted and I set up the party.

Bill was getting married on a Saturday night so I set up the bachelor party for after the dinner on Friday. We arrived at PT’s and I had booked a room with a view for the whole night and I made sure that the hottest looking girls were going to be dancing for us. Since we were in our own room I had made arrangements with the bar owner to have the girls do a total naked dancing. I also made sure that a lot of special attention was spent on Bill. After a couple of hours of drinking and having girls rub their naked body all over him I knew that I had him where I wanted. I had the girls take him up on the dance floor and slowly take his clothes off down to his underwear. You could tell that he had a hard on when they were done.

They would sit on his lap and have him suck their nipples…Bill looked like he was in heaven. I had known that Bill and Sally had been dating for a couple of years so I knew that he had not had a women in a long time. I found the prettiest looking girl and told her that I would give them each an extra grand if they took off his underwear and let him have sex with them….I told her that he was marrying a virgin and I wanted him to know what a real women is supposed to down when they have sex. She went and talked it over with a couple of other girls and they all just grinned.

The next thing you see is that they tied his hands behind him and took off his underwear….that got all the guys laughing and hollering. By now Bill was totally hammered and now sure what was going on. The next thing that happened was one of the girls started giving him a blowjob right there on stage. Needless to say Bill did not last long.

All the guys were laughing at him because of the facial expressions that he was making. When she was done she leaned up and gave him a big kiss. Bill not knowing what was happening started kissing back. The next thing she did made us all laugh harder. She had not swallowed all of Bills come and she was giving it back to him in that kiss. This was priceless. During this time another of the girls started going down on Bill again. He was hard in minute. She sat on his lap and his cock slipped into her well used pussy in a single slide. She was riding him up and down…faster and faster….she knew that he was going to come again so she stopped…then another girl got on for a ride. Her breast were hanging in Bill’s mouth so he started sucking on her nipples…she too stopped before he could come.

He was begging for release. Then the girls asked him what was he going to do tomorrow on his honeymoon. He told them that he wanted to fuck his new wife in the ass as a lesson for making him wait so long. They looked at him rather funny and then did something that I never would have thought possible. The last girl got onto his lap and lowered her ass to his cock and let it slide down. She looked at Bill and asked him how it felt. He said that he was feeling great and had only fucked one girl in the ass and she was begging for more when he was done.

Not realizing that I was there he must have forgotten that the ass that he fucked was that of my girlfriend. He was begging for release and told them that he would do anything for them to let him come. She looked at him and asked him if he really meant anything….you could see the glossy eyes as he shouted yes anything. She raised herself off his ass and went to talk to the other girls. They looked at us and asked if we wanted to see Bill really get fucked good. Not knowing what they meant we all cheered YES. The next part really threw us for a loop.

She went over to her bag and pulled out a strap-on dildo while the other girls untied his hands and put him on the blanket that was laid out. One of the girls laid in from so he could lick her pussy…. thinking that she was going to let him fuck her again when he was done. He must not have felt the hands rubbing KY-Jelly on his virgin ass. The next thing you year is Bill Yelping when the dildo starts to push home.

After about 2 minutes of thrusting the girl tells Bill to lay on his back. Bill does so with a look of Oh, shit she is really going to keep doing this again. Bill turned over and she threw his legs on her shoulders and started ramming the dildo home. She looked at Bill and said, “is this what you want to do with your bride tomorrow”??? Bill Screamed YES and you could see him coming all over himself.

That in itself is priceless. When they were done they just stood over Bill like conquering heroes. Bill got up and went to find his clothes and left with all of his friends. I had such a great time that I paid all the girls 5 grand apiece. Little did anybody know that I had been taping the whole encounter? I took the tape and went to the hotel that Bill and Sally were going to stay at and I paid for their room and I upgraded it to the biggest and best room that they had. I made sure that the room had a video tape player.

The wedding turned out fine. You could tell that Bill was a little hung over and that Sally was pissed at him. At the reception everyone was drinking and dancing and having a great time. I danced with Sally during one of the slow songs and she was holding me closer than one would think for a bride to be. Sally was a little drunk as well so I let her lead the way. She reached down and started rubbing my cock through my suite pants. She looked up at me and asked if the rumors were true?

I told her that I didn’t know what she was talking about. It seems that after college she was a roommate with Cathy and all she could ever do was talk about my huge penis and how it stretched her so that no man would ever enjoy her company again. I told her that in fact it was true. She unzipped my slacks and put her hand into my pants. I did not have on any underwear so my cock came out the front like a pole.

Good thing the lights were down really low. She grasped my cock and looked up at me and said, “there is no way this will fit into any women”. I assured her that it would fit into any thing she has. Sally was by then turning a dark shade of red. She asked where was I staying and I told that I had a suite at the same hotel that she and Bill were staying in. She looked up and said too bad that she hadn’t met me before Bill and then put my cock back into my pants and walked away.

After the cake was cut Sally and Bill got into the limo and left for their hotel. I was right behind them. They were surprised that their room was upgraded to a suite overlooking the city. I had made sure that there was a bottle of the best bubbly in the room with a note to enjoy this before turning on the TV and watching a video about their lives. I signed it Mom and Dad so they wouldn’t know who it was.

After about an hour I heard a glass being broken across the room. I figured it was Sally throwing it at Bill. After about 5 more minutes my phone rang. I knew immediately who it was. I answered and it was Sally crying about what Bill had done the night before and she wanted to teach him a lesson. She was so angry that she had tied him to a chair like the dancers had done to him. I told her to blindfold him so he wouldn’t know what was going on.

I arrived at their suite and looked on the TV to see the stripper fucking Bill in the ass. Sally looked at me and said, “he wanted to fuck me in the ass so the stripper did it to him, I’ll teach him a thing or too.” She looked up at me and told me that she wanted me to fuck her tonight. I looked over at Bill and he was shaking his head NO, NO, NO…she had placed what looked like her panties in his mouth so he could not speak….Now this was going to be my revenge on Bill.

I walked over to him and took off his blindfold and I whispered in his ear that he should not have black mailed Cathy. You could see the look of terror in his eyes as he realized that I was going to fuck Sally and fuck her good. Sally looked up at me and said that Cathy had told her that three guys had forced her to fuck her one night. She would never tell her who it was. Now that she knew it was Bill she was going to get even with him as well. She looked up at me and told me that I could fuck her anyway I wanted. I looked at her and she said, “YES” even in my virgin ass if you would like.

Sally got on her knees and took my cock out of my pants and started licking the head…. she looked over at Bill and told him that she was really going to enjoy this.

Sally was sucking my cock like a pro. Little did I know how true I was. After she had buried her mouth to my root I saw her look over at Bill and wink….she then come out and looked up at me and said, “I’ve not had sex in 2 years. I’m not a virgin but I will feel like one when you fuck me with that long, thick hard cock of yours.” I was shocked. Bill looked at Sally with shock as well. She looked at him and said the only reason she was with him was because of his money. Now that she had the video about him cheating she was going to rule the house and there was nothing that he could do to change that.

She looked up at me and said that she had been involved with 20 men but none as large as I was. Bill was now in total shock. She looked over at him and asked him how he liked having his ass fucked?? He said that he did not enjoy it. She said that he better start because she was now going to fuck him instead of letting him touch her. Kind of role reversal she told him

She laid down on her back and told me to fuck her good so that when she came it would teach Bill a lesson about how to bring a women to an orgasm. I got between her legs and you could see the juices flowing from her hole. I wasted no time at all and buried all 11 inches into her causing her to scream out loud. I thought the whole town heard her. I pulled out and then shoved back home. This time she was raising her ass off the ground trying to match my thrusts. She was moaning now at the top of her lungs. Telling me how I was stretching her pussy so far out of proportion that any man that fucks her will not be the same. I told her that she could be my love slave. She looked deep into my eyes and said YES, YES as she had an orgasm.

I pulled her up and put her in the doggie position and started fucking her from behind. She did not have a clue as to why I was doing this. I pulled out and lined it up to her virgin ass and she started to tremble as I applied a little pressure. After about 2 minutes I had my head into her ass and she was going through multiple orgasms now. It took me about 10 minutes until I had 7 inches buried. Sally had to ask me to stop that she was in too much pain and that I could continue during our next encounter. I pulled out and started my assault on her pussy. Which by now was gaping open from my earlier assault. I slipped in easily and after about 10 minutes of pounding her I came deep within her body.

We both lay there spent and she asked me to leave as she wanted to talk to her pussy of a husband who would not even voice concern that his wife had just been fucked by another on her wedding night…but that is another story.

One down, Dave and John still to go.

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