tagRomanceRange of Motion

Range of Motion


She caught herself glancing at her watch for the third time in the last five minutes. It was 2:25 Wednesday afternoon and she was sitting on the edge of her chair in anticipation. "Where is he?" she thought to herself as she looked at her watch yet again. "He's always here by now." She'd been watching him for a couple weeks now, but had yet to have the nerve to really talk to him. Her nerves were always extra aware as his therapy time neared.

Her heartbeat stopped, then started working overtime as the door to the office opened. Her body suddenly felt flushed as he stepped into the waiting area of the physical therapy office where she worked.

"Hello, Mr.....ummm...Brandon," she corrected herself as she remembered his earlier invite to call him by his first name.

"Hi Mandy, how are you today?" he asked in his low, smooth timbered voice. It was a voice she had often wondered about. She wondered what it would sound like as he pounded into her furiously in the throes of passion. Blushing to herself at her thoughts, she snapped back to the present and managed to stammer some sort of reply to his inquiry. He smiled almost knowingly at her and took a seat in the waiting room.

She tried to appear busy with paperwork at her desk as she stole glances of him while he read the office copy of "Car and Driver" magazine. He appeared to be concentrating on the article he was reading, allowing her to admire him without notice. He was a handsome man. Though he was in his early fifties, he possessed the body of a man half his age. It was obvious that he took care of his body, yet he exuded confidence instead of the cockiness of someone half his age. His eyes were piercing blue and exemplified the adage that the eyes are the window to the soul.

"Brandon, come on back" the physical therapist's voice called through the opened door in the lobby. Mandy watched as he walked back to the therapy room, winking at her as he passed. She smiled shyly at him, feeling the blush travel up her neck and over her face, then set about to working again. Although she tried to focus, she could not help her wandering mind and the paths it led her down. She was brought out of her reverie forty- minutes later when the PT came out to the lobby and asked her to do something that would change the course of her fate.

"Mandy, I have to pick up my son from soccer practice today, would you mind locking up the office after Brandon finishes? He's in the pool working on his range of motion now. He should only be about 15 more minutes."

"Sure, no problem" she answered. Though she appeared composed on the outside, her insides were in turmoil at the thought of him submerged in the pool. She pictured his strong, capable arms moving briskly through the water. His perfectly muscled legs kicking up waves.

Mandy tried to stay in the lobby to file some papers, but her curiosity got the best of her. She silently slipped into the pool area, making sure to keep in the shadows so as to not be discovered. She watched as his athletic body sliced through the water lithely. His well defined biceps rotated repeatedly as he worked his way to one end of the pool before slipping beneath the surface to make his way back up the lane of water. As his head popped up to the surface again, he caught her staring at him. She was completely unaware that she had stepped out of the shadows to gain a better view of him.

Mandy blushed furiously and her mind clambered to find an excuse as to why she'd been standing in the middle of the dimly lit pool room staring at his body like a love-sick teenager. She could think of nothing, for by this time, he was emerging from the pool and slowly walking toward her.

"I...ummm....well....see, I was....ummm," she stammered as words failed to make an appearance.

Brandon never slowed his stride as he silenced her in a way he'd wanted to since the first time he walked into the office for therapy on his injured shoulder. His lips kissed hers gently, taking her bottom lip between them for a brief moment. He looked deep into her eyes only to read the message he'd hoped for. The tip of her tongue reflexively dipped out to lick the lip that he'd just tasted. He bent forward again, this time feeling the kiss hungrily returned. Their lips continued to taste each other as hands began to roam.

His wet body pressed against her fully clothed one. Her soft hands slid up his back to entangle in his dripping hair. As the kiss ended, he hugged her closely to him, enjoying the sweet scent of her hair. As the two looked at each other, questions were raised and answered without voices. It was as if they had known this moment was in their destiny.

His fingers deftly unbuttoned the white blouse that had come untucked from the black pinstriped skirt she wore. Her hands unhooked the skirt and let it slide to the wet floor of the pool. He stepped back, eyeing her voluptuous body lustfully. She was not beautiful in the classic sense of the word, but her generous curves expanded in all the right places. She glanced at him shyly as she unhooked the white lace bra, releasing her breasts.

It was his turn to lick his lower lip as he eyed the pink nipples, already hard with want. As her hips wiggled, her matching panties slid to the floor on top of the shed skirt. He stepped toward her again, but this time she stopped him with a hand on his chest. She looked at him longingly, then leaned in to slowly lick his neck, placing a gentle nibble on his pulse point only to soothe it with a butterfly kiss.

Her breasts pressed into his naked chest as she did this, flooding his body with sensation as her hard nipples raked across his skin. Without looking at him again, she leaned down and sucked his nipple into her mouth, teasing the hard bud with her flicking tongue. He couldn't stop the little moan of anticipation that escaped from his lips.

Her hands rested on his sides as she knelt in the floor between his feet. He looked down at her, his hands in her soft hair as she placed her lips on his hardening cock through the wet material of his swimming trunks. Her fingers moved up his thighs, under the fabric to lightly brush against the sides of his manhood. His fists closed in her hair as the air hissed from his mouth. Mandy's hands slid back to the waistband of his trunks and slowly pulled them down until they pooled at his feet.

Brandon thought the muscles of his legs would cease to support him as he felt her hot breath on his balls a split second before her tongue slid over them in a hot bath. She licked and sucked at them while her silky hand reached up to gently grasp his cock. She held him firmly as she continued to suck at his sack. Brandon could do little but groan at the combined touch of her mouth and hands.

Mandy smiled to herself and was fueled with confidence at his response. She gripped his cock more firmly in her hand and quickly flicked the purple tip with the end of her tongue. Just as he thought he could take no more, Brandon gasped aloud as she released the pressure on his cock, sending the blood flowing through again at the same time that she sucked the tip into her mouth. Mandy sucked at the tip of his cock, delighting in the taste of pre-cum as she slowly lowered her mouth inch by inch down his cock.

"Oh God, yesss," Brandon called out as her mouth began to work quickly on him. Sliding up and down quickly while sucking....licking....kissing....tasting. The only sounds in the room were the watery sucking sound of her mouth and his hisses and gasps at her attention.

Brandon could stand no more. He pulled her to him and looked around for something on which to use. He eyed the sauna room and pulled her into the small, steamy area with him. There, he laid her on the wooden bench and slid his body on top of hers. She could feel his hardness pressed against the soaking lips of her pussy. She tried to pull him inside her, but it was not to be. Instead, her hips bucked off the bench and she groaned aloud as his finger slid deeply inside her without warning while his mouth sucked at her nipple. Mandy wanted him as she had never wanted anyone before.

"Brandon....please....," she begged, "please....I want you inside me."

Brandon needed no further encouragement. He slid the tip of his cock to the opening of her tight, wet hole. With one powerful thrust, he was buried to the hilt inside her. Mandy's fingers dug into his back as her body stretched to take him inside her. She held to him tightly as his hips started thrusting into hers. Faster and faster their bodies moved together. Her hips rising to meet each powerful thrust of his body. Time seemed to stand still as their bodies found a natural rhythm that was interrupted only by the sounds of their breathing, gasps, and moans.

Mandy wrapped her legs around Brandon's hips and pulled him deeply into her, holding him captive with her tanned calves. As the motion of their bodies suddenly stopped, he looked at her and leaned down for a deep kiss. As the kiss broke, she pulled his ear down to her pouty lips and whispered hotly, "I want to ride you......now.....I want to ride the hell out of you."

Brandon's heart jumped in his throat at her erotic words. He slipped himself from her body, causing her to shiver in his absence, and sat back on the warm, moist, wooden bench. Mandy's eyes never left his as she slowly moved to straddle his lap. She reached between their hot, sweaty bodies and took his cock in her hand. She slid it slowly over the wetness of her pussy lips, letting it slide just inside her tight hole without moving it deeper.

Mandy took his large, strong hands in hers and placed them over her breasts, covering his hands with hers and she slowly started to sink onto his cock, panting as she felt his girth again.

Brandon squeezed her large breasts tightly, supporting them with his palms while digging his fingers into the firm, yet supple flesh. He grunted softly as he felt her tight, slick hole slowly opening to take his shaft. "Mmmmm, baby....sooo hot.....go slowly....uhhhh fuck."

Mandy gasped with each inch as his cock seared into her body. Her hands clasped onto Brandon's forearms as she sank lower and lower onto his rock-hard cock until he was finally buried deep inside her. She stopped moving and closed her eyes. Her hands held onto him as if her life depended on it.

"It's so hard not to explode inside you right now," Brandon managed to hiss.

Brandon shifted his hips just a bit, causing his cock to press tightly inside her. "Mmmmm...perfectly tight," he whispered.

Mandy began sliding her hips back and forth on Brandon's cock. At first slowly and gingerly, then with more speed. He took her hands in his, their fingers interlaced as she started to move up and down on his cock. She bounced harder and harder with each movement.

Brandon leaned back against the warm wall of the sauna, sighing softly as he felt the slick sweetness of her pussy sliding up and down over his pulsing, rigid meat. He could feel droplet after droplet of precum oozing from the tip of his cock, mingling with her own cream.

Mandy closed her eyes and began to ride him faster now. Bouncing quickly up and down on his cock, she braced her hands on his chest to steady herself. Her ass slapped against his thighs with each animalistic movement of their bodies.

Brandon closed his eyes in sheer pleasure as Mandy continued the rapid pace. The fingers of his left hand dug into the tender skin of her hip, helping to steady her as she rode his throbbing meat. His right hand slide to her ass cheek every so often and placed a rough smack across the center, smiling to himself a bit as her fingertips dug into his chest.

"Oh God, Brandon, you feel so good inside me," Mandy groaned.

"I'm going to cum....," she could barely whisper.

Brandon lifted his head upward, taking her right nipple between his lips. He started to grind the nub between his lips. The feeling of the pressure against its achingly sensitive surface sent shivers along her spine.

"I want to feel you shoot deep inside me, Brandon....I want to feel your hot cum....every drop," Mandy gasped between thrusts. The harshly whispered words fueled his thrusts. With one more deep thrust, the first shot of his cum was deposited deep within her. His body jerked again, then one more time. Each time was harder and seemed impossibly deeper. Mandy could do little more than gasp his name over and over as her pussy clenched around his cock.

The squeezing and releasing against his cock felt incredible. Her juices flowed over her cock and between their bodies as she released with him, biting into his shoulder with each powerful, final thrust.

She collapsed against him, both of them struggling to catch their breath. After what seemed a peaceful eternity, she was able to stir from him. Mandy looked down at him, smiling a little shyly, a slight blush pinkening her cheeks. He smiled back at her and kissed her lightly.

Both said nothing as they ventured back to the pool room to get dressed again. As they exited the pool room and walked into the lobby with fingers interlaced lightly, she stopped to write something on her desk.

"What are you doing?" Brandon asked quizzically.

"Penciling you in for the same time Friday." she answered with a smile and a gleam in her eye.

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