tagGay MaleRanger Guided Ch. 02

Ranger Guided Ch. 02


The Perfect Roommate

Was it possible that Trent didn't know what effect he had on me? He was driving me crazy. He'd been doing this since we were thrown together as college roommates two months earlier.

I was sitting at my desk, trying to concentrate on my calculus homework, when the door to our room opened and Trent padded in straight from the shower, dripping wet. He stood there on the carpet, within clear sight of me, and whipped the towel off from around his waist and started to dry himself down. He was whistling and chatting at me, apparently oblivious to the fact that I couldn't catch my breath well enough to answer him.

He was beautiful. He had a lithe, deeply tanned athlete's body. Everything was perfectly proportioned, from his shiny white teeth down to his size nine and a half feet. Everything, that is, except for his outsized cock and low-hanging balls.

He slept in the nude, and this evening he showed every sign that he wasn't going to dress up now just to have to prepare for bed a little later. He moved around the room like a dancer—no, like a big cat stalking its prey—with his heavy cock swaying back and forth. I tried to bury my face in my math problems, but I just couldn't ignore him. I was glad my knees were under the desk, because I would have been very embarrassed for him to see the hard on he was giving me.

At length, he stretched out on his bed and read a sports magazine. His free hand was gliding along the contours of his torso and occasionally down to his cock, and I watched him from the corner of my eye, aching to run my hands where his were going.

"Gotta sleep the sleep of the dead tonight," he said as he sat up, scoffed down a couple of pills, and drank from a cup on the table beside his bed. "Important lacrosse game tomorrow." He turned out his light and pulled a sheet over his beautiful body and lay there on his back with his eyes closed tight.

"I'll have the lights off in a few minutes," I said.

"No problem," he said, already yawning. "When I take these pills, you could set off a bomb on my stomach and I'd never notice."

And he was right about that. When Trent took his sleeping pills, you'd lost him for at least six hours.

I turned my desk chair around and sat there and watched him as his breath became regular. And I pined for him. I wondered what he'd do if he knew how much I wanted him inside me. This sinful feeling had only been accentuated earlier in the day when I'd come back to the room early and found him fucking another guy in his bed. I'd been quiet and they'd been very absorbed in what they were doing, so he hadn't noticed that I'd seen him. I was wild for him now that I knew he fucked guys. Before it had only been a remote dream; now it seemed like a possibility. If only he'd notice me, give me some sign.

He fidgeted in the bed, and one leg came out from under the sheet. I fixated on that deeply tanned leg, with its heavily muscled calf and thigh. And on his feet, not too long, but with long, sensuous toes. I tried to turn back to my studies, but my eyes were drawn to him. He snorted in his sleep, and an edge of the sheet came off one side of his chest as well. I stared at his well-defined chest and at the nipple peeking out just at the side of the sheet—dark brown, round, and full. Now I was physically drawn to him. He'd get cold, I was telling myself. He should be covered.

I rose and moved to the bed and sat down beside his leg. I lifted the sheet to pull it back onto his body, but I found myself moving it off the rest of his body instead and folding it over toward the wall. He was stretched out on his back on the bed beside me, his arms raised above his head. Beauty in repose. His breathing was regular, and his magnificent chest was rising and falling in a rhythm that was making my blood run hot.

I gently placed the palm of my hand on his flat belly. If he awoke, I could still say I was trying to reach for the sheet to cover him. But he didn't wake. He sighed for me instead, an innocuous little response that sent a shock through my cock and down into my balls.

I let my hands roam on his torso then just as he had done to himself earlier while I was stealing glances at him. He sighed and moaned quietly for me; I no doubt was causing him to have a pleasant dream. It was not only the sighing and moaning that told me this was the case. His cock was beginning to engorge. I gently encased it with one of my hands and lightly stroked him. His cock got bigger and his mouth opened and he was licking his lips.

I rose and came around to the foot of the bed. Crouching down, I wove my arms under his thighs and brought both hands up onto his belly and took his tool into my mouth. I teased his cock head with my tongue and lips, and he engorged further. I sucked cock, trying to get as much of him into me as possible, keeping the strokes slow and gentle so as not to break into his dream. He moaned more deeply for me and began to weakly grind his pelvis into my face. I moved my hands up to his nipples, which were erect and hard. I briefly moved my tongue and lips to his now-tight balls. He had a musky smell that I found intoxicating. After a few minutes, I returned my lips and tongue to his cock.

I had him as big as I'd ever seen him now. I was wondering if I could make him ejaculate down my throat without him awakening. If I could, I'd at least have that. He'd never have to know we'd even had sex.

"If you make me cum now, it will be at least twenty minutes before we can fuck."

I sat up in total shock. He was wide awake, his arms folded behind his head and giving me a big grin.

"Oh, God, Trent. I was just. . . . Oh, God, I'm so sorry."

"You were doing just what, Hugh? Looks to me like you were just giving me great head."

"But, but. . . . You were asleep. You took those pills."

"No, I didn't take those pills. I pretended to take those pills. I was going to slip those pills in that cup of water you take every night before going to bed. It was my last-ditch effort to jump your bones."

"Jump my bones?" I asked incredulously.

"I can hardly see you way down there. Can you come up here, please?"

I was in shock, but I slid up the bed until I was laying on my side beside him. He encircled me in his arms and kissed me on the lips. I was dumbfounded.

"So, what are we going to do now, Hugh?" he asked when we came out of the kiss. "From my perspective, we have two choices. I can fuck you hard or you can finish sucking me off. I'm a resolute top, so it's down to those two choices. Which shall we do?"

My mind raced back to the scene earlier where I'd seen him fucking another guy in this bed, and there was no question in my mind what I wanted.

"Fuck me," I answered in a small voice. "I want you to fuck me. I've wanted you to fuck me for weeks."

"And I've wanted to fuck you for that long, too," Trent murmured. "I wonder why we took so long to get around to this." His hand glided down my bare chest and under the waistband of my sleeping shorts. He possessed my cock now, and it lengthened and thickened under his attention.

"Sort of too bad I don't do bottom," he whispered. "You have very nice equipment. But, here, I'll get up over you and I want you to lay on your belly. My mind raced back to how I'd found him earlier today. Yes, I wanted it just the same way. Me on my belly and him covering me close from above, churning his cock in my canal by rotating his hips, while I stroked up into him and rubbed my dick on the sheet. But when I was stretched out and he moved over me, it wasn't like the position that had been burned into my mind when I had found him fucking that other guy earlier today. Instead, he lowered his body on mine, head to toe, with his strong legs running up and closely encasing my torso and his head between my wide-spread thighs. His cock was running up and pressing in me between my shoulder blades. I grabbed the brass headboard slats above my head and hung on for dear life as he pulled my dick back between my legs and alternated between sucking on that from above and tonguing my asshole. I ground my body into the mattress under him in ecstasy. If this had been part of the routine he'd gone through earlier in the day, I had arrived too late for this scene. But I certainly enjoyed it.

He had brought a tube of lubricant down with him when he'd straddled me, and after he tongued my ass, he lubed it and worked it with his fingers.

"Nice tight ass," he murmured. "Am I the first?"

"Not quite," I answered in a lust-choked voice. "But close enough."

I felt his weight come off me. I looked up and he was standing on the floor beside me, holding out a condom packet.

"Would you like to do the honors?" he asked.

With trembling hands, I clumsily got the packet open and the condom extracted and rolled it onto his gigantic cock.

"Well done," he said, with a laugh. "You're sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, oh yes."

"Well, then prepare to be totally fucked. You really turn me on. Up on your knees, legs spread."

I did as he asked, and he was back up on the bed on his knees behind me now, moving like a cat. I moaned and groaned when I felt his cock head at my hole and grunted and yelped as he pushed it into me. I was tight, and he was rotating his tool around, trying to get it inside me. He pulled my butt cheeks apart with the palms of his hands, and he was in a couple of inches. He had a bulbous cock head, so this was the roughest part of the ordeal—at least in the thickness department. I panted and moaned and groaned and thought the trembling in my legs and knees would cause me to collapse.

"Too much?" he asked. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, no, do me," I gasped.

I cried out as he pushed on into me then, stretching my canal to the limit, filling me up to what seemed to be the depth of a mile. My knees did collapse then, which I was very happy to have happen, because then Trent came down on to me just as I had seen him do to that other guy earlier in the day and just as I had fanaticized about ever sense. His chest dug into my shoulder blades and his hands glided up my own arms and grabbed me by the wrists. They moved on then to my and, and he entwined his fingers in mine around the brass headboard slats. His thighs and calves overlay mine, out wide, and my ass canal tightly held his throbbing cock. We lay there for a few minutes, as my waves of pain slowly morphed into waves of pleasure, my ass canal starting to undulate around his throbbing dick. I felt his chin hook onto my shoulder, and I turned my head and lips to him. As his tongue pushed its way between my lips, his hips started their motion. First he pumped in and out of me in both long and short strokes, and then, as my own hips started to answer in a raised and lower rhythm, his hips started to rotate in a circular motion, moving his cock around in my ass canal. My ass walls started to tremble and undulate again. I was panting and moaning, and so was he.

"It's so nice," he was whispering in my ear. "So tight and so sweet, and so, so nice."

My hips were off the bed now, and my reengorged cock was dragging its head back and forth on the sheet, fucking the bed.

Suddenly, he had dug his knees into the bed again, released my hands, and brought me up to my knees in front of him. We were both up on our knees on the bed, and my back was arched so that only my shoulder blades touched his shoulders. he had the nails of one hand dug in around one of my aureoles now, and I could feel the pain, but I didn't care. I didn't want it to stop. And he was furiously jacking me off with the other hand. He was pumping his cock up into me from below now, with long, fast, and deep thrusts.

We came almost simultaneously and fell back onto the bed, he still stretched out on my back.

"I'm sorry," he whispered in my ear. "I don't know what came over me. I lost it. You are just so tight and sexy. I couldn't control myself."

"It was great," I answered. "You can do that again anytime you want."

"How about as soon as I can reload?" he asked with a low laugh.

"You're on," I answered.

So, we lay there, while we cooled off and his cock contracted inside my asshole. He still filled me in tumescence, and he didn't lose purchase when he rolled us over onto our sides. His body was cupped around mine. After a few minutes, we started to kiss again and to relight the fire. His hands roamed around my torso and played with my nipples. I could feel his cock reawakening.

"I'm clean," I whispered to him. "Never been barebacked. If you know you're clean too, . . ."

Trent's answer was an intake of breath and a deep kiss, while he pulled his dick out of me. When he slid back in, I could tell that it was skin on skin. This gave me an extra thrill, and I wiggled my butt at him. Trent responded by lifting my leg in the air, getting his pelvis close in under my buttocks, filling me to the hilt with his delicious sausage, and side-splitting me in fast and furious thrusts for a good twenty minutes until I felt his spasms of semen flooding my insides. Our cries of ecstasy mingled as I rejoiced at the thought that I could have this for almost every night for the rest of the school year if I wanted. But why did I think "if"?

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