tagIncest/TabooRani goes to Africa

Rani goes to Africa


Although I had lived in India all my life, we had always had a very European life style and even my clothes were very modern. Clearly my skirts were not very short but whenever I could wear shorter clothes or thinner tops I did.

My mother and father were not too strict with me but obviously we had to live in accordance with the village traditions. I really wanted to break out and live my life freely.

Then my older brother who worked in South Africa was granted a long holiday tour as a reward for his hard work. Rajid was 2 years older than me at 26. When he came home I begged him to take me back with him.

My parents had agreed that I go but Rajid was reluctant. He explained to me "I am very busy Rani and it will be difficult for me to look after you."

I begged and begged him and finally he agreed. I felt so grateful to him.

As we flew into Cape Town my heart felt so happy. I was free. I wanted my brother to understand how happy he had made me. He had booked us into a hotel in the centre of the city. He was unmarried so we decided to share a room to save on cost.

I knew Rajid had always been shy with women but as I sat on the bed in my English style pleated skirt and my white blouse I could see he was looking at me strangely.

He had made a great effort in bringing me here and I wanted to repay him in any way I could. I murmured "I am grateful for you helping me Rajid, so if there is anything you would like me to do for you, I will willingly do it."

He looked at me lustfully. He was desperately trying to restrain himself as he said "I know you are my younger sister Rani, but you look so nice in that tight white blouse, your breasts are really swelling."

I smiled. "Tell me what you would like Rajid."

He stuttered "I know you are my sister but I would like to have some Tit, Rani."

I smiled "Rajid, you are my brother and I love you dearly and I want you to know something."

"What, Rani?"

I raised my pink top releasing my large breasts as I told him "You can always have some Tit off me Rajid. You can have plenty of Tit whenever you want it."

He stared at me gratefully "Thank you Rani." I was so happy for him as he reached forward and cupped my breasts so lovingly.

I wanted him to be happy as I murmured "Have some nipples as well, Rajid. Put your loving lips around my big nipples. I want you to be happy with my Tits and my Nipples."

As he feasted on my breasts I was so happy that he was enjoying himself.

We went to several cities including Johannesburg and Pretoria.

I lived in my brothers house in Pretoria. He was so good to me and I didn't have to pay. Although we were both Indian, we were both quite fair of skin. Rajid liked me to dress smartly and liked me to have short skirts and dresses in the English style.

His boss used to visit us quite often and I could see that he liked me a lot. Rajid explained to me. "Mr Carter is very important to me Rani and he likes you very much. I know he is married but would you mind being nice to him."

I wasn't sure what he meant but told him "I will do anything you want Rajid. How would you like me to be nice to Mr Carter?"

"Well he likes your short dress Rani. When you sit opposite him, can you open your legs more?"

I smiled and kissed my brother on the forehead.

When Mr Carter came next he was talking to Rajid but I could see he was looking up my clothes. Rajid seemed pleased with me.

Mr Carter said "Your sister has nice legs, Rajid. I like her underwear."

Rajid told him "I am so proud you like my sisters underwear Mr Carter. Would you like to see her knickers properly?"

My brothers boss looked a little embarrassed "I would like that very much, Rajid, but would she mind?"

I smiled "I love my brother very much Mr Carter. If you want to see my knickers I will pull my dress up for you."

"I would like that very much Rani."

I smiled sweetly and pulled up my dress so that he could see my small black panties.

He turned to my brother saying "Your sister is lovely Rajid and you are a very good to me and I will promote you in work."

Rajid was over the moon. He was grateful to Mr Carter and I was grateful as well. I wanted my brother to be happy.

He turned to me and said sincerely "And thank you Rani. I liked seeing your panties. It made me so happy to wonder what it is like between your legs."

He was so nice but both Rajid and I realised together what Mr Carter would really like.

Rajid asked him "Would you like to see her cunt, Mr Carter?"

Mr Carter looked a little embarrassed "That would be nice Rajid but perhaps she is to shy."

I immediately spoke up. I wanted to help my brother. "I will take my knickers off for you if you would like that. Then you will be able to see my cunt."

He looked subdued but excited "I would like to see your cunt, Rani."

I smiled and slipped my panties right off.

I told him "Lie on the carpet between my legs Mr Carter, then you will be able to see right up my cunt."

He sunk onto the carpet and I stood over him with my legs open and smiled down "Do you like it Mr Carter."

He sighed "Its lovely and dark and hairy, Rani."

I giggled "It is an Indian cunt Mr Carter. All Indian women have dark hairy cunts. We all have big cunts as well."

He sighed again and told my brother "Rajid, I love your sisters big cunt."

Rajid was so pleased with me and said "Mr Carter, my sister lives with me. When you visit us she will always get her Tits out for you and show you her cunt."

He looked at me.

I confirmed what my brother had told him.

He just said "It looks so tasty Rani."

I realised what he was saying and said "Do you want to lick it Mr Carter?"

He muttered in a daze "Lick it Rani?"

Rajid interrupted "Yes Mr Carter if you want to lick it you can, or you do anything else you want. Would you like to stick anything up her cunt. You can fuck her cunt if you want to."

Mr Carter looked at me disbelieving.

I reassured him "Of course you can Mr Carter. You can fuck me whichever way you like."

He looked at me so lustfully and then turned to Rajid "I like her bum, Rajid."

Rajid laughed and so did I.

Rajid helped me lie on my tummy. I didn't have any clothes on now and I knew he was looking at me.

He said "She has a big ass, Rajid. I like that."

My brother laughed encouragingly "Look closer Mr Carter. It better than that. She has a lovely big ass hole for you."

He gasped "For me, Rajid?"

"That's right Mr Carter, Rani would like you up her ass hole."

He gasped "Rani?"

"Yes Mr Carter?"

"How far can I go up?"

"Oh Mr Carter. I want you right up my ass hole. All the way up."

As I said those words I felt Mr Carter slide his cock between my plump buttocks and right up my plump bum hole. It felt lovely.

After that wonderful night I loved my brother even more. Rajid was a kind man.

I am 32 now and still single. I want to get married but I have told my brother that I will always please him and Mr Carter. Sometimes they like to do it together.

I really enjoy the feeling when I open my blouse and show them my Tits. I told my brother right at the beginning he could always have some Tit off me whenever he wishes. That applies to Mr Carter as well.

The other thing I like very much is when I am fully dressed and they lay me on the bed. Mr Carter usually pulls my skirt up over my waist and then Rajid pulls my knickers down so that they can both play with my cunt.

I really enjoy them playing with my cunt. Of course they never just leave it at that. They usually turn me over and stick things up my ass hole as well.

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