Rani Wants An American Girl


"Here Rani, take your jacket off and get comfortable," I suggested to Rani who did so with great reluctance.

Rani was wearing a bright yellow short sleeved blouse that contrasted beautifully against her dark brown skin. I heard Monica's breath catch as she saw how lovely Rani looked.

"Oh baby, you are something else," Monica said as she reached over putting her hand on Rani's arm, and gently stroking her hair on her forearm, which stood up straight as a porcupine in response. "I guess there's a lot more hidden away, or so Adam tells me."

Rani had been looking down at Monica's creamy white hand which was making Rani's arm wall-to-wall goose bumps, and could only nod in answer.

"I can't tell you how much you turn me on Rani," Monica said in a whisper so as not to alarm others in the adjoining booths. "I love hairy girls so much, and it's so rare to see one these days. I'm so wet now I don't know how I'm gonna make through my shift."

I was starting to squirm in my seat, so excited was I at hearing this incredibly hot talk, and I had to know how Rani felt. Although her body was shivering under Monica's touch, I knew Monica was waiting for an answer.

"Rani, do you like Monica?"

"Yes, very much Adam," Rani said looking at me.

"Tell her honey, don't tell me."

"I like you Monica, and I think you are very attractive," Rani said while turning toward the blonde, and when she lowered her head as she spoke, I couldn't tell it was because she was shy or she wanted to stare at Monica's chest.

"I guess we got ourselves a date then," Monica said as she eased herself out of the booth. "I'll e-mail you and set it up, okay Adam?"

Okay it was, and after Monica left, and after Rani and I got to look at her muscular calves depart, we looked at each other.

"She's a little chubby, but I thought she was very nice and attractive, didn't you?" I asked Rani.

"She is lovely and just what I was looking for Adam. Thank you."

5. Monica on the phone.

Over the next couple of days Monica and I made plans for Rani's coming out party, as I came to think of it. On the evening before we were to all get together, Monica e-mailed me her cellphone number and asked me to call. As I dialed I feared that she was going to back out, but Monica's voice sounded as cheerful as it had the night we all met.

"Hi Monica. Everything okay?"

"Fine and dandy Adam. I just wanted to talk to you before tomorrow night and see if you had any ideas or advice."

"Nothing I know of," I answered. "She's a grown woman."

"I guess, but geez... 19? I feel like I'm robbing the cradle."

"I'm older than you are so I know what you're saying. Rani's a very smart girl, and my guilt went away pretty quickly, especially after I got a look at her."

"Mmmm, I know what you mean. She's a living doll Adam," Monica said breathlessly. "Hell, all I've seen are her forearms and I'm in love. I've tried to imagine what the rest of her must be like and, damn that girl's making me crazy!"

"You really find the hair exciting?" I asked skeptically. "That seems strange."

"Why is it more strange for me to like it than it is for you," Monica said a little testily.

"Sorry. I didn't mean anything by that, and frankly I think it's wonderful that you do. It's just different, that's all."

"That's me, different," Monica said with a chuckle. "The first woman that seduced me back in my younger days had hairy legs and pits, and that always stuck with me I guess."

"I think our earliest experiences do make an impression," I agreed.

"Rani seemed to be attracted to me too, didn't you think?" Monica asked.

"She couldn't stop talking about you when we got home. I was afraid that you thought she wasn't attracted to you, but she's just very shy."

"I know, but once she started staring at my boobs she couldn't take her eyes off em'."

"They do command one's attention, you know Monica."

"Why thank you darlin'. Well, they have their pros and cons, but when a cutie like Rani stares at them, it makes lugging them around worthwhile."

"She was certainly taken by them Monica. Are they real?"

"One hundred percent me babe," Monica assured me. "I'm as natural as Rani is, except that I have to shave my legs for work. Not that anybody would be likely to notice if I didn't, because I'm no Rani."

"I don't think there are many like Rani, and I feel lucky to have gotten to enjoy her."

"She's really still a virgin, Adam?" Monica asked. "How do you manage to keep that possible?"

"It's not easy Monica."

"Bet you stuck it in that cute little butt though, haven't you?" Monica asked. "So technically she's still cherry."

"No, I wanted to but she wouldn't let me. She said I'm too big."

"Oooooooh man! Now both of you are getting me interested," Monica cooed.

"I don't think I'm that big, but she says I am," I said. "She must not have had many others to compare it with, I guess."

"So you guys just do other stuff then?"

"If you can do something to another person, we've done it, and I'm very happy."

"Geez! You got me wet just thinking about those possibilities!" Monica said. "I gotta go get myself off or I'll never get to sleep. See you guys tomorrow night."

6. Monica and Rani together.

It was my responsibility to get the motel room, which was something that we all agreed on would be a good idea. I went for a decent place just outside of town, and Rani and I got there at 6. Monica said she would be there at 7, so Rani spent the time getting ready in the bathroom. When she emerged from the bathroom, she took my breath away.

She was wearing a billowing satin nightgown outfit in bright peach, with long sleeves and going down to her ankles. There was something different about seeing the ultra-feminine gown end at her ankles, which were thickly covered with hair, but that was my old conditioned view of femininity sneaking out a little. To me, Rani was as womanly as they came.

You could faintly see through the gown, and underneath was a matching baby doll nightie. The entire effect was what you would imagine, and I readjusted my clothing to keep my surging cock from tearing through my slacks.

"Do you think Monica will like me in this?" Rani asked shyly.

"I'm positive she will Rani," I gasped. "You look stunning."

Rani dropped her head in embarrassment, which was her usual response when she got a compliment from me. She stood nervously by the dresser as we waited, not paying attention to the news on the TV, and staring at the door. Even with all that, she still jumped when the knock finally came.

I went over to open the door and Monica burst in, holding a bottle of champagne and complaining about the wind, which she said had made her a mess. It hadn't of course, and she looked magnificent. Monica was wearing a simple black cocktail dress that made her look elegant.

I noticed that while she was a little chubby and most definitely busty, she was a woman whose cherubic face gave the impression that she was heavier than she was. Her arms were just a bit fleshy but firm, with the palest white skin imaginable. A sprinkle of freckles on her upper arms and shoulders made the whole package extremely attractive.

"How are you guys do..." was all Monica got out when she saw Rani for the first time, and she stood with her mouth open as she took in the gloroious vision standing meekly in the corner.

"Omigod," Monica said softly as she walked slowly toward Rani, almost as if in a trance. "You look so amazing Rani."

Monica came over to Rani and put her hands on Rani's satin covered shoulders and kissed her on the forehead.

"I thought I was looking fine until I saw you," Monica said with a smile.

"No, you look very lovely Monica," Rani managed.

"Well, I think you both look incredible," I said from my post at the door, having been all but forgotten at this point.

Rani had asked me to stay close by her, so I hustled over to her as the two women stood face to face between the dresser and the bed. Monica was about 5'6" or so, a good six inches taller than Rani, which made little Rani look even more petite. The vast difference of their skin colors and all the other body features made them a study on contrast, and they lit up the room with their beauty. Not to mention the fact that you could feel the electricity in the air as they looked at each other.

"Um... would you like me to pour some drinks?" I asked meekly.

"I brought a bottle of champagne to help loosen us up," Monica said in a detached monotone. "I don't think we need that though, do we baby?"

Rani shook her head no, her eyes transfixed on Monica's chest, which seemed even bigger than it had before. Monica's hands came up to the lace at the top of Rani's gown, and as Monica gave it a tug, the cord came undone and the gown fell off of Rani's shoulders.

Monica took a deep breath as she looked at Rani, clad only in the skimpy peach baby doll nightie, and it didn't seem possible but the color of the nightie made Rani seem even hairier than ever before. Monica's hands came up and she let her fingers graze the jet black hair that was peeking out from under Rani's arms despite them being pinned to her sides.

"Lift your arms for me baby. Let me see you," Monica said huskily, and Rani lifted her arms over her head shyly at first, until finally clenching her hands behind her head as Monica helped her.

"Unbelievable," Monica whispered as she moved her fingers through the dense forests of hair which fairly exploded from under Rani's arms as she raised them. "I can't believe this... how incredibly sexy you are."

Rani entire body shuddered as Monica fingers sensuously raked through Rani's thick armpit hair in long slow strokes, gently pulling and and tugging much as I had often done, to Rani's equaally obvious delight. Eventually Monica's hands came over and rubbed Rani's nipples which were now quite visible as they strained against the satin.

"My breasts. They are very small," Rani chose to say for some reason at that point, but Monica put a finger to Rani's lips and shook her head slowly while smiling.

"Sssssh!" Monica said. "You're so beautiful that I can't find words to describe you. I want to... I have to see all of you."

Monica took the shoulder straps in hand and slid them down, allowing the garment to slide off Rani and fall at her feet. Rani was wearing matching peach colored panties that were overwhelmed by her pubic hair which sprayed out from beneath it in every direction. Monica knelt and slid her panties down, helping Rani step out from the tangle at her ankles before rising again.

I noticed Monica's hands glide up Rani's hairy legs as she did so, and when I looked over to the mirror I realized that my shirt was drenched with sweat, and I was easily the most disshevelved of all of us. My heart had been pounding like a jackhammer all this time, and was showing no sign of slowing.

Monica was now stroking Rani's nipples, toying with the couple of tiny hairs around the aureola, and squeezing her plump little breasts with delight.

"They're beauties and I love them so much. You want to undress me Rani?" Monica said, and Rani quickly nodded. "This will be easy enough for you, but won't be as much fun as what I just got to do."

Monica turned around with her back to Rani, who reached up and pulled the zipper down. As the zipper slid down and the fabric opened slightly, it became obvious that Monica was not wearing a bra, or anything else for that matter. The zipper ended where the crack of her butt began, and when Rani finished Monica turned back around to face her.

Rani took the top of the gown in her hands and pulled it forward and down. Monica's upper chest came into view, breathtakingly white and sparsely freckled. Monica's cleavage began to be exposed, and more and more came into view before the dress finally revealed her breasts in their entireity.

And what a pair of breasts they were. Huge bell shaped breasts that hung down to her waist. Not that there was anywhere else for them to go, being so large. Monica's aureolas were the size of drink coasters, pale red in color, and the nipples were thick stubs that were so erect that looked like they were throbbing.

I happened to look over at Rani just then, and it seemed like she was even more stunned at what she was seeing than I was, which is really saying something. She put her hands out and touched them very tentatively, and Monica put her hands behind her own neck to not only give Rani more access, but to show her that she was natural as well in another way.

Monica had little wisps of hair under her arms, very sparse sprays of fur that looked lost in the wide expanse of her glistening pale underarms. To my amazement her armpit hair was as blonde as the hair on her head. Monica saw me looking at her armpits and smiled.

"Nothing like what you're used to, is it Adam?" Monica said.

Rani glanced up under Monica's arms to see what we were talking about but quickly went back to Monica's breasts, kneading the pendulous jugs a little more roughly before she leaned forward and buried her face in her cleavage. Monica rolled her head back and moaned as Rani attacked her tits with a ferocity that surprised me.

I stepped back and went over to the chair on the other side of the bed, seeing as I was only going to be getting in the way, and observed Monica and Rani grinding into each other. Monica was nuzzling into Rani's neck and shoulders as I eased into the seat. I took off my shirt and set it aside. I wanted to take my pants off too, but wasn't sure whether that was a good idea or not.

Monica was thickly built but solid, and the blonde triangle between her legs was very modest in size, although that opinion may have been affected by it being next to Rani's forest. While Monica towered over Rani, her breasts hung down to where they were touching Rani's, and when they embraced her massive globes smothered Rani's little buds. Rani must have liked it because she was grinding into Monica, until Monica backed Rani against the edge of the bed and eased her down onto it.

Monica was straddling Rani's thigh as she knelt over her, her udders hanging down onto Rani as she bent down and began nuzzling Rani's breasts. Monica reached up grabbed Rani's biceps and held them down while she licked those almost black nipples of Rani's, and the result was Rani rolling her head around with her mouth agape. Monica had taken to humping Rani's thigh, and Rani was trying to help by raising it up as best she could.

I looked up and noticed that as she held Rani's biceps down, Monica's thumbs were stroking Rani's armpit hair while she continued sucking her tits. This was more than I could take, and I put my hand onto the tent my erection made in my pants. All I did was give my cock a little squeeze and the next thing I knew I was ejeculating into my underwear. The gasp that escaped from my lips went unnoticed by the ladies who were lost in their own emotion.

I had to get my pants off at this point, slipping them down and kicking them off before doing the same to my hopelessly satuated underwear. I would have to wear these things out of here, but there was too much going on in front of me to concern myself with that now.

Monica was kissing her way down from Rani's breasts, nibbling down to her navel, where her tongue followed the treasure trail until Monica's face was buried in the wild bush between Rani's legs. Monica's face had all but diappeared in the forest, but the way her head was moving around it was clear that she was very busy.

Rani looked at me for the first time, and her glazed eyes told me all I needed to know. Her breathing was rapid and she was grabbing and clawing at the adjoining pillows and bedding while Monica seemed to be trying to devour her.

I leaned over and slid my chair down the bed a bit so that I could see a little better, and was able to get a better view of Monica's fleshy butt sticking in the air. I was almost falling out of my chair but it was worth it.

Monica's ass was generous but firm, and her creamy white buttocks were spread enough for me to see her hairless tan anal ring exposed, as well as the golden wisp of hair further down between her legs.

It occured to me that the deep contrast in the skin color of the two ladies was an exhilarating sight, and seemed to make Monica looked even paler and Rani more brown than they actually were while they were intertwined.

Rani's yelping drew my attention back to the top of the bed, where Rani was in the middle of an orgasm. The sights and sounds were something I was very familiar with, but I had never seen them from a distance before. Strangely enough, I felt a little down about it at first; a little hurt and jealously creeping in before I was able to enjoy it with her.

That orgasm was followed by another, less raucous one, before Rani's body became limp and eased back into the bed. Monica came up from between Rani's legs, and climbed back up over her. Monica was smiling and her face was glistening, covered in Rani's fluids in addition to a stray hair on her cheek.

Monica kissed Rani, who returned the favor while her hands found Monica's breasts again. Monica climbed up a little further to allow Rani better access and Rani responded by taking Monica's left breast in both hands and bringing the nipple to her lips. Rani's brown hands held the gigantic torpedo in place while she teased the aureola before sucking the thick peg passionately.

My middle aged pecker was already coming back to life because of this once-in-a-lifetime show I was being treated to. Rani worked her way from under Monica and was soon straddling Monica, their pussies grinding together while Rani grabbed Monica's tits and kneaded them roughly. Her little hands may have appeared overmatched, but she enthusiastically squeezed them while she wiggled her pussy into Monica.

Monica smiled and winked at me when this first started, but she was not playing to the crowd any longer, and when she began to cum I thought the roof was going to come off the room. Monica wailed and screamed like a banshee, bucking like crazy as Rani rode her. I thought me would have to cops crashing in the door for sure, because it was sounding like a slaughterhouse in there.

"When I cum, you can tell," Monica would explain later in the understatement of the year, but as her orgasm subsided Rani slithered down between Monica's thighs and she ran her tongue through Monica's blonde bush before slipping it inside her.

With this view less obstructed by fur, I got a nice view of Rani's licking away while she was looking up at Monica. There was no way she could see Monica's face from down there with the mountains obstructing the view, but maybe her face wasn't what she was looking for anyway. Rani hands were still busy with Monica's tits while she went down on Monica, whose legs were over Rani's shoulders, pinching and tormenting her nipples as she reached up for what she was obviously so crazy about.

Monica came even louder the second time, and I came with her, pumping my cock with one fist while catching the spunk with my other as my little lady friend licked Monica into another screaming orgasm.

While they continued to caress each other after the roar from Monica subsided, I looked for a place to lose the product of my own efforts, and quickly grabbed a tissue from the night table while they were still distracted with each other, and slipped my soggy underwear back on while I was at it.

7. After the loving.

Rani was still buried in Monica's cleavage when someone remembered that I was in the room.

"Hey Adam, how they hangin'?" Monica chirped happily, and Rani finally let go of her boobs and rolled over on her side to face me.

"Oh, I'm fine. How about that champagne now?"

"Pop away Adam," Monica said. "Ooh, looks like you did already!"

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