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Rank Has Its Priviledges


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2003 Couture


It was exciting to look at the young brunette applicant sitting in front of my desk, especially knowing what I knew about her. The clothes were cheap polyester from one of those discount stores. It was the same thing she wore at her interview, except she had on a different shirt. She had a nice set of tits on her and she looked so sweet - so innocent.

She sat with her legs crossed demurely, white knuckles were visible from her clasped hands, and her foot swung nervously. Whenever she would unclasp her hands, it would be to push a stray brawn lock that never seemed to stay in place behind her ear. She looked about my office as if to take it all in, rarely stopping to look me in the eye. She was clearly nervous. She had every right to be.

"Peggy, I think I am prepared to extend an offer of employment to you, but there is an irregularity on your application we must discuss first," I said.

Her green eyes got big as saucers and her eyes darted back and forth in a panic. She gulped. "Ah - what is that?"

"Well you see," I said. "It has come to my attention that there are some - shall we call them irregularities that you didn't mention on your job application. For instance, it asks on the second page if you have ever been convicted of a crime and you said no. However, when I did a background check, it turns out you were convicted of shoplifting. What did you do, think I wouldn't check?"

She tried unsuccessfully to blink back her tears. "Please," she said. "I've tried being honest before. I don't even get an interview when they see that. I was having a tough time in my life then and I've had counseling for the-the. . ."

"Stealing," I prompted her.

Her cheeks turned crimson. "Yes. And it won't ever happen again." She shook her head as if to say, no way - no how - not me.

She was crying now - a nice cleansing cry, which was nice. I find that women are so much easier to deal with after they've had a good cry. Being the gentlemen I am, I opened my drawer and gave her a box of tissues.

"Thanks," she said, wiping her nose and cheeks.

"This is good," I said. "You and me talking like this . . . cutting through all the bullshit. Because that is what it's going to take from here on out - *complete honesty*. Do you think you can do that? Be completely honest?"

"Yes." The tears were already drying up. She was still pretty even with the smudged makeup.

"How long have you been looking for a job?"

"A year and a half."

"How are you making ends meet? Boyfriend or parents?"


"Are those the only suitable professional clothes you have?"

"Yes . . ." She looked down and rubbed her hand over the shiny fabric as if to make it disappear. "I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about," I said. "Look, I'll be honest with you; the deck is stacked against you. Someone else can come in and do much less and get much more than you ever will, if you know what I mean. Take me for instance. I'm five-six and was balding in high school. Do you think I didn't have to claw, elbow, and backstab my way into this position? Let me tell you. I had to work five times as hard as I would if I were taller and more executive looking. It was tempting to give up so many times, but I went the distance."

Her eyes shown. The cry and maybe my speech probably had her feeling pretty positive right now. She would need all the positivity she could manage.

"So Peggy, let me ask you a question. Are you willing to go the distance?"

"Yes sir." She stuck her chest out proudly, giving me a glimpse of her luscious ivory breasts. "Yes I am," she finished.

"Good. You have some great things going for you that I never had. For one thing you have big green eyes and a pair of sexy pouting lips. Lips that . . . well, honestly, lips that men refer to as lips that were made for sucking."

The big green eyes shown with tears again, but they were still pretty. The lips - the lips still made me hard as a rock. She picked up her pleather portfolio from my desk and made to stand.

"Put that back Peggy and keep your seat. We are talking honestly here. Two adults. You and me. Now answer me a question. Have you ever given a blowjob before?"

"Yes, but that was-was-was with my *boyfriend*."

"And he probably looked a lot better than me. Well, I've given jobs to girls before. Girls who were better qualified. Girls who didn't have a record. Girls who haven't stolen anything. Do you see where I'm going here?"

She sat back down, clutching the portfolio desperately. "Yes, sir."

"Good. So don't get all holier than thou on me. We're not so different you and I. Now are we?"

"No," she managed to squeak.

"Can you tell me what is so bad about it? I'm clean. I don't have any diseases. I don't expect sex. Just a little eye candy to get me aroused and a quick blowjob . . . . .here and there."

Okay, I wasn't being completely honest here. I would expect blowjobs - lots of them - and for them to be done well - professionally even. And the eye candy. She would make for good eye candy.

She was looking to the side. She was thinking it over which was good.

"No sex?" she asked.

"That's right. No sex. Only a quick BJ, just like Bill and Monica." Anyway, sex is overrated. I much prefer blowjobs. With sex you have to worry about foreplay and the whole nine yards. With sex you have to worry about kissing and love and cuddling afterwards. With blowjobs things are much simpler. Blowjobs are for my pleasure only. Blowjobs allow you to retain your power. You can receive a blowjob almost anywhere and most importantly, I've never had a bad BJ.

She was still thinking, but she hadn't said no. She just needed me to sell it. I was good at selling things.

"Look, just think of it as a stepping stone. This will get you out of your parent's house and on your own. You'll also have a job and you know what they say. It's easier to get a job when you have a job."

She blinked back the last of her tears and glanced down at my crotch. "You're really going to give me the job?"

I wanted to smile. I wanted to laugh. She bought it hook, line, and sinker. I did my best to contain my emotions. "I said so, didn't I?"

"Okay . . . okay, I'll do it."

"Good. Why don't you lock the door and go ahead and get started."

"Now?" she asked with disbelief.

"That's right. We're not friends. We're not lovers. This is just a business relationship. What do you think I'm going to do, trust the word of a convicted thief?"

"But there are people out there."

"And the door is locked," I said. "Look, get your stuff and leave or get up and lock the door."

She got up, locked the door, and stood there dumbly. Jesus, this was going to be harder than I thought.

"Now come over here. That's a girl. No, get up from there. Give me a little show first. . . some eye candy to get me in the mood." I was already hard as a rock, but I wanted her to work for it.

"I don't understand."

She understood alright. She just needed to be told - wanted it to be my idea.

"You know a small striptease. Nothing elaborate. A little bump and grind, a flash of panties, and show me your tits. Get me in the mood girl. Otherwise, you'll be down there all day."

She made a pathetic attempt at showing off a little thigh and bellybutton. My hard on was fading.

"Look, you better start taking this seriously. I could start you off at twenty thousand or thirty thousand," I said. "Think about it."

That made a difference. She wasn't good, but in time she would learn. She knew enough to wiggle her hips and rub her hands over her body. She gave me a glimpse of her white cotton panties.

I winced. She blushed.

"Those will have to go. Not now, but you will be required to wear something much sexier from now on."

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

"Where do you get your underwear, Kmart? No, don't answer that. Go on, take it off. You might as well buy some that you can unhook from the front, because I'm going to want to see your tits whenever you blow me."

She took her blouse off and laid it carefully on the table. Next, she slipped the bra straps from her shoulders and shyly attempted to turn around.

"No," I said. "Face this way."

She spun the bra around and unhooked the clasp. Her breasts were large with fat bumpy areoles and long pointy nipples. Mmmm- my favorite. If she were my girlfriend I would have kissed them. Things being as they were, why bother? I leaned back in my chair and spread my legs.

"Take my dick out."

She fished my cock out of my pants and held it in her hand, slowly pumping it.

"You do know the difference between a blowjob and a handjob don't you Peggy?"

She looked down at the dick cradled in her hand and nodded.

"Kiss it up and down. That's a girl. Look at me while you are doing it so I can see those pretty green eyes."

She looked up expectantly from in between my legs. She was perfect. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last long.

"Now suck it. Cover your teeth with your plump lips - yeah those cocksucking lips. Mmmmm . . . oh yeah. You were made for sucking cock, do you know that? Now what I want you to do, is every once and a while take it out of your mouth and open your lips and kiss the head."

She did as I asked, but it wasn't the effect I was looking for.

"No, not like that." I lifted my cock up and guided her below it by her neck, then tilted her face up. "Pucker those fat lips and open your mouth just a little."

She did. The head of my cock was now framed by her puckered, lipstick smudged lips. It was perfect.

"That's beautiful, now I want to see it poking out of your jaw. Shit, no, not like that. Here let me help."

I turned her head so that her jaw bulged out from my cock. Her fat lips were wrapped around my shaft. God, she was so fucking hot. "Look at me, Peggy."

She stared up at me with those big green eyes, while she licked the underside of my shaft with her velvet tongue.

"Fuck you're hot. I bet your boyfriend wanted you to blow him all the time," I said, causing her cheeks to color. "Come on baby, I'm ready to cum now. Suck me. Suck me hard and fast and cup my balls."

She descended on me, fucking me with her hot mouth. It was obvious that she had done this before and fell into a rhythm. However, I was never going to be her usual anything. I was going to turn her into the Queen of blowjobs before I was finished with her.

"Faster Peggy faster," I urged, holding her hair out of the way so I could see her in action. "Suck-suck-suck-I don't hear you sucking."

Her mouth slurped and slobbered, as she sped up and down my cock. I felt the cum rising up. I almost said wait, here let me do you. Can you believe it? I was so used to . . .well reciprocating that I almost forgot I didn't have to anymore.

"Ugh-ugh- you sweet cocksucker. I'm ready. I'm so fucking ready. Don't you dare stop sucking," I warned, leaned back in my seat, and gripped the armrests hard. Fuck, it was going to be a big one. I felt my cock swell and grow even harder. My cum surged. Goddamn, shit, she made me cum like a fifteen year old. My balls emptied, pumping my hot juice into her mouth. She made a sound of discomfort, but kept going diligently.

I pulled her head from my softening cock. Her lips were closed and some of my semen leaked from between her pursed lips.

"Open your mouth so I can see it." I said.

Her face blushed a bright crimson and her eyes filled with tears. She clearly didn't want to do it, but in the end she closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

"Let me see your tongue. Wow, I sure gave you a load, didn't I? I haven't cum like that in a while," I said. "Go on, you know where it goes now. Down the hatch."

She grimaced, made the cutest little grimacing face and swallowed.

"You were wonderful sweetie. Now clean my cock off, the put it back in my pants. After that, you can clean yourself up."

She silently obeyed, avoiding my eyes the whole time, as if I were a stranger, which was fine by me.

"Can you start tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes sir," she squeaked.

"Good," I said, taking out my wallet. "I'm going to give you my credit card and I want you to go get some attractive clothes. By attractive, I mean tight, short, and thin and do not, I repeat, do not buy them at the discount store. New panties and bra with the same specifications. I don't care what the other women around here wear, you'll wear stockings and heels to work -- everyday. If I'm going to have to look at you for eight hours a day then I expect to look at something nice. Okay?"

She nodded her head, taking my credit card.

"Smile sweetie, I expect smiles and a friendly attitude if you are going to work here," I said. "And a thank you for the advance would be nice."

Her face brightened with a smile momentarily. "Thank you," she said.

"Save the receipts. I'll let you pay me back on time." God, it was good being me.


One year later. . .

Peggy entered the office and locked the door behind her. She was almost unrecognizable from before. Her hair was a mass of platinum blonde locks. Her clothes had been ordered from the Victoria's Secret catalog where I insisted she buy all her office clothes from. Today she wore a pinstriped skirt that hugged her hips and it was split up the thigh. Beneath her tight sportcoat, her white blouse was unbuttoned just below her chest, displaying a lace bra and her firm round breasts. She wasn't only my secretary, she had transformed into every man's fantasy secretary.

She carried a bag over her shoulder which she put on my desk.

"You look particularly sexy today Peggy. You trying to get extra points for your evaluation?" I asked. "Well, I can be swayed at the last minute if you know what I mean. So give me an extra special show today. You better go all out." I can be a real bastard sometimes, can't I? Truth was, I had already written up her evaluation and it was a good one. The best I dared give her.

Peggy gave me a special smile as she reached over the desk, her firm young breasts hanging low in her top, and turned the radio on real low. Then she walked back to the door, well, strutted was more like it; one foot stepping to the inside of her other, swinging her hips, working that firm fine ass just the way I liked. When she reached the door, she piled her long platinum blonde hair on top of her head, turned around, and stuck the arm of her glasses in her mouth. The glasses were my idea of course. Something about a sexy girl in glasses gets me hard in a minute, and I was hard already.

"Mr. Henderson," she said. "Have you seen my new bra yet? It's really sexy. Would you like to see it?"

"Sure," I said. "I'd love to."

"I don't know," she said, her fingers already undoing the buttons of her blouse. "You are like my boss and all."

"But you like showing off to your boss though don't you? The way you dress everyday, showing off your body. You think I don't know you are trying to seduce me? You think everyone in the office doesn't know?"

It failed to make her blush, but oh how it used to. I was the only male in an office full of women. And when Peggy showed up for her first day of work in her tight revealing outfits and high heels, a hush fell over the office as all the other women stopped and stared, knowing instantly how the new secretary got her job and how she intended to keep it. Oh, how Peggy blushed feeling the heat of their stares. She was on her knees in my office within minutes.

Peggy sat down on the edge of my desk with her long legs crossed. Her skirt rode up showing off the tops of her stockings and her ankle bracelet. She opened on side of her blouse, showing off her bra. It was so thin; I could easily see the outline of her pink nipple through the fabric. "Do you think it's pretty?" she asked.

"I really can't see very much of it."

She stripped off the blouse and swayed her body to the music. "Can you see now Mr. Henderson?"

"It looks nice so far, Peggy," I said. "But I was wondering. Do you have panties to match?"

"How did you guess?"

You know, as much fun as it was to play the innocent secretary game, it wasn't what I wanted today. "Peggy, how about cutting the innocent act and hopping up on the desk. I want you to be bad today. I want you to throw that shit in my face," I said. "Oh and don't forget to take off your heels. I still have scratches up there from the last time.

I finally got a little blush out of her. She liked playing the innocent or even the seductress, but never the stripper. Lucky for me, she wasn't being paid to like her job. Smiling, I watched as she took off her heels and then I helped her on the desk. See, I can be nice too. She was wearing stockings and I didn't want her to slip trying to climb on top of the desk. I turned the radio to something a little more agreeable, "Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap, by AC/DC. How appropriate.

She danced, for me, wiggling her body on top of my desk. She turned away from md, and shrugged off her bra straps. When she turned around, she held the bra cupped to her breasts, pulling it away seductively, her well shaped breasts dangling like fresh fruit, eager for the picking.

"Come on, Peggy" I urged. "Work it for me. You know how I like it." She ought to know. I had taken her to strip bars after work, so she could see how the professionals did it. After that, I made her practice-practice practice, and gave my own suggestions on how she could improve upon it.

She squatted down, and ground her hips, working her pussy right in front of my face, just the way I liked. The small band of fabric that was her panties, slipped up between the folds of her cunt lips. God, she was one hot piece of ass and I was the luckiest boss in the world.

"Fuck, it looks like your pussy is trying to eat your panties," I said. "Come on, let me see it. All of it."

She stood back up, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Turning around, she lowered them to tease me with a little asscrack. Then, back to the front again, until I could just make out the faint trace of naked pussy.

"God damn, I'm hard as a rock." I said. "Let me take 'em off and so I can see that pussy baby."

She sat down and put her stocking covered feet in my lap. While I worked at divesting her off her panties, she massaged my cock through my pants with her feet.

Peggy's pussy looked so inviting. Her shaved moist lips parted, displaying her aroused state. Above them was a tiny triangle of hair two inches long by one inch across. The very size of her pubic triangle was part of her unwritten job description, as was the belly button ring that glittered on her stomach.

"Spread those legs, baby," I urge. "I want to see the inside too."

A small gasp escaped her lips, as she spread her legs wide and thrusts her hips up. Her pussy, so wet and inviting. Would you believe I hadn't fucked it yet? Unbelievable as it sounds, it was true. I got my daily and sometime twice daily blowjob, but never had her pussy. Judging from some of her disappointed looks and her obviously aroused state, I could have gotten into her pants if I wanted it. But, let's face it. I had blowjobs on command and a totally non-complicated relationship. The last thing I wanted to do was fuck with it and mess it up.

"Turn around," I said. "I want to fuck your mouth."

Her eyes begged, 'Please, can we do something else?' But she swiveled around dutifully, leaned her head back over the edge of the desk and her hair cascaded down in my lap. He big green eyes were big and pleading, 'Don't do this.'

But it was her evaluation day after all, and I had no intention of making it easier on her. That's why I wanted to fuck her mouth; something I tended to save as a punishment. Oh, I know, she would rather be down on her knees doing me right and she would do me right. She was an expert at the tongue flutter, the ball suck, the short jab, the tongue massage, the urethra tease, the twisting fist. As I said before, I was the luckiest boss in the world.

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