tagGroup SexRansy's Fantasy

Ransy's Fantasy

byRandys toy©

You come home from work and notice a strange car in the drive. As you walk in you notice I have a nice fire going and something smells awesome in the kitchen. You hear a strange feminine voice as you walk closer. You stand in the door of the kitchen silently for a minute, smiling, watching me and who you recognize from pictures as my best friend from college. You clear your throat and smile as our eyes meet. I walk over and kiss you, sliding my arm around your waist. "Baby, this is Ashton. You remember me telling you about her."

You and Ashton exchange pleasantries before you excuse yourself to go shower. You can tell that I have had a little something to drink. When you get out of the shower, there is an ice cold Mike's Lime waiting by your clothes with "I Love You" written in the frost on the side of the bottle. You glance at a picture of Ashton and me back in college and notice that neither of us has changed much. She is gorgeous and tall, with long blonde hair and huge tits.. every man's fantasy.

You join us at the table and listen to us telling old college stories. The more we drink, the racier the stories become. You notice I blush several times when she talks about some of the things we used to do. One time I kick her under the table as she starts talking about one party in particular. This really gets your attention and you make a note to ask me about it later.

We finish eating and I excuse myself to go freshen up, leaving the two of you sitting in front of the fireplace talking. I lean over and kiss you before I slip out, whispering to you to not listen to half of what she says while I am gone. You just smile and slide your hand over my ass before I leave, giving me a quick wink.

Ashton isn't a very modest kind of girl and almost seems to thrive on making people squirm, especially men. She makes small talk with you for a few minutes, then out of the blue she says "Mel says you are an awesome fuck.. the best she has ever had..even better than me." You don't know how to respond for a minute, the images whirling whirling through your mind makes your dick twitch.

You recover quickly and look at her smiling that lazy smile of yours. "I am. Don't forget it." You wink at her and finish your beer, adjusting your jogging pants to hide your hardening dick.

"Maybe you should just show me." Ashton whispers as I walk back in the room.

"What is it that you want him to show you?" I ask, looking from her red face to you. You just grin up at me . "Well. does someone want to let me in on the secret?" My eyes catch the bulge in your pants then glance back up at you then to her. I don't say anything for a second. You see the myriad of emotions flooding through me.. anger.. betrayal.. then an almost wicked grin crosses my lips.

I snatch her off the couch by her long hair and throw her onto her knees, dragging her over to the foot of your chair. I yank her head back, her eyes now huge. "Is that what you want to see?" I say as I easily reach over and pull your jogging pants over your hard dick. My free hand encircles it and strokes it right in her face.

You don't know what to think. Your eyes are as big as hers. Her eyes are now focused on the hard cock in front of her, her tongue glides over her lips moistening them hungrily. She is almost hypnotized as she watches me stroke your cock lovingly. I glance at you, looking deep in your eyes, knowing how turned on you are. My eyes stare into yours as I push her mouth down ont your cock. She almost gags as I make her take it all down. I lean over and kiss you passionately as I pull her by her hair up and down on your engorged cock.

You are even more suprised as I let go of her hair and her mouth stays wrapped around your cock. My eyes never leave yours as I move behind her and tear her away from your dick long enough to pull her short dress over her head. She isn't wearing anything underneath . Her nipples harden as the air hits them. I reach over and twist one so hard she whimpers. I laugh as I do the same to the other. "I think she likes that, baby."

Your dick is so hard by this time, so inviting to me. I pull you out of the recliner and onto a blanket in front of the fire, following you down after I slip out of my own clothes. Ashton sits back on her knees watching me take hold of your cock, licking her lips as she watches. My mouth slides down over it, my tongue licking its length. You lay back and clothes your eyes, gritting your teeth. Then you feel two hot mouths around it. You moan as you feel my mouth on your cock and hers on your balls. Your mind reels thinking about it. You never would have dreamed I would have done this.

You realize only my mouth is on you again. You hear my faint moans around your cock and open your eyes to find her tongue buried in my pussy. I feel your cock harden even more. You groan because your cock is so hard it hurts. You can tell by my breathing that I am getting close. I want you inside me when I come so I push her back and climb onto your cock. My body shakes with pleasure as you slide into me.. deeper and deeper. You look up at me as I ride your cock. I hear your gasp as one of her hands pinches my nipple and you realize her other hand is busy with her own clit. You reach up and pinch the other nipple, feeling my pussy clamp down around your pulsing cock.

I start to come just as I feel the first spurts of your come pounding into me and hear her scream in pleasure. The three of us collapse on the floor by the warm fire. I snuggle into your arms and sigh softly. We fall asleep there by the fire. We are awakened by the chill in the air when the fire dies. There is a note on the table that reads: Thanks for the fun and the memories. Ash.

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