"Good afternoon, Ms. Starlight."

Celestia approached the desk, recognizing one of the two regular receptionists at T, Inc. She smiled at Monica, finally reaching the desk.

"How long are you here for today?" Monica asked.

"Two hours this time," Celestia replied. "I want to push my limits, see if I can really last that long. And I would like to add a few extras this time as well."

"Very well, Ms. Starlight. What did you have in mind?"

"I'd like the dungeon package today, please, as well as the recording option."

"Video, audio, or both?"

"Both, please."

Monica keyed the additional elements into her computer. "The transaction has been authorized by the bank, Ms. Starlight. If you'd like to take a seat, Janice will be with you shortly."

"Thanks, Monica."

A few minutes later, Celestia glanced up just as Janice emerged from the left corridor with an ashen-looking young woman at her side, walking slowly. Celestia recognized the stunned expression, the sense of extreme vulnerability, the inability to determine if she had truly enjoyed herself.

This was clearly a first-timer, a "virgin" of sorts, who had just been initiated into this most unusual world. Celestia remembered her first time, recommended by a friend as are so many customers, although she had always had a penchant for the unusual, so her first time had been thoroughly enjoyable despite the continual subconscious current of fear.

"Just sit here as long as you need, Rachelle," Janice said softly. "In fact," she added, glancing over at Celestia, "would you like to speak with one of our regular customers? Would that help?"

It took a moment, but Rachelle slowly nodded, her eyes remaining fixated upon the floor in front of her feet as she sat nervously in a chair.

At that cue, Celestia stood and moved toward the young "virgin," sitting beside her, taking her hand. Janice smiled at the regular customer briefly and then retreated, leaving the two customers effectively alone.

Celestia simply held Rachelle's hand for a few minutes, neither saying anything. During that time, the experienced customer remembered her first experience here: the terror felt as her clothes were shredded from her body even as she tried to crawl away, the blurred vision caused by the copious tears, the rawness of her throat from the perpetual screams, the slimy residue which coated and filled her vulnerable body...

"How often do you come here?" Rachelle finally asked, apparently finding her voice at last.

"About once a week," Celestia replied. "Typically on Thursdays, as that is the day I have the most time to myself."

Rachelle finally looked up, her large expressive eyes quivering with latent fear. "How can you go through that every week!?!" she blurted out. "How can you stand to be raped like that by an alien!?!"

That was clearly the crux of the matter for her. Rachelle was a legal adult who had come voluntarily – she would never have been permitted past the waiting room otherwise – yet she still viewed her unforced experience as a rape. In that case, Celestia knew that she would never be able to change Rachelle's mind, but she could at least give her thoughts on the situation.

"I have never seen it as rape," Celestia replied softly, thankful that there were no other customers in the waiting room at the moment. "I was definitely scared the first time I was here, knowing that a captured alien with about a dozen slimy tentacles had been trained to molest woman and give them a most unusual sexual experience. But I had come here willingly, knowing that I would never be the same again. I am very much a thrill seeker, although I have definitely toned down that aspect of my life now that I have a daughter, but this is a fairly low-risk and only thinly-controlled thrill that I can enjoy whenever I would like, and fortunately I am both able and very willing to pay top dollar for this, especially for some of the more expensive situations like a recorded dungeon session with an alien. Does that help to put all this in perspective?"

"So you come here every week to be raped by an alien?" Rachelle challenged, standing quickly. "You are truly sick!" she spat, then strode boldly and angrily toward the front door.

With a sigh, Celestia stood and shook her head as Janice approached. "Some people simply will never understand," the receptionist observed.

"I think this shows why having a psychologist here would be useful," Celestia noted, referencing a previous discussion. "I'm sure that even I could benefit from a psychologist after some of my sessions... like today, probably."

Janelle smiled wanly at that. "When you're ready, Ms. Starlight, I can take you to the dungeon for your session."

"Lead the way."

"How would you like to be bound this time, Ms. Starlight?"

"Naked, blindfolded and suspended from the ceiling, please," Celestia replied with a slightly-nervous smile. "That should be quite an interesting experience!"

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