tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRape Gang Ch. 1

Rape Gang Ch. 1


Christina got home late one night from work, she so tired that didn't realize that her front door was unlocked. She gets inside and immediately drops down to the couch in the living room and turns on the TV. She flips through the channels finding nothing on but infomercials. She then realizes that there is a tape in the VCR, she pushed play and realizes its an old episode of ER.

She recognizes it as one in series where a serial rapist is taking old women. The scene is one where they just wheeled one victim and they cut off her shirt and the word "whore" is written on her with black magic marker. Despite her exhaustion and violence of rape she begins to get a little turned on. She reaches under her skirt and begins to rub her blonde pussy through her sheer white panties. As she does this she absentmindedly says "mmmm I wish that were me." A voice suddenly calls out behind her, "I thought you'd never ask!" Cristina suddenly feels a cool cloth on her face and then she becomes unconscious.

She wakes up slowly and realizes that she is not in her house anymore. As she begins to see and feel things again she realizes that she is naked, gagged and off the ground, suspended in some kind of leather swing chained to the ceiling. Her ankles are in fur coated leather straps that are also chained to the ceiling separately. She tries to move her arms but they chained the exact same way. She follows the chains upwards with her eyes and sees that they are attached to tracks and grooves in the ceiling, which allow them to move in all directions.

"Admiring my handy work?" A voice suddenly says in the darkness in front of her. A thin but muscular man walks into the low circle of light towards Christina. She assumes it's the man who took her. She couldn't tell who he was because he wore a leather bondage mask. She looks him over for distinguishing marks and notices he is hung like a donkey. It's about 6 and half inches soft and his ball sac is the size of a small grapefruit.

"God, he must be huge when he's hard" she thinks to herself. Her mind tells her that it's just a fat piece of man meat, but her body responds differently, making her blonde thatch get moist. He sees that she is looking him over and smiles as his cock starts to twitch and harden. She sees his reaction to her and she begins to get worried but that doesn't stop her from getting more turned on by the sight of his hardening fuckstick.

"Oh yeah, you are one fine piece of work" he says running his hands over Christina's 34-dd breasts and plump ass. "Shaped just like an hourglass, and you are finally all mine!" He exclaims lustfully. Christina's body betrays her as she responds to his caresses with a moistening pussy and hardening nipples. He leans down and starts to nip, lick and suck Christina's big titties. He massages them in his hands as works his way to each hardening nipple.

"Alright that's enough for you, for now." He says as retreats back into the darkness surrounding her. He comes back out seconds later with a remote control in his hands. He pushes a button and a light comes on in front of them. In the center of the light there is a metal frame bed with four metal poles at the corners and 2 old mattresses on it. Tied to the four corners of the bed, naked, gagged and spread eagled is an older woman.

"She must be at least 50." Christina thinks to herself. She is still in good shape, barely any cellulite and her veins and arteries are just slightly showing through her skin. The old woman is also a blonde, natural Christina can tell because of the old lady's thick thatch of blonde hair covering her oversized pussy lips. The thing that really stands out on this lady is her gigantic breasts. They are so large that they are lolling to her sides because of her position on the bed. Christina can't tell how big they really are because she is lying down. "They must be really impressive when she stands up." she accidentally said out loud, much to the delight of her captor.

"They are indeed and they look even better when she's in action." Her captor said evilly. He continues, "The people who wrote that episode of ER got it wrong you know." he says while running his finger tips along her belly, "I don't just rape old ladies and I certainly don't rape them alone."

Just as he said that Christina knew what was going to happen. Two other men suddenly come out of the darkness next to the bed. They are both naked except for the fact that they were wearing bondage masks like her captor. One is kind've short and pudgy but the other one is tall but not as muscular as her captor. The only thing these two have in common is their unusual cocks.

"God! Are these guys brothers or something!" Christina thinks. "Just lay back and enjoy the show," her captor says and he cues them to go at it. They turn around and look at the old lady tied to the bed and they begin to stroke their cocks to get them hard. Pudgy gets hard first and moves between her legs, he licks his fingers and wets her blond mound to get it ready. He then positions his fat cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. The old lady thrashes her head from side to side when she feels it but it's no use. Pudgy just rears back and slams his himself into her cunt and fucks her rough.

"Oooohh this old pussy is tight!" pudgy says out loud as rams her over and over. Just then Tall man finally got his cock hard, it was thin like him, but really long. He dangled it over her lips then forced most of the length in her mouth and down her throat. "Aaahh! Her mouth isn't bad either!" Tall said out loud as he face fucked her. From Christina's vantage point the guys were just slam fucking her from both ends, they didn't stop or let up for at least 40 minutes. In that time all they did was switch around a few times. When they were finally about to cum, pudgy was in her mouth and tall was fucking her. Tall suddenly pulled his dick from her pussy, straddled her chest, wrapped her huge melons around his cock and fucked them.

Pudgy then cried out and unloads his cum in her mouth until it began to run out all over her face and neck. Tall continues to just punish her boobs with his slim Jim, grabbing and squeezing her breasts like silly putty. He finally cums and splatters it all over her face, neck and boobs. Both guys slump on to the bed next to her, catching their breaths and looking at the job they did on the old lady.

Christina was totally shocked. Not because of the terror or the good possibility that she was next but by the fact that she was now incredibly horny. Her captor somehow sensing that, came from behind her and slid his arms around her waist. He strokes her soft tummy almost lovingly, mmmm it's almost time baby" he slowly drawls, "but not yet." With that he puts his horse cock between her restrained and spread legs and teasingly saws it back and forth over her moist snatch.

"Ohhh god just put it in" she thinks, then comes to her senses, "what am I doing, I'm actually getting hot for the guy who's going to rape me or possibly let his friends rape me!" With those thoughts she begins to struggle again. "Oh I see you need another demonstration of our superiority," her captor says with mock amusement. "Hey you alive over there!?" He yelled to the guys on the bed. Pudgy lifted his head up "Well at least I am" looking down and showing off his hardening monster. "Well then get to it," her captor says with an evil grin.

Pudgy grins back and begins to untie the old lady's hands and feet. Tall just then regains some signs of life and looks what his partner in crime is doing. Pudgy picks her up off the bed and positions her on all fours on the bed. He takes his time and fondles her huge hanging breasts as he moves her around. He then surprises Christina, not getting behind the old lady for doggie style but slowly positioning himself underneath her. He reaches up and puts his hands on her big ass and begins to knead it like so much dough. He lowers her and then teases her with the big purple head of his cock. He runs it up and down her bid red pussy lips, all of the sudden Christina sees moisture on the head and along the old lady's pussy.

She has an odd look on her face as if she was fighting something, but Christian couldn't see any signs that she was putting up a struggle. Pudgy looks like he's had enough teasing and quickly slams her fleshy tail down on his monster organ. He grunts and groans as he forces her to ride his horse dicked body over and over. She finally starts to respond to the movement after being limp and just taking it. Tall finally responds to the action himself by grabbing his long, semi-hard cock and stroking it. Once he was completely hard he got behind the couple rocking on the bed. "Oh my god, he wouldn't!" Christina yells out loud. "Oh yes I would!" Tall replies while shoving his slim Jim up her ass. The old lady lets out an ear-piercing scream as these two guys ream her at the same time. Tall does seem to have some pity for her, he takes a bottle of baby oil off the floor and pours it all over her ass crack and his cock. Then he plunges back in and gets back into the rhythm. They just keep giving it to her and over and over again, while one thrusts in the other pulls out and vice versa.

Christina couldn't take much more, "I'm soooo horny!" She uses the muscles in her legs and arms to try to get some relief by sawing her pussy against her captor's hard cock that is still next to her pussy. He pulls away from her "Nuh Uh, that would be cheating, you'll get it when I SAY you'll get it." Christian just groans with frustration and turns back to watch the 3 some in front of her. The two animals are still pounding into her abused holes, they are completely into the rape and continue to show the old lady no mercy. Their cocks are making loud slurping noises as they go in and out of her orifices. Their balls can be heard slapping into her and each other's as they power fuck her into oblivion.

Christina's captor is now masturbating, pulling his huge cock this way and that. He walks over to the threesome rutting like animals on the bed, and stand over them for a minute. They actually slow down because the guys realize that he standing over them. Once they slowed down enough Christina's captor took hold of the old lady's head by her gray-blonde hair and rubbed his dick all over her face. He rubbed all over lips sliding it along her teeth until he shoved it all the way in.

He throws his head back as he starts to face fuck her and the others guys speed their raping back up again. The old lady is now being really gang banged, and Christina admits to herself that she loves watching it. In about a minute all three guys rear their heads back and yell, as they all seem to cum inside her at once. Christina sees the white thick cum running out of all three holes while the guys ride out the rest of their climaxes. They all pull out and spurt the remainder of their cum all over her sweaty body. Pudgy and Tall put her between them and sandwich her between their bodies and hump her with their softening cocks.

Pudgy is in back playing with her ass while Tall buries his head between her melons; they almost seem to be cuddling with her. Christina's captor walks over and whispers, "Well baby how'd you like that?" Before she could respond she feels another cool cloth on her face and just before she passes out, she hears him say, "Don't worry you'll be next!"

To Be Continued...

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