tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRape Me, Please Rape Me

Rape Me, Please Rape Me


Susan Toliver was new to town. Her new job started tomorrow, assistant librarian at the public library. She had no friends here, she didn't have many anywhere. She turned on her computer and signed on to literotica. She loved reading and dreaming about being raped, and romanced and being seduced by a lesbian lover. Her mind wondered to many places but her body seldom did. She had had sex once. She let a dumb nerd fumble around her body one night and before she could get any good out of the encounter the asshole pulled out of her and spilled his come on her stomach and on the ground where they were lying. His cock was so small and skinny it barely hurt when he popped her cherry. He laid there wheezing like he had just run a marathon. This idiot couldn't run across the street. He put his black rimmed glasses on and left. They had met for their rendezvous in a city park down from Susan's house. She pulled her skirt down and laid there looking up at the stars wishing Casanova would come finish the job. He didn't so she went home. What a way to lose your virginity, she wished she had it back. That was eight years ago and she had only dreamt and touched herself since then.

Susan read a story about being raped and wondered what it would be like. For a prefect stranger to ravage her longing body. His hands roaming over her naked flesh, not taking no for an answer. She put her hands between her legs and began masturbating as the rapist did his dirty deed. Susan always lays a towel in her computer chair and sits naked when she visits literotica. She didn't want the pain but in her mind a total stranger was the only person that would touch her. She wasn't pretty but she wasn't ugly. Mousy is more the word. Dull maybe, but not ugly. And under her demure clothes there were actually some tittys. She would wash them in the shower and her little nipples would respond and stand up so erect and hard. She would imagine the rapist throwing the shower curtain back and taking her.

She got to the library late her first morning on the job. She had driven the route yesterday for practice but the morning traffic threw in a new dimension she had forgotten to consider. She was from a small town and now she was in a fairly large city. She would have to adjust. The librarian, Ms. Stobbe was none too happy with her. Susan promised it wouldn't happen again. Ms. Stobbe spent most of Susan's first day showing her the ropes. Susan thought it was a waste of time, a library is a library is a library. She thought Ms. Stobbe could have been attractive at one time but the years had stolen any chance to change that now.

Susan settled into the boredom of her new surroundings. The same boredom she had felt for most of her young life. She looked at Stobbe and saw herself in forty or so years. It made her sad. She didn't want it that way but she saw no way out. She had actually strolled into a nightclub once but probably set a new world's record for the shortest stay. Young boys would ask her questions about finding a book and she would imagine that they were just asking so they could get closer to her because they just wanted to be next to a girl. None of them ever made a pass or acted out of line. She needed to learn to curb her imagination.

Susan had been there about three weeks. The job was working out fine. Easy for her, she loved books. She had walked the isles of books and learned the layout pretty well. She was on the second floor returning books to the shelves. The second floor is open and only half the size of the ground floor. You can see the tops of the books shelves below you, and the people mingling among them searching for their particular book. Susan would watch the people and try to read them according to the section they were looking in. That old man must be a history buff because her was looking in the history section. That lady must be…and so on. So boring.

Susan dropped a book on the floor and knelt down to pick it up when she noticed the man standing just below her looking up at her. Up her dress! Susan jumped back. She could still see his eyes but her skirt was out of his sight. She was embarrassed, he kept looking up smiling. She held the book to her breast in surprise. She started to back away and the man went back to his browsing. He was a handsome middle aged man. Not the rapist type she thought.

STUPID! She thought to herself. You have a man's attention don't blow it, but what should she do? Smile, say hello, anything. But he was looking at her panties. Suddenly Susan wished she didn't wear white cotton panties but something silky. What if she hadn't been wearing panties at all?! She walked back to the railing and looked for him, he had moved down the isle. She walked toward him until she was just above him again. She stood back from the rail some, parted her feet a little and leaned against the rail so the view up her shirt would be wide open to his eyes. She cleared her throat, he didn't react. She cleared it again louder, he looked up at her. Oh no now what, what should she do?! She felt so stupid!

"Nasty man." Was all she could think to say. That should do the trick, NOT!

Susan turned and walked away more embarrassed than ever. But she had at least made a bold move toward someone. She had purposely exposed her panties to this man. She pushed her cart to the back of the second floor. She continued her work watching for him to come. He didn't come. She stayed there for fifteen minutes. He didn't come. She finally went back to the railing just in time to see him turn to take one last look at the library and leave. She thought she had made such a fool of herself. She was glad no one else was watching, she felt hot under the collar and she wasn't even wearing one. She thought nothing more of the man. She went home that night and read stories until midnight, and masturbated three times, putting herself into the story of some beautiful woman being molested and raped.

It was almost a week later. Nothing exciting had happened in Susan's life. Her only excitement was literotica. She dreamed of being the girls in the stories. Susan leaned into her cart for her next book. She saw a pair of men's shoes at the end of the isle just a few feet away. They slowly stepped around the corner and confronted her.

"Young lady could you help me find a book?" The man asked.

"Yes sir, what are you looking for?" Susan asked politely, she hardly looked at him still studying the book in her hand.

"Oh, something exciting. Something about a librarian. Like you. With white panties." He said.

Susan looked at him now. It was the man! The one she had exposed herself to! He stepped closer, Susan stepped back.

"Oh come now young lady, won't you help me find my book and show me your pretty panties again?" He said, teasing her.

"What are you talking about?" Susan could barely speak.

He had read her like a book! She couldn't decide what to do. He smiled down at her, she was turning red with embarrassment, her face feeling flushed. She looked the other way trying to think of a good reason to leave. She was trapped by her own actions, she had asked for this and now she was getting it. Something besides her face began to get hot.

"Oh now, Susan, please. I just want to see them I won't touch them. Unless, that is, you want me to touch them. You have very sexy legs under that dress. I got a good look at them, they are nice. You should wear shorter skirts to show them off more." He said.

"How do you know my name? Who told you my name?" She hadn't.

"They told me at the desk. You are Susan, the new librarian?" He asked.

"Yes I am, but…please sir you shouldn't talk to me like that, I mean. If you saw up my dress it is because you're a pervert who watches girls walking around on the second floor." She was trying to turn the tables and make him out to be the bad guy.

"Oh yes for sure, the first time I ever saw your panties I was watching you. Your sleek slender legs climbing up under your skirt disappearing into your panties. But the second time I saw your panties you put them on display for me." He was right.

"I did not! I did not show you my panties! Where did you get that idea?!" Susan whispered loudly trying to act flustered.

The man took hold of Susan's cart and headed to the back of the library with it. She followed him. When he got to a more secluded area he stopped and turned to see her coming. She was looking all around to see if anyone saw them.

"You could get me into a lot of trouble! What are you doing?" She asked.

"Susan. What do you want? I mean from life, what do you want, today?" His question stopped her in her tracks.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"If you could have anything in the world today what would it be?" He asked again.

"I don't think we should be talking like this. I don't know you. Why do you care what I want anyway?" She was interested now to say the least.

"If I could give you what you want would you take it from me?" He asked.

"How could you have what I want? I don't even know what I want. You're confusing me, please, I have to get back to work." She answered.

He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his crotch. "This, Susan, this is what you want isn't it?"

She tried to pull her hand away but his grip was too tight and something in her wanted to do just this. She could feel the lump in his pants hardening. Her mouth fell open and she looked into his eyes. Finally she managed to free her hand. She let out a gasp.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" She said with a look of feigned horror on her face.

He smiled at her. "Think about it Susan, I will be back for your answer soon." He said and left.

Susan melted in her computer chair that night. She had a story open but didn't read it. She had this man and his nasty advance toward her on her mind. She loved it, she hated to admit it but she did. But could she face him and tell him that she loved touching him. It was if he already knew. She was coming just thinking about where this would lead. Would he rape her? Rape her in the library? Or maybe take her while she was walking to her car? Kidnap her and rape her, is that what this man wants to do to her?

She found herself watching for him everyday at work. She would put a book on the shelf and look for him. Another book and another look. It had been a whole week since he accosted her in the back of the library. Had he gotten scared about coming back? Had his brashness worn off after he left? She watched for him but he didn't come. At least he didn't come where she could see him. As she looked toward the front door she lifted a book to the shelf, his hand took hers and slid the book in.

"Oh!" She gasped out loud. Several people looked up from their reading but went back to it quickly.

She could barely breath he scared her so bad. He took her hand and led her to the back of the library once again. She went, anticipating his next move. Was he going to rape her here and now? She resisted but just a little.

"Well, Susan have you thought about my question and do you have an answer for me?" He asked.

Susan just looked at him, mouth agape, speechless. She didn't know what to say. She couldn't tell him she wanted to experience rape. If she wanted it, it wouldn't be rape would it? She pulled her hand away from him and just stood there. Waiting.

"Susan, do you want me to fuck you?" He asked.

"No! What? You're nasty!" Her heart began to beat like a drum.

"Now, now Susan, admit it. You want to be fucked don't you?" He said.

"No…no I don't." She lied.

"What about your husband Susan, do you want him to fuck you?" He continued.

"I am not married, and quit saying that." She answered.

"When you get married Susan will you want your husband to fuck you then?" He wouldn't stop.

"I said quit saying that." She was getting hot but not mad.

"Fuck, fuck fuck. Your tasty little cunt getting fucked. Your hard little nipples being chewed and licked. You want that don't you Susan?" He whispered in her ear.

"Ohhhhhh…why are you saying these things to me, I don't…" Her words faded.

He took a book from the shelf and lightly brushed her breasts with it. He rubbed it down her stomach and when it approached her pussy she pulled her thighs tightly together and pushed to book away.

"Don't." She whimpered.

"But Susan, it feels so good doesn't it?" He asked.

"Yessss…I mean, no I don't like that, it does not feel good." She was getting lost in the moment.

"You love it bitch, you know you love it and you want me, right bitch?" He was just inches from her ear.

"Ohhh no, I don't…why are you doing this to…oh I don't want you to rape me, please, no." She sighed.

"Rape! Who is raping you Susan? Not me, I'm not raping you. Is that what you want? Susan, you want to be raped? Strange, hard, unfriendly hands ripping your clothes off! Touching your soft tender flesh, splitting your sweet pussy wide open violently? Ripping you, fucking you, against your will, fucking you? Is that what you want Susan?"

"No…I don't…I…yes, yes. Please, rape me! I mean…no, not rape but…just." She couldn't complete her thought.

"Susan. Tonight, if you want to be raped walk through the park on Fourth Street at 11:00. If you do, wear a blue blouse and a long denim skirt, nothing you don't want torn. And wear a white scarf over your head. And Susan, wear your pretty white cotton panties for me. If you want this you will be there. I will be there waiting on you. Just walk around the park and I will find you." He left having said this.

Susan got home that evening and couldn't keep her mind on anything but the park at 11:00. She got out a blue blouse and a denim skirt. She took a shower. Why was she taking a shower? To be clean, clean for a rapist? But he wasn't a rapist. If she went she would know he would be there and that isn't rape. If anything its roleplay. Susan had tried that online but was so bad the other person didn't stay long. What was she doing? She should just read some stories and go to bed. She couldn't. It was almost as if something was compelling her to go to the park. It was almost 10:00. She had an hour to decide. And the park was a five minute drive from her apartment. She toweled her wet body, slowly massaging her breasts and pussy. She put on the blouse and denim skirt, got out a white scarf, and oh yes, her white cotton panties, and sat, waiting for 11:00.

At 10:30 she headed for the park. She was there way too early but she couldn't help it. She got out of her car and started walking toward the darkest area of the park. He must know this place. He wouldn't take her in the light, he would wait for her to get into the dark. She may be early, but surely he is there waiting on her. A tingling feeling flowed up her thighs and into the soft flesh of her yearning pussy. She was about to be raped! She couldn't wait. But in the back of her mind she knew this was really just play. Ok then, she thought, I am about to be fucked at least. It dawned on her that she didn't even know his name. If he did something wrong or something that hurt or didn't feel good she wouldn't even know what to call him to make him stop. Her excitement reached a fevered pitch.

She strolled through a brush covered area where there would be plenty of opportunity for him to do his deed. She walked softly and slowly. Finally, she heard steps behind and to the left of her! She stopped and the steps stopped! She continued and after two of three steps they started again! He was here! Right behind her! Her heart was pounding against her chest! She tried to breath deeply but could only manage short choppy breaths! THEN HIS HANDS GRABBED HER!

In an instant Susan had been drug into the thick brush, one hand pulling her hair the other covering her mouth. She screamed, not out of real fear but more out of the sheer surprise of his attack. Quickly she was lying flat on her back and he was sitting on top of her. She could just make out his silhouetted against the dark night sky and the barely lit tree tops.

He had her hands trapped under his knees and was tearing tape off a roll with his teeth and free hand. The other hand pressed hard and painfully against her mouth. It did hurt. Soon he had her mouth taped and both of his hands free. She tried to moan through the tape but little sound came out. Her eyes were wide open trying to see what was happening to her. The rapist took her by the wrists and drug her several more inches to a nearby tree. He put her hands around the trunk and taped them securing her to it. He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"You make a sound and I will slit your fucking throat bitch!" He sounded serious and angry.

Susan moaned through the tape and shook her head ok. He pulled her head back and kissed her neck. He slowly kissed down her chest unbuttoning her blouse as he went. His hands slid into her opened top and began to massage her breasts through her bra. He rubbed her chest and soon her bra was pushed up off of them. His hands fondled her naked tits. Her nipples were getting hard. He was kissing her belly licking toward her muffin. She moaned suddenly not too sure she wanted to go through with this. How could she tell him to stop? She had gone too far. She never imagined he would silence her with tape!

He was sitting at her ankles and slipping his hands up her legs. His fingers dug into her flesh as they inched up toward her knees. His hands were hot and rough. When he got to her knees he took her skirt and ripped it up the side, he didn't quit until it was torn to the waist. He threw it to the side and turned his attention to her exposed white cottons. His hands trembled up her thighs and spread them slightly apart. His breathing was deep and scary. He ran his hands up her pussy, massaging her slit with his thumbs. She began to cry, his breathing got quick and labored.

This is what she had wanted. Why was she crying now? It wasn't like she had thought it would be. She couldn't stop it, she could always quit reading a story. Now she was lying on the ground in a park, her breasts naked, her skirt ripped and this guy was working her pussy over like a maniac.

With a sudden yank her panties were ripped off, the remains strewn over her thighs. She heard the sound of his zipper! She pulled her thighs tightly together. He pulled her legs apart and began to ease down on top of her. She could smell his hot breath, this was nothing like she had imagined. His chest pressed down on her, he was heavy. She couldn't move. He was forcing her legs apart. She felt something at her pussy lips. She was getting wet, an involuntary reaction but she was wet. She felt something press against her opening…his cock was pushing against her! It was too big! She wanted to scream, she did scream but the tape kept it trapped inside her. He stuck two fingers inside her, opened her wider and began pushing harder into her. He was stretching her to painful extremes! She screamed louder but the sound was all but non-existent! With a sudden thrust he slammed his massive cock to the hilt inside her. She shrunk at the pain, it took her breath away. She sucked air through her nose but couldn't get enough. She was suffocating. He was so big, her pussy had never felt anything like this. He was ripping her open, he was being too rough, why didn't he stop? He was pumping her like a machine now. Her tears were streaming down her cheeks. When he shot his hot cream inside her he buried his face in her neck and moaned lowly, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention. He banged her harder and faster as he deposited his load in her wet torn cunt.

Finally, he was through, his hunching eased. He laid there for several minutes saying nothing. His heavy breathing and her sobbing were the only sounds in the night. The roar of a distant car engine, or a dog's barking occasionally broke the silence. Finally, he tore the tape around her wrists, got to his knees, rubbed her pussy and whispered. "Thanks you stupid dumb-ass bitch. What the hell are you doing out here by yourself? Oh yeah, good pussy by the way. Next time you can suck my cock." He got to his feet, zipped his pants and disappeared into the night.

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