tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRape Without Fear

Rape Without Fear

byDs Padawan©

Walking into her bedroom she had no idea that there was a man lurking behind her door. She went to her vanity and searched through the drawers for her nightgown. Finally finding it she started to undress.

The man behind the door slowly and quietly shut it as not to alert her. Seeing that she was down to her panties and about to take off her shirt he knew this was his opportunity. As soon as she started pulling the shirt up over her head he crossed the room quickly and grabbed her from behind. With her shirt halfway over her head she was caught. She couldn't see and the way he held her she couldn't move her arms. She screamed.

Hitting her he threw her to the bed. "Be quiet or I'll kill you!"

"What do you want? Please take what you want and leave! Just don't hurt me." She knew she was in a predicament. She had no idea who her attacker was or what he wanted. She just knew now that she needed to stay calm to live through it.

Walking over to the bed... "What do I want? You. All of you." With that he adjusted her position on the bed and straddled her.

Tears started streaming from her eyes. He just told her her biggest fear. Still wrapped up in her sweater and being in her panties she knew he had perfect access. There had to be something she could do... Some way to free herself.

Grabbing her hands he pulled the shirt the rest of the way off. Then he tucked her hands under his knees. Taking his index finger he blotted her tears. "Don't worry...I'll make it to where you will NEVER forget me." Then he started kissing her neck.

"Please, please don't." She tried to move her head away but he only grabbed her with his hand and pulled her closer. Then she felt a pain in her neck... It was as if he was sucking the life from her as he gave her a deep blue hickey. Again tears started to trickle down her cheek.

He took his other hand and ran it down her sternum. Then around her back to the clasps of her bra. He unfastened it. He could feel her trembling beneath him. Which only made his arousal greater. Pulling the bra down slightly he looked at his prize. He took her arms and raised them above her head and held them down. While doing so he watched her breasts change form. Then he went in for the nibbling.

As bad and as wrong as this all was she couldn't help but feel some kind of arousal. She knew that this man was pushing all the right buttons. If this wasn't such a terrifying experience she might actually of enjoyed it. Then she felt his hand slide down her stomach to her waist.

Now he was very hard up and couldn't wait to feel her from the inside. He ripped her panties off and threw them across the room. Wasting no time he unleashed his beast. He could feel her curls against his cock. Then he found her wet treasure. He slowly (absorbing ever inch of her) entered her vagina. The warmth made him let out a sigh.

She couldn't believe how slow he was doing all this. It's like he knew he wasn't going to get caught. She couldn't move from under his warm trembling body, and a part of her didn't even want to try. She thought to herself over and over, "Is it wrong to partially enjoy this?". The way he talked to her, touched her, and now fucked her...She was falling for her attacker.

His cock started pulsing. At first he slid it back and forth slowly. Then faster and faster till he couldn't go any faster. His breathing got louder and irregular. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest. It felt so good. He cummed. He slowed down and let his fluids drain into her. He started rubbing her breasts with his hand and once his breathing started to slow he sucked her nipples.

At this time she was praying that he couldn't hear her breathing over his own sighs and loud heart beat. This so far was the best sex she ever had. And at the same time the most dramatic part of her life. He had her wanting more and yet wanting him to leave. She started crying at her impure thoughts of liking this horrible crime.

Raising his head from her chest, "Now for the real sex". He slid his cock from her vagina and moved it back an inch. Instantly he found his mark. Her eyes got wide. Never had she had anal sex. Never had it crossed her mind to have it... This was a forbidden zone. She tried to move to save her ass from his huge cock. He was so much stronger in strength and will. Then she felt it.

He plunged his massive cock into her ass. This was his favorite part. So forbidden, so tight, and so wonderful. He could of cummed in a second but controlled himself. Looking up he saw her face and he knew she was feeling it.

It hurt until it started to feel good. Tears were coming from her eyes. This was so sick and yet... Kind of felt nice. He was moving his cock back and forth. Like he did in her the first time he went faster and faster. He started pounding her with the thrust of his cock. She cried out, "Stop please! Please!" and yet he continued. She felt as if he was going to tear her in two.

Again he cummed. This time he didn't slow down he just kept going. He loved the feeling. Loved the trespassing. Loved her pleas for him to stop. Those kept him going. He wanted to make sure she'd never forget this moment... He had promised her he would make it so she wouldn't... He planned to keep that promise.

"Stop it! Get off of me!" she yelled louder and louder. He backhanded her across the face. She wasn't expecting that. She laid there in shock. Unable to move, unable to try. Her heart was pounding so hard. Her body was shaking beneath him, trembling from him being inside her.

After a few more minutes he was finally worn out. He laid his head on her shoulder and stabilized his breathing. In between breathes, "Now tell me that wasn't the best sex you ever had," he laughed. He laid there on top of her, his cock still inside.

She turned her head away from him, she had no intention of looking at him. She could feel her heart thumping through her chest, and she could feel his heart pounding in his. "Why wasn't he leaving? What more could he do to me," she kept asking herself over and over.

After five minutes he felt rejuvenated. He leaned up looked her in the eyes, "Ready for some more," without an answer he fucked her again in the ass.

This time it didn't really hurt. She just laid there motionless and expressionless. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of tears again. She stared him straight in the eyes. She wanted him to see she wasn't scared any more. Wanted him to see she was stronger than that and there was no reason to continue.

Seeing that this wasn't bothering her this time he thought up a new "torture". After he cummed in her ass once more he leaned down to her ear, "You're going to suck all of mine and your fluids off my dick. If you make it good then I'll go".

She looked at him in grotesque. She didn't know what to do...She knew though that with everything that had just happened she didn't want to taste it, yet she wanted to get him out of her room as quickly as possible. She resigned to his offer.

He held her arms down to her side and straddled her upper chest. "Say ahh."

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