tagGroup SexRaped at a Swinger's Party

Raped at a Swinger's Party


Rob and I were attending another swinger's party. This one was in a fantastic apartment overlooking Bondi beach, probably Sydney's, and Australia's for that matter, most famous beach. The apartment belonged to friends of Alan & Anne, a New Zealand couple we'd met the summer before at a nudist retreat, and had stayed swinging friends with.

The owners, Donna and Terry, didn't live full time in Australia, they had business interests in Asia and New Zealand as well, and spent their time equally among the three countries. They had homes in all three locations and they managed to organise frequent swinger's parties in all of them.

We were told it was a semi formal dress evening but still a gathering of swinging couples. I was dressed in a blac, halter neck, figure hugging, ankle length evening dress my husband had bought me a few weeks previously. The dress accentuated my 38D boobs and moulded nicely around my butt, which I think is my best feature. It was scooped low at the back, finishing just above my bum, and the front had a large gold zipper that ran from the top of the dress and stopped midway between my navel and pussy. I had the zipper demurely opened so you could just get a glimpse of a reasonable amount of cleavage, but not too much.

I wasn't wearing any underwear.

I had prepped properly for this party, waxing, shaving pussy etc. sexy make-up, sexy perfume, fuck me stilettos, and had even had my husband give me an enema, just in case I was lucky enough to have my arse fucked.

I love anal sex, it gives me the best orgasms!

Terry greeted us at the door and immediately made us feel welcome. He had a natural warmth that seemed to radiate from his welcoming smile.

"You must be Catherine and Rob. Alan said I'd recognise you immediately because Catherine, in his words, "was drop dead gorgeous". He wasn't exaggerating at all."

Blushing, and I don't do that easily, I was rescued by my husband who said;

"I'd hate to think what he said about me," Rob grinned.

"Alan didn't say anything, but Anne can't wait to see you again," Terry answered with a knowing smirk.

Terry introduced us to Donna. She was Eurasian, about 5'6" and one of the most strikingly beautiful women I've ever met!

Looking at her and trying to guess her age I would have said she was late thirties maybe very early forties (I later found out she was forty nine!)

Dressed in a figure hugging gold silk gown, it was blatantly obvious she also wasn't wearing underwear, it accentuated her pert breasts, slim waist, flat stomach, shapely backside and long legs. This was all rounded off by an exquisite oval face, Asian shaped eyes and shoulder length long black hair.

Rob was visibly drooling!

Donna graciously showed us around, pointedly showing us the locks on the bedroom doors.

"Sometimes," she spoke so softly, "people don't wish to be disturbed if the action is so good, so you can lock the doors, but the locks work on a timer and they will automatically unlock after one hour and then you can't lock them again for another fifteen minutes. It does prevent unwanted intrusions or overuse, but you can unlock them from the inside of course," she smiled.

She also pointed out there were condoms, lubricants and tissues in every bedside cabinet.

The apartment was spacious and lavish and it occupied the entire sixth floor, one below the penthouse. There were six large bedrooms, each with double king sized beds, they were huge, and with its own full size ensuite bathroom. Back in the main living area was a huge open plan living/entertaining area which in turn opened out, through wonderful fold back glass doors, onto an enormous patio overlooking the famous beach and ocean. At one end of the patio was a massive spa, which I imagine would hold at least twenty people. There were already three or four naked couples enjoying each others company intimately.

I couldn't imagine the value of the apartment but it would be well into the many millions of dollars.

There was lovely mix of people, probably about 14 or 15 couples, ranging in ages from early twenties to oldies, like Rob and me, in their forties.

We made our way to the bar and Donna introduced us to couples on the way.

Once we had our drinks we looked around for Anne & Alan but they were nowhere to be seen, we didn't investigate the bedrooms looking for them.

We wandered out to the patio and gazed at the ocean below.

Rob and I were soon joined by two other couples who introduced themselves as Tony & Angela and Steve & Sarah. I would guess they were all a decade younger than Rob and me.

Angela looked to be perhaps late twenties or early thirties, very slim build, not tall but the absurdly high platform high heel shoes she was wearing made her look taller. She was well tanned, short dark hair and was wearing the essential little black dress, with the emphasis on little. It was cut low at the front displaying a generous amount of her chest, which whilst she wasn't a busty woman, she certainly displayed nice shaped, firm breasts. She was blessed with shapely legs, accentuated by the absurd shoes, and the dress was as short as it was low cut, it finished just below her bum. I was sure if she leaned slightly forward you would see all you wanted to see!

I wouldn't have called the way was dressed semi formal, more "tarty".

Oh, now I'm being catty!

Tony was mid to late thirties, average height, muscular build and also very well tanned. He had short cropped black hair, a sort of chiselled, handsome face and a very disarming smile.

Mr Personality, and he was pouring it onto me!

Sarah & Steve were the blondes, both tanned and looked like the couple you'd see on any Sydney beach, or any beach for that matter. Sarah was the opposite of Angela, tall, very busty, I'd guess 40DD chest, slim waist, full flared hips and long tanned legs. She was wearing a yellow halter neck dress of some soft shiny material, fitted to the waist which accentuated her large boobs, then it flared out over her generous hips and stopped about mid thigh.

This also wasn't a dress I would describe as semi formal, more slutty.


Steve was tall as well, blonde, tanned, handsome and he new it!

While we were chatting, which was mostly about swinging, feeling each other out, a guy came up behind Sarah and playfully patted her on the bum. She turned to him and he whispered something to her, she nodded, turned to us and said "See you guys a bit later," and walked off, hand in hand, with the stranger.

"That's Noel," Steve said to nobody in particular, "Sarah's fucked him before, said he was good too."

I glanced across at Angela just as she surreptitiously took Rob's hand and drew it up under her short dress. I watched Rob's face for a reaction and got one almost immediately. He slowly and discretely withdrew his hand from under her dress, a knowing smirk on his face. He winked at me and wandered off with his hand on the arse of the tart, who was teetering in her absurd shoes, knowing he was going to get his rocks off.

That left me with the two guys, Tony & Steve, and I must admit to enjoying the attention.

"So Catherine," it was Tony addressing me, "is that gold zipper fixed at that open level?"

"No, no, it unzips all the way down past my navel."

"What would happen if I unzipped it all the way down," Tony asked.

"My tits would fall out."

"I'd like to see that, wouldn't you Steve?"

Steve nodded so vigorously I was afraid he'd suffer whiplash!

I glanced around the balcony and into the entertaining/lounge area. I needn't have worried about showing my breasts, there naked and half naked people everywhere.

"So may I unzip?" Tony persisted.

My nipples were already hard and getting harder, and my pussy was getting wet, as this questioning went on, so I nodded my acceptance.

Tony reached forward and took the tag of the zipper between his fingers. He slowly pulled the zipper down right to the end where it finished between my navel and pussy.

My nipples were so hard by now, the fabric of the dress caught on them and didn't expose them, just most of both breasts were showing. The scraping of the edge of the zipper material across my nipples was sending electric impulses straight to my pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter.

"Oh Catherine, see your tits didn't fall out," Tony observed "I'll just have to help them."

He took one side of the zipper and pulled it, the material scraping over my extended nipple, fully exposing my left breast.

More electric impulses to my pussy.

He then took the other side and repeated the procedure over my right breast.

More impulses to my pussy which was now almost dribbling!

"My god Catherine your tits are sensational, don't you agree Steve?"

More vigorous nodding of the head.

"Catherine, you know I want to fuck you don't you?"

It was a statement, not really a question and before I could answer he went on.

"And Steve does too, don't you Steve?"

If he nods any harder his head'll fall off, I mused.

"So how do you feel about a threesome?" Tony went on.

I didn't trust myself to speak, I was afraid my squeaky voice might give them the impression I was aching for it, which I was!

I just smiled and nodded.

"You wait here, and Steve and I'll try to find an empty bedroom."

I turned back to face the ocean as they went searching. The cool ocean breeze on my exposed nipples, causing them to harden like bullets, sent more electric impulses to my aching, wet pussy.

I needed a fuck badly!

An arm dropped over my shoulder, a hand grazing my breast and a hard lump pressed into my hip bone. Thinking it was Tony I turned to face him.

It wasn't!

"You're Catherine, aren't you? I'm Leon and I've heard you're one hot root, so how 'bout we go do it?"

Normally, when I'm faced with a dick of sizeable proportions, and this one obviously was, I'd drag the owner of it to the nearest dark corner and fuck his brains out.

This prick just pissed me off!

I removed his hand from my breast and stepped back.

"I don't care what you've heard. What did you say your name was?" I snapped.

"Leon," he answered.

"Well Leon, as I said I couldn't care less what you've heard. I really don't give a rat's arse and I certainly don't want to 'do it' with you!"

"Huh! It's because I'm a Leb, isn't it?"

"Your ethnicity has nothing to do with it! One of my best friends is Lebanese. I choose who I fuck and I'm not choosing you, now piss off."

As he was about to reply Tony and Steve returned and had obviously heard my last statement.

"This arsehole bothering you?" Steve asked.

"No, he was just leaving, weren't you Leon?"

"Yeah," he grunted and walked off.

"You OK?" Tony asked.

"Yes I'm fine, he just thought he was a walk up start for a fuck and I had to put him straight."

"Yeah we heard, didn't we Steve? Come on then," he gestured, "we've organised a bedroom."

Hand in hand, tits hanging out, I walked off with the two boys. I don't know what was aching most, my bullet like nipples or my seriously wet pussy!

As soon as we were in the room Tony wasted no time. Before I'd even made it to the side of the bed he'd unclasped the halter to my dress and, with the zip undone all the way down, the dress slipped to the floor.

"Fuck you're so horny Catherine, I knew you'd be naked underneath that dress."

I turned to face both of them, legs apart, hands on hips, "Well then, you were right weren't you," I said with a smirk.

They were both staring at my smooth pussy, I'm sure they could see the wetness glistening on the lips, with the light of the bed lamp behind.

"Are we going to fuck or are you two just gonna stand there fully dressed and perv on me? 'Cause if you are I'm gonna go out and find me another fuck buddy"

"Shit, sorry Catherine," it was Steve this time, "it's just that I, I mean we, just didn't expect you to be so bloody horny looking, I mean being forty odd an all."

"Thanks for the compliment," I said drily, "at least I think it was a compliment, but if I'm horny looking it's probably because I am horny, now lets get at it or I'm out of here!"

They both stripped of quickly as I sat down on the edge of the bed. They we both very erect and both had impressive cocks, probably about 7 inches, both circumcised, which I prefer, but Steve's was much thicker than Tonys'. Interestingly Tony's pubic area was very neatly trimmed but Steve's was clean shaven, just how I love them!

I was dribbling again!

Tony came and stood in front of me, "So who's gonna have you first?" he asked, with his very handsome cock waving in front of my face.

Reaching out I took hold of him in my hand, slowly stroking the impressive length of him.

I looked up at him with a lustful look on my face.

"Why don't we just all do it together," I suggested and leaned forward and took him in my mouth.

I felt him shudder as I gently tugged him forward, between my outstretched thighs, and wrapped my lips around his cock, one hand cupping his balls and leaning forward I took him down my throat.

His reaction was instantaneous as he placed one hand on the back of my head, the other reaching down to my right breast, squeezing and rubbing the nipple between his fingers.

My pussy was on fire!

Steve sat down on the bed beside me his hand dropping straight to my very wet puss. Feeling how moist I was he quickly, and easily, slipped two fingers into me.

I immediately parted my thighs even wider to give him easier access.

Another two fingers joined the first two, I now had all four of his fingers inside me and his thumb began strumming my clit. Twirling his fingers around and in and out of my pussy he found my G spot and, with his thumb rubbing back and forth over my clitoris, and two of his fingers rubbing my G spot, I felt the release I needed approaching.

I was going to orgasm!

Sensing my own orgasm rapidly approaching, I feverishly worked on Tony's cock. By now he had stopped squeezing my breast and both hands were holding my head as he fucked me down the throat. My right hand was following my mouth up and down his cock, my other hand gently squeezing his balls.

I felt him stiffen, his balls tighten then that familiar jerking spasm as his cum raced up his tube and began to empty his semen down my throat.

That was all my, on fire, body needed and it released my own glorious orgasm, my juices flooding Steve's fingers buried in my cunt!

My moans of ecstasy were muffled by the cock still emptying the cum down my throat. Try as I might to swallow it all, some of it escaped my greedy mouth and trickled down my chin and onto my breasts.

Eventually Tony's cock began to slow it's spurting, as my own orgasm began to subside, and he backed away from my face, his still semi hard cock leaving my mouth with a "plop".

Steve wasted no time and, drawing his fingers out of my sopping wet cavity, put one hand under the back of my knees and gently laid me onto my back on the bed. He quickly spread my thighs and kneeled between them, lowered himself onto me, his cockhead nudging at my very wet opening.

Arms either side of my breasts, he looked down at me questioningly, his eyes asking my permission to enter me.

I reached out and placed both hands on his muscular forearms, squeezing them I smiled and nodded.

He eased himself forward, his fat cock splitting my pussy lips open, as I raised my pelvis up to welcome him.

He was thick, and I felt the fullness of him as he stretched me wide open, the length of him filling my cavity, 'til his cockhead was nudging at my cervix.

I was full and it felt wonderful!

He drew back slowly until his cock was almost completely out of me then eased forward again, then back slowly then forward again, the pace increasing slightly with each thrust.

I raised my hips off the bed each time to meet his thrusts, our pelvic bones grinding against each others, his balls slapping against my arse. Our pace increased and became more frenetic as we became lost in lust, then suddenly he stopped all movement. My hips were still bouncing up and down off the bed trying to encourage him to resume his actions.

Without withdrawing from my cavity he eased himself into a kneeling position, then lifted my legs up so my bum was clear of the bed and my knees were over his shoulders. He started to pump me again, this time with far more effort, his cockhead now constantly mashing against my cervix.

I was staring to cum again and I was losing it!

When I get carried away in lust, having sex, I tend to become a little unladylike in my speech.

"Give it to me baby! Pump that fat cock into me! Give me your load! Fill my belly with your cum! Fuck me hard baby! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Lost in my lust, I didn't notice Tony leaning over me until I felt him suckling at my breast. It sent more electric jolts straight to my nerve centre, my pussy!

Suckling on one breast, and squeezing the other one, whilst rolling the nipple between his thumb and fingers was enough on its own. But with Steve now hammering away at me with his fat cock, and the ministrations to my tits, I was heading for an almighty orgasm. Obscenities were coming again.

"Blow in me you bastard! Suck my tits hard you prick! Squeeze my tits! Bite me! Fuck me! Ram that cock into me! Give me your load you bastard! I want your cum! Etc! Etc!"

I was loosing it and I was cumming, and cumming, and cumming! In fact, it was one continuous orgasm.

Then, as I was lost in the throws of my own pleasure, Steve put his arms under me and rolled me over so I was on top of him, never once stopping in his constant pounding of my pussy.

I pushed myself upright over him, my hands on his chest, and took him deeper into me, so deep I felt his cock was going to burst its way into my uterus.

I was only riding him for a minute or two when he pulled me back down onto his chest and began to kiss me passionately. I returned his passion, our tongues exploring each others mouths as I rode his beautiful cock.

Almost totally lost in my passion I was only vaguely aware of movement on the bed.

That was until I felt hands on the cheeks of my bum, pulling the cheeks apart, then a tongue probing at my anus.

My god, Tony or someone's rimming me, I thought. I was right, the tongue probed deeper and eventually forced its way into my puckered opening. I relaxed my anal muscles and allowed Tony, or whoever, the right of access. It felt good!

Throwing myself back into my riding, of Steve's beautiful fat cock, we settled in to a steady fucking rhythm, my orgasms now just a constant stream occasionally rising to a crescendo then settling back down to an ongoing series of electric jolts. Each electric jolt magnified by the tonguing of my arse.

I was in fuck heaven!

During the course of my fuck I was vaguely aware of the bedroom door quietly opening. It was only for a few seconds and then it just as quietly clicked shut. Lost in my lust I vaguely remember thinking, 'the boys mustn't have locked the door.'

Riding away on Steve's fat cock, almost disappointingly, I felt the tonguing of my arse stop. I think it was only momentarily, but I'm not sure considering the state my body was in, then I felt cool liquid being applied to my anus. In my heated condition it felt so soothing.

The next thing I felt was a finger probing at my anus, I immediately relaxed my anal muscles encouraging the anal invader, he responded by pushing his finger deep into my cavity and began finger fucking my arse. It felt sooo good!

Pouring more lubricant into me a second finger joined the other and I could feel the fingers rubbing Steve's cock through the thin membrane separating the two cavities.

I exploded in another breathtaking orgasm!

Once more I let fly with the dirty talk!

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