Raped at a Swinger's Party


"Don't finger fuck me! Fuck me with your cock! Stick your cock up my arse Tony! I want to feel both of you fucking my holes! I want you both to blow your loads in me at the same time! I want cum in my cunt and cum in my bowel! Fuck me hard the pair of you! Give me all you've got! Fill me with your cum!"

You get the drift, I wanted them both to blow their loads in me.

The fingers withdrew quickly and I felt the cool nozzle of the lubricant being applied to my puckered opening, a quick squeeze of the bottle and the cool soothing lubricant travelled up my anal passage. Next I felt Tony's leg straddle the both of us the head of his stiff cock probed at my sphincter, pushing gently, but firmly, the head breached the resistance and into my anal cavity. Easing it in at first he pushed forward into my, well lubed up, passage.

Gritting my teeth with the initial pain I urged Tony on.

"Give it to me Tony! Ram it in hard! Fuck my arse! Fuck it! Fuck it!"

His thrust forward his balls slapped up against Steve's cock hammering away at my cunt. With both of them quickly getting into a steady rhythm I was screaming even more obscenities.

"Fuck me you pair of pricks! Ram your cocks into me! Fill me with your cream!"

Steve pulled my mouth down onto his, and began kissing me passionately, more to muffle my screams than anything else.

The rubbing of both cocks separated by the thin membrane of my cavities triggered another orgasm that quickly became one fantastic constant release, I was just cumming and cumming! The obscenities stopped and were replaced with cries of rapture as my body surrendered to its own glory.

"Oh God! Oh Christ I'm cumming! Oh Jesus! Oh God!" I was crying, now mumbling, almost incoherent.

In this state I felt Steve's pace quicken, matched by Tony's, and almost simultaneously they erupted, cum spewing from both their cocks into my waiting cavities.

The feeling of their cum splattering my bowel, and walls of my cunt, triggered what felt like a massive explosion, that radiated from my nerve centre, and sent waves of pleasure ripping through my whole being, my body rocked with fire. I couldn't begin to describe the electrifying jolts that were sending shockwaves of sheer lust, joy and passion through me, to the point I momentarily lost consciousness, the blackness sweeping over me.

I was in sexual nirvana!

The moment of blackness quickly passed and I came back from the abyss.

Tony was withdrawing his softening cock from my arse and I could feel Steve's lovely fat cock beginning to shrink. When Tony finally withdrew I rolled off Steve onto my back on the bed, cum leaking out of both my cavities.

I laid there relaxed, feeling sexually sated.

Steve was the first to speak.

"Christ Catherine, you're fucking sensational. I can't remember the last time I lasted that long in anybody, Sarah included, and I'm still half hard."

I looked across at him, he was right, he was still half hard, his fat cock was at half mast.

"Damn, I've blown twice and I want to do you again," Tony declared, "So how about it Catherine, want to go again?"

"Boys let me relax a little, get me a drink from the bar and we'll talk about it, OK?" I smiled, a little breathlessly.

They both got to their feet and headed to the bathroom.

"Soon as we've washed we'll get you that drink. But watch out Catherine, we're not finished with you yet," Steve smiled back.

They left the bathroom and headed out down to the bar. I lay there, my head resting in my folded hands, behind my head on the pillow. I thought about getting up and having a shower but must have drifted momentarily into a light sleep.

I sensed the door closing with a slight click then the down lights being turned right down so only the soft light from the bed lamp illuminated the room. I was about to speak when a hand covered my mouth and before I realised what was happening another hand grasped my wrists, behind my head and held them firmly.

A rasping voice said, "So you little cock teasing cunt, you're now gonna feel like what it's like to get fucked by a real cock."

I couldn't make out who it was, in the dim light, and soon he was kneeling on the bed, forcing my legs apart with his knees, still holding my wrists, in a vice like grip, with his other hand.

A cockhead nudged at my dribbling pussy lips.

"Look at you, you dirty little slut, cum dribbling out of your holes. Well have some of my cum up your cunt, slut!"

With that he thrust forward forcing my pussy lips wide apart and rammed his cock into me to the hilt, his balls slapping against my arse.

I got a look at him in the little bit of light. It was Leon, he was big and it hurt!

I screamed, but the scream was muffled by the hand over my mouth. I tried to bite but all he did was squeeze my cheeks hard, inflicting pain.

"Try to scream again slut, and I'll really hurt you," he snarled.

Then it dawned on me, 'I'm being raped at a bloody swinger's party, how stupid is this?'

Just then I heard the door trying to be opened, but it was locked! There was a knock and a muffled voice asked,

"Catherine, you in there? Come'n open the door, we've got your drink."

"Don't try anything slut," the snarling voice whispered "or I'll belt you one!"

After another minute or two of knocking and speaking through the closed door the voices went away.

Leon pulled back and rammed his big cock in me again, it still hurt but not as much, my pussy was stretching to accommodate him

He got up a real rhythm, in and out of my pussy, and the more pumping he gave me, the more my pussy began to relax and take him. I couldn't guess his size but by the feel of him he was the longest and fattest I'd ever taken. Worse than that my body began to respond and I found myself raising my hips to meet his thrusts.

"You're lovin' it aren't you little slut? Like the feel of my big Leb dick up your cunt, don't you?"

With his hand still covering my mouth, I could only nod my agreement. My body was now rocketing along towards an orgasm as his cockhead pounded away, mashing against my cervix.

With only a little warning my orgasm exploded and my pussy clamped his big cock as he rammed me.

Lost in it I cried out with my orgasm but his hand still covering my mouth muffled my cries.

"Oomph gud! Oomph gud! Oomph gud!"

"Oh fuck, you've got a tight cunt. Aren't you a right horny slut!"

He kept up his pounding rhythm and I kept cumming, and cumming. I could feel his balls slapping against my juices as they literally poured out of me.

"Alright bitch, now we're gonna change positions. If I take my hand off your mouth, you're not gonna scream are ya?"

I shook my head and he slowly took his hand from my mouth. I lay there, a little breathless, slowly recovering from another sensational, glorious orgasm.

He slowly withdrew his cock from me, he was still rock hard! In the dim light I looked at it, it was at least 9" with a bulbous head and huge in its girth.

"OK slut, on ya knees, I'm gonna give it to ya doggie."

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees, trying not to appear too hasty, but I wanted that cock back inside me and I wanted it now!

Leon didn't waste any time and kneeling behind me, grabbed hold of my hips, and speared me with his huge dick.

I immediately came again!

Again he set up a steady rhythm and as he thrust forward I thrust back to meet him each time. He reached over me, and resting his weight on me, grabbed both of my breasts viciously squeezing them and pinching my hard, bullet like nipples. This just made me orgasm harder!

"Don't you love this big Leb dick, you horny cunt? Don't you bitch? Tell me how much you love my big Leb dick up your cunt!"

Between gasps of pleasure I answered.

"I love, ugh it. I love your big ugh, dick up ugh, my cunt Don't stop! Ugh, please don't stop!"

He pinched my nipples even harder and I orgasmed again and collapsed face down on the bed. He fell on top of me, still hard inside me.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy and immediately I felt him spreading my butt cheeks, his cock head pressing at my anus.

"OK cunt, you obviously like it up the arse, so feel this."

I looked back over my shoulder at him, aghast.

"No please, no. You're too big, you'll rip me apart."

"Listen cunt, with all the lube and cum dribbling out your arse, you'll take me easy. Now relax your arse muscles before I get nasty," he snarled.

He pushed his bulbous cock head hard against my sphincter and instinctively I clenched my bum cheeks.

Whack! A stinging blow landed on my bum cheeks. Whack, another and whack another, the blows bringing tears to my eyes and a burning sensation to my pussy.

My body, or should I say my pussy, was responding to the stinging blows to my bum, the more he whacked, the more turned on I was becoming!

"Please, put your cock back in my cunt," I begged.

"You're takin' it up the arse bitch, like it or not!"

Again he pressed his cock head at my sphincter and I tried to relax my anus to accept him. I knew there was enough lubricant in me, what with Tony's cum plus the lube he'd squeezed into me.

Leon's massive cock head forced its way into my opening.

I screamed with the pain.

"Arrgh, no please stop, it's too painful, you're tearing me apart" I screamed.

I went on, "At least stop until I can adjust to take you," hoping this would give me a few moments without any more pain.

It fell on deaf ears as he relentlessly forced his cock up my anal canal 'til his balls were resting against my pussy. He pushed my face into the pillow to muffle my screams.

The pain was excruciating!

Fully inside me, he put his arm under my stomach and dragged me into a kneeling position, bum in the air but face and arms still on the pillow.

Before I could even draw breath, in readiness for any further assault, he quickly pulled back and thrust into me again.

Again I screamed, but my screams were muffled by my face in the pillow.

"Mumph, arrgh no! No! Arrgh!" My muffled screaming went on.

This only seemed to spur him on and he relentlessly raped me. He was sodomizing me, raping my arse!

"Oh fuck bitch, your cunt was tight but this is the tightest arse I've ever been in. I'm gonna love blowing up this tight arsehole."

This man had made me cum and cum and cum, with his huge cock up my cunt, and now he was raping my arse and still he hadn't even looked like blowing his load.

Now I was gonna get his load in my bowel!

The pain began to ease as my anal cavity began to stretch and adjust to take him. As much as I didn't want too, my body began to respond, instinctively I pushed back to meet his thrusts.

He had hold of my hips now and he held me as he, piston like, drove in and out of me. I rocked backwards and forwards on my knees, now greedily accepting him, as I rocketed towards another mind blowing orgasm. I could feel that tingling of my nerve ends, my pussy's nerve centre started sending out those messages, there was an enormous orgasm about to happen.

It did!

This time my muffled screams were of pure joy, my orgasm was all encompassing, every nerve end in my body thrilled at the momentous, joyous release as my anal muscles clamped hard around the huge cock raping me.

My orgasm took Leon over the edge and I felt his monster cock get even bigger as the cum rushed up his tube and spurted ferociously out of his cock, splattering the walls of my bowel.

I came again, and again, as his cum kept spurting into my bowel, my moans of ecstasy lost in his bellows of triumph and satisfaction.

"Oh yes, you fuckin' horny little slut! You're a right little cunt slut! Your tight little fuckin' arse is the best! Oh fuck, I'm still blowing, you horny little cunt!"

And he was, I don't know how much cum he emptied into me but I could already feel it pouring out of me, down my pussy and thighs, wetting the sheets beneath me.

I was in raptures and crying out in my joy, still muffled by my face in the pillow.

"Umph god! Umph Jesus! Umph god!"

Eventually he stopped cumming and I collapsed back down onto the bed, his cock still embedded in my arse.

I was totally spent!

I had been fucked, and raped, incessantly by three men for over two hours. I had no energy left at all!

Leon rolled over onto his side, pulling me with him, his cock still up my arse and it didn't feel like it was getting soft. After a few minutes he began tweaking my hard nipples again, rolling them between his fingers and nibbling my neck, causing me to moan.

"No Leon please, I can't take any more," I moaned.

He started to move in and out of my anal cavity again, his cock still hard in my arse, his other hand beginning to play with my cunt.

"You can take some more, you horny little slut," he whispered in my ear, "I felt the way you came and I'll bet you'll cum again."

Unfortunately, his tweaking of my nipples, the fingering of my cunt and his nibbling was eliciting a response and involuntarily I began to move my hips as again he assaulted my arse with his monster cock.

Just then the door opened, the hour must have been well past, and in walked my naked husband with Angela, the little brunette tart in tow, also naked.

"Hi babe, see you've met Leon, is he fucking your arse?"

It was more a statement than a question.

"Ugh," I grunted, unable to do much else as I began to get carried away on the lust of it all, again!

"Wow honey, I'm impressed, taking that monster in your bum is quite an achievement. Hey Leon, roll onto your back and pull her on top of you."

He was talking as though I was a piece of meat for anyone, and everyone to feed on, which really I suppose I was.

Leon rolled onto his back, pulling me with him, so I was impaled on his big cock with my legs falling open either side of his thighs.

Rob spoke again.

"Jesus honey, you've been well and truly fucked, haven't you?"

Eyes glazed I looked at him, my mouth hanging open, as another orgasm approached.

Rob climbed onto the bed and straddling both Leon and me stuck his cock up my gaping cunt. It went in really easily.

Normally I find Rob's cock quite filling but, having been stretched wide open by Leon, I hardly felt him. It was enough though, with the two cocks rubbing through the thin membrane, to trigger another orgasm from me. I didn't have the energy to thrash around I just let the rapturous feeling wash over me as my nerve ends responded to my bodies wishes.

Moaning in my delirium another shock wave pulsed through my body. Angela had gotten in on the act and was sucking one my breasts whilst she pinched and rolled the nipple of the other.

This sublime "punishment" of my body went on for what seemed to be ages but in truth I really didn't have any idea of how long it was. In my lust driven state my orgasms were now one continuous stream and I just surrendered my body to those who were taking me.

Angela was now kissing me passionately and I was returning the kisses with equal amount of passion. She picked up my hand, resting on the bed beside me, and guided it to her wet cunt. Instinctively I inserted three of my fingers into her sopping love canal, my thumb twiddling her clit. Her hips moved back and forth, as she fucked my fingers, urging her own orgasm.

I won't say who came first, because I was continually orgasming now, but I think with the constant rubbing of both their cocks together, in my cunt and my arse, triggered them both almost simultaneously.

I felt the eruptions of cum splatter my bowel and cunt again, as Angela had her tongue down my throat furiously fucking my fingers buried in her twat.

I lost it as Angela moaned her orgasm, her mouth still clamped on mine, her body shuddering with the force of her own orgasm.

Cocks in me, tongue in me, body totally spent, I blacked out!

I must have been out of it for more than just a few seconds because, when I came to, both men had removed there cocks from orifices of my almost lifeless body.

Angela had now become the centre of attention as she kneeled on the huge bed gobbling Rob's cock, while Leon was behind her furiously fucking her doggie fashion.

She was urging Leon on, as best she could, with a mouthful of Rob's cock.

"Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard with that big dick! Give it to me!"

At least, that's what I think she was saying, it was a bit hard to understand with a cock down her throat and all!

Interestingly, I watched as Leon rammed into her, she was taking him all and not even blinking, let alone whimpering like I did.

Rob was laying on his back, one hand on the back of her head, the other playing with her breast as she deep throated him.

Leon had a firm hold of her hips and was pumping in and out of her furiously. Remembering he had already blown in me twice I figured he was going to last for a while.

Now, I did state earlier I was totally spent, so how could I account for this warm, tingling feeling beginning to radiate from my pussy?

I got to my knees and crawled over to where the action was. Looking down at my husband, I spread my thighs and straddled his face.

What goes up must come down and a mixture of his, mine and Steve's cum began to trickle out of my cunt. I lowered my cunt to his mouth and he greedily began licking and sucking the juices. Holding myself on his mouth I started stroking my clit as his tongue probed my nether regions gathering all the juice he could find.

Angela's ministrations to his cock, and his sucking of my cunt, must have had the desired effect and I felt his body begin to twitch with the onset of orgasm. Letting go of Angela's head he grabbed hold of my hips and held my cunt hard down on his mouth. His hips began to buck, with his oncoming orgasm, and he spewed his sperm into her greedy mouth.

I watched as she swallowed enthusiastically, savouring his cum, making sure she didn't spill a drop. Lifting her head from Rob's softening cock, balancing herself on her knees and one hand, she reached out to me with the other and pulled me to her. Our mouths met and we kissed, I could taste Rob's cum in her mouth. That action, along with Rob still sucking hard on my cunt, my own twiddling of my clit and Leon still pounding away in Angela's pussy sent me over the edge for the last time and I succumbed to another shattering orgasm.

"Arrrgh, I'm cumming again! Oh fuck! How much more can I do this! Oh Jesus! Oh fuck!"

I fell sideways off Rob, and lay there comatosed, just as Leon emptied his load into Angela's clutching cunt.

"Give it to me baby!" She screamed "Give me your fucking big load of cum! Spurt your load up my cunt baby! Fuck meee! I'm cumming! Fuck meee!"

She fell face forward onto the bed alongside Rob, Leon fell onto his back, his huge cock still looking impressive, even in a softening state.

We were all totally fucked and spent!

We never did get to see Ann and Alan that night. By the time we all eventually exited the bedroom it was well past 3am and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep.

On the way home it dawned on me, Rob had known Leon before he found me in the bedroom with him.

"When did you meet Leon?" I asked.

"Tonight," was his one word answer.

"When tonight?" I persisted.

He glanced at me briefly then turned his attention back to driving.

"When Angela and I were on our way to find a bedroom, we saw Leon standing alone in the bar area. By the sizeable lump in the front of his pants I thought you'd be interested. I mean, after that night at Paddington with Adrian, I thought you'd love to try another big one. So I gave him a description of what you were wearing, and told him he'd find you out on the patio. Obviously I was right, you were interested."

I glared at him.

"Did you know he raped me?"

"No, I didn't, but it didn't look like rape when we found the two of you. It looked like you were having a great time. I couldn't believe you were taking that monster cock up your arse, your eyes had that glazed look they get when you're off your face in lust."

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