tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaped!...Breeding Time

Raped!...Breeding Time


This is the fifth installment in my series. I'm depending on you dear readers to write and tell me if this series needs to go on or not and I also don't mind hearing your ideas about where it should go.

# # #

I was so stinking horny when I went to bed that night I couldn't sleep. I lay there in bed running my hands over my swelling belly and couldn't help but be a little jealous of Claire for having Matt's attentions. It wasn't that long ago I hated him for raping his baby into me and now here I was, jealous of him for raping someone else. When I'd finally went to bed, Matt had stayed in the basement room with Claire and told me to go on and get some sleep.

I decided to get up and go check on Claire downstairs to see how she was doing, and to see if I could have a little quality time with Matt's cock. I put on my robe and slippers and when I went out my door I found Beth in the hallway.

"Where's Claire? She's not in her bed."

The girl looked at me sort of quizzically, knowing and afraid to know the answer to her own question.

"Beth, she's been downstairs with Matt all night and I was just going to check on her..." I pondered this for a moment and then decided 'what-the-hell'. "...and maybe you could come with me?"

Beth followed me through the house and downstairs to the basement where I told her to be quiet. Matt had let me in on a little secret of his so I turned and caught Beth by the arm.

"Little girl, you're gonna do a little growing up in the next few minutes and I expect you to be silent or I'll slap you so damn silly you won't see straight. You got it?"

My sudden change caught Beth off guard.

"Uh...yeah, no problem."

Next to the bedroom door was another door that I opened and ushered Beth inside, reminding her to be quiet. There were some comfy chairs arranged as if to view a curtained wall and I told Beth to sit in one of them. Then I clicked on the sound system and Beth gave me a wide-eyed stare as we both heard Claire's whimperings coming to us through the speakers.

"What's wrong with Claire?"

I damn near hit Beth and she could see I was pissed at her for making noise.

"Beth, shut up!" It was my harshest whisper. It was also unnecessary once I pulled back the curtain. Matt had built the basement bedroom, playroom, cell...whatever you want to call it, with a one-way mirror on one side with this gallery where he could watch his latest toy in privacy. Now Beth was speechless at the sight and sound of Claire on the bed on her hands and knees with Matt's cock wetly plowing into her from behind. Beth had no clue about the events leading up to this moment and I knew she could only assume that Claire was a willing participant. And right now, Beth was stone silent as she watched her childhood friend surrender her pussy to Matt's ample cock.

I found it hard to pull myself away from the sight of the mating going on only six feet away, but I finally did manage to turn around to sit with Beth. I sat down and looked at the girl and just saw an innocent who was having a million questions answered just by seeing what was happening on the other side of the mirror. I guess I expected Beth to be upset and it was a little surprising when she finally whispered to me.

"Claire's enjoying this, isn't she?"

"I'd say that's pretty obvious. Besides, I know that Matt's really good at this." I patted my belly as I said it and Beth gave a little chuckle.

Then another light went on in Beth's little head.

"You mean he's trying to give her a baby?"

How innocent. How sweet she was.

"Beth, sweetie, that's what fucking is for is for babies. People who fuck and try not to have a child are missing out on Our Heavenly Father's plan for us and then they miss out on all the pleasures of two people being together like He planned. Look at them in there having each other and imagine if they had to stop in the middle of that and get on a condom and then try to feel the way they did before they stopped? It just isn't natural that way."

I kind of said all that on faith, wondering if the Mormon stuff would hit home with Beth. I'd dated a Mormon kid years back and picked up some of the words from him so now I gave it a run at Beth. It wasn't a wasted effort.

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

Glassy eyed Beth turned her stare back to Matt and Claire's mating and watched intently for a few moments.

"So is Claire going to stay with you guys now?"

This was moving along really fast. I didn't expect Beth to be so receptive to all of this and here she was accepting it all and going right to the heart of the matter. I figured I'd go a step ahead of Beth and see where it went.

"I'd say Claire is gonna want to stay with us especially after she gets pregnant. Beth, let me ask you, have you ever thought about being in a marriage like ours?"

Her little doe eyes were cute.

"Of course I have. We always talked about the old ways at seminary and how the gentiles forced the Church to change its' ways so we could have statehood in Utah. And then we talked about the people who still cling to the old ways and I've wondered about how it must be to be one wife in a group like that."

She stopped talking to watch Matt pull Claire up to his chest. He held her tight with one arm around her waist while caressing her breasts with the other. Claire's back visibly arched to allow Matt's cock deep into her warmth. Erotically, Claire turned her head to kiss Matt and he made an extra effort with his hips to plunge deeply into the girl. Their kiss ended all too soon and then Claire pulled herself from Matt and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs to invite him. He lay down on her and slipped his cock back into her and then continued with a gentle mating of the girl.

Beth's breath was almost ragged from watching the scene of life in front of her innocent eyes. She was aroused and I could see it in her.

"Uh...yeah...like I was saying, I wondered what it would be like."

I took advantage of her innocent arousal and took another step.

"Beth, have you ever had an orgasm?"

She looked at me with searching.


"Do you trust me?"


She must've known where I was going with this.

"Beth, I asked you if you trust me? Do you or don't you?"

She swallowed before answering. "Yeah, I do."

"Then I need you to stay quiet and trust me now and you won't regret it, I promise. But just be quiet and trust me, okay?"

She had that same look everyone has the first time they jump out of an airplane.


I stood up from my chair and took her hand and had her stand up, too.

"Okay, Beth, you just stand here and watch Matt and Claire and think about that being you on that bed in there instead of Claire."

I got behind Beth and held her close, much the same way Matt had held Claire a few minutes before. She tensed a little.

"Relax, sweetie, this'll be wonderful for you...just trust me." I whspered this into her ear and felt the warmth of my own breath in her hair.

Beth stood still, trusting me, as I undid the tie on her robe and let it fall open. I could feel her heart begin to beat hard as I gently palmed her belly through the nightshirt. I don't know what got into my head, but something made me kiss the nape of her neck and I felt her shudder with a chill.

"Yessss, that's right."

I wasn't sure if it was Claire or myself who said that. I'm still not sure who said it.

I eased up Beth's nightshirt and felt her warm, taut belly and dared myself to touch her firm little breasts. She didn't budge an inch when I found her pert nipples and fingered them gently. We both watched as Matt pulled back from Claire and then sunk deep into the girl as she mewled her pleasure. My hand slipped into Beth's panties and found her little slit wettened and waiting for it's first attentions. Beth took my wrist and held it tightly as I slipped a finger into her folds.

"Shhh, trust me Beth. Trust me and I'll show you Heaven."

Her grip on my wrist relaxed and became a gentle grasp. Her lithe little body shuddered again as my finger found her pleasure hidden beneath a little hood. She let her head fall back on my shoulder as one of the mysteries of life was revealed to her delicate senses.

Claire and Beth whimpered sighs of joy at the same time and I only wished Matt could know what was happening just steps away from his mating with Claire.

Beth had waitied all her life for sexual pleasure and I was surprised at how readily her body responded to me. Her breath started to become very deep and each exhalation seemed to be a release of sorts to the girl...as if her constrained Mormon life had finally been cast away.

Matt's time of being patient and gentle was clearly over as his tempo of fucking young Claire increased. The wet, slapping sounds of Matt and Claire came through the speakers to mix with the sounds of young Beth feeling the waves of pleasure beginnning to build in her body. I fingered Beth's little clit a little harder and a little faster as the sexual excitement around me became electric. My own arousal built up as I fingered Beth...almost as if I was fucking her myself...and that gave me an idea.

Beth slipped over the edge of pleasure when I turned the direction of my finger and plunged into her sopping wet pussy right up to the knuckle and damn near lifted her up by her pussy.

Matt and Claire became a chorus to Beth's first release with their own mutual orgasm and I gave up my own cry to the night as the thought of Matt's sperm spraying into Claire sent me into my own, sweet, sweet release.

I sat back in the chair and let Beth sit into my lap, her head falling to my shoulder again as she caught her breath. I looked through the mirror and saw the wonderful scene of Matt and Claire in a warm embrace, their naked bodies entwined on the rumpled sheets. Claire's legs were widely spread with Matt's wasted form still between them. I imagined his throbbing cock must still be in her pussy, pulsing its' remaining cream into the lucky girl.

The show ended after a while when Matt spoke to the night:

"I hope you girls enjoyed the show we put on for you. Next time you might want to make sure the speakers in here are shut off. Now go to bed."

He rolled off of Claire and flicked the light on the nightstand sending both rooms into darkness. I took Beth by the hand and led her upstairs to go back to bed finally. I was just about to send her to her room when she spoke up.

"I'd like to sleep with you if that's okay."

I was too exhausted for anything else this evening so I knew it would just be sleep. So I took Beth by the hand and closed my bedroom door behind us. I'd think about the changes in our worlds tomorrow.

# # #

Author's note: I'd had some concern about posting more segments to this story after the news about Elizabeth Smart came out. I'm continuing on with the story due to the ongoing demand I've had, but I'd also like to say that this storyline predates the news about Miss Smart and is in no way related to her ordeal.

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Missing parts

What happened in parts 3 & 4 of this series ? How did the other 4 girls become involved ?

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