tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaped But Yet Enjoyed Later

Raped But Yet Enjoyed Later


Hi to all my name is Gayatri Saha and I am from Delhi. I was married to a guy named Nitin and I was completely virgin on my suhaagraat. It was a love marriage. We met in disco's and pubs a couple of times and danced, started dating, fell in love and he proposed me and I agreed.

The simple the story seems to be like ye utni simple hai nahi. I can assure u guys that once you'll read this you all will try to contact me so my email address is gayatri.saha00@gmail.com but please don't ask for any nude photos and phone number in the beginning. And for your assurance I am posting my real story or I should say one story or a small incident of my hunger for sex. And it is all completely true. So without wasting your time let me come to the beginning of the story.

I was married to Nitin Saha on Dec 17, 2008. He is in merchant navy so either he stays home for a long period or goes out on long trips around the world. Readers please don't think that I don't love my husband anymore or he is impotent I still enjoy sex with him as a normal wife should do. But circumstances have changed a bit from my side.

He has a small brother named Ganesh, my devar, he was my first lover of extra marital affair, but that's a different story altogether. So when I was raped I had tasted almost 24 men including my hubby and devar but excluding my DOG. But I am not a whore who does it for money so it was just fantasy that drove me in this ocean of sex. And for you horny people my size is 38c 30 36 sometimes when full of milk I think the size reaches up to 38D so I have to pump out the milk or most of the times ask my devar to suck it out. And I am not fat neither skinny but like a good looking woman in good shape everywhere.

So according to the real story I was coming from a hotel restaurant after meeting my friend who is an air flight steward in Spice Jet Airlines. She had arrived Delhi only for a day. I met with her in the morning had breakfast in the coffee shop and helped her in shopping and came back to hotel and helped her in packing all stuffs. We had an awesome lunch in the lobby restaurant of the same hotel. And we also had a couple of drinks just to enjoy as we met after a long time. We were in complete senses but just a little tipsy. So we called the meeting off as she had her flight in night and she had to sleep. I called a taxi through hotel callers and departed on it but while coming out of the hotel in the lift as well I was feeling a bit of arousing and horny, so I called Ganesh my devar and spoke to him hotly in English so that the driver will not understand. But I was not aware of this that he use to take tourists around Delhi so he knew everything I was talking about. So when we were stuck in a traffic jam at around 1-2 in the noon somehow he messaged his two friends to come and give action to his planning. In between this I was completely unaware of these entire things he has planned as I was indulged in talking to my devar. On the way in some market place he asked me if I wanted something as he is feeling thirsty so he is going to get some water and pack his food. I gave him the permission and asked for a juice bottle and gave him enough money.

After a couple of minutes a man knocked on the window as I opened the window glass he said that by pointing finger towards the taxi driver that he sent this bottle of juice. So I took it. While I was drinking it another man from another side of car opened the door and got inside I prompted that this taxi is hired, now he took out a knife and put it on my throat and asked me to be quiet and unfortunately when I looked towards my phone even the call to devar was disconnected. He snatched the phone and kept it aside. I said that he can keep all the valuable things and he said " Wo to hum le hi lenge tumse". And I started opening my ornaments, rings and bangles and he said "Chup-chap rehna " and I agreed and kept quite and I saw the driver is coming towards the taxi so I thought I'll be safe as the driver will call some help. But I saw he came with another man and sat on the front seat and the driver greeted the guy with knife. I was astonished that what the heck is going on here. I asked driver " Bhaiya kya aap inhe jaante hain". He said "haan behenji mera dost hai ". I said " Inse kahiye ki ye choori hataye mere gale se ", he said " Agar hata diya to aap chilla uthengi ". I understood their plan that they wanted to steal the valuables but I missed the real climax of their plan. He kept on driving the car and in the mean while his co rider started to fill gaanja in a filter paper. They started humming song tunes and suddenly the taxi driver asked me in English " So, mam where shall I drop you today?" I was completely stroked as he said that he said " I am a graduate but just temporarily for my friend I am driving his taxi". He also said that he understood each and every word I was talking with my devar on phone. I started to feel shy as he discussed about my chat with my devar with his friends. But I was not aware that destiny had planned something else for me. So at last they took me to an abandon construction site or area and asked that if I want some more juice and started laughing I could not understand and the person with the knife took away the knife and asked me to relax as they are not going to hurt me. I was relieved they all smoked that joint (gaanja stuffed cigarette ) and asked me told me their name one with the knife and the eldest was Zahirul and the guy who was stuffing the cigarette was a bit ugly named Pawan and the driver's name was Sumit. Now is the point when the story starts.

Now Zahirul asked me to take off my clothes I was shocked and said " Kya keh rahe ho aap". He said " Haan behenji kapde utaro". I said "Nahi mujhe chod do please main shaadi-shuda aurat hoon aur ek bachche ki maa bhi hoon ". Aur main rone lagi aur mere asoon behne lage. Zahirul ne kaha " Chup ho jaao nahi to maaroonga". I kept on crying and he slapped me hard on my face and I was in shock and saw stars but after a few moments I stopped crying and holding my hand in my cheeks bcoz mere gaal garam ho gaye the thappad ki wajah se. He said "Ab agar royi to aur marunga, samjhi bol?" I shaked my head in agreement. He said "chalo ab aaraam se kapde utaro Please bhenji " and started laughing. I folded my hands in front of him and kept begging him to leave me. In the meanwhile Pawan said "Lagta hai ye aise nahi manegi. Zahirul to iske kapde khud utaar de".

Zahirul: "Haan yaar sahi bol raha hai."

He tried to take of my pallu and reach my blouse. But I tried hard and resisted him at last he took his hands off and tried again with force another tight slap on my face but is didn't let it effect me and kept on resisting.

Pawan: "Abe phad de na kapde agar utar nahi paa raha to bhai!!!".

And there I started to hear the tearing sound of my clothes. First he took of my pallu and pulled it towards him. Then as the blouse was of a thin material cloth to it started tearing off quickly and then he took the other part of blouse and threw it towards Pawan and he started smelling it. Then Zahirul pulled me with my bra strap and I came along with it. He quickly grabbed by back and opened the hook of bra and gave it to Sumit and Sumit licked it and started touching me. Zahirul started pulling off my saree of my waist along with petticoat. But it was not coming off so easily so Sumit holded my hands and Pawan holded my legs straight and Zahirul undraped the saree by taking out one round at a time. I started crying and I got another slap on face from Pawan. I kept quiet then and Sumit said that he should get the 1st chance as he brought me. They agreed and Sumit came at the back seat. Now I was only in panty and even that was taken off by Sumit.

He tried to kiss me and I as usual resisted. But now he started touching my pussy lips and I felt his fingers on my pussy and I started shivering, he felt my senses and inserted a finger in me I gasped for air and moaned in pain, my pussy was all dry he kept on marauding my pussy with his hard fingers at last when there were no results he started licking me and I was numb and laid in the back seat. He made my pussy wet with his saliva and started tapping hid penis on my flesh. I felt it but didn't respond and tears were flowing down my eyes. Then I felt a pain in my hole as his dick was trying to enter me and as it was all dry he asked Pawan to take out a small hair oil bottle from the dashboard. Pawan handed him the bottle and Sumit applied some oil on his hard penis and some inside my vagina walls. Now he started pushing his dick inside me all this time I was in sense but was in a condition of shock so I was not moving. But finally when his dick entered me I felt a crucial pain and started crying and asked for mercy and screamed in pain. They put a cloth in my mouth so that I cannot scream loud. He started pumping in and out and I started to faint (behosh) and when I got senses he was kissing my breast and was on top of me I got in senses with the droplet of his sweat which dropped on my eye. Other two were still holding me and I tried to free my self but they were holding me much tighter. So now was the time for him to release inside me I said "Please bhaisahab mere andar mat nikalo, please take it out. Main ek shadi-shuda aurat hoon meri shaadi barbaad ho jayegi." And he agreed he took it out and released on my belly. I asked for some water they gave me the juice bottle that I bought and I started drinking it as I was starving for some water. Pawan said now its his turn but Zahirul said "Saale tu to aage baitha hua tha, mehnat to meri lagi hai ise nangaa karne mein. To tujhe chance kaise de doon?" Pawan pleaded to him "Please aap to bade hai mujhse main to chota hoon na please is bachche ki baat is baar maan lo Bhai-jaan." And Zahirul agreed. They all agreed as they have conquered me by fucking me once so they'll do it one by one and the other two will wait outside the taxi.

So now it was Pawan and me inside the taxi and the other two were standing outside under the shed of a tree. In the meanwhile when they were deciding their turn I reached for my saree and tried to cover myself I was weeping and tears were flowing down my cheeks. Now entered Pawan in the taxi he asked if I wanted some more juice or something to drink, I said yes. He shouted at Sumit to bring some cold-drink for me and came inside the taxi again. He started caressing me on my face and I was scared as his hands were very rough like a rough labour. I begged him that not to hurt me and hit me. He agreed and kissed me on forehead. And caressed my cheeks and reached my shoulder and started to pull my saree and I started to cry again. He said "Kuch nahi hoga behen-ji. Agar aap chup nahi hui to mujhe bhi haath chalaana padega." And I became quiet. In the meanwhile when he was caressing me Sumit came and knocked the door to pass in the bottle of drink. And he said to Pawan "Abe chutiye suhaag-raat mana raha hai kya. Jaldi kar Zahirul bhai khade-khade gussa ho rahe hai." And he left Pawan turned towards me and said "Tum iski baat ka bura mat maano, hum aaraam se hi karenge." About which he was true later I enjoyed the session with Pawan even still if he was ugly but I started loving him as a child and that reminded me the story of beauty and the beast.

He gave me the bottle to drink and I drank a few sips. And handed the bottle back to him. He placed the bottle back. And I was ready for his feast of me and I had my eyes closed and was waiting for the pain to happen and him to enter me but I felt something else. He was caressing mi hands, my body, my chest, my belly, thighs, ass, back and pussy with his rough hands. I was getting goose pimples (mean mere rongte khade ho gaye the). I was feeling his rough hands all over my body and he kept on placing kisses on my body parts. I started relaxing and that was the time he started kissing my pussy lips. I felt his rough and dry lips on my pussy lips. I wanted to take my thoughts so that I will not get aroused by his actions but the itch was very erotic. I laid back and closed my eyes and prayed to gods that please end this as soon as possible. But what I found that he came towards my breast and started playing with my nipples and at that very moment I let out a very small moan in my breath. I was feeling very strange that why am I feeling good about it I am getting raped. My inner nymphomaniac and desiring woman woke up and I caught his hair and pulled his head off from my pussy.

He looked at me and started to play with my nipples and areola again and took one hand towards my pussy and roamed around it. He started to blow air on my pussy and I started to leave his hair loose and his face fell on my cunt and he started to lick and kiss it passionately like a candy. Suddenly Sumit came and turned off the AC of the car and said that the battery is getting low and smiled at me and went back. I looked at Pawan and at it was a hot day in open area it started getting hot inside the taxi, I asked Pawan to turn on AC but he said he wants to have me the same way and in sweat. I kind of liked his kinky idea but showed no signs for it and became numb and started resisting him. I don't know on side of my mind I liked what he was doing to me but why on the other end I was resisting him maybe because he was ugly and hand very rough textured skin. But coming back to real part he started to put a finger inside my pussy and I looked at him in shock and he was kissing my belly. My jaw was opened because of maybe pleasure and pain but more of pleasure. He lifted his head and looked at my face and along with that he kept fingering me very slowly and tenderly. The skin of his hands was very rough and hard, I was feeling that some piece of rock has entered inside me. On the other hand he was pressing my ass. I looked deep in his eyes and liked my lips as they were getting dry because of heat and because of heat increasing inside me as well. He saw me doing this and licked my belly-button and smiled at me. I kept on looking at his actions and deep in eyes as if we were talking through eye contact. It was almost like a game in which whosoever blinks their eyes they loose the game. He put his finger more deep inside me and I closed my eyes in ecstasy and moaned by open mouth and when I did that he put his two fingers inside my mouth and I started licking and sucking them. I was feeling the same that something rock hard is inside my mouth and that hard skin of his was the thing that turned me on so much, maybe only god and my soul knows why, but not me.

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