tagNonHumanRaped By Monsters Ch. 1

Raped By Monsters Ch. 1


I woke to find myself in a dark room. I could hear a faint humming. But, was unsure of were it was coming from. My head hurt, like I had been knocked out with something very hard. I tried to move only to find I was chained by one ankle to the floor. Next to the padding I woke up on. I had 3ft of play in the chain. I also found I had no clothing on. I was wearing a pair of jeans & a tee shirt. Last I knew or could remember. I was walking past my fence to the ledge over looking the swamp.

A door opened more like slide in to the wall. Letting a bright light flood the room. It blinded me for only a moment. But, with in that moment, I felt a sharp poke, like a needle, in my left leg. Once again darkness enclosed over me.

Waking again only to find myself strapped to a cold metal table. A tube was sticking out of my right arm. With fluids flowing into me. My head felt fuzzy like I was drugged or just plain dopey. I saw movement. As a figure moved into the light around the table. It was neither male nor female. It was tall thin, with big black bug eyes.

Its long fingers moved my hair from around my neck, & stuck a long needle in my neck vein. It didn’t clear my head complete. But, I now felt as if my skin was on fire. & Desire began to build with in me. Causing my nipples to harden & become painful. My clit followed to feel the same. There was a flood of moisture flowing out from between my legs.

The creature took note of all this. It even touched each nipple, pinching them to see what I would do. I moaned with pleasure & pain. It then explored my crotch. First playing painfully with my clit. Almost bring me to a climax. Then it parted my pussy lips. Pulling them wide apart. Exposing my opening.

With one hand it held me open. While he grabbed something from a table, I couldn’t see what it had grabbed. I felt as if I was teased just to the point of climax only to leave me hanging. My whole body ached to be released. It began to insert a cold metal shaft into my wet pussy. The shaft must have been 3 inches thick. But, it had no trouble slowly pushing the shaft in inch by inch. I felt as if I had taken at least 10 inches. But, the creature didn’t stop. Till it could not push it in any farther with out harming me.

The creature then held the shaft in place while inserting another one in to my ass hole. This one wasn’t as thick as the first one. But it still hurt. Once both places were stuffed full. It held them in place with one hand. While pinching & teasing my clit with the other hand. Building my climax up farther then ever before. I began to think it would let me cum finally.

When it stopped. Once more just on the edge. I screamed in frustration. It pulled both shafts out of me. & Put them back to were they came from. Then he gave me another shot in my neck. I felt a cold rush. That increased my sexual frustrations. But, also the shot put me into a deep trance. Where I could see, hear, & feel everything. But, not move in any way.

It undid the straps & I began to float about 3 ft off the floor. It took my hair & lead me out of the room. & Down a long white hall. With doors on either side. It stopped before a large door. It pulled me around in front of it. The door opened & it pushed me in. it was hot & dark in this room. Once I was inside it removed the tube from my arm, & shut the door quickly.

To Be Continued...

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