tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaped!...The Final Chapter

Raped!...The Final Chapter


Matt was living the dream. Even with Ashley and I taking a break from his passions due to our recent childbirths, he still had three eager women to fuck every night, and every day, too. It was like watching a little kid in a candy shop whenever I caught him in those moments when he was deciding who he was going to fuck. He'd look around to see who was near, or maybe he'd look for the girl he was in the mood for, and then he'd approach her, something unsaid would be exchanged between them and then they'd disappear for half an hour or maybe the whole day.

The girl talk around the breakfast table rarely drifted to sexual matters and it was kind of strange to think that the one tie we all shared was something we tried not to talk about. Having shared the same man, all but one of us were sisters in a way. Our children would all share the same father and that made us all relatives and closer than just girlfriends.

Being a typical man, Matt would sometimes interrupt our morning chats with a comment.

"Is anyone free right now?"

One of our little family customs became to let whoever had the least clothes on at the breakfast table go off with Matt. Bathrobes and smiles quickly became the rule among the available women.

I was jealous with the veritable orgy going on around me and I was also fascinated in a detached sort of way with the hungering sexuality of a group of women who'd been prudish girls only a few months before. The wonder of being fucked by a driven man had entranced us into submitting our very souls to him. In a very real sense each of us had been raped by Matt and now we had come to a place where we enjoyed being raw, sexual females being mated by a raw, primitive kind of man. The thin veneer of civilization had been stripped away from us and we'd become a sort of ancient tribe worshipping a fertility god in the mountains.

A good example of our paradigm shift was found in Karen. Karen's reaction to male sexual attention was dramatic. In the week after her first time she walked around the house in her sweats and just her sweats. Everyone knew she had no bra or panties on anymore. She'd play coy and demure around Matt to provoke his arousal and then she'd tease him mercilessly until he'd force her to her hands and knees, peel the fleece off of her flawless young ass, and then slip his babymaker into her willing pussy.

She had no shame.

I found myself alone in the library one night when Matt virtually dragged Karen into the room and closed the door. She didn't see me, but Matt looked at me and smiled as he bent the girl over the desk and yanked her sweat pants to the carpet. As he stepped out of his shorts she started to get up but with one hand Matt forced her face to the desk and with the other he guided his veined cock into her body. In one

hard thrust he plunged himself deep into her belly, causing her to cry out. Then he pounded her body against the desk with a fury, clearly only caring about his own pleasure. His passion rose quickly and I soon witnessed his stabbing his cock hard into the girl as he filled her with his sperm.

He didn't look at me as he pulled up his pants and left Karen splayed upon the desk, her bare pussy dripping with the product of their mating. I sat there quietly as she regained her composure and we began to chat as she cleaned up with a handy tissue and then pulled her pants back up. With no shame whatsoever, Karen told me of the unbridled sexual lust that Matt had released in her. She even went on to say how she felt even freer once she knew he'd plowed his seed into her young body.

Karen told me she realized that she'd been had when Matt fucked her in the shower their first night and they'd skipped the condom. Feeling him pulse his fertile sperm into her pussy made her feel as if the last tie to her old life had finally been severed and now she could be whoever she wanted to be. No more talk of missions, no getting up extra early for seminary before classes, no bishops pushing their sons on her, and no more of a planned, sanitized life where sex was something she'd have to endure to achieve salvation. She'd been set free from the constraints of her restrictive Mormon lifestyle and she was never going back.

"No more of that shit", she told me as she left for the night,"now I'm free."

I finished reading the Tom Clancy book around four in the morning and headed off to bed. Wiped out, I slept in the next morning and rose around ten. I checked on the kids in the play room and had a cup of coffee with Ashley and Karen before heading back up the stairs for a needed shower. Turning from the landing at the top of the stairs I made my way to the big bathroom at the end of the hallway. I wasn't surprised to hear a gentle moaning coming from Matt's room as I padded past his door. Curiosity got the better of me I wondered who was in there receiving his potent attentions so I decided to steal a peek and I cracked open the door. Predictably, I saw Matt's head in the morning light gently rising and falling between a pair of outstretched legs, but I had no clue who the legs belonged to. Whoever it was, she was getting the royal treatment from the lord of the manor. A tinge of pure jealousy flowed across my heart and then passed. Soon enough, I realized, and I'd be with him again.

Fascinated, I watched with a growing lust as he kissed and sucked and licked the lucky girl into a writhing frenzy. Her hands came down on his head and held his hair as he brought her to a glowing release.

"Rebekah, wasn't that as good as I told you it would be?"

I almost gasped out loud! I pulled back from the door and caught my breath. Was it possible? The proverbial weakest link in the chain of our family was being forged anew this very minute? Damn. I thought for a moment what I should do and then I remembered Karen and Ashley downstairs. Quietly, I turned and headed back to the kitchen.

"Girls, you'll never guess what's going on upstairs!"

"Shit, don't make me guess, just tell us." Ashley put on her pissed-little-sister voice.

"Fine, I won't tell you, then."

"Fuck, I didn't mean it that way, just tell us what's up?"

I looked at Ashley and Karen and held the suspense for a moment.

"I think Rebekah's about to get fucked!"

Speedy Gonzales couldn't get up those stairs as fast and as quietly as the three of us did that day. We got to Matt's door and this time Ashley eased it open a crack so we could hear the conversation.

"Matt, I really liked the thing you did for me, but I can't go all the way with you. I have a life I want to get back to and someone has to say where all four of us went. Our families miss us."

I heard Matt draw a breath in the way he does when he's really horny.

"Sweetie, this can be your family now. Be with me. Be with us. You have more love here than you can ever hope to have anywhere or with anyone else. And besides," he took another deep breath, "look at you lying there on my bed...you're just...delicious."

I couldn't see what was happening but I heard the bedsprings sing as Matt must have been climbing onto the bed. Onto Rebekah. I pushed Ashley aside and peeked in to see what was happening.

"No...no...Matt...we can't..." Rebekah whimpered between kisses as she struggled to push him off. She got a knee between Matt's legs and...


Matt was clearly pissed as he'd moved at the last second, taking a knee in the gut instead of the groin. He fell to one side as Rebekah jumped off the bed.

"You BASTARD!" I TRUSTED you and you just think you can fuck me like this? You asshole. I'm leaving and I'm telling the whole fucking world about you and your little harem up here. It's over."

Matt sat on the bed speechless, of course, after having the wind knocked out of him. Rebekah mumbled something else and then picked up her clothes and came towards the door.

It was an unspoken thing between us. As Rebekah gave her speech Ashley, Karen, and myself exchanged knowing glances. If Rebekah did what she was promising to do then "it" really would be over. We'd have lives to go back to. With babies. In shame for most of us. And our freedom from the world would be over.

It was Karen, the recent convert, who surprised me by acting first. Rebekah swung open the door and looked at us in shock as we saw here stand there naked with her clothes in her hands.

"It's not what you think!", she protested.

Karen sort of growled what we'd all three silently decided.

"It will be."

Rebekah screamed as the three of us rushed her. She threw her handful of clothes at us and retreated to the big bed. She screamed even louder as all three of us piled onto her and crushed her down into the mattress. Ashley grabbed her hands to stop her from slapping at us and took them over Rebekahs' head.



Rebekah stopped screaming just long enough to see Matt smile triumphantly as he handcuffed her wrists to the brass rail of the bed frame.


She kicked like a mule and we all four fought to simultaneously stay out of the way of her feet and try to get ahold of them at the same time. I slapped her face, hard, and she was stunned long enough for Ashley and Karen to yank her legs out and away from her. Rebekah was just about to start fighting again when the two girls sat on her knees and locked them flat to the bed.

Rebekah was helpless and she knew it.

She cried and pleaded and threatened. I don't know exactly what she said, but I remember turning to Matt and saying,

"Matt, isn't it time you made a woman out of Rebekah?"

Rebekahs cries were actually loud enough to hurt my ears. Part of me felt sympathy for her, but another part of me felt protective of my children, their father, my new life, and my...sister wives. Ashley and Karen had their hands full holding Rebekah so I was the only one to turn and see Matt in a way I kind of wish I hadn't. He stood at the end of the bed as if before an altar and Rebekah was the sacrifice. His eyes were glazed over with an unreal kind of look as his hand gently stroked his beautiful cock back to it's glory. I love Matt, there's no denying it, but what I saw wasn't my loving Matt, the loving father of three children. I saw the rapist in him enjoying this moment with a pleasure that was just criminal. My heart wanted to stop him. My mind urged him on.

The screaming reached a fever pitch as Matt climbed naked between the two women perched on Rebekah's knees. He knelt there for a moment and then stopped to kiss and lewdly fondle Ashley and Karen. His act of pure lust inflamed Karen and she pulled off her top to offer Matt her bare breasts. Rebekah screamed with terror as he kissed and suckled Karen's nipple. Slowly, he turned to look at the screaming girl and he touched her bare belly, as if to anoint the receptacle of his lust.


He said it in a loud whisper, if there can be such a thing, and then he slapped Rebekah hard enough to scare me. Her head lolled about as she tried to regain her senses. Matt turned to Ashley and Karen.

"It's okay, let her go now."

He positioned himself bewteen Rebekah's outstretched legs as Karen and Ashley stepped off of and away from the bed. He rutted at Rebekah just a bit and I knew he'd planted the head of his cock into the mouth of Rebekah's virgin slit. He set to kissing her neck as she came to her senses and began to struggle weakly against his weight and the handcuffs.

The three of us women were like Matt's high priests as he performed the ritual before us. I glanced at the three of us and that's just how we looked. Karen's bare breasts completed the unreality of what was about to happen. I looked back to see Matt's ass rise and fall almost imperceptibly.

Rebekah's eyes went wide as she realized precisely and exactly how deep a male cock was already probing into her body.

"Matt...nnnnno...please...I'm begging you...please..."

She began to fight him again, her legs and feet trying to gain enough of a grasp on his body to push him off again. He lay there with his cock poised to pentrate the girl as she writhed underneath him. She began to cry as he suckled her nipples into obscene erections. Her legs sawed at his thighs. Her hands struggled against the manacles and the bed creaked from her supreme effort to fight the life-changing event that became inevitable when four girls had turned up a road to Basington.

It was her fury that Matt was waiting for. Her rage. I saw pure frustration and rage at her own helplessness and I almost screamed with her.

In the middle of the peak of her next scream I saw Matt's ass abruptly rise high above Rebekah's hips and then it fell and pushed forward to complete an arc.

Matt's arms encircled the girl and I saw his back arch while his face erotically buried into her neck. Geometry was all I could think of as his body performed an arc and became an arc.

It was the most plaintive wail that escaped Rebekah's lips as she was fully, deeply, and perfectly penetrated by Matt's raping male organ. It was beautiful. He was the epitome of pure, unfettered masculine lust as he took the unwilling virgin.

He held her tightly as her wail faded to sniffles. His cock snugged up deep into her pussy and then he held himself still. Her legs trembled.

"Do you want it to be gentle?" Matt asked her.

"No...please...take it out...please..."

"Do you want it to be gentle?" he asked her again.

"Please....no....I'll be good, I promise...I won't tell...just...please take it out."

"I said, do you want it to be gentle?"

"No...please...no more...we can stop..."


Rebekah cried as his ass slowly rose up and then slowly descended, plowing her virgin pussy for the second time. Then a third time. Then a fourth.

Like a locomotive a rhythm began to start. A rhythm that indicated an increasing tempo. Rebekah was about to get the fucking of a lifetime.

She thrashed about trying to dislodge the cock thrusting in and out of her body and with every motion she made Matt held her tighter, fucked her harder, and fucked her faster. He was all man at that moment. Sweating, grunting, licking, clasping and fucking.

Her feet lifted off the bed and I expected to see her try to kick him again. But no, they just hovered in the air as Rebekah's legs came up on either side of her mate...the involuntary action of a mating female. Matt found himself able to plunge deeper into her tight, grasping pussy and his hands took Rebekah by her hips as he fucked her strongly, but with slower strokes now.

She'd been around the sex talk in the house long enough to know what was coming. Matt was.

"No...oh fuck...no...no baby...unnghhhh...no...", she protested.

He slowed down even more and began a series of deep, grinding thrusts. I knew he was trying to delay Rebekah's first insemination but I also knew from the intensity of his thrusts that he wasn't going to be long.

He made a quick, deep thrust and held it. Rebekah grunted from the discomfort.

He did it again.

"Oh, God! Matt...please...no...please..."

He pulled back and fucked her like a machine. His ass scooted back and forth on the bed as his pelvis drove his cock straight into the depths of Rebekah's pussy. She cried and grunted and wailed for no good reason at all. There was no stopping him.

The tears flowed as he plunged into her and held it tight against her cervix.

Her eyes went wide again as she felt her belly accept the first of many loads of Matt's fertile sperm. He fucked her some more as his cock spewed into her belly and then he lay there with his cock holding his babyjuice deep inside the former virgin. Deep inside his sixth wife.

Ashley and Karen quietly left and closed the door behind them.

I didn't want it to be over so soon.

I snaked my hand between Matt's thighs until I found his balls where they lay against Rebekah's ass. Matt uttered a moan of joy as I gently massaged his balls and I was soon rewarded with the feeling of his cock firming up. He couldn't help but push the stiffening rod back into the moist pussy.

A knowing whimper went up from Rebekah.

"Please, not again."

Matt sighed.

"You don't get it, do you? I won't stop fucking you until you've got my baby in you. You don't want to go back to Mormon-land with my bastard child so you'd better get used to it here."

His fucking picked up the rhythm.

"You'll see. It's good here. I'll love you and our baby and my other wives will love you and our baby. I'm going to make it so you'll never want to leave. Just like I did for the others."

It was beautiful as he came in her a second time.

Maybe twenty minutes went by before I stirred from my reverie.

He lay snuggled on top of her as I undid her manacles and massaged her wrists. I placed her hands on Matt's back and gave her tear stained face a smile as I padded to the door. Closing the door, I turned to look and I saw Rebekah smile back at me as Matt started to fuck her for a third and passionate time.


Two years later Basington was populated with pregnant women and little kids. Matt's investments had done surprisingly well in a down-turned economy and he'd made no small effort to improve life at Basington. The big house wasn't big enough so he refurbished another of the old mansions in the small town and Rebekah, Ashley, and myself moved in with our five children.

We'd attracted some attention from the law when they discovered the four missing girls here, but they decided to leave us alone as consenting adults. Matt had us all pose as a traditional Mormon family and the sheriff respected that. A Supreme Court decision that recognized plural marriage had our big family trek into town one day and make our family legal. For a couple of the women it was their first trip to town since they'd arrived. We went shopping, bought some clothes for us and the kids, and enjoyed a cup of coffee that none of us had made. It was the closest thing we'd have to a honeymoon. And then we went back to Basington.

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