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Rapist, Husband, Lover


I’ve been married for four years now but I’ve been with my wife for 11 years all together. It’s been a long time since I’ve fucked anyone but my wife. I truly and deeply love my wife but when it comes to sex her tastes don’t exactly run with mine. I enjoyed a fairly active (and varied) sex life before I met Lynn. Lynn is older than me (by 12 years) but I found something incredibly sexy and alluring about her. I could never figure it out because I’ve certainly have fucked better looking women and younger but something about her felt right.

Lynn is 5’ 10”, blonde hair, hazel eyes, large breast I routinely lose myself in, shapely legs and the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted (it hasn’t been hundreds but I’ve tried enough to know a good thing when I taste it). Lynn and I have sex four or five times a week and I always enjoy it but over the years I’ve been feeling less and less satisfied. I guess going through the same routine and positions for 11 years will wear on anyone (although, apparently not Lynn). Lynn is reluctant to try new things and prefers to stick to the basic positions. I think the one thing that gets me more than anything is that I’m only allowed to cum one place, in her pussy. Mind you, when I do she grabs on tight and milks me for everything I’m worth but it’s no longer enough.

Once I managed to talk Lynn into trying anal sex but the second my cock pressed into her tighter opening she changed her mind (very frustrating for me). Lynn will suck my cock but will never finish me off that way (my only consolation is I know she doesn’t like anything with a cream filling in her mouth). After going through a particularly rough stretch sexually, I finally snapped and decided to satisfy my full sexual needs.

At first I intended to find a mistress that is more open that Lynn but I could never bring myself to cheat on Lynn. Anytime I thought about approaching another woman I would be overcome with guilt. I realized that the only way I was going to get satisfaction was to get it from Lynn. And if I wanted it from Lynn, that meant I would have to take it.

My job requires me to go on the road fairly often for a couple of nights at a time so I figured it would give me the perfect opportunity to set my plan in motion. I waited until I knew my wife’s work schedule to find the perfect time. She was working on a Monday from 7 to noon and then on Wednesday. Perfect, that meant if I was going away she couldn’t come with me as she sometimes did. I told her on the Friday that I had to go out of town for a few days starting Monday (my travel plans were usually last minute) and would be back Wednesday evening.

That night we had sex, our usual routine. When we were finished she said she hoped that would hold me over until I got back (we were having guests on the weekend and she wouldn’t even think about sex with someone else in the house). I said I find some way to survive. The weekend was uneventful and Monday morning soon came. Lynn kissed my goodbye when she left for work; I said I’d call her that night. I got up as soon as she left and started preparing for that night.

I had actually taken the next three days of work and was planning on finally taking what I already should have been getting. I spent that day getting ready; buy some necessary supplies and getting ready to set my trap. That evening I called her around 9 pm on my cell phone, saying I was tired from driving and was heading to bed. After the normal “oh I miss you so much” talk for a couple minutes I hung up and drove back to my house from the mall where I was parked.

We have a alarm system in the house but I know that when it’s set at night the alarm on the bedroom window and the motion detector are not set. Seeing the light on in the computer room I knew Lynn was playing games on-line and snuck around the back of the house and climbed in through the window in the master bedroom. I was slightly harder to be quiet than I thought but I managed it without alerting Lynn to my presence. I was wearing a wool mask when I entered the computer room and place a knife against Lynn’s neck.

She screamed and I clamped my hand over her mouth and told her roughly to shut-up. I told her she was mine and I was going to use her everyway I wanted and she better behave herself or she was dead. She went silent and I removed my hand from her mouth. I pulled her up by her hair and then used my knife to cut her nightgown from her body. The fabric fell in a pool at her feet and my wife stood nude before me, her would-be rapist. I lightly traced the tip of the knife over her smooth skin and then I directed her into the bedroom. In the bedroom I ordered her onto the bed and then I grabbed the duffle bag I brought with me.

I pulled a hood from the bag and secured it over Lynn’s head. Only her nose and mouth were exposed (I would be using that mouth shortly), she whimpered softly as she sat nude on the edge of the bed, unsure of what I was going to do to her. I removed my mask, and told her to lay flat on the bed. She balked until I pressed the knife into the soft, yet firm, flesh of her right breast. She gasped from the pressure and cried as she turned to lie on the bed.

I removed some rope from my bag and began to secure her arms to the bed. Lynn start to struggle as I tied her left arm down. She tried desperately to stop me but I overpowered her and secured her other arm. I reached back into my bag and removed a leather-riding crop. I traced lightly over her breasts and then whipped her nipple. She cried out in pain as I whipped the other nipple.

“That’s what you get for resisting. This is going to happen, no matter how hard you fight. But just remember the more you fight,” I whipped each of her breasts again to emphasize my point, “the worse it will be for you.” Lynn moaned and sobbed, I noticed the welt marks forming across her breasts and at the moment I almost gave up and left. It was then that I caught the very distinct scent of her arousal. I turned my glance towards her pussy and sure enough she was getting wet. I smiled and continued on with a new resolve.

I reached my hand down and inserted a finger into her wet cunt. She gasped, “No please, don’t.” I whipped her nipple again and her protests died in her throat, turning into a soft moan. “It would seem to me that you like what I’m doing to you bitch. I mean your cunt is soaked already and I’ve barely touched you.” I pushed a second finger into her pussy and began to thrust into her. Her hips began to roll in a way that I knew meant she like what I was doing. “If you behave yourself, you might even enjoy this. One way or the other, I know I will.” I pressed my thumb against her now exposed clit and began to circle it in a way I knew would push her over the edge. Lynn must have been wondering how this stranger knew which buttons to push to get her worked up. I continued to manipulate her pussy with my fingers when I decided I needed a taste.

I lower my head and took a long slow lick from the bottom to the top, savoring her sweet nectar. I inserted a third finger into her dripping cunt and then sucked on her clit hard. This pushed her over the edge and she clamped her thighs around my head as she came. When she finally relaxed I got off the bed and tied her legs to the bed. Lynn was spread wide open as I stood back and admired her body. For a 41 year-old woman she still looked great, good enough to eat in fact, wait, I already did that.

“I guess you can enjoy yourself after all you slut. Now that I’ve given you some pleasure it’s time for you to return the favour.” I quickly removed my clothes, freeing my very hard cock from the confines of my shorts. I untied her arms and pulled her into a sitting position and then I secured her arms to ankles. I stood on the bed in front of her and brushed my cock against her lips. She pulled her head back and screamed no. I whipped her breasts again and then hit her pussy for good measure. She screamed when the whip made contact with her still sensitive clit.

“Let me make myself clear again. You will do what I want you to like the good little slut you are or it will be very unpleasant for you. Now suck my cock, and if I get the impression you’re even thinking about biting, you will regret it.” I pushed my cock against her mouth and she opened to let me in. Previously Lynn would only ever take 3 or four inched into her mouth but this time she was going to take every inch I had into her hot mouth.

I grabbed the back of Lynn’s head and began to fuck her face. I slowly pushed more and more of my cock into her mouth until I felt her throat muscles open up to accept me. I pushed all the way in and felt her nose push into my stomach. I continued to fuck her face, calling her slut and whore, and when I was close I told her I was going to cum down her throat. She tried to resist but I held her tight to me and fired load after load down her throat. It was too much for her and some of my cum oozed out from around my cock.

After a minute of reveling in the feeling of my orgasm I pulled out of her mouth. She coughed for a few seconds and then began to cry. I failed to notice as that was the first time I’d come in a mouth in almost 12 years. I was buzzing with excitement, and already getting hard again as I thought about what was next. I untied her arms and legs and told her to get on all fours. I pulled her arms forward and secure them to the bed and then tied her legs down as well. Lynn bare ass was stuck up in the air, exposed and ready to be fucked.

I eased my head between her thighs and enjoyed another taste of her sweet pussy. I worked my way up and began to lick around her tight puckered hole. I massaged it with my tongue and slowly started to work it into the opening. It was so tight I thought I might lose it. “Please, not there. I’ve never let anyone in there.” At first I didn’t hear her pleas as they were so soft. I ignored them and continued to work on her hot ass. I inserted a finger into her, pushing past her tight ring. Lynn cried out and then a moan escaped her lips. She tried to hide it from me but I could tell from her actions that she was starting to enjoy the attention.

I reached into my bag and pulled out some lubrication. I poured it over her hole and started to work it into her ass. I pushed one, then two fingers into her butt and worked more lubrication inside. I poured some over my hard cock and rubbed it in with my other hand as I continued to thrust my fingers into her ass. Lynn was starting to rock back against me, she was sobbing “no, please, don’t let this happen.” I’m not sure if she was referring to me fucking her ass or to her body betraying her as it was.

I positioned myself behind her and pushed my cock through her tight opening and stopped when the head was inside. The tightness was everything I imagined, everything I remember from the last time I had anal sex. Lynn gasped as I popped through her ring. I began to push forward slowly, working my cock into her ass inch by inch until I was fully buried in her bowels. I pulled back and began to build a smooth rhythm as I fucked the ass of my dreams for the first time.

I enjoyed the feeling of pure pleasure as I stroked slowly in and out of Lynn’s tight ass. After several minutes Lynn was started to work with me and was beginning to moan. I guess she resolved her inner battle and decided to enjoy it. I reached back behind me and picked up the bottle of lubricant and a special surprise I brought along. I poured some lubricant over my cock as I slid into her ass and then I cover the 9” vibrator I had bought that morning.

I reached down and began to insert it into Lynn’s dripping wet pussy. It slid in very easily, causing Lynn to erupt in a powerful orgasm. Her ass clenched so tight I thought she would castrate me. When she relaxed again the feeling returned to my cock twice as strong. I could feel the vibrator deep inside her cunt as I pushed in and out of her ass. I turned the vibrator on medium and was rewarded with an incredible feeling. The vibrations went straight through my cock to my spine and all over my body. It was the most delicious feeling I had ever experienced.

Lynn was starting to thrash about on the bed, the vibrator in her cunt and my thrusting in her ass were too much. They were too much for me as well. With a huge scream we both came together and then collapsed on the bed. My cock stayed in her ass and the vibrations from the vibrator in her cunt were driving me crazy. Lynn turned her head and as quietly for me to turn off the vibrator before her pussy got to sore. I reached down and shut off the vibrator and then kissed her deeply and whispered “I love you Lynn”.

A split second later I realized my mistake. Everything was deathly silent in the room until Lynn managed to speak. “Michael? Is that you?” I could hear the mixed emotions in her voice. She didn’t want to think I was capable of being so violent with her but yet some part of her wished it was me that took her so completely. I stayed silent for a minute and felt my softening cock pop out of Lynn no longer virgin ass.

“Yes, it’s me.” With those words I broke down and started to cry. I was terrified that Lynn would leave me, ashamed of what I did to her, and more ashamed that I enjoyed it as much as I did. When I calmed down Lynn asked me to untie her, and I did. I hesitated in removing her mask because I didn’t want to see in her eyes. If there was hate in her eyes I think I would die. Lynn smiled at me and pulled me close to her. I cuddle into her as if my life depended on it.

“Michael, it’s okay. I think I finally understand. I realize now how frustrated you must have been with me. There was some mental block that I had regarding sex that I could never get past. No amount of gentle coaxing or talking was going to break down the wall. I needed someone to smash the wall for me and that’s what you did tonight.” I looked into Lynn’s eyes and only saw love. I knew everything was going to be okay.

We made love again after that, the way we usually did but for some reason it felt better than ever. Our sex life is much better now and Lynn is far more open and willing to experiment. I get regular doses of oral and anal sex and every now and again, Lynn gets forcibly taken by a masked man with a knife.

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