Rappers Delight


After a few minutes he leaned me forward again and brought that huge black monster into my greedy pussy once again causing me to groan, "Ohhh fuuuuck.....Soooooo fucking big baby."

Knowing we would easily fuck through the night, I reached for the cordless phone on the wall and dialed my husband. The black rap star kept slowly pumping that giant black cock into me as I told my husband that I was going to stay at the mansion to take care of some last minute details before the client arrived the next day.

When the rap star heard me make these arrangements with my husband he leaned forward and whispered in my ear saying, "Why don't ya tell your limp-dicked husband that yo' fuckin' a 13 inch Nigga cock."

As I held the cell phone in one hand listening to my husband ramble on about some business, our tongues met in a sexy kiss while that monster black cock pumped into my tight as a glove white fuck hole inch by inch stretching it as wide as a soda can, 10 times wider then it ever had before!

With every stroke his huge black cock pried me open wider than the previous stroke. My pussy was on fire and I was determined to accommodate his entire huge 13 inch black shaft.

The young black rap star added, "Tell the mutha fucka that I gonna brand my Nigga' name into yo' tight white pussy with my 13

inch black cock bitch."

As soon as I hung up the phone I began meeting his every thrust with my burning ass. After a few minutes I felt his big black cock twitch. I then turned my head and I said snarling, "You got another big hot load in that huge black cock for me baby?"

As he moaned he said crazily,"Oh fuck yeah bitch come and git it bitch."

I began to feel his huge black cock begin to twitch inside me and I immediately pulled it out and stroked his huge angry black shaft off sending his turned on cum flying over the balcony onto the expensive marble floor 20 feet below.

We then went into the master bedroom and kissed for a good half hour. His cock was hanging down over the front of his thigh, but even soft was over 10 inches long. I had to blow that black cock in the same way that I needed air to breath. I began kissing it saying how much I loved the size of it. Even in a softened state I could barely get my mouth a few inches beyond the big black head. Without using my hands I began sucking on his huge head. As it swelled my mouth continued being pushed back until I could only lick and kiss the shaft and suck on just the black head. The black rap star was hard once again to my amazement and delight.

As he laid on the king sized circular bed he called his driver and told him to go get us something to eat. I had to laugh to myself when he said to bring back some fried chicken. Talk about a stereotype, although he did tell the driver to find an expensive Sushi restaurant for me. He told the driver to bring it up to us when he got back.

The driver returned about an hour later and came up to the master bedroom. When the driver entered the room the young black rap star and I were lost in a sexy fuck position. The black rap star was sitting in a chair while I had my back to him. With my high heels on the edge of the chair I was riding his huge black cock up and down in a trance-like state while his black hands cupped my ass. When the driver came into the room to bring us the food I continued to fuck the young rapper, moaning and groaning sinfully.

As I moaned with the look of ecstasy on my face I could see the driver staring directly at me. I knew he was enjoying this hot scene watching a very sexy older white woman dressed in high heels and stockings fucking up and down on his young boss's huge black cock. This added to my already highly aroused state and made me feel even more depraved. My young lover told the driver to leave, but to be back at 8am.

As I continued fucking his huge black cock I snarled," Tell him 8 at night baby."

He then shouted, "You heard the sexy white lady, now get the fuck out and be back tomorrow night at 8!"

Throughout the night and into the next day the young black rap star and I fucked and played with each other in every room of his new 40 million dollar mansion. When the driver came the following day we drove back to my office. We were still consumed with kissing and fucking and went on until we reached my office. After that wild day the young rap star and I fucked once a week for two months. At the end of the second month I woke-up to the morning news cast about a national rap artist who was gunned down after a concert.

When I got to my office there was a group of large black men in suits with dark sunglasses on. When the circle opened a young black man standing about 5' 4" came out wearing sagging jeans and a tight white T-shirt. He smiled as he introduced himself as the twin brother of the rap star that was just murdered. His gold capped teeth flashed at me with the same menacing grin as his twin brothers, as his sunglass covered eyes roomed up and down my body.

He introduced himself as Shaquan,saying he was now in charge of his brothers company and wanted my 'services' finding him a new place in LA. Because of his height and gold capped teeth there was no doubt that he was the twin brother of the rap-star.

I showed him to my personal office and picked up the phone and told my secretary to hold all my calls. Just as I said it I felt the brother of the rapper grab me by my waist and pull me towards him. My pussy instantly became wet as I felt what I knew was a huge cock against my ass. He then whispered in my ear and said,

"If yo's like what you feel against yo' sexy ass baby tell her to cancel all yo' appointments for the rest of the day."

"Barbara, cancel all my appointments for the week," I said in a hot voice as I felt one of his hands unzipping my pencil skirt while his other hand unbuttoned my blouse.

Stepping away from my short pencil skirt the twin brother took in the sight of my body. Leering at me as I stood in front of him in a white, sheer strapless bra, with a white garter belt attached to a pair of tan thigh high stockings and black pumps, he said in a voice I recognized saying, "Fuck you is one sexy bitch baby."

That day I purposely dressed sexy because I knew I'd be sealing a deal in the bed of a wealthy 26 year old dot com millionaire. The night before him and I had dinner at an exclusive club and ended the evening kissing hotly in his Ferrari.

The next thing that happened was that I immediately squatted on my pumps and began licking, kissing, sucking and jerking a black cock that was even bigger than the rap-stars.

"He must have been the runt in the liter," I said as I looked up at him slyly and licked his huge grapefruit sized cockhead while I pumped his giant black shaft.

THE END-----?

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