I didn't have to look at my watch to know it was past 2a.m. I could smell it.

As the front door of the I.H.O.P. swung open, I picked up every whiff of stale alcohol and drying sweat from the people who entered. I didn't even have to turn around. My nose wrinkled at the gagging stench of fading cigarette smoke.

Don't these people ever smoke cloves? I grimaced to myself as I choked down another mouthful of Rutti Tutti Fresh and Fruity. I sniffed the air again. Budweiser. Jack and coke. Diet coke, no less. Teenagers, I pondered. Football players and cheerleaders by the scent of it. Gotta love the South.

On my long trek down Interstate 40, I'd had the chance to smell a lot of people. It's sort of a curse, my nose. Make-up, cheap booze, pheromones, cigarettes, laundry detergents, whatever. Each has a unique scent, as individual as a fingerprint. I can even taste them out of the air. I didn't have this problem before Rapture.

But no matter where I go, the bars close at 2, and all the drunks and their dates trudge over to the local diner because they don't want to go home yet. Usually they're older than the aromatic assholes who had just walked in. But I figured that they didn't check IDs in this part of North Carolina.

Not that I gave a shit. I just wished everyone out here didn't smoke so much.

I caught a different scent as I tore open another couple of packs of sugar. This one was a lot more pungent. Tasty, even. I knew this scent. It was the smell of an aroused woman. A nice wet pussy that needed attention.

I smiled, purred to myself. It was about time. It was never this strong unless it was a Siren. I glanced around and sniffed again. I couldn't pick up any others like me around, so this one was mine. I licked my lips to get a good taste of the air, so I could track her down.

But I didn't taste her. What I tasted was salty and thick. The unmistakable feeling of a mouth full of hot creamy cum. I blinked, puzzled for a moment. Then I closed my eyes and smiled slowly. Two tastes, two Sirens. Two at once. This was new even for me.

At least I'd found something to make up for the sewer water they called coffee in this dive.

There was a gaggle of ethnic urban professional women in the far corner, two loud Latinas and a giggly dark-skinned India-Indian woman. They'd probably been out for a girls' night on the town. At the opposite corner were the teenagers I'd caught a whiff of before. The boys were wearing cowboy hats and the girls sported too much hairspray. There were a couple of middle-aged truckers at the counter and an older waitress pouring coffee for them.

Please don't let it be the teenagers... I prayed. The teenagers in Arizona had nearly gotten me arrested. People and their silly ideas about age of consent. One of the truckers got up and walked by me on the way to the john. I caught the sharp taste of man again. I shivered in pleasure for a moment, and followed the trucker with my eyes. He must have been about 40. Probably a handsome rugged type back in the ol' days, if a bit paunchy now. He had slightly graying hair and a pair of glasses. Straight as nails. Of course, I had been straight, too. I stood up and made my way to the back of the diner.

In the alcove in front of the restrooms, I picked up the pay phone and pretended to call someone up. The Sirens were getting stronger. I could almost feel the clit against the tip of my tongue; feel the warmth of another man's cock in my hand. I shifted uncomfortably. I was getting so hard that my jeans felt like sandpaper against the head of my dick.

Around the corner came the Indian woman, and with her the tang of arousal. She had dark, sort of musty skin and deep brown eyes. She wore a smart suit skirt and vest outfit around her slight frame and her long black hair was pulled back into a single braid. She started when I looked at her but I caught her eyes with mine and looked deeply. She responded with a sort of confused yet desperate look, like a deer in headlights that wanted to get hit. I had seen that look before; I'd had that look before.

I smiled and whispered, "The world's about to change forever, little flower. Just through this door." I gestured to the door marked 'MEN'.

Her mouth opened slightly as if she was going to speak, but the words got lost. Her chest heaved slightly as she began to breathe heavier. I could see the blood rush to her cheeks. I thought she must have been one of the sexiest women I'd ever seen. Of course, I always felt like that at this point.

Her eyes darted to the door and back to me, several times. She slowly pushed the door and walked through. I followed silently.

The restroom was small but clean. The trucker was washing his hands, his back to us. I quickly pulled the woman to me and slid my hand up her skirt, slipping a finger into her. She gasped audibly and I paused. She was so wet. Her cunt was tight and warm, underused. I savored the feel as her breathing jumped up a notch. I turned around to see the trucker staring at us, a wadded up paper towel still in his motionless hand. I flashed him a smile, turned to the door, and drew a symbol on it with her juices.

By the time I was done, the woman had begun to strip. She moved with fluid, sensual motions. She shuffled off the vest, letting it slide to the ground. Slowly, her top came off. Each inch of dark musty skin was slowly exposed. I ached for her to go faster, to see more. The trucker still hadn't moved.

Under her shirt, she wore a pretty little black bra. She slithered in between the trucker and I, her back to him. Her body flowed like a virtuoso dancer, each move of her hips becoming more erotic and suggestive than the last. I could see her eyes, though. They were wide, like she couldn't believe she was doing this, that she was wiggling her ass like a harlot. But I could smell how hot it made her.

She swayed back and forth, brushing against me. She reached gracefully behind her and unsnapped her bra. It fell to the ground with a soft rustle. Her breasts were small, with dark nipples. I smiled appreciatively as she held her breasts in her hand, pinching the nipples. She let out a low moan as she gave into the Siren.

I looked over the woman's shoulder at the awestruck trucker. "The Siren calls. But you have to make the choice. Leave now or listen."

The trucker dropped the paper towel in his hand. "What do you mean?"

"You can hear it."

The trucker nodded dumbly.

"How does it feel?"

"It tingles... makes me horny...."

I nodded. "You hear it. Do you want to join?"

The truck nodded dumbly again.

I stepped past the dancing woman, who had slipped off all of her clothing but her panties and was caressing her ass as she displayed it for the trucker. I kneeled down in front of the man and unzipped the trucker's fly. Out came a nice hard cock. It was about seven inches, with dark veins up and down it. It looked almost like an oaken rod jutting out of a patch of dark, tangled hair. I faced it down and rubbed at the bulge in my own pants. I slowly lowered my lips over the head of the trucker's cock and sucked at it just a little, smelling salt, and sex, and fear.

The man stared down at me, his cock in my mouth. His eyes were wide with shock. I looked over at the woman, who was naked now. She was braced up against the door, legs spread as wide as she could and still keep her balance. Her hand was buried in her cunt as she finger-fucked herself loudly and wildly. She was staring intently at a man sucking another man's cock.

I slid more of the trucker's fat dick into my mouth. I'd forgotten what a cock slut I am, I chuckled to myself. I could feel the energy building in my cock and in the man in my mouth.

As I began to slurp noisily around this treat, he suddenly shuddered and groaned loudly. The trucker's body relaxed as if that groan had taken with it every ounce of tension and pain he'd been storing up for years. He started grunting each time I hungrily sucked at his cock. He bucked his hips and whimpered.

I grabbed the man's ass in my hands and squeezed, feeling the delicious sensation of a man's ass in my hand and cock in my throat. I could the hear the woman fingering herself and muttering... "Yeah.... suck him... let him fuck your mouth...." She moaned and shook more with each word.

"Oh god..." let out the trucker. I could feel the heat rising up in the trucker's balls as they tightened. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and watched it with reverence as it jerked. Rope after rope of thick cum splashed onto my face. I lapped at it madly with my tongue.

The woman moaned aloud. "That's the hottest thing I've ever seen...." and she came with a scream, her naked, glistening body falling to the ground.

The trucker steadied himself against the sink as I helped the woman to the floor and laid her out. I reached out and grabbed the trucker's cock in my fist. "Come on, lover. You are not done yet."

The man jumped to attention and I pulled off the rest of his clothes. I let go of the man's cock and helped him down over the dark woman on the floor. He quickly pushed into her waiting cunt. I leaned down and kissed her wildly, getting the trucker's cum on both of our faces. We licked at each other, trying to get as much of it as possible.

I stood up and watched the older man fuck the young Indian woman. The contrast was incredible. His light peach skin against her dark musty brown. The trucker leaned down and bit at her nipples as she thrashed underneath his pounding. I leaned down the man's ear and whispered.

"Harder." The trucker pushed his cock into the woman violently. They both cried out.

"Harder. Fuck her harder." He slammed into her again.

"Closer. Get closer. Deeper into her." I could hear the slap of their bodies echo off the restroom tiles. I could smell the sweat and cum, as loud as the noise.

"Harder." This was my mantra now.

"Deeper!" Slap. SLAM.


"Now," I said silently.

There was no sound, no thud of flesh impacting against flesh. The trucker thrust, and kept going. Into her, through her. Their flesh ripped, and merged. He kept driving, melting deeper into the woman with each stroke. I watched as their torsos slid into each other, their kissing lips blurred as their heads merged. Their skins leaked together in eddies of dark and light. They literally fucked themselves into each other.

For a few moments, they were a mass of skin and undefined limbs, a quivering mass of human. And then, like a pond suddenly becoming still, she formed. A tall woman with golden brown skin and shapely breasts ending in dark full nipples. She had a wide curvy figure. Her eyes had a bit of an exotic slant to them and were an entrancing honey gold. She has a mane of dark wavy hair. And between her legs was a mound of dark curls. But where her clit should be was a large oak-like cock, fully erect. Just below it was a lovely wet pussy.

She let out a breath and opened her eyes. I smiled.

"So different..." she murmured.

I nodded sagely.

"We...are both here?"

"For the moment...", I responded. I helped her to her feet and embraced her. She bit at my lip as I grabbed her and pulled her closer. I unzipped my pants and let them fall, letting my cock rub against hers. I took them both in the same hand and stroked them slowly, moaning as I felt them rub together.

"Very different...." She said in a low sultry voice. She pushed away and leaned against the wall. Wrapping a long hand around her cock she began pumping it like crazy. I watched with rapt fascination, my hand imitating her dance on my own dick.

We both began to squirm and moan. She whispered, "So... intense... I feel it building...." She looked down and watched her hand blur over her golden cock until it jerked and shot gobs of cum onto the floor. She fell back and let out a long breath. "My god..."

I took her hand and pulled her close. I led her to the sink, facing the mirror as I slid up behind her. She leaned over the sink so I had a nice view of her shapely ass. She wiggled as I rubbed my cock over her curves. "Oh... yeah...I wanna know what that feels like," she said with a touch of a drawl. I crouched down and shoved my cock into her.

She cried out and caught her reflection in the mirror. "God, I'm gorgeous...." I began to expertly stroke my cock in and out of her. "Ooo..." she let out a low moan. "I'm the sexiest thing in the world..." she whispered as she stared at herself in the mirror. I slid in and out of her, bracing one hand on her shoulder and reaching around to caress her cock with the other. She was warm, slick, and hard. She bent further over the sink but kept watching herself in the mirror, watching me fuck her. Her hand covered mine on her cock and we stroked it together. Her cunt stroked my cock through orgasm after orgasm.

We fucked for the rest of the night. I filled her cunt and her ass with my cum. She stretched my ass out with her gorgeous rod twice. We sucked each other off, spraying our cum over each other and then licking it off. Not once did we stop, nor did anyone walk in.

In the morning, I was watching them sleep, the trucker and the woman, cuddled next to each other.

The trucker started awake. "What the hell...?"

I shushed him. "It's okay...."

"What happened?"

"That..." I paused for dramatic effect, "was the Rapture."

"What was it?"

"You just stepped into a surreal world." I got up and started getting dressed. "A more interesting one, but still surreal."

"What do we do?" the woman asked, looking fearful.

"Trust each other. Obviously you were meant to be together."

"But why?" she asked.

I shook my head. "Beats the fuck out of me. I don't have any explanations, I've just been on the roller coaster longer."

"Did that... what happened... did that happen to you?" ask the man, still holding the woman close.

I shook my head again. "Each Rapture is different. I was burned alive. In a good way." I slipped on my shoes. "All I can tell you is you'll hear the Siren again and help others. You'll learn the Glyphs too." I washed my hands in the sink.


I smiled. "Figuring it out is part of the fun." I wiped a wet hand over the door.

"You aren't going to just leave us here, are you?" He almost begged.

"Yup." I opened the door to the restroom to leave. "I had to figure it out. So do you. Maybe I'll see you again." And with that, I left.

The older man and the dark woman stared at the closed door, and then at each other for a while, still naked in each other's arms. They didn't know what to say.

"My name is Marina." The woman finally offered.

"Oh... silly of me, I'm Roy."

Silence. Marina pulled her hair out of the remnants of its braid.

"I hate to sound cliché, but do you believe in magic, Roy?"

"I guess I don't have much of a choice at this point."

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