tagLesbian SexRapture in the Stationery Room

Rapture in the Stationery Room

byJulia Jones©

As always thank you to Lancelot Knight for his help, support and editing. And thanks again to Gus.

* * * * *

Cassie was on her hands and knees. Using her pillow for support she propped herself up on her elbows and raised her ass high in the air to receive the most of her lover's hard cock.

The bed began to squeak as he pumped her hard from behind. Each time the hair on his balls brushed her pussy lips Cassie shuddered. Watching them in the mirror across the bedroom, Cassie arched her back and moaned with each thrust, as her lover grabbed her hips and rammed his cock home.

This was his favourite position: "doggy style". Sometimes her mind would wander off and she'd end up focusing on mundane things like doing the shopping list or she might drift off into the world of her own imagination. Lately she had started to fantasize about fucking a woman. She loved looking at women's bodies, especially their breasts. Cassie would raid her lover's porno magazines and study them for hours. She was turned on by the way the girls sat spread legged tempting her with their lickable cunts.

But she had more important things on her mind today. She was going for a job interview. It was important to her that she got this job, not only for her bank balance but also for her own self-esteem. What would she wear? She must remain calm and not get flustered.

His loud moans snapped her back to reality; within seconds he came.

"Oh God...that was good," he said. His cock popped from her wet and swollen pussy with a slurp. He promptly rolled over and fell asleep. She liked to watch him sleep.

The next day she woke early, showered, ate breakfast and cleaned her teeth. She applied a full face of make-up and took extra time in doing her hair. She brushed her lover's lips, said goodbye and left.

Interview 9am: Shit! Bus is late. Remain calm at all times. She looked at her watch 8.40am. Tick Tock Tick Tock...

In the elevator Cassie pressed the button, level three. The doors opened to face a pretty receptionist. Cassie introduced herself, then sat down on one of the luxurious looking leather chairs. She picked up a magazine and pretended to read it.

She repeated in her mind, "I'll do anything to get this job, anything."

Cassie saw from the corner of her eye a door open. A girl appeared looking a little disheveled. The girl glanced at Cassie and made a dash for the elevator. Before Cassie could think what that might have been about she heard her name being called. She stood up and was told by the receptionist that she could go in.

Cassie went in and closed the door behind her. She turned to face a woman perhaps in her late thirties. The woman wore glasses that sat on her heavily made-up face. Her fair hair was pulled back tightly in a bun. She wore a grey suit and white blouse. The woman reminded Cassie of a schoolteacher she once had, a real bitch, too.

"Please take a seat, Cassie," the woman said, smiling, showing her white, and perfectly straight teeth. "My name is Miss Chester."

"Would you like to see my resume?" Cassie asked.

In a dismissive tone, Miss Chester replied, "Ah...we'll look at that later."

She continued sternly, "Now, I expect a little extra from the girls who work for me."

She picked up her pen and ran it over her lips then sucked on the end of it, moving it in and out of her mouth. She stood up and walked around to the front of the desk. Facing Cassie, she folded her arms and eyed her up and down.

"How badly do you want this job?" Miss Chester asked.

Cassie rattled off her rehearsed speech explaining the reasons she wanted the job and why she was the best person for it.

"Enough!" shouted Miss Chester.

Cassie froze staring at the stern looking woman in front of her. She made her feel like a child.

"You'd do anything for it?" Miss Chester was now standing and took a step closer to Cassie.

She gulped, sensing what may be about to happen, "Well, yes, but I don't know...."

Miss Chester reached to touch Cassie's hair. "Hmm, very pretty." Then in her next breath, "Undo your blouse...slowly."

"What...I...what?!" She replied, somewhat startled.

"Do you want this job, Cassie?" Miss Chester said coldly.


Cassie started to undo her blouse. As she was doing this she surprisingly found herself becoming aroused. When she had undone the last button she pushed her blouse apart exposing her satin bra. Miss Chester ran her icy fingers along the edge of the bra and across Cassie's breasts.

She took hold of Cassie's collar and pulled her towards her. She tongue kissed her hard; probing her tongue all around the inside of Cassie's mouth. Cassie's body tensed then succumbed to whom she thought could be her future boss.

She couldn't believe how turned on she was from another women's touch. Miss Chester reached around and slipped her hand up under Cassie's blouse to unhook her bra.

"Take it off."

Miss Chester watched her intently as she slipped the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She unhooked her bra and let it follow. Miss Chester's intercom buzzed. Cassie jumped.

"I'm not to be disturbed," she snarled at the machine.

Returning her attention to Cassie, she ushered her into a small room off her office.

"It's more private in here," she said.

Cassie went in. It was dark. Miss Chester closed the door behind them and turned on the light. They were standing in a small room that appeared to be used for storing stationery. She looked at Miss Chester, who now looked almost evil.

Cassie was standing there naked from the waist up. Miss Chester moved towards her; taking Cassie's breast in her mouth, she sucked it in. Cassie's nipples quickly became erect as she shivered in delight. She tugged at Miss Chester's tightly held bun and pulled it out. Her hair fell around her shoulders.

She reached out tentatively and touched Miss Chester's long blond hair. Quite beautiful she thought, still revelling in the sensation of her breast being kissed by a woman.

Miss Chester moved her towards a step-ladder, in the corner of the room, and told her to sit on the top rung. Cassie's cunt throbbed with anticipation. A fine trickle of her love-juice ran down her inner thigh as she moved quickly and stepped up the ladder. Miss Chester pushed up Cassie's skirt and yanked her panties down. Going down on her knees, she clasped each of Cassie's buttocks in her hands. Cassie straddled herself around Miss Chester's face and let her legs hang over her shoulders, supporting herself with her hands on the top rung of the ladder. Miss Chester trailed her tongue up Cassie's inner thigh to lap up her wetness. Cassie shuddered as she felt the warmth of her tongue. She felt a stab in her pussy centre as Miss Chester's mouth latched on to her clit then began to penetrate her with her tongue.

Cassie's upper body began to move back and forth frantically. Miss Chester lifted Cassie's ass higher as she licked her from anus to clit. Cassie's arms shook and began to ache. Sweat trickled down her forehead. Her head feel back and she moaned in ecstasy. She thought what a fine line between pleasure and pain. She had the urge to hold Miss Chester's head but didn't think she could move from her position without falling off the step-ladder.

She glanced around the tiny room. She saw the pens, paper and staplers. Just the normal things you'd find in a stationery storeroom. This excited Cassie even more: the fact that she was groaning and gyrating with a blonde-headed, big-breasted woman between her legs in a room that wasn't meant to be for anything else other than to store office supplies.

Breaking Cassie's thoughts, she felt Miss Chester clasp her ass even tighter. Cassie felt things were beginning to get out of control. Her cunt felt like it was being gnawed at by a wild cat. Her arms were also burning; she couldn't stand it much longer.

"Stop!" she yelled. "Now!"

Miss Chester either didn't hear or ignored her and keep at it.

"Stop!!" she yelled even louder.

She stopped and moved herself away from between Cassie's legs; stood and tidied her hair. Cassie could see her own wetness on Miss Chester's face, as she wiped it with her sleeve.

"I apologise," Miss Chester said. She looked away and started to weep quietly

Cassie couldn't believe what was happening. Was she for real? Or was she just trying to maniputlate her? She stepped down from the step-ladder. Her legs felt wobbly. Suddenly feeling sorry for the woman Cassie moved toward her and gently wiped away Miss Chester's tears with her hand and lifted her chin. She looked into her eyes. The evil had gone now.

"Close your eyes," Cassie whispered.

Miss Chester closed her eyes. Cassie ran the tip of her tongue softly over the weeping woman's eyelids then brushed her lips over her mouth. Their faces met and they kissed each other with open mouths and caressed the contours of their bodies. Cassie could feel the woman's breasts heaving against her body. They were large and felt soft but firm. The two women lay down. The floor was hard but they got comfort from each other's caresses. Their legs and arms wrapped around one another.

Cassie began to slowly undo each pearl button of Miss Chester's silky smooth blouse. She reached inside her bra and cupped the woman's breasts in her hand. She squeezed and teased her nipples. Her breasts looked ravishing, and Cassie devoured them without mercy.

Her fingers glided up Miss Chester's inner thighs. Miss Chester's stockings felt smooth as Cassie moved her hand up towards were she could feel the heat. She lingered for a moment as she felt skin and suspenders, then a little further, her hand touched the woman's bare hot pussy.

Miss Chester opened her legs, lifting one and placing it on the bottom rung of the ladder. With her fingers, Miss Chester spread her pale pink lips wide and beckoned Cassie to finger-fuck her. Cassie entered her cunt with one, two, three, four fingers. She used her thumb to manipulate Miss Chester's clit. Cassie pounded her again and again with wet stiff fingers. Then suddenly she stopped. Teasingly, Cassie ran her slippery fingers across her tongue.

"Don't stop...more," Miss Chester begged.

"Hmmm," pondered Cassie as she licked at her fingers. "Do I get the job?"

"Yeeesss," was the impatient response.

Cassie continued: one, two, three, four fingers impaled the older. She could feel strong spasms around her fingers as Miss Chester climaxed over her hand. Cassie slowly removed her fingers: one, two, three, four. Both eager not the end just yet, they stood. Their erect nipples were touching as they began kissing and nipping each other's mouth and neck.

"Wait," said Miss Chester to Cassie as she moved towards the wall. She leaned her back against it and slid down. Lifting her skirt she raised her knees high and held them with her hands.

"I want you to taste me," Miss Chester beckoned to Cassie.

Cassie looked at the woman's pussy all pink and glistening. She was eager to taste it's juices and feel it's softness against her lips. Cassie squatted on all fours and slightly bent her elbows until she was low enough to lick the woman with delight. The sound she made reminded her of a cat lapping at a dish of milk.

Cassie gently inserted the tip of her index finger into Miss Chester's anus. The woman whimpered at her touch and wrapped her legs around Cassie's body resting her feet on her back. Her body tensed and she began to push her back hard against the wall.

From the corner of her eye Cassie noticed a feather duster leaning against the wall. It was the type made with real feathers. She reached out and grabbed its cane handle. Cassie began to tease and tickle Miss Chester's sopping cunt.

"I might have to use that...ahhh...on your bare...ohhhh...ass if you don't do...mmm...as you're told," came Miss Chester's barely audible reply.

"Really," Cassie said with raised eyebrows. "Well I might have to stop certain privileges then." She said, still stroking Miss Chester's pussy.

"Let's come together," Cassie suggested. "Even better, let's do a 69," she continued.

"Mmm, let's, but I'm on top!" replied Miss Chester.

They moved into the position with ease, it was as if they had done it many times before. They were both already hot and nearly there. With faces buried in each other's pussies they began to feast. You could almost hear the boxes, full of various stationary, on the shelves shake with each of the women's shuddering orgasm.

A little later they dressed in silence and left the room. As Cassie was leaving the office she heard Miss Chester say, "I'll see you tomorrow, 9am sharp!"

"Yes!" she quietly called out triumphantly.

Cassie went home, very pleased with herself. Well, she'd gotten the job, hadn't she! When she told her lover, he said he was very pleased for her and would she like to fuck? Sure, Cassie thought, she had the shopping list to do anyway!

She started the very next day. It's a difficult job, lots of writing to do. It's amazing how many times a day she needs to go to the stationery storeroom for new pens. Miss Chester has put them on the top shelf now. So Cassie is forever climbing up that step-ladder. It's not long after she reaches the top rung before she can feel Miss Chester's hot breath drifting across her thighs and bare pussy. Oh yes, and she doesn't wear panties to work any more. Why bother? The boss doesn't and they just seemed to disappear during the day anyway!

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