Rapunzel was not the maiden in distress you heard of....

Far and wide the story of a beautiful woman Rapunzel, was told to adventuresome princes. The tale goes that in a land far away a tower is erected with no stairs. To climb to the top one must cry out "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair" and down will come a golden nest of hair for you to climb to the young girl.

Once inside the brave man will have the pleasure of laying eyes on the most beautiful women ever. She is said to have a look so rare and mesmerizing that even for the most experienced of souls it is hard to breathe.

The guest is then given a challenge: if you can last more than 5 minutes making love with her then untold riches will be bestowed upon you. She will also leave the tower to become your loyal sexual partner and aid, waiting on your hand and foot for as long as you live.

If you cannot last you die.

Prince Andrew had heard this tale many times. Though he had made love to all the best looking maidens in the land and had a massive fortune but he could not help but wonder. So he devised a plan.

For 3 years he quested for the tower with his faithful servant Hector. Just as Prince Andrew was about to give up, on a summers morning, he saw the tower without a staircase.

He cried "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair."

From the massive height tumbled down the most healthy, seductive blonde braid any man had ever seen. It was thicker than a man's forearm.

Prince Andrew climbed up to the top and through the small door.

Inside his eyes met the young woman's . The stories did not lie - she made the most attractive women in the rest of the world look like old men. Her perfect skin showed no signs of age. Her massive breasts heaved out of tiny blouse.

Part of Prince Andrews plan was to masturbate before climbing the stairs. This did not help at all because right away his dick was as hard as a rock. Rapunzel smiled as a predator to its prey.

Overcome with lust Prince Andrew's big dick strained. Boldly, he moved forward toward her. He could see her pussy lips were already wet. When she bit her lip playfully he knew that pre-cum had seeped out of him.

He was so awestruck that she easily pushed him to the bed. She forcefully removed his pants to expose his meaty, swollen member. "5 minutes starts now," came from her lips like a dream to him.

Upon penetration Prince Andrew experienced something he had never had before. As she evenly inhaled his dick into her tiny vagina balls deep he moaned in pleasure.

"Can you handle it," she arrogantly whispered in his ear. Prince Andrew was about to say "yes" when he felt something: she was not moving but something inside her certainly was. He could feel her insides constricting and rubbing at the same time. It was like 10 hands jerking him off at once.

Every muscle in his body tensed. His balls tighted and more pre-cum was milked out of him. He closed his eyes in pleasure - trying desperately to hold on.

Then she started to ride him.

She called out his favorite dirty things; she bucked and moaned with pleasure. Her body gyrated with blinding speed. He was on the brink.

Then she slowed to the slowest gallop imaginable. 10 - 15 seconds per up, 20-30 seconds per down. He fought with all his might but the rumblings in his dick were so strong.

While he was in the throes of agony/pleasure she whispered again in his ear "that was 1 minute."

Prince Andrew reeled at the notion of how impossible this task was. He felt the dozen hands inside of her jerking his cock with motions he did not imagine to be real. The pleasure was so intense he did not know if he had cum or not.

Just then Hector swooped in. Hector was a tall, large muscular man. He had thrown up a rope and climbed the stair when the two of them had been fucking on the bed. Rapunzel never saw him till the trap was sprung.

Hector grabbed Rapunzel's long thick silky hair and wrapped it around her neck. Just as he pulled the main tight he stuck his giant fat cock into her virgin ass.

With the loss of air, her unknown love of anal and for the first time her getting force fucked she came immediately. She came so hard and Hector choked her so hard she released the vice grip on Prince Andrew.

The prince quickly when to work on Rapunzel - tying her arms with her hair and fucking her so hard. Her cum was all over his stomach and legs. Never had a woman been so pleasured.

For the next 4 minutes Rapunzel came in and out of consciousness to cum again and again.

At 5 minutes and 1 second both Prince Andrew and Hector burst their fat cocks inside her. All three of them shook and cried out in pleasure. Hector fell to the side (releasing the choking braid) but the cock shocked Rapunzel did not stop.

She reached down to rap her silky locks on Prince Andrew's still twitching member. With the other hand she rapped mountains of her hair all over Prince Andrew. Again the Prince squirted: this time in her golden tresses.

For 6 hours Hector and Prince Andrew took turns fucking Rapunzel. They fucked her so rough she could not walk. Her hair and snatch were layered in their semen.

See...the story of Rapunzel was not the maiden in distress you heard off....

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