tagSci-Fi & FantasyRapunzel Ch. 01

Rapunzel Ch. 01


The soft, steady thud of hooves on the dry forest floor tapped out a slow rhythm as Duke Jedrek gently steered his mare's reins. The sound dissipated itself into the surroundings, leaving only the bird song to accompany his thoughts. He had been riding for an hour now, making his way deeper and deeper into the forest. There was nothing to worry about anymore, no more peasants grumbling about how little the land gave them, no emissary from the king asking for taxes, and no whispered talk of his own inability to bring a child into the world. His hand clenched around the reins, his knuckles white as his frustration manifested itself.

Then the peace was broken by a harsh, desperate cry. A high wailing note floating across the breeze. Kicking his spurs into his horse the Duke headed for the source of the disturbance. A frightful scene soon came into view, the origin of the scream a woman of petite stature lying on the ground, struggling to flee from a man towering over her, dressed in rough, mud stained clothing.

"You there, stop." Jedrek ordered in an authoritative tone. The man turned and seeing the Duke pulled forth a short dagger. It glinted in the pale light that penetrated the canopy of the forest, clearly its owner gave it more attention than his own bedraggled appearance. At this sign of hostility the Duke drew his sword and digging his spurs into his horse's flanks and charged.

It was a quick, one sided affair. The Duke unleashed a swing of his sword as he thundered past the man and as he brought himself and his horse to a halt and turned the bandit was already lying dead, his blood leaking rapidly out into the soft layer of dry leaves on which he lay. Dismounting the Duke hurried to the prone form of the bandit's victim.

The woman opened her eyes and prepared to scream again when Jedrek came into view. The bandit had caught her away from the water and she was not as powerful without it.

The Duke saw the woman's mouth open for another scream. She was so beautiful. "Do not fear," He said. "You are safe, I have slain the bandit."

She closed her mouth and eyed him. Slowly she stood, tugging at her blue shift that she donned for walking about on land. "Thank you kind sir for saving me." She gave him a bow and then she dropped the illusion. Her skin was a pale blue, a nice contrast to the dark blue shift she wore. Her eyes became the color of the sky.

For a moment the Duke was held speechless, his eyes taking in more wonder than he could process into words. "You are, you are a dryad!"

"Water dryad," she corrected with a laugh. "And you sir, thank you for rescuing me. Now I must be on my way."

"Please, allow me to escort you back to your home," he offered.

She batted her eyelashes at him. "Oh the big, strong human wants to take me home....Well I suppose it's all right."

The Duke whistled to his horse, his eyes returning to the dryad as the horse trotted over. He offered the dryad his hand to help her up onto the high back of the creature that loomed over her four and a half feet of height. She took his hand and let him swing her up in front of him. Laughing with abandon as the horse cantered through the forest, the wind blowing through her hair.

As they cantered along the very proximity of the nubile dryad was beginning to arouse the Duke. He tried to ignore it, but it did bring to his mind one other thought. "Tell me, as a creature of this forest do you know of any plant that might help my wife conceive?" He asked abruptly, talking straight into the creature's ear.

The dryad's joyous laughter stopped and her lithe body tensed against him. "Mayhap kind sir, perhaps not."

"Please, we are very desperate for a child," he pleaded.

"There is my tree." She pointed to the weeping willow on the bank of the stream.

The Duke helped the Dryad from the horse and dropped down beside her. "Can you not help me?" He asked. It was less of a plea, more of an angry question.

"How long has your wife been barren?" The dryad sounded bored.

"For five years now." The Duke replied. Maybe she would help him.

"Hmm. You are still young...There is one possible way but I do not know if it will work for you."

"And what is that?" he asked excitedly.

"If I told you that then I would be in trouble. No, I cannot help. Be on your way good man. Maybe the next woodland creature you rescue will be able to help you." She chuckled and danced about. She was already forgetting about him, the call of her tree drawing her home.

The Duke frowned at the dryad's denial of his request. He was not used to people refusing him, his anger flared. Reaching out a large hand grabbed a thin blue arm, pulling her back towards him. "Tell me," he ordered harshly.

"You do not desire the answer, mortal. You who have an evil heart. Does your wife know that you play with others before coming to her arms each night? Does she know that even though you tryst with others all are barren?"

"How dare you say those things." The Duke raged. His other hand took hold of her as well and he shook her hard. "Now tell me of this cure."

"Evil may not command me. Be gone mortal!"

"No. You have no power over me. That tree over there, you wish to go to it don't you?" He began dragging her away from her tree. "Feeling better?" He asked nastily.

Her eyes grew wide and she began to struggle. She had to get to her tree. If she did not she would be too weak. "Release me!"

"I will keep doing this until you tell me," The Duke growled, continuing to drag the dryad's light form across the leaf scattered ground.

"I will tell you nothing. How dare you threaten me!"

"With ease my darling." The Duke hissed. He dragged her for another twenty feet before pushing her hard up against a tree. "This is your last chance."

"No. I will not aid a vile male like you."

"You will soon change your mind." The Duke pulled out his own dagger and embedded into the tree behind him. He took the rope belt from around his waist and forcibly bound the dryad's hands before pushing her arms above her head and attaching the rope firmly to the dagger leaving her feet barely touching the ground.

She struggled, her eyes wide as she saw the intent in his eyes. "No! Leave me alone!"

The duke merely leered at her perfectly formed, smooth body. A grasping hand clutched at her shawl and pulled it away, rendering her completely naked. Keeping close enough to her to pin her legs against the tree he began to remove some of his heavier clothing.

"You must not! Stop this madness! It will not help you or your wife!"

"We are all alone out here dryad and I am willing to bet that the knowledge you hold is not as dear to you as your body." The Duke said, now down to just his trousers and his undershirt.

"You cannot scare me. I will tell you nothing! And you will suffer tenfold for any harm you do today!" she hissed though in truth she was very frightened. Her body was precious to her.

Jedrek leaned forward and gently kissed each of her firm breasts in turn, taking time to run his tongue over their smooth surface. "Not scared?" His hands went to his waist as he maneuvered his rock hard member out of his trousers. "Now the ladies tell me that I am large for a man," he said with a hint of pride. "And some of them struggle to take me. And all of them are bigger in stature than yourself." He reached between her legs and ran a finger along the entrance to her pussy. "And not as tight as you either. So how well do you think you will fare?"

She gasped and struggled more. He was evil. Her power had not lied. Telling him of the cure to his wife's problem would only complicate matters for the one who guarded that secret thought no one knew. And if the guardian of that secret found out who told the dryad would die.

The Duke pushed his hips forward slightly and brushed the head of his penis between the dryad's legs. "Do you really want your beautiful little body to be ravaged?" He asked cruelly. "Why I don't think you'd recover from what I will do to you if you don't tell."

"May the seven hells consume your evil soul for this act! I will tell you nothing!"

"So be it," The Duke spat and pushed the head of his cock into the dryad. He had been right, it barely fitted into her tight pussy. His precum was all that there was to lubricate his motion as he gave a hard thrust of his hips and succeeded in thrusting a full five inches into her before his cock came up against resistance it could not pass.

She screamed her pain and defiance as he violated her body, the largeness of his cock hurting her.

"Like it huh?" He asked as he began to pump in and out with harsh, powerful thrusts. "Whore." His mouth and hands returned to her breasts and began to lick and caress them roughly.

She was crying now, the agony of his largeness tearing her apart. She was starting to regret her decision of mocking him.

The Duke thrust again and again as his mouth met hers, his lips pressing so hard they would bruise the delicate little dryad. All the while his thrusts pushed her against the rough tree. Sensing he was near climax his hands dropped and took firm hold of her buttocks. With something extra to push against he rammed her harder and harder until he came, hot floods of cum spraying out of him and into her pussy.

An agonized scream was wrenched from her as his seed spilled into her abused body. She cried softly, misery overcame her then. She had let a mortal profane her body. It made her sick.

The Duke gave her a few more vindictive thrusts and then pulled out. Cum continued to drip from the end of his cock and from the dryad's overflowing pussy. "So, you want more or you want to tell me your secret?" He asked.

Spit flew from her mouth and into his face as she gave him one last defiant glare.

"You really do like this don't you?" Jedrek surveyed her. He gave her pussy a quick test with his fingers. "Seems a bit damaged to me." He grabbed her shoulders and roughly turned her, revealing the damage that had been done to the skin on her back. Ignoring it he pushed her roughly against the tree so her breasts rubbed hard against the bark. "Want another round?" He asked, bringing his cock to the entrance of her anus.

Fear of what he might do this time, killed the last of her resistance. "I will tell you then!" she screamed.

"Then start talking," He grunted, not relieving any of the pressure he was putting on her.

"There is a Lady that lives a day's ride from here. In her garden grows an herb that can help your wife."

"Which direction from the town?" The Duke asked, pulling back and tucking his diminishing penis back into his trousers.

"Go southwest and you will find her on the outskirts of the town." She remained tense even though he had stepped away from her body.

"See, that wasn't so hard." The Duke chided as he began to re-clothe himself. "All that suffering you endured, just to tell me anyway." He came closer to her and whispered into her ear, "Well, I enjoyed it." He yanked the dagger from the tree and stuck it into his waist band as he watched her fall to the ground.

Her legs were numb and her body hurt all over. Hatred blazed in her heart. She would get to the enchantress first before him. She would tell the woman what had happened and she would make sure that he was denied the very thing he sought. Her long hair hid the smile of evil.

The Duke walked over to his horse and swung himself back up. "If you have lied to me creature I will be back, for I know where your home is." With that he was off, his horse cantering away through the forest, back towards the town.

* * *

The duke's mood was one of sheer elation. Oh the power of hope! There was a way that he could have an heir, a son to succeed him and make him proud. And he deserved an heir, for he was Duke Jedrek, manly and strong as his name implied. A son his wife would now be able to bear thanks to the magic of the witch the dryad had spoken about. Ah yes the dryad, that had been fun. If it hadn't been for his hurry to get home he would have continued to play with her a bit more, taken full advantage of the situation. But he was home now, the hooves of his horse tapping against the cobbles that lead up to the stables.

He dismounted quickly and handed the reins over to the stable boy. Striding forth across the courtyard he banged open the door into the kitchen where the head cook was preparing the food. Taking a chunk of bread in his hand to stave off his hunger until dinner he rounded on the elderly woman. "Cook, where is my wife?" He asked. He knew the woman's name, but rarely used it.

"Out milord, she should be back soon." The cook replied respectfully, bowing her head slightly.

Not bothering to thank the woman Jedrek marched out of the kitchen. So his wife wasn't home, fine. She wasn't the first choice for satisfying the burning feeling in his loins in any case. He had younger, more beautiful, more supple options. Arriving at the room that the two maids slept in he placed his hand on the door and pushed it open without knocking. "You two, follow me," He ordered to the women he had chosen purely for their sexual appeal.

They awoke with a start and with fearful glances to each other rose from their bed and followed him. They had learned long ago not to protest and try to escape his clutches. Jedrek lead them at a fast pace to his expansive bedroom, his arousal beginning to grow even as he thought of what he was going to do with them. "Close the door," he ordered as he began to pull off his riding clothes.

Soon he was naked before the two women, who knew by now not to have started undressing quite yet. Joy and Hope: he had changed their names too, perhaps ironic names given the circumstances into which they had been sold into. Joy was not more that 5'9", her long blonde hair trailing down to her firm, medium sized breasts. Hope was a full half foot shorter than her companion, with shorter, brown hair, her large breasts showing that she was a fully grown woman rather than a mere child. Not that either of the girls where old, both had barely passed their twentieth birthdays, having been purchased but two years before. It had taken a while to break them in but now that he had Jedrek smiled. "Strip." He ordered.

Still trembling with fear, they began to undress each other. First a shirt, then skirt, finally petticoats and underwear until they stood completely nude before him. The duke smiled as his arousal grew fully prominent, his eyes drinking in this practiced display. Moving to the bed he took a seat in its middle, a finger extending to beckon the two women to him. Joy reluctantly moved forward, Hope a few steps behind. Already the vacant look was coming into their eyes as they forced their minds to go elsewhere during this practiced rape of their bodies.

The duke smiled even more as they approached and lay down on his back. They knew what they had to do, his large member a grim reminder off that.

A hesitation and then going to their knees on the bed beside him, Joy bent forward and took his member into her mouth and began to suck it, while Hope fondled his balls. Jedrek lay his head back and groaned slightly. Ah yes, that felt good. He pushed his hips up off the bed, forcing his large member deeper into Joy's mouth. She gagged, almost bit him but stopped the reflex in time. She pulled off his member and Hope took her place.

He moaned even more as Hope took her companion's place, the two girls had different techniques, both equally arousing. His hips pushed up yet further as he felt himself coming quickly to climax. Hope hated this part most of all, having his seed in her mouth but she did it because she was the older of the two and Joy was like a sister to her and if she could spare Joy then she would do so.

A long groan emitted from the Duke's mouth as he came, his first spurt of seed going directly into Hope, a huge torrent of warm liquid filling her small mouth. His hips dropped, his cock slipping out of her and the second spurt splattered across her face, then the last few across her bountiful breasts as he angled his hips in their direction. Fully satisfied he raised his head up and looked at Joy. "Clean her," he ordered and raised himself up on his elbows to watch.

It was vile and it made her sick but Joy did as her master bid. She licked Hope clean, all the while wanting to die from the humiliation. She knew that once she finished cleaning off her friend that he would rut away atop her.

"Good girl," Jedrek almost taunted. "Now Joy, lie down on the bed beside me, Hope you can stay kneeling right there."

Wanting to prolong the inevitable, Joy slowly came to lie beside him as Hope watched from her position on the bed. She would've spared Joy this too but the master did as he willed and the desperate wishes of his servants meant nothing. The duke smiled again, knowing what they must be thinking, but he had a surprise in store for them this particular eve. "Hope, lean down and kiss your friend between her legs," His was voice now filled with lust.

A look of bafflement followed by shock crossed Hope's face. A gasp came from Joy who was now focused on the Jedrek's. "Do it," He ordered, getting to his knees and moving behind Hope. A hand gripped her hips to keep them up while another pushed her shoulders forward, encouraging her to comply.

"Master, sire, please," she stammered and resisted. She couldn't, wouldn't do this.

This was unexpected, how dare they resist. "Pleasure your little friend with your mouth girl or you will regret it."

"I, I can't." Joy was frantically shaking her head, trying to tell Hope it was all right to do this thing the master wanted.

The duke snarled slightly, pushing Hope's head down further, so her lips were now brushing Joy's pussy. Then he shifted his weight slightly and pushed the head of his cock between her ass cheeks, right up against the entrance to her rear passage. "The longer you resist the harder I am going to fuck you. Start licking now and you might be able to walk tomorrow."

She froze. He had never taken her in the ass before and that thought frightened her more than putting her mouth to Joy's womanly regions. Quivering she put her face all the way down and gingerly licked Joy's clit.

"Good, now put some effort in," The duke instructed, pushing the first half inch of his large cock into Hope's firm butt studying the reaction on Joy's face, seeing if she was enjoying the licking. Oh the humiliation that would result if she did. Hope cringed and tensed when she felt his cock entering her backside. Fighting back a sob she began licking Joy who soon was mewling and panting.

Yes, this was going perfectly the Duke thought. He was both punishing Hope for her refusal and humiliating both girls at the same time. They would be more obedient from now on. With a jerk of his hips he pushed his cock further in, until 3 inches of his wide member where buried in Hope's joyfully tight ass.

"Ow, master, please it hurts!" Tears leaked from her eyelids and she felt shame burning her even as she felt herself getting wet the more she heard Joy's impassioned cries.

"Then you shouldn't have disobeyed me." No sympathy, only lust colored his words as he thrust another few inches in. Her asshole was beginning to loosen around his cock allowing him to begin slowly thrusting in and out. "But since you're doing such a good job," He said nastily, looking at the expression on Joy's face, hearing the noises she was making. "I'll be gentle."

Hope felt like he was tearing her in two but fear kept her from defying him again. Joy felt something building in her and then with a cry of surprise she climaxed into Hope's mouth. Perfect, the Duke thought. He continued to slow push his cock in and out of Hope's ass but as a reward for her obedience her slipped a hand between her legs, his fingers beginning to massage her moist pussy.

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