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Rapunzel Falls


My name's Darren. I sort of had a hunch this would be a great day. I had just arrived at the Rapunzel Falls trailhead with Cheryl, my wife's sister, and Kendra, her friend. This was on North Island, and we had flown here as part of a large vacation group of family and friends.

Most of the people wanted to do a deep-sea fishing trip that would basically take all day. But eight hours on a boat with the kids and the inlaws and the crowd... I love them dearly, but sometimes that's the sort of thing I need a vacation *from*. So I said I was going to hike the Falls trail instead. There's great scenery and a waterfall at the end. As it turned out, Cheryl wanted to go too, and she convinced Kendra. So it was a threesome. We'd all meet back up for dinner, looking for any restaurant with a table for 14.

Now I love my wife, but I still notice other good-looking women; and one of them happens to be her sister. (There's also a brother on her side, who was with his wife and kids on the boat.) I didn't think about it much, because she's basically my sister now, but Cheryl's got a really hot body... nice boobs, nice butt, pretty face. Her boyfriend couldn't make it to North Island that time so they talked on the phone every night. Her friend Kendra is cute, too: athletic, but still curvy, easy-going. There were plenty of worse things to do than go on a hike with two attractive women in their late 20s.

The hike would take about six hours, and involve crossing some streams that could be chest-high, depending on your height and recent rainfall. I was the pack mule, carrying dry clothes, bottled water, food, cell phones and so on for all three of us. Kendra and Cheryl wore khaki shorts and knit shirts. I just went with my swim trunks and a T-shirt, packing only another T for myself.

We set out from the trailhead at about 10 am. The way quickly became steep and wound over a hill before offering the first of many great views: a small valley, and in the distance, the ocean. We admired this for a while and moved on.

After an hour, we descended into a ravine and reached the first stream. It was swollen with rainwater, but slow moving; still a hazard if we were not careful. There were a few other hikers in the area.

I was ready to cross, but the girls needed to change clothes. Kendra stripped down to the swimsuit she had been wearing underneath. It was a floral-print one-piece which hugged her body nicely but didn't show very much. I would have preferred something more revealing, but I had to admit her choice was more practical.

Cheryl hadn't planned ahead; her swimsuit was still in the pack. She'd have to find a private spot to change. I unzipped the pack and she fished it out: a tiny black thing that seemed all strings. That caught me by surprise. At all other times she had worn a black one-piece as conservative as the one Kendra had. Maybe this hike, away from the kids and parents, was her chance to try something different. I was looking forward to seeing it.

Cheryl found an area with some privacy, behind some large rocks. We stood guard with backs turned, facing the occasional hikers crossing the stream. There were probably places up the hill where someone might get an unobstructed view, but that's a chance she would have to take.

"Having fun so far?" I asked Kendra as we waited. The shallow scoop neck on her swimsuit offered just the slightest hint of cleavage, about an inch. She wasn't nearly as buxom as Cheryl.

Kendra touched a finger to her lips and peeked back at Cheryl. "Don't look now," she said, loud enough for us both to hear. "She's got her shirt off, and is undoing her bra."

"Don't even think of looking!" said Cheryl. I could tell she wasn't pissed off. Just the sort of teasing best friends sometimes do. If I actually did look back, that would be another story.

Kendra looked back and said, "Bra's off."

"Ken-dra!" Cheryl said, and Kendra didn't push any further.

A few seconds later she said, "Hey, Kendra? Can you look in the backpack, see if my top's in there?"

Kendra and I looked at each other. She only brought half her bikini?

I opened the pack, took everything out, made sure I wasn't overlooking anything. "Not in here, sorry!"

"Shoot, I must have forgot it," Cheryl said.

"I don't think anyone will mind," I joked.

"Not funny! What am I going to wear? I want to keep my other clothes dry!"

"You can use my other T-shirt," I said. I could stay with the one I wore, let it drip dry on my back. "It's too big for you, but it'll do the trick."

"Thanks!" she said. "Have Kendra toss it to me, okay?"

In another minute Cheryl stepped out from behind the rocks. Her borrowed T-shirt was plain white and hung loose, but still suggested the curves of her well-formed, C-cup breasts. The hem reached just below the top of her black bikini bottom, which was actually a thong. I don't think she would have worn this around many guys she knew, but I was married, part of the family, so mainly harmless.

She still had second thoughts about the thong. I noticed her turning or walking in such a way that I wouldn't get a good look at her butt. I was still a guy, after all. Certainly she wouldn't keep that up forever, though.

"I'll cross first with the pack," I said. "See how the current is." I kept in mind that the girls were shorter than me, by about six or seven inches.

I held the pack above my head and stepped in. The water was clear and cold. As I crossed, the water level reached my neck at one point, too deep for the others. I backtracked and found a way across where it was chest level or lower. When I reached the other side, I found a sturdy tree branch, hung the pack there, and waded back across.

"It's about this high," I said, indicating a point just below my pecs.

Kendra stood next to me. "That's neck high for me," she said. "How's the current? Will I get swept off my feet?"

"That's for the special guy in your life," I said, and she laughed. "I'll walk each of you across. Who's first?"

"She can go," said Cheryl.

Kendra stepped in, and I walked beside her, downstream. "It's cold!" she said.

"You get used to it," I said. "And as soon as you're out, it's 85 degrees again and you warm up."

"I'm just barely tiptoeing," she said. "You'd better catch me."

"I'm not about to lose my wife's sister's best friend. If you washed out to sea, I'd be the family pariah."

"But you wouldn't miss me personally." She pretended to pout.

"Nah, you're high maintenance," I said. "And you hit on married men." I was enjoying her company. A good sense of humor does a lot for making a woman more attractive, and Kendra already had a good start.

She scowled. "I do not hi- Aaaah!" she yelped as she stumbled. She fell right toward me and I had an arm around her midsection before her head could go under.

"Are you OK?" Cheryl called out.

"I'm fine," Kendra said. "Just hit a deep spot."

"Just hang on to me and I'll bring you in," I said. She wrapped both arms around me, hanging off my side. It felt pretty good to have her body pressing against me; granted, it was through two layers of clothing. I could have lingered there for a while longer. But after above five steps it was shallow enough for her to walk and I set her down.

"Thank you for that daring rescue," she joked. I thrust out my chest like Superman, then went back for Cheryl.

She was more apprehensive than Kendra. By the time we were knee-deep she had a two-handed grip on my left arm. "Relax," I said. "I'm not gonna let you go."

"You'd better not!"

"Cher, it's easy!" Kendra said. She was perched on a boulder extending out of the opposite bank.

A few steps and we were waist-high, a little higher on Cheryl, and her T-shirt was soaked a few inches. We could feel the current trying to gently push us to the right.

"I don't like this," Cheryl said. "I can't swim!"

"I thought you took swimming lessons," I said. This was a few months ago, in preparation for the trip.

"That was in a pool!" she said. "This water's moving!"

"Just hang on to me. If you start to float away, I'll grab you."

Now the water was midway up her torso, and I noticed a curious thing: instead of clinging to her body as it got wet (which I had been looking forward to), her T-shirt billowed out like a parachute. Apparently the cotton, even when soaked, was lighter than water and wanted to float. My own shirt was doing some of that as well, but the effect wasn't as pronounced.

Then I did the first naughty thing of the afternoon. I think Kendra noticed, watching from atop her boulder, but didn't say anything. I took Cheryl along the path I first took across, where the water had been deeper. Soon she was up to her neck, getting more nervous, and gripping my arm tighter. The white cotton billowed out all around her like a lily pad. I thought about how little she was effectively wearing -- really almost nothing -- under the surface.

"I'm on my tippy toes," she said. "Does it get any deeper?"

"We're more than halfway across."

"Wait. Hold on. Don't let me go," she said. "This T-shirt is driving me crazy." She released my arm and tried to push the shirt down and make it sink. "It keeps floating back up." She took a step forward, and stumbled.

I was right behind her, and caught her before her face got wet. However, I had her torso from behind, and my right hand slipped up high enough to touch her breast. Well, not just a touch. For just a moment I had it cupped in my hand. Soft, smooth, and round; bigger than my wife's. A little slippery, of course, under the water. Her nipple was between my index and middle fingers.

Cheryl shrieked, I yanked my hand away like from a hot stove, and I got a grip on her shoulder to bring her upright.

"Sorry, sorry sorry," I said, trying to keep her from completely freaking out. "Didn't mean that at all."

"Why did you do that?"

"My hand slipped. You OK?"

"No, of course not," she pouted. "Just get me across."

What happened when she got on dry land made her no happier. No longer immersed in water, her nearly transparent T-shirt clung to every curve. She picked at it in places, trying to peel it away and get it to hang loose, but it stubbornly shrunk back.

"This shirt of yours," Cheryl complained. "I hate it."

"What happened out there?" Kendra said.

Cheryl didn't respond, so I did. "Trying to keep her head above water, I, uh, accidentally touched her in a sensitive place."

Kendra started to laugh, then stopped when Cheryl said, "It's not funny!"

"Up above or down below?" she asked me.


"I don't think it was an accident." Cheryl said.

I had to defend myself. "Cheryl, we had a good system going across, until you let go and went forward. If you had stayed at my side, this wouldn't have happened."

"No, you meant to do that."

"Well, there's no creek for a while," Kendra said, and handed the pack to me. "And come on, Cheryl, you know Darren. He's not the kind of guy to go for a cheap feel."

"Thanks," I said. "I'm the guy who would want to punch somebody who tried to do that to either of you."

Cheryl sensed the tide turning and sighed. "Fine. I'll be all right. It just really caught me by surprise."

"All friends again?" Kendra said.

"In a while. Let's walk."

We continued up the trail, me in the lead, Cheryl in the middle, and Kendra in back. I started pacing it so I would occasionally build a lead, and then turn and wait, sneaking a casual look at Cheryl as she caught up. She had stopped fretting over the T-shirt, which still clung like a second skin, and didn't bother trying to cover up.

We passed a pair of male hikers going the other way, both about 20 or so, who gave Cheryl two double-takes: one for the wet T, and another for the rear view. After they were gone, Kendra said, "Those guys were totally scoping you out!"

"It's going to be like that all day, isn't it?"

"I'm surprised you brought out the thong today," Kendra said. "Not to mention missing the top. There is a top, isn't there?" She had a good way of needling her friend.

"Of course there is!"

"But why today? For a hike in the woods!"

"You know my parents won't even let me wear a bikini? I bought the black swimsuit for this trip. Hoping I could get away for an afternoon. Today might be the only chance to wear it."

"Getting a little frisky while Colin's 3000 miles away?"

"No!" Cheryl scoffed. "Just if you're out here, on vacation, nobody knows you, why not have a little fun? I'm not going to hook up with a guy. Besides, you're here without Rick."

"I didn't want you to be the only single woman out here," Kendra said. "We've got our own room, our own car... it's party central."

"I'm just the chaperone," I joked.

"Chaperones are not supposed to stare at the boobs of who they're chaperoning," Cheryl said.

"Aw, busted," I said. But if Cheryl was joking about it, that meant I was out of trouble.

The next stream crossing was successfully done with no grabbing of any sexual or mammary organs. Cheryl held on to me and evidently was feeling more at ease. Today was really the first time I had done any sort of flirting with her. That's sort of like her wearing a thong: not something you do with three generations of family around, either. I was having fun with it.

We stopped for lunch on a rock outcropping overlooking the ocean. We had packed light: sandwiches, fruit juice, bananas. Cheryl didn't feel like sitting down on bare rock with only the thong, so I lent her the shirt I was wearing as a mat. Unfortunately, the one she wore was drying out and starting to hang loose. For a while, that show was over.

An hour later we reached Rapunzel Falls. Like a single braid of hair, the narrow stream plunged over 40 feet into a natural pool, set in big alcove carved out of the solid rock over millions of years. It was surrounded by several boulders we had to climb over to reach the water.

"The guidebook says it's deep, but you can swim out to it," Kendra said.

"You first," Cheryl said.

I took Kendra out, side by side, and we took turns under the falls. It was like a forceful shower, and not as hard as I expected. I guess falling through the air slowed down the water somewhat.

"I love this!" Kendra said. Her long hair was drenched and plastered together. She knows how to tread water and float a little, so I backed away and let her experience it herself before I helped her back in.

"It is so cool, Cheryl, you'll love it," she said.

Since the pool was deeper than my feet could reach, we tried having Cheryl piggyback as I paddled out. Nice sensation, having a cute woman with great body hugging you from behind. Hey boyfriend Colin's a lucky man, I thought.

"Maybe I should face you," Cheryl said as we approached the downpour. Seemed like a good idea, so she let go and I turned her around. Her T-shirt was billowing up again as I held her arms.

"How should I hold on to you?" I asked. "Arm's length?"

She was slowly sinking under. I pulled her up and a little closer to me. "No, I think you'll have to grab my legs," she said. "You hold my legs and I'll hold on to your shoulders."

I had no objection to this at all. She wrapped her legs around me at waist level and I supported her thighs, a few inches below the butt. This seemed to work, though she was still tilting back. "I'm going to move you underneath the falls," I said, and let go of her legs long enough to paddle us into position. She was quickly drenched in the spray of water.

"This is awesome!" she said. "Let's just stay here for a couple of hours, OK?"

"Pretty cool, huh?" I said.

She was still leaning backward a bit and pulled herself closer to me; now we were more upright, but my hands were solidly on her butt cheeks.

"Sorry about the hands," I said, trying to shift them back.

"Don't worry about it," she said. "You've done worse already." Her face was just inches from mine, and some spray was drenching me too. She had never been this close to me before. "As long as I don't drown, and you don't get to second base or something, it's OK."

"Wouldn't think of it!"

Wow. How great was this: flirting with this hot-looking woman, grabbing her bare butt cheeks, her legs were wrapped around me. Her T-shirt was a bloom at the surface, and the coolest thing was that as we bobbed in the water, her nipples sometimes brushed against my chest. And that didn't seem to bother her at all.

"You okay?" Kendra called; we barely overheard her over the noise of the spray. "Great!" Cheryl said, waving back.

"I guess we should go back in," Cheryl said, with some regret. "I just don't want to leave! It's like the world's best head massage!"

Another naughty idea occurred to me. "I bet the water would feel really good on your back."

A lightbulb went off over her head. "Yeah! Let's try having you move back and I'll lean forward!"

We did that, but the results weren't too good. "The T-shirt's in the way," she complained. She was in the water basically up to her neck, and the shirt was dampening the effect of the falling water. She bit her lip, thinking. She looked around, obviously to see who else was in the area, and I did too; but only Kendra was there, looking between some rocks. She noticed us and waved.

"I'm going to do something," Cheryl said. "You have to promise not to tell anyone."

"My lips are sealed," I said.

"Hang on to me," she said, and let go of my shoulders. She reached down and pulled the T-shirt over her head. Now the water was up to her neck, and all the spray prevented a clear view below the surface; but just knowing that the black thong was now the only thing she had on made me sport some serious wood. Thankfully I was holding her butt just high enough that she wasn't able to tell.

She wrapped the soaked T-shirt around my neck. "Don't lose it!"

I looked her straight in the eye, the "See, I'm not looking at your tits" gaze that all women probably recognize.

"OK, now lift me up just a little bit," she said. "Slowly." We were still upright, and I lifted her inch by inch. "OK... OK... stop stop stop!" Satisfied, she closed her eyes, enjoying the spray around her head and shoulders, and I took the opportunity to see what I could.

At the surface, her body reminded me a little bit of the volcanic coastline of the island itself. Her breasts were rounded bluffs, sloping down into the water. Between them, a narrow cove. Her pink nipples were right at the waterline, bobbing in and out. I couldn't believe my good fortune.

I looked up again, and her eyes were open. Even if I had been caught peeking, it was still worth it.

By this point, my image of Cheryl had changed. No longer just a cute in-law, she was now for me an object of sexual fantasy. Sorry, Cheryl, that's just the way it was now. My dick, which was still quite hard, had made that choice for me. (Fortunately, she was up high enough that my boner wasn't poking her in the butt.) I thought again about Colin and envied how he could enjoy her hot body whenever he wanted.

But in a way, I was enjoying her now. Not fully, but you know what I mean.

She wanted the spray to strike lower on her back. "Can you try leaning back?" she said. Hey, I'd try whatever she wanted. I leaned back and she went forward, hugging me tight. So now her shoulders were completely out of the water, much of her back was, and her magnificent breasts were just squished against me. Her head was over my shoulder and she spoke in my left ear. "Awesome! I could just melt!" Her butt was close enough to the surface (and my hands still gripping it) that I could feel the force of the water close by.

After a few minutes, she said. "We should go, Kendra's been waiting forever." We went back upright and she was again face to face with me. "You're a great chaperone," she said. "Thanks."

She kissed me quickly on the lips, and for a moment it seemed like she would come back for another. Anything seemed possible. Her nipples brushed against me. I had a vision of pulling down her thong, she bending her legs to help until it was free and kicking it away; and then pushing down my trunks over my surging hardon and taking her right then and there. I knew that was the wrong thing to do. But it just seemed so close to possibly being right.

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