tagGroup SexRaquel Ch. 03

Raquel Ch. 03


As I began to recede from my orgasm and Claudia finished licking the last of my juices; I watched as Robert pulled Jackson's cock from his mouth. Claudia moved off the bed and left the room while Jackson lay on his back next to me. I climbed on top of him and slid his cock into my pussy. I was dripping wet again and he slid in easily, he was so hard I could feel the veins bulging along his long shaft. I rode him slowly as Robert climbed between Jackson's legs and knelt behind me.

I felt him place his hands on my hips while Jackson thrust up into me; Robert rubbed his hands along my back and around my bottom. He massaged and squeezed my cheeks in his large hands; he pulled my cheeks wide and exposed my tight bum hole. I felt his breath on my cheeks before his tongue began licking around my tight ring.

Jackson had stopped thrusting and was now flexing and relaxing his cock inside me. I contracted and flexed my inner muscles as well and soon I began to cum all the while Robert licked and probed my ass with his warm wet tongue. As my inner muscles began to relax I felt Robert's fingers rubbing the juices that were running out of me around my ass.

"I'm afraid it's time for me to go. I will leave you and Jackson to yourselves." He placed a gentle kiss on my lips and left the room.

Jackson and I were both spent but we continued to fuck till I couldn't sit up and fell off of him. I rolled onto my side and he lifted my leg and slid into me. He didn't last much longer and I felt him explode inside me as I drifted to sleep.


Adam entered the picture about a year after my exploits that night with Robert, Claudia and Jackson. My "stable" of men includes Robert on a regular basis however I have not nor do I plan to be with Claudia again. I don't have a set schedule to be with my men; they all know about each other and are content to have me whenever they please. It works out well for all of us although I must say I have had to increase my kegal exercises to three times a day.

I might go a week without seeing Jackson only to spend an entire week in his bed. Each lover has different qualities, needs and pleasures, each is so different and each one pleases me beyond anything I could ever have imagined. When Adam came into my life I was not looking for another addition to my lovers, I was quite satisfied with my life the way it was.

I knew the moment I saw Adam that I was in trouble. He wasn't someone I ever imagined I'd be so attracted to so quickly; he is so different from the current men in my life. My usual "type" of man was always limited to light skinned men with blond hair and light eyes. That's just been what I was most attracted to most of my adult life. Robert is the only diversity among the three men I sleep with, he is Latino (as I am), and my other lovers are "Caucasian". Adam is Japanese, not what some might consider stereotypical Japanese. He's tall (over 6 feet) has shoulder length jet-black hair, smooth skin about a shade lighter than my own (I'm pretty dark all year round) and blue-green eyes (like the Mediterranean). He has broad shoulders and muscles in all the right places. I have yet to see him naked but it's something I definitely look forward to. One of the things I love most about him is his mouth; he has a wide mouth with full lips. His bottom lip is fuller and sticks out in a sort of permanent pout. It's so sexy!

He has lived here for the past 26 years and has only a slight accent when he speaks English. When he speaks Japanese it's a whole other story, I don't listen to him much because hearing him speak his native tongue makes my pussy ache and my knees go weak. He was hired on at my firm as a consultant, which means he is only going to be here for a maximum of a year. He's brilliant and funny and I enjoy our meetings and working lunches together but I want more. I have my hands more than full and I don't need to take on another lover...there is just something about Adam that makes me desire him more than I've desired any man.

Our working relationship took a more personal turn last week when our firm went to an NBA game. We had box seats but the majority of the twelve people there were more interested in drinking than watching the game. I was not one of them. I sat outside the windowed room and enjoyed the game (our team lost) in relative peace. After halftime I heard the door slide open and out walked Adam. He smiled and asked if he could sit next to me. We watched the game and chatted during free throws and timeouts. By the time the game was over I was even more attracted to him.

I had ridden to the game with my coworker Mindy, but considering the amount of alcohol she'd consumed I opted not to ride with her. The group that had drunk the most took the limo and left the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Luckily Adam had brought his Jeep; he kindly offered me a ride home.

As we were leaving the stadium (almost an hour later) he asked me if I was interested in having a late dinner with him. It was still early, just a little after 10:00 on a Friday night so I gladly accepted. We arrived at a small Italian restaurant about 20 miles from my place, I wasn't familiar with it but Adam said it was his favorite.

We were seated in a booth near a beautiful fountain in the center of the room. Once we ordered we took time to talk more and get to know each other better. He had ordered us a bottle of wine and we sipped it while we told stories about growing up and different things. I learned a lot about him, where he was born (Okinawa), what his parents do (mom died 27 years ago, dad was an actor) and when he moved here (he was 2, his dad remarried an American).

The restaurant closed at 1:00 am and they had to kick us out, we reluctantly left and walked to his car. On the short walk I felt his hand brush against mine. I looked over at him but he was looking away. Ever the gentleman, he opened the passenger door for me and helped me in. As he closed the door he leaned down and brushed a small kiss on my forehead.

As he climbed in the car and started the engine I turned in my seat to face him. He didn't look over at me so I put my hands on either side of his face and turned his face slowly to mine. He had his eyes down as I leaned in and softly kissed his mouth. I pulled back to look at him and he finally looked at me.

"I'm sorry Raquel; I don't normally act so forward." He said quietly.

Forward? He thought that was forward? Boy was he in for a surprise.

"No need to apologize Adam, that's why I kissed you back." I smiled at him.

"Would you like to come by my place for a nightcap?" He smiled back at me and my insides felt like molten lava.

"Sure, I'd like that." I turned back in my seat and we headed for his house.

He lived about 40 miles south of the restaurant, after driving for nearly an hour we pulled into the driveway of a huge English Tudor style house. It looked like a small castle. Even though it was dark out, strategically placed lights hidden among the plants and trees lighted the house. It was breathtaking to say the least.

He parked under the archway that led to the front door and climbed out to open my door. The front door was massive; there were two cherry wood doors with beautiful glasswork at the top of each piece. As he unlocked it to let us in I was again struck at how beautiful his house was. While getting to know him I knew his family was well off (his father is an actor and singer in Japan) and I knew Adam made good money from several enterprises he was involved in but I still had no idea he had THIS kind of money.

He led me to a "cozy" living room and we sat on his plush sofa. I looked around in amazement at the décor, he had magnificent taste and his home reflected his personality.

"What would you like to drink?" He asked while staring at me from his side of the sofa.

"Brandy is fine." I said while trying not to gawk at the artwork on his walls and the massive fireplace behind us.

He stood and went to a blank wall, he pushed a panel and the bar appeared with a soft "whoosh". I watched him pour our drinks and walk back to the sofa. He moved so gracefully, it was like watching a cat slink across the room. I resisted the urge to reach for him and grab handfuls of his thick black hair; I could almost feel the silky strands between my fingers. His striking blue-green eyes staring intently at me through a veil of hair made my nipples hard and my pussy ache. I realized that I was breathing fast and tried to remind myself to take slow deep breaths.

He sat next to me, our thighs pressed together. The heat of his body raced along my skin as he handed me my drink. I took a small sip; the brandy felt hot as it slid down my throat and heated up my already fiery insides. I set my glass down and he did the same, as he did our hands brushed and my breath caught in my throat.

I heard him chuckle, a deep resonating sound that seemed to vibrate my bones. I looked at him and he was staring at me with a small smile on his face. He reached his hands out and placed them at the base of my skull pulling me to him. I closed my eyes just as his mouth touched mine. His lips were so soft; he moved his lips over mine in a sensual massage before finally pushing his tongue between my parted lips.

I ran my tongue around his in firm circles while he explored my mouth. I couldn't help but moan as he pressed his chest to mine. My nipples were so hard they ached for his touch. The feeling of his firm chest against my hard nipples was sending electric shocks through my body. He moved his hands down my back and pulled me to him tighter. We kissed for a long time, never doing more with our hands than embracing and touching through our clothes.

He drove me home just as the sun was rising. We kissed goodbye and he drove away once he saw I was in my house. I raced to my room and pulled my vibrator out of my nightstand drawer; I had to have some sort of release! We'd made out for hours but that was it, he made me so hot I thought I was going to spontaneously combust. Thankfully I was able to satisfy myself quickly before I fell asleep.

Adam and I began dating and soon I was seeing him nearly every night. I was unsure how I would approach the subject of my other lovers. He and I hadn't made love yet and I used that as my excuse to not mention them. Because we were spending so much time together I had not seen Jackson, Robert and Allen in several weeks. They all knew I was dating Adam; in fact Jackson liked to tease me that I was falling in love with him. I didn't think I was, just because we'd been dating for almost a month and hadn't done more than kiss didn't mean I was "serious" about Adam...did it?

He was one of the most romantic men I'd ever met. In the month that we'd been dating he'd planned countless romantic meals varying from picnics in the park to candlelit dinners on the beach. I had a lot of fun with him and we had a lot in common. I hadn't had sex in several weeks and I was getting to the point where I was so frustrated I was taking it out on people around me. Finally Jackson called me and told me he wanted to see me. I didn't have plans with Adam that evening so we agreed to meet. To be honest I knew he was going to fuck me and it had been several weeks of celibacy for me. Normally that wouldn't be rough but after having my choice of three fantastic lovers for over a year I had grown to expect and need sex daily.

Jackson called me two hours before our date and informed me we were going to a sort of masquerade party his friends were throwing. I let him know I didn't have a costume or mask.

"Do you honestly think I'd overlook that darling?" He cooed into the phone.

The sound of his voice was enough to send my pulse racing and a familiar ache settled in my loins.

"What did you have in mind then?"

"Your costume will arrive shortly. Wear only what I sent for you." He chuckled and hung up.

Sure enough, not even 10 minutes later a package arrived by private courier. I took the bags and informed my assistant that I'd be leaving for the day. I drove home and raced to my room with the costume Jackson had picked out for me.

I was shocked to see a very small black lace shirt, short red mini skirt, 4 inch red pumps and a red lace thong with matching bra. I immediately called Jackson on his cell phone.

"What's going on baby?" He laughed into the phone. "I assume you got my package?"

"What sort of costume party is this? I'll look like a hooker in this!"

"That's the point darling. It's a Tarts and Vicars party; apparently it's a British thing. The men are the Vicars and the women are the Tarts." He chuckled again.

"It would have been nice if you told me that BEFORE I agreed to go." I laughed because he knew I would enjoy this party after being without him for the past month.

"Enjoy the drive; the directions to Todd's house are in the other bag. See you there honey!" He hung up before I could respond. I didn't look forward to driving to his friend's house in the outfit but I figured it would be an interesting drive if anyone caught sight of my see-through shirt.

I showered and dressed in the sexy outfit he sent for me. It included black stockings and a beautiful black and red satin garter belt. I looked in the mirror and imagined Jackson fucking me in a closet or anywhere for that matter. I was horny and the outfit was making me hotter by the second.

I hopped in my car and headed for the highway that would take me to Todd's house. I admit I was going faster than I should have on the two-lane highway so I shouldn't have been surprised when I was pulled over. I leaned over to my glove compartment as the officer walked to the driver's side door. As I sat back in my seat I caught the look on the officers face. I realized he must have had a nice look at my ass in the short skirt and thong.

I handed him my driver's license and registration as his gaze stopped on my breasts. He had his glasses pushed down his nose and was staring openly at my cleavage. I watched as a bulge began to form in the front of his pants. I smiled up at him and pressed my breasts together as he took my license.

He cleared his throat and removed his sunglasses, his eyes were a bright blue and he settled his gaze on my cleavage once again.

"Actually ma'am I stopped you to let you know your license plate is falling off." He smiled down at me.

I smiled back, "Thank you officer!" I reached for the handle and opened my door. He backed up as I climbed out.

When he saw the nature of my entire outfit his eyes widened and the bulge in his pants grew noticeably larger. I licked my lips as he saw me stare brazenly at his arousal.

I walked to the back of my car and bent over with my rear facing the officer as I inspected my loose license plate and tightened the screw with my fingers. I moved my hips back and forth and spread my legs wider; I wanted to make sure he got a clear view of my pussy under my skimpy panties. I looked over my shoulder at him and saw that he was indeed staring at my pussy. I stood and walked back to him, invading his space and pressing my large breasts against his chest.

"I'll need to tighten that more, do you have any tools in your car that I could use?" I pressed tighter against his body and felt his cock dig into my belly.

"Uh, yeah...uh...I...what do you need?" He asked hoarsely.

"I think I need something...big." I reached out and stroked the length of his erection through his pants.

I was incredibly aroused; I had never done anything like this before. Plus the fact that he was a cop, in a tight uniform...well, that's all it took. It didn't hurt that he was really cute and his body looked young and firm under his uniform, throw in my month long celibacy...I knew it wouldn't take much to make me steaming hot.

I walked to the passenger side of his car, opened the door and leaned across the seat with my ass hanging out of the car and my knees resting uncomfortably on the edge of the car. He walked quickly behind me and knelt on the dirt road, I heard him unzip his pants and the sound of them being shoved down his legs. I felt his hand lift my skirt to reveal my ass with the thong wedged between my cheeks. He spanked my right cheek once then my left cheek, I jumped when he repeated the slap on my left cheek harder.

I was dripping wet and could feel my juices running towards my clit and soaking my panties. The officer noticed as well and he began to gently massage my aching clit through the lacy material.

"I wish I had more time but this is dangerous...not to mention if I don't fuck you soon I'm going to explode!" He whispered in my ear.

I felt him pull my panties down and rub the head of his cock up and down the length of my pussy, getting it wet before he slowly eased between my lips and entered me. We moaned in unison as he eased slowly into me, inch by agonizing inch until he filled me. I was ready to climax as soon as he was in so deep his balls were pressing firmly against my clit. I ground back into him and he put his hands on my hips. He started to slowly but powerfully slam into me. I came on the third stroke, I screamed loudly as he shoved his thick cock faster and faster into me. I came again and still he pounded into me harder and faster.

He was moaning louder and grunting as he slammed into me relentlessly till I came again. Finally as my climax was winding down he pushed into me further and I felt him explode, I felt each gush of hot liquid as he pulsed and pumped inside me. When he was finished he pulled slowly out of me and helped me to my feet. He turned me to face him and placed a soft kiss on my lips. He helped me clean up with some napkins from his patrol car, as I adjusted my skirt I noticed him slip my wet panties into his pocket and he smiled at me.

"You are an amazing woman, when can I see you again? As much fun as fucking you on the side of the road was I'd like to take you out on a date." He kissed his way down my neck and nibbled on my shoulder.

We walked back to my car and exchanged numbers (and names). I found out his name was Darren Rogers and he lived a couple of cities from me (not too far). We made a little small talk before he kissed me good-bye and I drove away. I was only gone a few minutes when my cell phone rang. I assumed it was Jackson calling to scold me for being late; it turned out to be Darren.

"Hi sexy, I just wanted to let you know I was keeping your panties hostage until I see again."

"I guess that means you'll be seeing me again very soon. I'm on my way to a party right now but give me a call during the week so we can get together."

"I can't wait."

We hung up and I raced to Todd's house hoping I wasn't too late. I pulled into the driveway 25 minutes late. Jackson was waiting in front of the house with the valets when I pulled in. He was dressed as a Priest; I suppressed a laugh as the valet walked to my door and opened it. The valet took my keys as Jackson made his way around the car. He looked me up and down and smiled the smile that made me weak in the knees.

"You look unbelievable darling." He pulled me into his arms and whispered in my ear, "In fact, you look freshly fucked. Did Adam finally give it up?" He sucked my earlobe into his mouth.

"Actually, I got pulled over and I got something much better than a ticket." I cooed against his neck.

"Well then, we should head into the party so you can tell me all the dirty details."

He took me by the hand and led me into the massive entryway. I looked around in amazement, this house made Adams look like a shack. Jackson saw me gawking and began telling me about our host Todd, the house and the party.

"First of all let me make something very clear darling, you do NOT have to do anything you don't want to do tonight. The rules of the party are simple, ladies choice. Normally there are several women at each party but three of the women chickened out at the last minute so that leaves you and the rest of the 'vicars'." He flashed a devilish grin and continued to tell me about the party. "Since you are the only 'tart' that means you get to choose however many vicars you want."

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