Rascal Flatts #1


There was always a catch to their plans. Always a reason; always conflicting plans that sprout up; always some damned thing to keep them from having one night out alone...

... Jake had bought the tickets a month ago, taking a vacation day to be sure that he got Julia the best seats possible. Rascal Flatts was going to be playing at Wahconah Park. Apparently the band wanted to give back to the fans, and seeing how well received Bob Dylan's Minor League Parks Tour was, they decided to do a tour in the same style. Jake had waited from 1am until they opened the gates to buy the tickets. He was the third person in line. Once he got to the ticket window he was greeted with an unexpected surprise, they were selling VIP front row tickets, which included a backstage meet and greet with the band after the show. So he bought one front row and one VIP for Julia, knowing she was going to be surprised beyond belief...

...Jake sighed as he hung up the phone; there was literally no one that could watch the boys that night. He looked at Julia sitting on the couch frowning. Just one memorable night, that was all he wanted to give her.

"Well....I'll save the tickets as a souvenir," she said frowning. Ever since he had surprised her that night with the tickets, Julia had been looking forward to this night.

"Nope, I know one last person that can watch the boys," Jake answered smiling, "they are real good with him too."

"Who?" she asked, hopping off the couch, "don't tease me." The smile slowly crept back to her saddened face.

"I'll watch em," he said pulling her close, "this night was all about you anyways, so you will still enjoy it." "I don't know if you have anyone to call to take the second ticket, most everyone we know we called to baby-sit," he said chuckling.

"I don't know anyone else to call, and I want you to go with me," Julia responded.

"Hun, you have a backstage pass, and a front row seat. See if you can sell the other ticket, or give it away, or have them sign it when you go see them...it doesn't matter. You are going to the show, and having a good time. The boys and I will chill here, and you can tell me all about meeting them when ya get home," Jake told her, "now let's go upstairs and pick out something for you to wear. Being in the front row you want them to notice you."

"I am not wearing a short skirt. It is a warm October night, but it isn't that warm," Julia said, "what about my 19 year old jeans? You tell me I look good in those."

"Only if you wear a thong. And you have to have the jeans as low as you can, to show a little thong," he answered, grinning.

"Ok, deal. But what top? It needs to be something that can keep me warm though," she said looking around.

"Your sexy red sweater, you know the one I mean. You can wear your red lacy bra, and the red thong. I love that out fit off you... I mean on you," he said smiling, "we'll wait for ya downstairs." Ten minutes later Julia was downstairs, looking as good as ever.

"Babe, I feel awful going out when you are stuck home alone. Why don't..."

"Fine, you feel bad, tomorrow night I'll go catch a movie ok, then we'll be even, but tonight, you are going to the concert," he interrupted. "Stay right here, I got one more thing for you," he said dashing upstairs. He returned with her black pearl necklace.

"It completes the look," he said standing behind her as he clasped it. She started to turn to face him but he held her still for a moment, then he thrust his hand into her font pocket, depositing something. Julia felt her pocket, and then turned to stare at him with her eyes wide.

Leaning in close she said, "Why the hell did you put condoms in my pocket?"

"Hun, you have a VIP pass to meet a band you adore. You know you think they are all sexy, especially Gary. I'm just saying..."

"NO!" she whispered forcefully at him, "you are crazy you know that."

"Sweetheart, hear me out ok. IF, you get an opportunity, and IF you felt like acting on it, I'm telling you it is fine. These are celebrities, and I know you love only me. You have my ok, if you get a chance and want to ok," he told her, holding her tenderly.

"And what do you get outta this," she asked him.

"If I get a chance to have sex with a female celebrity, I'll go for it ok?" he said.

"And if no celebrity ever presents herself to you?" she asked, leaning in closer to him.

"Then I guess I go without, ok," he said, pulling her close.

"No, you won't go without, I'll find you someone," she said, squeezing him tightly, "if any of this crazy idea ever happens...which it won't". Julia grabbed her jacket and put it on. She gave Jake and the boys a kiss goodnight, and left for the concert.

Julia was standing along with the rest of the crowd. What an amazing show they had put on. Being the last date of the tour, they had played for an extra thirty minutes. Julia was all excited about going to meet the band; Gary had leaned down from the stage and taken her hand when he sang I Melt, she thought she was going to faint. After the band left the stage their manager instructed the VIP pass holders to go to stage left and they would be taken to the band shortly. She couldn't wait.

By the time she had worked her way to the waiting area, there was about twenty people waiting. The manager appeared, and explained that they would take 2 groups of ten to see the band. He pointed out the first 10 people, and Julia was in the second group. About 20 minutes later the manager reappeared and told them it was their turn now. She suddenly grew very nervous. As they approached the tour bus she grew even more nervous. They all climbed on board and there they were, sitting on a sofa off to one side were Gary, Jay, and Joe-Don. She was going to pee her pants if she couldn't use the bathroom. She grabbed the manager and begged him to use the bathroom. He led her to the back of the bus to the bathroom, passing through the bands sleeping quarters. She undid her jeans and sat down, and she couldn't go. She sat wand waited, growing ever more frustrated with herself.

"If you blow your chance to meet them it is your own fault," she told herself, and then she went, "ahhhhh." She wiped and flushed. As she went to pull up her thong, it got stuck on her button fly. As she sat on the toilet wrestling with it, she didn't notice the door handle turning.

"Oh...I'm....I'm so sorry," Gary stammered as he closed the door. Julia's face flushed. Gary had seen her with her pants down sitting on the toilet trying to pull her panties up. She freed her thong and pulled up her pants, washing her hands and composing herself as best she could before stepping out. As she exited the bathroom, Gary was standing there, looking down at his feet, seemingly embarrassed.

"I didn't know anyone was left," he said, finally looking her in the eyes. Julia looked up the bus and noticed it was empty.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know our time was up, I can't believe I wasted it in the bathroom," she said forgetting her embarrassment.

"The time wasn't up," he said, "one of the other VIP's was drunk and got a bit disorderly. She climbed onto Joe-Don and started molesting him. Our manager called security and they ended the session for everyone."

"I'll go then," she said starting toward the front of the bus. But Gary grabbed her arm gently and turned her around.

"You paid for the meet and greet," he said, "welcome to our tour bus, I'm Gary. How's that for a meet and greet?"

"My names Julia, nice to meet you," she said.

"Julia, you have any questions you'd like to ask?" he asked her, as he led her by the hand to the couch. Suddenly feeling bold Julia asked, "How do you handle being away from your wife for such long periods of time?"

Gary smiled warmly, and grinned. He seemed uncertain of what he would say next, and then he spoke, "Well, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone what I am about to tell you..."

"I promise," she said.

"...ok. Before we got married, we addressed the issue of me being on the road. My wife told me flat out that after awhile, sex toys and fantasies wouldn't be enough, that she would need a man to satisfy her. So I asked her what she felt we should do, and she said we needed to have an open marriage. We needed to be able to have other partners when we were away from each other. She told me she knew I would have my pick of my fans, and that she just wanted it to be ok if she wanted a warm body once in awhile. So, when I'm on tour, she can mess around, and so can I," he explained resting his hand on Julia's upper thigh where the condoms made a small bulge.

"It feels like you may have had something in mind yourself," Gary said, squeezing her thigh. Julia's heart raced. She had dreamed of this moment for years, and now she wasn't sure she could do it. Could she really have sex with another man? Well, she thought to herself, Jake told you to go for it if you had the chance, and the chance looks to be happening.

"Well, a girl always has to be prepared doesn't she?" Julia asked, with a devilish grin on her face.

"So you and your husband have an open marriage too?" he asked looking at her ring.

"I guess we do now," she said, pushing Gary onto his back and rising up to her knees, "my husband is the one that gave me the condoms." Gary looked up at her, and smiled. She grabbed the bottom of her sweater and slowly pulled it over her head, revealing her full breasts covered by her lacy red bra. Gary grabbed her hips and pulled her down to him, burying his face in her neck. Julia moaned as he kissed her neck. He ran his hands up her back to her bra, and unclasped it.

"Oh yesss," she gasped as she felt her bra falling off her shoulders. She lifted herself from his chest, showing him her supple breasts. Gary moved his hands to her ass, and raised his mouth to her breasts. He nibbled and licked them as he massaged her ass through her jeans.

"Ooooooooouuuu yeah...that's it.....lick my tits.....mmmmmmmm," Julia moaned as she ground her crotch into the bulge she felt rising in his pants. She was in heaven. She loved having her tits caressed and kissed. She sat up on him, and slowly wiggled around, showing him her incredible body. Gary quickly sat up, tossing Julia backwards onto the couch. He lay on top of her and started kissing her neck again, and then moved lower. He trailed his tongue between her breasts, down to her stomach. He licked around her belly button for a minute, as he undid her jeans. She lifted her ass off the couch, so he could slide her pants off her. He continued kissing down her legs until her pants were off. He started moving up again, and she started to slide her thong off.

"No, keep it on," he said, "You look amazing wearing only a thong." She smiled and beckoned him with one finger. He stopped at the top of her thighs, and placed kisses all over them as he slowly slid her legs open. He started licking the lips of her wet pussy, gently flicking them with his tongue, then running his tongue in circles around it.

"Mmmmmmmm....oh yeah....ohhh yesss......ahhhhhhh that's it.....ahhhhh yes...." Julia moaned as she took a condom from her pants and tossed it to Gary. She lay there smiling as she watched him undress. As he slid his boxers off her eyes grew wide, and her pulse quickened with fear. His cock had to be 10 inches long and 2 ½ inches thick, it was massive. She had never seen another cock in person, and even in the movies she had watched with Jake, she had never seen one so large. She didn't know if she could handle the entire length in her, and she knew from looking at it that she was going to be stretched like never before. Julia looked up with her wide eyes and saw Gary smiling down at her. "My wife tells me that no one has ever filled her as much as me, and she's been with her fair share of men," he said as he took her hand and led her to his bed. He handed her back her condom and took one of his own from the headboard over his bed. "Regular ones just don't fit me," he said as he opened the package. Julia just looked up at him and smiled, and as he was getting ready to put the condom on she said, "Wait....I want you in my mouth....I want to see how much I can do." She crawled across his bed, looking up into his eyes and licking her lips. She reached out and grabbed it, and realized she could barely get her hand all the way around it. After giving it a few gentle strokes she lowered her head to it and started licking the head. Slowly she slid more of it into her mouth, until the head pushed into her throat and she started to gag.

"Take it easy Julia, no need to try for all of it," Gary said as he held her head and slid it off his cock, "just take what you can." He held her head as it moved up and down on his cock. She would slide her head back until only the head was between her lips, then she would suck it hard and slide it back in as far as she could.

"Oh yeah...oh baby you are great," he moaned as she continued her blow job, "You keep this up and I won't last very long.....mmmmmmmmmmm." She quickened her pace, bobbing her head faster and faster on his cock, using both hands to jerk him. She could feel his cock tense, and knew he was going to cum. With one last lick of her tongue she moved her head away and jerked him furiously while staring into his eyes. With a yell Gary came, shooting his cum onto her breasts.

"It's so warm," she cooed at him, still jerking him slowly. Immediately she noticed that his penis had not gone soft. He handed her a wash cloth to clean up with, and put the condom on. He grabbed a tube of KY Liquid and lubed up his enormous cock. Julia stared at it, still worried she couldn't handle it.

"Please, be gentle...I've never had anything that big in me before," she said to him. As he leaned over her, she could feel his massive cock pushing at her wet pussy, and she moaned. He positioned himself over her, with his cock head resting at her opening. He leaned lower, and kissed her breasts, licking her nipples, and sucking them in. Then he moved to her sensual neck, kissing every square inch of skin. She pulled him down to her, and his cock pushed in a about an inch.

"Uggggh," was all she managed. He had no more than the tip in her and it felt like she was being split open, in the best way possible. He raised himself and looked down at her, grinning as he started to move just a little, not going in any further yet. Her breathing grew rapid, he was teasing her and she needed more. He stopped moving and grabbed his cock, and rubbed it up and down over her clit, drawing gasps and moans from her. Julia reached up and grabbed his shoulders, and looked into his eyes. She felt a fire rising in her, and knew only one way to extinguish it.

"Gary, stop teasing me, I want it all," she begged, "fill me now...put it all in....I can't wait anymore."

"Hold on baby," he said. With one slow motion he pushed his cock all the way into her pussy. She came, hard.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......gawwwwdd.....yessssssssss," she screamed, digging her nails into his back. She tossed her head from side to side, trying to handle the unbelievable pleasure that was coursing through her. There was some slight pain, as she grew used to it, but the pleasure was so much more. He slowly withdrew until only the head was in, and then slowly pushed it in again. She gripped him harder, unable to handle the pleasure crashing over her, but he didn't stop. In and out he moved, slowly fucking her. With every in stroke she could feel his balls bouncing onto her ass. She thought for a split second she might pass out from the overwhelming pleasure shooting through her, but slowly she regained some semblance of control. Julia ground her hips up to meet his every thrust, growling with lust as he filled her over and over. She pulled his head down to her, and bit his ear playfully, moaning through the pleasure.

"Fuck me Gary," she groaned into his ear, "I want you to fuck me." Gary positioned himself on his knees holding her breasts, and Julia locked her ankles behind his back. Grunting and groaning he picked up the pace, pumping her faster and faster, moaning at the feeling of her tight pussy squeezing his cock.

"Oh baby.....you are so wet and tight....ohhhhh yeahhhh," he moaned. He moved his hands to her hips, and started pumping her as fast as he could. Julia was in ecstasy, she was squeezing him with her legs and pussy for all she could. He continued to hammer into her faster and faster as she thrashed about in pure lust.

"Fuck me...fuck me...oh God fuck me," she yelled over and over. "Oh God....oh God....I'm gonna cum....oh shit...oh..oh...yessssssssssssssssssss," Julia screamed as her orgasm crashed over her. She let her legs fall from his back, hoping he would slow a little to let her recover. Instead Gary lifted her legs high, and put them over his shoulders, allowing him to penetrate her deeper than before.

"OH FUCK!!!," she started to yell, but it was stifled by Gary's mouth as it closed on her lips, kissing her deeply. He pushed his tongue into her mouth with every thrust, removing it each time he withdrew his cock. Julia breathed through her nose as they kissed, their tongues making love as their bodies fucked. Gary released her, and went back to his knees, spreading her legs wide and holding her just under the knee. Julia looked down and groaned as she watched his massive cock filling her over and over. Gary looked down at her lithe body and smiled, Julia's body was covered with a light sheen of sweat from their love making, and it made her even sexier if that was at all possible. He noticed her eyes turning glassy again and grinned. Julia ran one hand over her breast and the other down to where they were joined; she had to feel his cock as it filled her over and over. Rubbing her breasts she grabbed his cock and pulled it out rubbing it all over her clit. She put it back in and began rubbing her clit faster, pinching and rolling her nipples through her fingers.

"I'm cumming again....oh shit here it comes....oh...oh....arghhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss," she moaned as another orgasm hit, and Gary picked up the pace again. "Oh God no...please...oh shit...let me....oh fuck....I need to rest....oh God.....again......oh shit.....FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCK!" she screamed in ecstasy. This time Gary withdrew his cock and lay down behind her. His dick seemed to know where it wanted to be as it began poking at her wet pussy from behind.

"Oh please, let me have a minute to catch my breath," she begged him.

"Sure thing baby," he said kissing her shoulder, "if you can go for a little while longer I'll come again too, but if you are too tired I understand." He nibbled at her shoulder some more. Julia turned to face him, grabbing his cock as she did.

"If you think this monster has tired me out.....well you're right," she said laughing, "but not tired enough to call it a night." She leaned into him and pushed her tongue into his mouth, all the while jerking his massive dick. She slowly kissed down his sweaty body, stopping just below his belly button.

"As a matter of fact," she said straddling his body, and lining his cock up with her pussy, "I think round two is about to start now." With that she slowly lowered herself onto his cock, amazed again at how huge it was. Straddling him on her knees, she slowly raised and lowered her body, while running her hands through her gorgeous reddish brown hair.

"MMMMmmmmm its soooo good," she purred as she slowly rode him, "is it good for you baby?"

"You are incredible," Gary told her, placing his hands on her hips, "you are amazingly sexy and are an incredible lover." Julia started to rotate her hips in a circular motion, squeezing his cock with her pussy.

"Ohh yeah.....that's it baby....mmmmmm," he gasped as she continued to ride him, "turn around baby, I wanna watch your ass as you ride me."

"Ok, but no touching there, I don't let my husband, so I won't let you," she teasingly scolded him. She spun around on him and continued to ride him, picking up the pace, and bouncing faster and harder on his massive cock.

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