"Oh, when did this get arranged?" she asked. "I haven't heard you talk about any interest in her."

"Actually, it sort of happened by accident," I told her. "It's actually pretty funny and you will get a kick out of it. Mat and I are still chuckling about it. I will tell you tonight how things came to pass, so you can have a good laugh too."

She responded, "I'm looking forward to that. It sounds intriguing." She paused for a second and then said, "Got to go now; my other line is lighting up. Love you." With that, the phone went dead.

While I was talking to Alice, Rashel had lost the housecoat somewhere and had been teasing me with her body. She had even managed to get my cock out of my pants. By the time I had hung up the phone, she was energetically sucking me. I didn't take too long to get hard and ready for action. When I did, she sat back and had a good look at my cock. She smiled as she yelled down the hall to Mat that he was in for a treat, because I was two inches bigger than he was.

So as not to waste any time, we headed off to the bedroom. Mat was already sitting in his chair with an end table beside him in the corner. He was naked and already stroking his meat in anticipation. I noticed he had a towel spread out on the floor in front of him, as well as a few more towels on the end table. I didn't pay anymore attention to him because I had a very hot and animated woman undressing me. Rashel dragged me onto the bed and within seconds, she had me in the sixty-nine position and was devouring my cock again.

Rashel's pussy was absolutely soaked and I energetically went about licking and sucking it all up. After being in camp for a couple of weeks, and with her mouth doing wondrous things to me, I couldn't hold back very long so I warned her. She told me to give it to her and, if anything, she redoubled her efforts to get me off. She had a small orgasm and then pulled off of me when she felt me cumming. I shot my cum all over her chest.

"You are just like Mat when he gets home. He has gone without for so long, he cums almost as soon as I touch him. Don't worry, we have lots of time and you will enjoy what comes later," she said.

With that, she got up and went over to Mat and straddled his legs facing him, and rubbed her chest on his, spreading my cum over him.

After she covered him with my cum, Rashel again used that firm voice of hers as she told him, "Remember you can't cum until after I finish fucking your friend. If you do cum too early, you will not get my treat later!" Then in a teasing voice she added, "I know you want the treat, so be a good boy and do as you're told."

I thought to myself that she seemed to have a bit of a dominant side to her, and wanted to control the situation by ordering Mat around. But as long as I could get some of her fine pussy she could do just about anything she liked.

She then returned to the bed with one of those spare towels, wiping down her chest to clean off the rest of that cum of mine. When she finished, she threw the towel back towards Mat's corner and said to me, "Now, we start the main event. Let's get you hard again."

Once again, she was devouring me in her mouth and it didn't take my body long to respond to her expert ministrations. Jesus, she could suck a cock! Once I was hard enough, she immediately impaled herself on me in the reverse cowgirl position and energetically started to bounce aggressively up and down on my cock. In this position, she could watch and encourage Mat as he watched us fucking. He was obediently in his corner energetically jerking himself off to the sight of his wife fucking herself on my cock.

I lasted a lot longer this time and managed to get her off twice more. I found she liked having her tight ass spanked when she was getting close to cumming and it seemed to intensify her orgasms. When her pussy clenched me the second time as she came, I couldn't hold it anymore and I filled her with my juice.

The next ten minutes were a surprise for me. Mat had told me that he got off watching Rashel fuck other guys, but obviously he hadn't told me everything. As soon as Rashel and I had come down from our sexual high, she climbed off me and went over to him with her dripping pussy.

"Now, you get your treat," Rashel said. She then stepped up on the end table with one foot, and her other one on the chair on the other side of Mat's hips. This position had her straddling his head while he sat there, and he was now looking right into her pussy.

"Clean me out now and then you can cum," Rashel ordered. Mat dived in and was energetically eating her pussy. I saw a bit more of her dominant side as she aggressively thrust her pussy at Mat's mouth, actively fucking his tongue as she grabbed his head and forced it into her crotch so he couldn't get away. While she was doing that, she was continually ordering him to clean her out and how to do it. He had his hand really working over his cock. When he shot his load, it was with so much force it shot right up and it splattered all over her ass. As he came, he screamed into her pussy. Rashel's body was quivering now as she seemed to get off again.

She slowly got back on the floor and looked at Mat and the mess on his face. "That was pretty good," Rashel stated. "We haven't done that for a while and it was just as exciting as I remember it being."

We rested a bit and cleaned up and finally had our coffee before I headed for home. The three of us decided that we had enough fun that morning, and if the circumstances allowed we would do it again.

That night as Alice and I ate supper, I told her how Mat and I had shared tales of our love lives and how Rashel had taken my advice about shipping the kids off so that they could have some privacy. When I told her how funny Rashel's face had looked when she had rushed nude into the kitchen and saw me there, Alice thought it was funny too. She was a bit surprised when she found out Mat liked to eat cream pies, and how he enjoyed Rashel ordering him around.

Whether she thought it was a good story or not, I still had to perform for Alice for the rest of the weekend. Mind you, she did remind me about our agreement that if one of us played around without the other one there, the second person could get a freebee with whomever they wanted. That meant she was going to find someone, if she hadn't already, and have her fun too. I didn't mind in the least, because we never hid our fun from each other. Besides, it didn't happen very often. We both knew we could each have our fun, but that's all it was, and we would always be together.

Needless to say, Monday afternoon, as Mat and I headed back to camp, we had a lot to talk about. Mat admitted he had a fixation about eating cream pies and, after I had left, he had eaten her again and spent every moment that day in bed with his wife. He also warned me that Rashel liked my eight inch cock and was looking forward to a repeat engagement.

Two months later, Rashel was waiting in the yard for us and notified me that I was going to fuck her again. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. She informed me of that fact it in a stern voice, like there was no way of refusing her. Not that I was going to turn down her pussy anyway. She continued her dominant ways as we went into the house and she firmly ordered Mat to get in his corner.

She then turned to me and said, "Bill, don't waste time phoning your wife. I already talked to her and you are going to get the fucking of your life today. Alice told me to tell you to have fun, because she is going to be late getting home from work today. I guess she is going to Harry's place, whomever he is, right after work, for a quick meal and to have some fun."

If you are wondering who Harry is, he was a friend I had worked with and a few times in the past we had a few threesomes with him. We had even swapped a few times with his girlfriends of the moment. Alice liked the way he fucked her, because after he came once, he could go for what seemed like hours afterwards. Harry was also the one she had sex with to get her freebee, after the last time I had fucked Rashel.

After Rashel told me that things had been arranged, I had to wonder when she and Alice had talked. I didn't even know the two of them knew each other. Oh well, I wasn't going to complain.

Having informed us guys of the agenda for the day, Rashel jumped into my arms and exclaimed, "I can't wait. Let's get our clothes off and get to it."

A guy would have to be crazy to turn down an offer like that. By the time Rashel and I got to the bedroom, Mat was in his corner waiting with his cock firmly in hand. He told her, "Do him good and I'll yank myself off over here, while you enjoy yourself."

"You can cum if you want, because Bill is going to be here for a while and you won't get any from me until later tonight, so enjoy watching," she informed Mat.

This time she faced me while she rode me cowgirl style. I got to play with her tits and nipples while I was buried balls deep in her pussy. The two of us were still fucking when we heard Mat moaning loudly in the corner as he came.

Rashel continued to give me a ride that was second to none. I blew off in her with a big load that I had been saving all the time we were in camp, which sent her over the top. "OH, man, is your cum hot!" she cried out. "You're filling me up. Deeper. Deeper. Oh, shit, I can feel every spurt." Her pussy gripped me as she came and she continued to firmly plant her pussy down on my cock. "Aaaah, god. I have never cum so hard!" she cried, as she slumped down on my chest. She was exhausted and laid on top of me, her pussy quivering every now and then.

When we got our breath back, she pulled off of me and went over to Mat so he could clean her out. Mat went right to work. Rashel was aggressively working her cunt on his face and managed to cum twice more. I thought that was the end of the show, but she wasn't finished yet. She had Mat go and get some washcloths to clean me and her off. When he finished, she ordered him back to his corner because she wanted to have a second round with me.

Rashel and I played around until I was hard again. She got on her hands and knees and told me she wanted to do it doggy style. I wasn't going to argue and got into position behind her. I was lining up to get in her pussy when she said, "Not in my pussy; I want it in my ass this time." She then mocked Mat by saying, "My ass needs reaming today and Bill is going to do it. If you're good at cleaning me out afterwards, you might get to sample my ass before you go back to work Monday."

Holy shit, was she tight. It took what seemed like forever to get buried completely in her, and it took a half a tube of lube to accomplish that! Once I was in her all the way, I had to hang on pretty tightly as she went ballistic rotating that firm ass around on my cock. Mat must have rubbed his cock raw, as he jacked off watching us; but let me tell you, after Rashel finished with me, my cock was so red and sore I thought that I would never recover.

I managed to drag myself home about supper time after the third go round with them. Alice still wasn't home from her date with Harry, but it was still early so I just hit the shower. I then had a quick bite to eat, and then crashed on the bed thinking about Rashel. I think my last conscious thought was wondering who was fucking who to death at Harry's place: my wife Alice or my friend Harry? Oh, well, I would find out in the morning.

Alice was wrapped up around me when I woke up. We spent a few hours getting caught up with each other's lives. I guess I wasn't as sore as I thought I was, because we spent a lot of time getting caught up in bedroom antics, too.

By the time that job at the pulp mill finished, I had gotten to fuck Rashel twice more. After that, between Mat and I working on different jobs and life just generally getting in the way, circumstances never allowed us to hook up again. I have to admit it was a fairly wild time, that's for sure, and one I remember fondly.

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