tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage 2 Ch. 01

Rattling Snakes Cage 2 Ch. 01


For those of you who have requested a follow up on my original story about Patrick, Rachel, Snake and Jerry here it is. Chapters 1- 12 can be found in Novels and Novella's or just click on my name, Shandal, and go to my complete list of stories..

If you are of a sensitive nature please be aware that there are in this multi part story some graphic scenes of romantic sex between male and female lovers, some non consensual sex, male on male violence, oral sex, and scenes of male masturbation.

There is also a daring prison escape, so please read on and join the many characters that make up this romantic crime thriller and find out what happened next.


Patrick lay on the top bunk in his cell inside Wandsworth Prison, the sound of his cell mates snoring reverberating through the dark and enclosed space. He lay on his back, the hard mattress that had supported hundreds, if not thousands of male bodies over the years lumpy and uncomfortable. He closed his eyes and tried to lose himself, as he had done every night since his capture eight months ago, in fantasies of Rachel and himself.

Fantasies where they were in the Florida Keys, swimming together, the warm silky water bathing his skin, the droplets running down her neck to collect in the small hollow at the base of her throat. In his mind he imagined licking them off her as their two bodies entwined suspended in the water. His hand ran down his body as he lay in the bed, the noise of the snoring from below him fading as he fell deeper into his fantasy and the pictures his imagination were painting.

Moving his right hand into the his briefs he felt his semi hard penis as his mind played out the scene, Rachel's skin glistening in the sun, the feel of the water against his skin, the feel of her body as it pressed against his, the smell of her mingling with the salty smell of the sea, and their sweat.

His fingers and thumb wrapped around his now hard cock about halfway up the shaft and slid the skin up and down, making his body arch restlessly, and his breath catch in his throat as he stifled the groan, not wanting to awaken his cell mate. Speeding his hand up and varying the motion and the pressure of his fingers he let his mind float away, picturing her nails scrapping across his hard and aching nipples. Moving his left hand up to his own chest as his right hand jerked away at his now rock hard rod, he raked his nails across one hard nub peaking on his chest before pinching it, and then running it on down his body to join his right hand to cup his balls and manipulate them.

His body hummed, his penis felt good as he wanked himself, the spunk in his sacs getting ready to draw up into his prick for release.

Feeling the snoring body in the lower bunk turn over, the metal framed structure rattling, Patrick held his breath, holding himself still, and he waited for Ritchie to settle down and then re-start up his steady wheezing indicating he was fast asleep.

Bringing up one hand he spit into the palm, lubricating it before returning it to rub his glans and then forming a loose fist he moved his hand up and down building himself with momentum back up towards release.

When he came he shot the white thick fluid onto his belly, and reaching with his hand he grabbed the tissue he had placed under the thin pillow below his head earlier, and wiped up his cum, before throwing the balled up mess towards the open toilet in the corner of the small cell, missing it by about three inches so that it lay in a clump on the bare stone floor.

Shit he would have to remember to get up before Ritchie tomorrow and pick it up and flush it away.

Turning over onto his side he lay, dried eyes staring into the darkness, like he had every night since he was banged up, and pretended he was holding the woman he loved in his arms, before he drifted off into a restless sleep.


Rachel drove home from work through the very woods that only eight months before she had driven home through that fateful night. Her heart beat hard and fast, just as it did every night on her way home as she approached the traffic lights at the cross roads. Checking for the twentieth time that evening that her doors were locked she held her breath praying that the lights would remain green.

As they turned orange she put her foot on the accelerator and sped up, shooting across the road just as the light turned red. Never again would she be able to sit at those lights waiting for them to allow her to go. She always timed her forward movement of her car so that she wouldn't have to stop.

She knew it was stupid. Patrick was in prison and no one else was likely to kidnap her. But psychologically she was scared of those lights and stopping at them.

Her thoughts went onto Patrick, and that last time she had seen him in the courtroom as she gave her testimony. She had kept much of what happed from the police, preferring to keep the sexual part to herself. In her mind she justified it as not letting Patrick be charged with rape, but in those rare moments, in bed by herself at night, she admitted that she didn't tell them because they were special to her.

She had been shocked when he had been handed out a twenty year sentence with a chance to be paroled after ten years. Her heart had broken for him, the thought of him locked up, his freedom taken away ate at her, and she dreamt at night of his smile, his gentle teasing, his body moving inside hers and the short time they had spent together.

She never noticed the car that followed her each night, the men inside noting her movements, keeping tabs on her for their boss.


Jerry climbed over the balcony of the apartment, the sound of crickets chirping somewhere in the hot sticky Spanish night, and getting out his tools from his pocket he picked the lock of the double glass doors that led to the apartment of the couple who right this minute were partying down at the small club half a mile away.

From his past couple of day's observation they would be well away, getting pissed out of their minds for at least another four hours before they tottered down to the cab rank and made their way back here in the early hours of the morning.

Slipping through the doors he wandered around the apartment opening drawers, sizing up items, his latex gloved hands careful not to make too much mess. In the bedroom he picked up a gold chain with a gold crucifix on it and placed it in his pocket, then opened the bedside drawer, taking out the cash that lay in there but leaving the Travellers cheques. Counting it before putting it in his pocket, he shrugged. Only fifty Euro, not much, and he turned and walked over to the dressing table to find a couple of rings, one with a small diamond stone laying amongst the make up and perfume, the other a cheap dress ring. Picking up the one with the diamond and putting it with the rest of his haul in his pocket, he left the dress ring worth nothing, and left the flat the same way he had entered, careful not to be seen.

Climbing into his car which he had left in the apartment block car park across the road, parked deep in a shady area, he drove off making his way to the club and his job as security at Patrick's mate Danny's place, working the late shift.


Megan lay sleeping like a baby, her now healthy body sprawled across the bed in their apartment, her once mousy brown hair shining and with subtle streaks made from the sun, her skin a golden tan, and a happy smile on her face even in sleep.

On her finger was a ring that Jerry had bought for her, the small diamond twinkling in the night, proof of his love. He had placed it on her finger last week, asking her to marry him over a romantic dinner at their favourite beachside restaurant, and afterwards they had walked along hand in hand across the sand, shoes off and dangling from their fingers, the soft sand and gentle lapping water from the sea tickling their feet.

Over the past eight months she had made a home for the two of them, relaxing and gaining strength, but now she was keen to do some work to contribute to their income, so that she didn't feel as if she was living off of Jerry. Yesterday she had spoken to the owner of a small bar at the end of the road and asked him if he needed any bar staff. He had asked her if she had any experience and she had admitted that she hadn't but was keen to learn. Offering her a part time job behind the bar of two nights a week she had accepted and was due to start work tomorrow night.

The only problem was telling Jerry.

He seemed to want to keep her wrapped up in cotton wool, as if she was fragile. But she now felt so much better than when she arrived, and getting a job was the next step.


Snake looked down at the redheaded girl as she sat cowering on the bare mattress, the thin blanket pulled tight around her as she tried to cover her naked body that was covered in small bruises. Her once long hair was now cut short and ragged as if someone had taken a scissors to it and just hacked at it. Her eyes had dark smudges under them, and were red from crying.

He put the cup of water and bowl of soup on the small table next to the old iron framed bed that the mattress and the girl cowered on.

"You know the score bitch, you want to the food, you have to earn it. Get down on your knees and ask for it."

Slowly as if her body hurt she crawled off the bed and onto the bare wooden planked floor, the blanket still around her.


"Please what?"

"Please Mr Armstrong Sir......"

"What are you bitch?"

Tears rolling down her cheeks, she looked up at her tormentor and in a quiet voice replied, "I'm nothing......."

"That's right bitch, you're nothing.....nothing to no-one......a common slut.....even your uncle gave you up.......all you're good for is servicing my men. Ask to suck my cock bitch."

"Please.....can I......"


"Can I suck........"

Moving forward he grabbed her chin, laughing in her face, "You think I want to put my cock in that hole that my men use. You're filth.....I don't touch filth....." and with that he turned around and left the bare room that was in the basement of the lab. The place that the girl had been kept locked in for the last month so any of his men that wanted to use her could.

Gathering up the blanket tighter she moved like an old woman towards the food on the small table and started to eat, hearing the bang behind her of the piece of wood put into place outside the door, effectively barring it and stopping her from escaping her living hell.


Tony Montgomery sat at the table in the main room carefully cutting the coke and mixing it to dilute it before placing the measured amounts into the small plastic bags. Out of the corner of his eye he kept watching and waiting for Snake to appear from the basement. Carefully schooling his features so that the other men and Snake would not see the anger and worry about the girl in the basement that roiled within him he worked quietly, taking a deep breath when Snake came up out through the entrance to the stairs leading down to where the girl was being kept.

Tony was a young twenty five, and had been working for Snake for four months, the last couple of weeks at the lab.

Tall, with dark blue eyes and a shaven head, he had been recruited into the firm and had been moved to work in the lab before being trusted enough to go on any courier work. He was third generation criminal, his grandfather having been a well known short term fraudster, and his father and mother part of a gang who shoplifted to order.

What was happening to the redheaded girl was burning him up, and he wasn't sure what to do. Ratting to the old bill was not an option, it went against all he had been taught in his life, they were the enemy and he was no grass, and getting her out by himself would be as hard as polishing a turd.......near on impossible.

So he sat doing his work, grinding his teeth, trying to work out what to do.


Jerry stood at the entrance to the club watching the queue of young people waiting to be let in. It was a busy night and the place was packed. He still had the chain and ring in his pocket, but pretty soon he would have a break from the door work and he could go in and search out Davy Ritchens who was in there and get rid of the stuff with him. It wouldn't bring him much, but he was steadily breaking and entering now and along with the money from the job he was doing alright.

Big William came over and tapped him on his shoulder, "Ok Jerry?"

"Yeah no trouble."

"Want to take your break?"

Handing over to William he entered the club, the noise that had escaped through the main entrance increasing as he made his way into the club proper to an almost intolerable level. Weaving his way through the crush of bodies he made his way to the long crowded bar and Davy Ritchens who leaned up against it nursing an ice cold bottle of beer. Tapping Davy on the shoulder Jerry nodded and inclined his head towards the door to the right marked private and the two men entered through it and closed the door shutting out some of the noise.

"You well Jerry?"

"Yeah sweet as a nut Davy......got a little souvenir for you from earlier." And handing him the chain and ring told him, "Diamond looks like a good one, should be easy to sell on."

Davy looked at the two pieces in the palm of his hand and looked at Jerry, "Give you a ton for these." and peeled off a hundred Euro from a wad of notes and handed it to Jerry. "By the way, think you and Megan can swing by my place tomorrow about two for lunch. I've got a few friends coming to discuss that little problem back home in Blighty and what we can do about it."

Putting the money in his pocket Jerry looked up, "What problem?"

"The one that has the wrong fucking man locked up and doing a long twenty spot when we all know the fucker that should be inside is swanning his way around, free as you fucking please."

"You got a plan."

"Might have.....you in?"

"Yeah.....who else?"

Patting Jerry on the shoulder and replacing the wad of money in his trouser pocket along with the jewellery Davy told him, "Turn up tomorrow about two and you'll find out." And then he was gone, the noise slamming through the open door as he walked out back into the noisy club.


Tony packed up the stuff in front of him, walked over to the sink and washed his hands. Turning his head to check that he wasn't being watched he sauntered over to his chair and put on his leather jacket before making his way towards the stairwell that led down to the room that held the redheaded girl.

A couple of the other men working in the room laughed as they noticed him walking towards the door, calling out after him, "Going for a good poke young 'un?.....know what hole to put it in?"

Tony smiled back nodding, although his fury at the men who were abusing the girl was eating at him, "Well if it's on offer......"

One of the men laughed, "She looks like a bag of shite in that state now......I'm not touching her with a ten foot barge pole, let alone my prick."

Tony stepped through the door and down the stairs, the sound of the men, their laughter and ribald comments floating down after him.

Lifting the plank of wood from the metal hooks that barred the door he opened it and stepped through. The girl sat on the bed whimpering when she saw him and she scooted back into the corner of the bed where it rested against the wall.

"It's ok.....I'm not going to hurt you." And he took out the foil wrapped piece of chicken he had in the leather jacket pocket and placed in on the bed. Taking from his other pocket a packet of wet wipes he placed them on the bed as well. "Here its all I could fit in my pocket....its food and something to clean yourself up with.....see I'm going over there." And he pointed to the other corner of the room, "I'm not going to hurt you.....you eat and I'll just stay here for a while and then take the remains up with me when I go."

The girl grabbed the foil and unwrapped the chicken, eating it fast and watching him out the corner of her eye.

"What's your name?"


"Maria....pretty name.....mines Tony." Sliding down onto the floor and leaning against the wall he continued, "I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I promise you Maria I'm going to get you out of here."

She stopped eating and looked at him, "You are....when."

"As soon as I can......I promise you....as soon as I can. You are just going to have to hold on a little longer until I can."

Sobbing she shook her head, "I don't think I can......the men......"

"I know....but you're going to have to.....while I try and come up with something. Until then I'll smuggle down stuff for you." And standing up and walking over to the bed he picked up the remains of the foil and chicken leg and stuffing them in his jacket told her, "It might take a week or two but I promise on my mums life I'm going to get you out of here."


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