tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage 2 Ch. 05

Rattling Snakes Cage 2 Ch. 05


The escape plan is building up, and Patrick dreams of getting out and being with Rachel, whilst Snake plans his revenge on Patrick.

Jerry misses Megan and they talk dirty to each other over the phone, whilst Snake torments Rachel.

This is a romantic crime thriller full of characters. Please be aware there are scenes of violence and non consensual sex within this multi part story.


The buzz was going around the prison about the fight on Friday afternoon between Manning and Hartwell, and men were placing bets with Ritchie, some had money, some used their tobacco ration as currency and some even used drugs and telephone PIN cards that they were allowed for using the public telephone on the wing to place their bets with.

Patrick was in his cell with the three brothers, the young prisoner they had saved from assault from Hartwell outside keeping an eye out, as Patrick told the three brothers about Friday and the escape, inviting them to climb out after him and have the chance of getting free.

Jim the oldest of the three brothers looked at his siblings as they slouched around in the cell, "We only have another eighteen months to go before release. If we do a runner and are caught we'll get another two to five years added to our tariff, but we're happy to help in anyway you need us."

"Just make sure the guards don't break up the fight too early to give me enough time to shimmy up the rope ladder and over the top, and then get the attention of some of the men to the ladder to start the mass escape. The more focus of the authorities on as many escaping men the more unlikely they are to have me as the centre of attention for capture."

"No problem.....what about the nipper?"

"You mean the kid?" nodding towards where the young lad stood outside on guard.

"He's not going to last without some attention from Hartwell and the other nonce's once we're all gone after our sentence is up. He's far too pretty."

"He's only in for two, with time off for good behaviour and you guys, he should make it. Keep him away from the ladder or he'll get the added five."



Rachel knelt heaving up, tears running down her cheeks, as Snake watched the short video he had just filmed on his mobile. "Good shot of you here, you want to have a look?" and he turned the screen around to show her.

Shaking her head and then covering her face with her hands as she sobbed into her palms he laughed, "Maybe I should look to start producing porn films, with you as the star. I hear they pull in a load of money."

Rachel looked up at her tormenter and screamed, "I HATE YOU....I HATE YOU."

"....and I told you woman, I don't care. This is just the start....better get used to it as I intend to send lover boy a video of us each week. The first time you refuse I give the orders to have him cut....lets see how long you last."


"The fight is on for Friday in the yard so there should be no-one looking towards the wall when you throw the rope over." Patrick told Jerry on the mobile after the brothers left his cell. "The screws in the yard will have their hand full trying to break it up."

"Great. On Friday make sure you're near the wall, you need to move your arse as quick as you can. I don't want to be up there like a sitting duck for too long."

"Don't worry; I've no reason to take my time Jerry. It's not like I want to say some goodbyes....have you spoken to Rachel yet?"

"I'm going to do that tonight....I don't think you should build your hopes up Patrick."

"Just talk to her Jerry....tell her I love her and ask her to come with me....that's all I ask...."

"Damn Patrick....you need to be thinking with your head, not your prick."

"It's my heart that is doing the thinking not my prick."


Jerry sat in the car in the supermarket car park near to the motorbike parking area. He was waiting for a likely looking bike to steal once the owner had arrived and gone into the shop leaving time for him to rip off the bike. He was passing the time chatting to Megan on his mobile. Missing her and worrying about her he had phoned her a few times over the last twenty four hours and now he was teasing her as he waited for some sucker to leave their bike and go into the shop.

"Do you miss me or just miss using my body for your own nefarious needs." he teasingly asked her.

"Oh your body, you don't have much of a mind." She teased back. "When are you coming home?"

"Hopefully I'll be back end of next week." he paused and then asked her, "What are you wearing?"

"A towel, I've just had a shower."

Jerry wriggled in the tight seat of his hired car, his imagination kicking into gear, one eye still on the bike parking area he asked, "Nothing else?"

In a low voice she answered "No....nothing else."

"Take off the towel Megan.....lay down on the bed....is your hair up or down?"


"Lay down on the bed......run your hand over your breasts......" He could hear a rustle through the phone and then the small voice saying, "I'm on the bed, on my back."

"Touch your breasts Megan....pinch your nipples." Moving so that his now growing cock had some space inside his jeans, Jerry pictured in his mind Megan on their bed, her small hand touching her high firm breasts and her lovely sensitive nipples that he adored growing hard under her touch. "Arch you back for me...."

"I feel silly Jerry...."

"Do it for me Megan....please.....I miss you sweetheart and this will keep me going for a while....telephone sex is fun...."

"Ok. But only because I love you Jerry...."

"Are you touching your breasts?"

"Yes." she quietly told him.

"How do they feel? Tell me what you're doing and how it feels."

"They feel nice....firm....damp?"


"I've just had a shower Jerry....."

"Are your nipples hard?"

"Yes....hard like when you suck them."

"Pinch them for me Megan. Pull at them and roll them around between your thumb and finger." He was now totally focused on the picture in his mind and the conversation with Megan. "Squeeze your tits baby, squeeze them and make them tingle." Hearing a giggle he asked her, "Are you doing it?"

"Yes but it doesn't feel the same as when you do it. I feel a little silly."

"You're not silly sweetheart.....its really turning me on thinking of you touching yourself, its such a turn on for a man Megan to see his woman touch herself, to make herself feel good. Does it feel good?"


"Touch yourself between your legs; use your finger to rub your clit....is it wet?"


"That's it baby, make yourself feel good." He could hear her breath in his ear through the mobile as she stared to pant, "move your finger faster, tell me how you feel."

"Ohhh Jerry....it feels soooo good.....it's so wet and my legs are moving, pulling together as the feelings are building."

"Tell me baby....tell me about the feelings....."

"Its feels like it's tightening.....tingling....its like a pulse between my legs....I wish you were here inside me Jerry."

"Put your finger in yourself; rub it up and down baby...." He could hear her movement, the bed creak, her gasp as she did as he asked. "Put two fingers in Megan, make yourself come for me......" his whole focus was now on the voice at the end of the phone so that he didn't notice the biker who pulled up and slid off his bike, pulling his helmet off and walk towards the main door of the supermarket. "Pretend it's me inside you baby, sliding back and forth. Are your fingers wet baby? Does it feel good?"

He could hear her panting, then a small cry as she came. He nearly came in his jeans hearing her small cry, "That's it sweetheart, come for me....."

Just then he noticed a biker pull up into the space next to the other bike, and straightening his jeans over his bulging cock he whispered down the mobile, "Sweetheart I have to go.....just hold that thought and feeling and I'll be home soon to be deep inside you...love you baby." And then he pressed the end button on the mobile, keeping a look around for anybody who might notice him as he stole the bike, and seeing none, he slowly got out of the hire car and stood next to it, patting the small pack of tools in his jacket pocket.

As soon as the biker had entered through the entrance to the shop he walked purposefully towards the bike, then hunkered down next to it, did the business to start it and swinging his leg over the seat after grabbing the helmet and putting it on his head, made his way out of the car park and onto where he was going to stash it, along with the van and the other bike once he had it.


Nash lay doing push ups, building his strength for when he got out. He was covered in a fine sweat all over his muscle bound body, and his teeth were gritted together with the effort it was taking to do the push ups.

"Two hundred and three, two hundred and four....two hundred and five....."

For the past few days he had been climbing the walls of the cell with frustration and boredom. So now he was working out until he was exhausted, and as soon as he was finished with the press ups he would do his sit ups. His total focus was getting through the next three days and when he was finally going to get out of solitary and get his hands on Curtis.


Hartwell was going around during exercise in the yard bragging that he would beat the shit out of the scumbag Manning to whoever would let him spend more than a few minutes with them, and then they would rush up to Ritchie to lay off a bet on Manning to win. The main view in the prison was that Harwell was a big mouth and would get pummelled.

Manning just smiled, enjoying the build up to the fight, occasionally turning his cold dead eyes towards Hartwell and staring at him, sizing him up.

Ritchie was starting to panic, if Manning won he wasn't sure how he was going to cover off all the bets. Later that night in their cell he spilled his worry to Patrick asking him what to do.

Patrick looked at Ritchie and grinned, "Ritchie my man you won't have to cover the bets, by Friday night you will be far away from here...."

"What do you mean?"

And Patrick told him about the escape and how Ritchie could climb the ladder to freedom, putting life inside behind him during the commotion of the fight. "But keep your big mouth shut about.....we don't need to let anyone in on it or we'll get busted before we have the chance to leg it."

That night Ritchie went to sleep dreaming of freedom, Guinness and the tarts down Kings Cross. Just a few more days until he could indulge himself after five long dry years inside.



Jerry parked the hire car outside the address his mate had given him for Rachel's house and got out and closed the door. He looked at the small terraced cottage with a small front garden, and the ivy climbing up the front of the stone house. Walking through the black wrought iron gate he went up the short path and knocked on the door, waiting quietly for someone to answer.

After a while a woman of about twenty five answered, her brown hair cut short, her large doe eyes warily watching him.

"Can I help you?"

"My name is Jerry, I'm a friend of Rachel's. Is she here?"

"A friend? I don't recall you, how do you know Rachel?"

"We met about a year ago....is she in?"

"She doesn't live here any more....she moved out yesterday."

"Yesterday! Do you have her new address?"

"No....she moved out suddenly.....she came home last night with a man and packed up some of her stuff and left with him. I've never met him before either....."

Jerry went very still; he noted that the woman looked worried and confused. "What was this man like...?"

"He was tall and frightening....dark black hair and a tattoo of a snake on his neck....Rachel didn't look as if she was close to him, but she told me not to worry and she was going with him, she called him Nick."

Cursing under his breath he looked at the woman standing holding the door half closed as if she was worried he would push his way in, "and she didn't say how long she would be or where she would be staying?"


Nodding and thanking her, Jerry turned and left, climbing into the car and sat there for a few moments before hitting the steering wheel with his palm, "SHIT...SHIT..SHIT."

Snake had Patrick's woman.....how was he going to tell him....how would Patrick take it?

Starting up the car and pulling out into the dark country lane the cottage was in, he drove towards where he was staying, his mind swirling with all the various possibilities that this new development created.


In his cell the young lad lay on his bunk holding a match to the corner of a plastic telephone PIN card heating it up until it was soft enough to beat and ease into a sharp and dangerous point. He wasn't going to take any chances and was making a weapon to protect himself against Hartwell and the other nonce's that had been eyeing him up as if he was for the taking.

He had listened to Patrick and the brothers as he stood on guard outside the cell and he had his own plans. Bollocks to them making sure he was protected, they couldn't be with him twenty four seven, and when the time came he was going to make an attempt to get out of this hell hole and make a runner over the wall as soon as Patrick was up and over.

Patrick and the brothers were the only men in the prison that he liked and trusted, but as on the outside, it was really every man for himself at the end of the day. He would take his chance of escape, even with the possibility of an extra five on his tariff if he was caught.


Tony lay on his bed worried about Maria, she was sinking fast into a deep emotional void, the abuse she was suffering taking away any feeling of self or strength to keep her focused on survival. This afternoon when he had gone down to her she had refused the food he had smuggled down, and just lay on her side on the bed, the smell in the basement overpowering, the grime on her body and hair mingling with the dark bruises, making her skin look like she was in camouflage.

John and the others had decided to move on Friday late afternoon as Snake would be there collecting the money from the collectors that had gathered and taken the drugs to the dealers that afternoon ready for the weekend rush. He knew from experience that Snake never left the lab until late on Fridays, before going clubbing.

He just hoped that Maria could hold on until then.

It was only a couple more days.

Just a few more days and then he would be able to rescue her.

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