tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage 3 Ch. 02

Rattling Snakes Cage 3 Ch. 02


Snake is on the prowl for revenge whilst Patrick, Rachel, Jerry and Megan live in bliss in the Florida Keys. This is a three part multi chapter novella, and if you would like to find out why Snake is hell bent on revenge please read Rattling Snakes Cage and Rattling Snakes Cage Part 2 on Novels and Novellas.

All three parts are under copyright and therefore cannot be reproduced in anyway without the permission of the author.


The surf swept gently onto the golden sand as Patrick and Rachel lay on the beach catching a few hours relaxing before going to the bar to open up. Jerry and Megan had the day off, and with only the part time waitress to help out it would be a busy time ahead so they were taking this time to enjoy themselves together.

Lying on his back his right leg bent slightly, his left arm crooked up over his eyes, Patrick lay feeling the sun beat down on his body, his mind just drifting, and the sounds of children's laughter wafting down from further up the beach where a family frolicked in the waters edge. Rachel lay next to him on her side, the middle finger on her left hand gently stroking his hot skin, tracing down his rib cage, over the small ridges of muscles until they met the slightly silvered scar on his side where the knife wielded by Snake in that last fight had injured him.

Biting her lip she shuddered as she remembered that fateful night, and as she always did when the memories threatened to flood her mind she jumped up with energy and tried to do something that would push the thoughts to the back of her mind.

"Come on you big lump, lets go get one last dip before we go back." And she grabbed the arm that lay across his face, pulling at it to get him to stand up, "move that arse of yours you lazy sod."

Groaning Patrick sat up, and then rose up to his feet brushing the sand off his body, "I should have left you back in the UK brat. I never guessed what a pain in the butt you could be."

Rachel stopped suddenly, staring at him with a look of horror, "Do you mean that?"

"No of course not....."

"Then why did you say it?"

"I was joking....come on Rachel, it was just a joke."

"Not a very funny one..."

Grabbing her and hoisting her up over his shoulder so her head hung down his back Patrick ran over the sand towards the sea, "Where's your sense of humour gone....you know I love you...." and laughing he ran into the surf until he was waist high in the water and threw her backwards into it.

When she came up, her wet hair streaming into her eyes, the water gushing from her shoulders, spluttering, Patrick grabbed her around the waist and lifting her up threw her backwards again into the surf, following her body with his, arms twisting around her, legs tangling, his mouth finding hers under the water.

Kissing her he pulled her upright and stood in the water telling her, "I love you, you idiot....and you bloody well know it...."

Smiling she asked him, "And you're not sorry to be with me here?"

Exasperated he told her, "So like a damn woman to not believe what they're told by their man....come on..." and flopping backwards into the water he pushed off from the seabed and floated, the occasional backward swimming stroke taking him deeper into the sea.


Setting his Sat Nav to the address on the piece of paper the investigator had given him Snake started the long journey north to Leeds. In the back of the Porsche was the bag holding the bottle filled with flammable liquid, rag and bricks, for he was on his way to deal with the next names on his list of revenge.

It was very early morning and the traffic was heavy, but he wanted to get there fairly quickly to suss out the area before he struck.

And he was determined to strike that very night. Then return home to prepare for the next names on the list.


Danny walked hand in hand over the Puente Nuevo Bridge with the beautiful blond girl he had met at his club last week, and looked down into the deep chasm of the El Tajo gorge in the ancient and beautiful town of Ronda in the Spanish Andalusian Mountains where he had brought her for a romantic five days.

He glanced away from the spectacular view of the deep gorge and the mountains in the distance down to her long slim tanned legs that rose from small feet encased in impossibly high heeled sandals, a thin silver bracelet encircling her small shapely ankle, and then followed her legs as they rose up to disappear into the short floaty skirt that ruffled with the slight breeze giving him occasional glimpses of the high firm insides of her thighs.

Thighs that by tonight he planned to have clamped around his head as he ate her in an intimate place, before thrusting his cock deep inside her.

Walking slowly, talking quietly, they made their way to the Tapas bar further into the town proper, and sitting down they ordered their lunch. A selection of Tapas dishes to be washed down by a crisp white cold Spanish Wine before making their way to the small and exclusive Hotel just out of the towns centre and next to the old Arabic baths with beautiful views of the old medieval town.


Stopping off at the motorway service station Snake stretched his long legs and back before he wandered into the building, stopping off at the shop to buy a newspaper and then sitting down in the café to have a strong cup of coffee. Flicking through the paper as he drunk his drink he looked for a particular news item and then put the cup down when he found it on page five. It was a small article under the heading, 'Mother and son killed in arson attack in their home as they slept.'

Finishing his drink he closed the paper and left it on the table as he stood up and left, making his way to Leeds, the feeling of satisfaction running through him at the news article.


Juan stood at the helm of his boat, the tourists drinking beer in the back with their fishing gear and their stories and lies of past glories, and of the ones that got away. He had heard it all before from the many fishermen that hired him and his boat for the day, and he only half listened as he headed out to where he knew the catches would be good.

Tonight he would contact his friend about the extra order of cigars for Patrick and Jerry.

In the past couple of years since the two couples had arrived and taken over the bar/restaurant opposite the apartment where he lived he had increased his income through supplying them with smuggled in cigars and Rum, and he was now preparing to approach the two men with a suggestion on smuggling a little something more lucrative and them selling it on.


Cocaine to be precise.

But he wasn't sure if they would be open to that suggestion. His friend had told him the other day that he could get hold of a small but steady supply of coke, and he wondered if Patrick and Jerry would like to buy into the chain of supply. After all cigars and Rum and the occasional illegal Poker game in the back room was one thing, but getting tangled up in drugs was another and he just wasn't sure if they would be willing or able to do that.


Looking down at Megan's feet in his lap Jerry held one with his hand, his other hand holding the nail varnish brush and started to paint the delicate nails. It was a job he had started to do as the baby bump got bigger and Megan no longer could reach her feet. It was also a job he found he loved to do. Never in his whole life had he figured something so mundane could be so erotic, and his groin was getting tighter as she wriggled the toes on the foot in his lap that he had already done.

"Keep still or you'll jog me and I'll make a mess."

Megan lay back against the end of the couch, watching him through smiling eyes. "What do you fancy doing today Jerry?"

"How about driving down to Key West and getting some stuff for the nursery? We can get some lunch down there and make a day of it."

"Sounds good. " and she grinned watching her man as he bit his lip concentrating on painting the nail varnish on her toes and feeling his hard on against her heel. He was a proud papa to be and since they had made the move from Spain to here he had become more and more domesticated. So much so that they were hardly ever apart.

No more working for others over night, and disappearing like that last time over two years ago for weeks on end.

Also she had realised things about her man over the last couple of years as she had become more sophisticated and her eyes became more open and aware. That he wasn't as innocent as she thought at first, however she let him believe that she hadn't caught on to his little extra's and acted the innocent, turning a blind eye to his and Patrick's sidelines at the bar.


Snake sat in the car that was parked in the run down area on the outskirts of Leeds, graffiti scrawled on walls of houses, litter on the street and boarded up homes making a desolate feel to the road where his targets lived.

The house they lived in was a small Victorian brick one in a small row of similar houses, the odd person walked down the street, cars were parked outside homes on the street, and a group of children played on a small area of almost dead scrub grass at the end of the street. Snakes Porsche stood out against the rest of the five years or older cars that lined the street.

The area made him shudder as it reminded him of where he grew up, a slum area, with a lousy mother, and very little money or love.

Turning on the ignition of his car Snake drove out of the area into the centre of Leeds and parked in a multi storey car park of one of the shopping malls that could be found in the busy city centre. Walking through the throngs of shoppers in the mall he found a place to eat and entered, ordering food and settled down to waste the time until night would fall.


The man sat sipping his second beer watching as Patrick stood behind the bar serving the few people standing there mid afternoon. He watched as his target said something to a young couple, both blond, looking like they were beach birds, and then the three of them laughed. It had been like that since he had arrived and observed his targets. He wasn't sure why his client in the UK wanted to have found for him such a diverse band of people, from the couple living in poverty in Leeds to the two couples here in Florida but he now felt in his guts that it wasn't good.

Watching and sipping his beer he settled back into his seat. Why should he care? After all he was being paid a lot of money. He was here in the Florida Keys on expenses, and it really wasn't any of his business.

Still he wondered what all these people had done to piss off the man who was employing him.


Jerry and Megan walked hand in hand through the trendy shopping streets of Key West looking at baby stuff. In Jerry's hand was a bag containing a few baby clothes and things that they both couldn't resist, including a little white sleep suit with appliqué cats and dogs and stuffed toy cat with a big grin on its face. Squeezing Megan's hand in his Jerry walked along a happy and contented man.

He thought to himself 'Who would have thought that two lost and lonely souls from South East London would find each other and end up here in paradise with everything they need.'

Her hand in his, the bag in the other the couple walked oblivious to the hate and the malevolence that burnt in the heart of the very person that Jerry thought was dead and gone but lived for a vengeance against all those who destroyed his business and nearly killed him.


Danny's hands swept up the girls legs as she lay back on the big crisp sheets in the hotel bedroom, her thighs open to him, her womanhood glistening at him, wet and slick and a deep dark husky pink. He moved his face down towards the slit and with his tongue gave a long lick from end to end of her cunt, tasting the sweetness and making her moan.

His hands grabbed and squeezed her buttocks and lifted them up towards his mouth, holding her still as he pressed his tongue hard against her clit, now peeking out from its hood, moving it around on the hard nub before he bit down softy and then sucked it into his mouth.

The girl arched her body and gasped deep in her throat, her hands holding his hair, pushing his head deeper into her as she moved closer to her crest, and Danny continued to lick and suck and bite her sensitive nub until he felt her thighs squeeze around his head, and heard her breath catch, and her fingers clench tight in his hair, and the wetness between her legs pour forth.


Juan unloaded the very happy tourists from his boat holding their catches and posed for the obligatory photos with the men. Lots of back slapping and handshaking, the men then gave Juan a big healthy tip and made their way up the road voices raised in ribbing each other.

Cleaning up the boat and scrubbing it down he knew he would be ready for an ice cold beer very soon, and he knew just where he was going to get it, and maybe have a chat with Patrick and Jerry about the possibility of stashing the drugs and selling them on.


By the time Juan had arrived at the bar Patrick and Rachel and the part time waitress were rushed off their feet as the evening crowd was descending on them, it seemed all in one hit. Juan sat up at the bar and nursed a cold beer; waiting for a time he could corner Patrick to test the waters about the drug smuggling.

As the night went on and Juan got more and more drunk he got more and more impatient to be able speak to Patrick until eventually as Patrick stood opposite him he blurted out in a slurred voice, "Hey man I've got a real sweet deal for you and Jerry."

Looking at Juan as he set up a couple of drinks for a table that was eating outside in the open terrace Patrick told him, "Later Juan....lets talk later."

"Nah man, it's a good one....you and Jerry can make some big bucks if you come in on this....more than we're making with the other stuff....its a sweet deal."

Patrick put the glasses aside and leaned across at Juan hissing, "Shhhhh Juan. We'll talk later. Not here and not now......understand?"

Nodding and then finishing up his bottle Juan staggered out the bar and across the road leaving Patrick worrying about his neighbours big mouth and his inability to be discreet.


Megan lay back in the car seat, tired but happy. She and Jerry had found a lovely quiet little restaurant and they had eaten well, but now they were making their way up the Keys to home. Quietly she asked him as he drove, "So have you thought about the name Ethan?"

"Never heard of anyone else called Ethan....."

"I think it's an American name...."

"You don't want to choose a typically English name?"

"No....baby is going to be born in America....lets give him an American name. Besides there is an actor called Ethan. I think he was in some movie I saw years ago on TV. About going to a boarding school and Robin Williams was a teacher who tried to teach him poetry or something and then it all ended when he couldn't do something or other and killed himself."

"You want to name our kid after someone who plays someone who kills himself or something."

"No I want to name him after a character that John Wayne plays."

"You're crazy.....what's wrong with calling him John after John Wayne."

"Everyone knows John Wayne's real name was Marion...you want to name our son Marion?"

Jerry glanced at Megan as she sat there, relaxed her belly big and round, "I can't believe I'm having this conversation....I never said call him Marion.....being pregnant has fried your brains."

"I still like the name Ethan...."

And they drove into the night in silence, Jerry trying to think up a name that he liked and that Megan would like, Megan picturing her baby and turning the name Ethan over in her mind, because she knew with Jerry, she always got her own way.


Danny stood on the balcony smoking a cigarette, the blond asleep in his bed. The sounds of the night in the mountains echoed around him, the loud raucous sound of Hornets cooling themselves by batting their wings, and the crickets could be heard chirping in the long wild grass of the fields. Music wafted down from the town and the sound of laughter could be heard as people walked along the ancient paved narrow streets of Ronda.

The warm air of the night surrounded him as he took one last drag and then stubbing the glowing end of the cigarette out on the edge of the wall he turned around and walked back into the bedroom, climbing back onto the bed and lying down next to the exhausted woman he closed his eyes and he fell into a contented sleep.


Patrick and Rachel fell into bed exhausted, and were asleep within seconds. His arm rested across her, his body snuggled up behind her back, his face burrowed into her hair smelling her scent even in sleep. Content, happy and together they slept unaware that there was a madman picking off their friends one by one.

Friends that had been there to help Patrick and Rachel at their time of real need.


He watched as the downstairs front light went out from his place at the end of the road on the scrub land, far from any light source so no one would be able to see him where he stood in the shadows. Waiting another half an hour, he stood, the bag at his feet, his eyes never wavered from the run down house that his targets lived in.

Snake waited patient, the taste of revenge sweet in his soul.


Tony and Maria lay in their bed asleep, her head on his shoulder, his arm protectively around her, giving her security just as he always did. The soft sound of the radio played on the bedside table as she found it difficult to fall asleep in the silence, and the small dim nightlight gave a small glow to break the darkness, a token light to break the fear from being left in the dark from her time of captivity in the basement.


Walking up the road Snake made sure there were no witnesses before he stepped through the black metal rusty old gate that gaped open and up the broken weed covered short path to the front door. Taking the bottle out of his bag he unscrewed the top, looking over his shoulder, before pushing his gloved hand into the brass letter box in the door, opening up the flap, and pouring the liquid through the hole onto the floor inside.

When the bottle was empty he took the rag and lit it watching as the red flames took hold, then poked it through the hole to drop through the door into the house and onto the inflammable liquid inside. He heard the whoosh as the liquid took light and he grabbed his bag and walked as fast as he could without being too obvious up the road and away towards where he had parked the car.

Then getting in he drove away towards London.


Tony smelt smoke in his half sleep. Always alert to any sign of a nightmare that Maria might be having he had learnt to sleep lightly and the smell of the smoke had broken into his awareness and woken him up.

Sitting up he listened intently and heard the sounds of wood burning and creaking through the closed door and the warmth rising up through the floorboards. Moving quickly he woke up Maria and running over to the bedroom door felt it with his hand.


Very hot.

Running over to the window he grabbed the bedside table and threw it at the glass, breaking it as Maria sat whimpering on the bed.

"Come on baby we have to get out through the window."

She sat there with big wide eyes in fright staring at him, her red hair tumbling around her small face and thin shoulders. Moving over to her on the bed he put his arms around her telling her to trust him and that he would get them out of this. She never took her eyes off him as he grabbed the sheet from the bed and turning back to the window tied one end around radiator that was on the wall not far from the window and looking behind him at the door he could see the deadly black smoke beginning to flow through the bottom of the door towards them, starting to fill the room with death.

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