tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage Ch. 01

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 01


This is a romantic crime thriller which contains some romantic sex, some non consensual sex, and some male on male violence, plus a lot of very interesting and interacting characters, with some twists and turns in the story.

I have tried to keep things as tasteful as I can, keeping in mind some peoples sensitivity.

As with all my stories there is not always a nice tidy happy ending for everyone – life is just not like that.


The passenger door suddenly opened on the car as Rachel sat at the traffic lights waiting for them to turn green. With a gasp she stared as the man climbed in, blood and bruises covering his face, his shirt torn and dirty as if he had been rolling around in the woods that sat on either side of the road.

"Move...move....MOVE..." The man screamed as he looked around him, his frantic stares looking for who ever had placed the obvious signs of a fight on him possibly coming out of the woods at any minute to get him.


Stunned at the sudden intrusion into her private space of the car by this stranger she sat frozen until she saw the small knife in his hand that he held up to her face. With shaking hands she slowly moved the car over the crossroads, passing through the red light and on up the curving road that ran for the next couple of miles through the thick woods before reaching a small crop of houses.

"Who are you?" she asked him in a timid voice.

Growling back at her "Shut the fuck up and just get going......faster.....put some speed into it." he looked behind over his shoulder to see if they were being followed.

Guiding her small blue car through the familiar Kent country road in the falling dusk she surreptitiously glanced in the mirror trying to see the man who sat beside her, the smell of fear and sweat pouring off of him as he kept his eyes on the road behind. He was about thirty five, very masculine with short dark hair and a wiry muscular body. His face had some cuts and bruises and blood had dried from where it had run from his nose and his cut and swollen bottom lip. One eye was slightly closed.

"What happened to you?"

"Shut up. Just keep driving. I'll tell you where to go."

Biting her lip and praying for someone to notice what was happening to her she carried on driving until she came to the village where she started to signal to turn right towards her home.

"Keep going." The voice growled at her.

"But I live here!"

"Fucking keep going......I told you I'll tell you where to go."

Heart beating as if it was going to break out of her chest she drove, wide eyes staring at the road ahead as different scenarios of what could possibly happen to her ran through her mind.

Rape, robbery or even murder.

"Turn north onto the main road when you get to it and then follow it until I tell you to turn off."

Swallowing deeply she kept her little car moving at a fast speed, the knife in his hand never leaving the corner of her vision as he held it towards her. After a time he settled his body to face forward with a sharp wince, and the knife lowered to lie in his hand against his denim covered thigh. About five miles up the road he told her to turn off on a side road and as they travelled further and further into deep countryside the feeling of dread hardened in the pit of her stomach, and the taste of bile rose in her mouth.

"Please....let me go....I promise..."

"Shut up I don't want to hear your voice....just drive."

Eventually after about half and hour he directed her to an old run down industrial site, old warehouses and units closed up for the night, and then to a small deserted unit that stood separate towards the back of the site.

"Pull the car in around the back....behind that old dumpster there."

Doing as she was told she sat, every muscle in her body shaking with fear as the man sat next to her, his breathing shallow, his body held still as if he was in real pain. Suddenly in the quiet of the car her mobile phone rang, and as she went to answer it the man's hand shot out to grab her wrist, the hard handle of the knife in his palm pressing down on her skin.

"Leave it......who told you to fucking answer it."

The phone rang for a few more rings before stopping, returning the car to silence broken up only by the man's breathing and the heavy beats of her heart.

Letting go of her wrist the man reached down to pick up the phone from where it lay in the small space by the gear stick. Slipping it into his front jeans pocket he grunted to her to get out of the car and stand next to it. When she didn't move fast enough he held the knife up to her face and barked, "GET OUT NOW."

Sliding out the car and standing on shaking legs she frantically looked around for means of escape but in that time the man had gotten out the car and walked around to her grabbing her arm to pull her towards a back door in the building which they were parked behind. Picking up a rock from the ground the man smashed the window and reached in to unlock the door, then pushed Rachel into the dark space beyond it.

Whimpering now she started to plead, "Please don't hurt me....please." But the man just pushed her further into the abandoned building, past semi dark offices and towards some stairs.

"Get up there."

Stumbling up the stairs she moved as if unable to climb them, the man pushing her each time she stopped. At the top of the stairs he pushed her towards a room and then towards a chair that sat forlornly in a corner.

"Sit there and shut up."

Huddling on the chair she watched as the man took out her mobile from his pocket and dialled a number. Pacing backwards and forwards he waited while the person he was calling answered and then growled into the handset. "Jerry its me.....they got me...I got away but he knows I took the stuff." after a while he replied to the voice on the other end, "I'm ok....just a little bruised and cut up....maybe a couple of bruised ribs...the stuff is safe....hidden." another silence as the person on the other end of the phone spoke and then the reply, "No I'm well away somewhere safe for the moment...Snake doesn't know about this place....but I'll need some gear and money and to get to a better hideout to plan what to do next. Have you got the buyer ready?"

Nodding to no-one in particular as he listened to the voice on the end of the phone he said, "I'll call you back to tell you where to meet, get some stuff ready for me, food, clothes and first aid stuff.....Snake knew I would be where he grabbed me....be careful, he doesn't know we're working together, so don't give him reason to focus on you."

Turning off the phone and replacing it in his jeans pocket he swivelled towards Rachel as if seeing her properly for the first time and stared at her as she sat terrified on the chair, her black shoulder length hair framing wide grey eyes staring up at her kidnapper from a pale heart shaped face.


The man they called Snake strode into his apartment overlooking the river, the large panoramic window giving a beautiful view of the water and the other high class apartments facing his block. He was pissed off. Throwing his jacket down on the leather sofa he turned around and screamed at the two men standing just inside the room, "FUCKING FIND THE CUNT.....I WANT HIM BACK HERE ON HIS FUCKING KNEES...I WANT TO CUT HIS FUCKING BALLS OFF....I WANT TO KNOW WHERE MY FUCKING GOODS ARE."

Nodding the two men sidled out of the room leaving the furious man staring back out the large window, knowing to keep well out of his way when he was this angry.

Snake stood there teeth grinding, fists clenched. "The bastard," he thought, "when I get hold of him again I show him what a slow painful death is like."

Picking up his phone he dialled a local Pimp that he did business with and told him to send around two of his girls. Two blonds.

He needed to relax and somewhere to channel his roiling adrenaline after it had pumped into his body from the capture, interrogation and then chase after that bastard. Unable to believe that the fucker had escaped from his inept men as they guarded him after he himself had gone to take a pee his fury had increased, raising his blood pressure to a real high. Patrick's escape was piled on top of the realization that someone he had trusted for the past ten years, someone he considered to be his best friend, his only real friend, had ripped him off and stolen 10lbs of pure cocaine that was due for delivery to his network of dealers across the East of London.

Patrick was someone he thought was a friend.

Someone he had trusted and liked.

Someone he had considered a high up Lieutenant in his organisation.

Someone he had considered to be the brother he had never had.


Patrick looked down at the girl as she sat shivering with fear on the chair. His gut hurt where Snake had punched him and each time he breathed in gave him a sharp pain, making him wonder if his ribs were bruised or actually cracked. He could feel one side of his face puffing up around his eye and his tongue carefully touched the split on the inside of his lip as he tried to make plans in his head on what to do next.

The girl complicated things.

What to do with her?

She had saved his bacon as he ran from Snake and his men, but now she had seen his face and he wasn't sure what to do with her.

He had never killed before.....others in Snakes organisation had done that...on Snakes orders, but dirtying his own hands....no he had never done that.

Maybe this was going to be his first time.

The girl stared up at him with scared tear filled eyes....waiting for her fate. But his head was hurting after the beating he had taken, and all he wanted to do was lie down and rest for a while. Looking around the room he looked for something to tie her up with, but couldn't find anything. Looking back at her he told her in a deceptively quiet voice, "Take off your stockings and your belt."

Rachel flinched as if he had hit her. "Please no......"

"I told you to take them off; I'm not telling you again."

Slowly reaching down she reached under the short black skirt to the lacy hold up stocking top on her right leg and never taking her eyes from him she rolled the thing down her leg until she reached her shoe.

"Remove the shoe and take the stocking off....do the same with the other one."

Doing as she was told she sat with them in her hand, her shoes now on the floor by her feet. The man reached over and grabbed the stockings out of her hand making her flinch as he leaned forward.

"Take off the belt and give it to me."

She unbuckled the thin belt that encircled her waist and bit her lip as he took that too. Walking behind her he grabbed her arms and pulling them behind her he bound her wrists together with one of the stockings, twisting it around the bars of the metal chair so that her hands were fixed, unable to move. Coming around her he tied her ankles together with the belt and then tying a large knot in the other stocking told her to open her mouth. Shaking her head, tears rolling down her cheeks he moved forward, the knot in the stocking level with her clamped shut mouth and told her, "Open your fucking mouth....I won't tell you twice."

Swallowing, Rachel opened it a crack, but not enough for the man to wedge in the knotted stocking. Grabbing her cheeks with one hand, the knot of the stocking in his other he pushed the material passed her lips forcing her teeth to part to allow the bulk of the knot to fill her mouth. Tying off the stocking behind her head he stepped back.

"Now behave yourself and you won't get hurt....I don't want to hear a peep out of you do you understand?"

Nodding her head she looked up at him with doleful scared eyes.


Stalking across the room the man disappeared out the door leaving Rachel shaking where she sat tied to the chair, unable to move. She heard him as he walked down the stairs and then a door open, and then all was quiet.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sat there unsure what was going to happen to her, the feel of the nylon tight on her wrists and the dry taste of it in her mouth as it absorbed her spit making her feel vulnerable.


Snake lay on the bed, one girl behind him, his shoulders leaning against her, his head nestled between her small pert breasts, her hands stroking his chest, her nails scraping his nipples, as the other blonds head lay between his thighs, her mouth sucking on his hard rod, her hands cupping his hot tight balls.

His hand tightened in her hair as he pushed her head down further, encouraging her to take him deeper into her wet warm mouth and throat, and the tart did as he indicated, working him expertly as the other woman started to lean forward her hands running down tracing the vivid tattoo that ran from a snakes head on his neck, the body of the snake running and twisting down over his left shoulder, curling over his torso, over his left hip and on down and around his left leg, the tail of the green, black and red snake tattoo ending just above his ankle.

His long well muscled body lay supine, the two prostitutes working on him, mouths expertly kissing, nibbling and licking his hot skin, sending hot pulses through his nerve endings to pool deep down in his swelling penis and tightening scrotum. Closing his eyes as his hips thrust up towards the woman's mouth he concentrated on the deep pull of his mounting orgasm, the muscles in his washboard stomach contracting as his semen rose up and exploded out, the woman giving him head swallowing the thick white fluid.

Sitting up he turned the whore around, making her bend over, her face off the end of the bed, her arse high in the air and smacking down hard on the small round globes with his right hand, told her to spread her knees wider. Grabbing the other blond by her long hair he pulled her forward on the bed and told her to lay down, face up between the spread out legs of the other woman. Kneeling with his knees each side of the prone whore's head he pushed his already hardening cock into the cunt of the first girl, telling the second to suck off his balls as he started to thrust again in earnest.


Patrick woke up aching all over. It took him a while to remember where he was as he looked around the dark room from where he lay. Earlier he had grabbed some discarded cardboard boxes and laid them down to make a bed to lie upon where he had passed out, waking up just now, possibly hours later.

Rising up gingerly, his bruised gut was now a gentle ache and his ribs and muscles, where one of Snakes henchmen Ted Whites foot had connected when he kicked him during the beating, throbbed with each movement he made. Walking over to the corner of the room he undid his zip, pulled out his cock and emptied his bladder. Shaking it to remove the last of the drips he re zipped his jeans and wandered back up stairs to check on the girl.

She sat there in the dark night filled room, her plump breasts pushed forward due to her bound arms behind her pulling her shoulders back. They nicely filled out her scooped neck black top, and her beautiful wide eyes stared up at him, her full lips stretched over the large stocking knot that filled her mouth, saliva dripping down her chin, tears on her cheeks, snot running from her nose.

Sitting down on the edge of the desk the other side of the room, he watched her as she stared back.

"What the fuck am I going to do with you?"

Wide eyes stared back at him, silently pleading.

"This is a fucking mess......one big fucking mess."

Getting up he walked towards her, noting her eyes widening even more as he drew nearer, the nights shadows and moonlight pouring through the broken window emphasising her frailty.

Carefully bending down and untying her ankles he told her, "Do as I say and you won't get hurt...make one false move and you'll wonder what hit you."

Rachel felt the relief as he untied the belt from around her ankles. The leather had been biting into her skin and causing her a lot of discomfort for hours as she had sat there, muscles aching from being unable to move, hungry and thirsty, wondering where her captor had gone and if he was coming back. She had begun to think he had left her here to die, tied up and unable to move. But about ten minutes ago she had heard the movement downstairs and then another fear had taken over.

The fear of him coming back and hurting her.

As he undid the gag her head fell forward, the pain in her neck screaming in running threads down the muscles that now she could move and stretch, and she rolled her mouth allowing her jaw to get back some movement.

"I'm going to untie your hands from the frame, but keep them tied up behind you. I want you to stand up and come with me."

In a quiet voice she asked him, "I need to go to the toilet, please can I go?"

Behind her she heard him say, "When we get downstairs."

He helped her to stand and never taking his hands from around her arms pushed her towards the door and down the stairs, guiding her towards a small toilet room, with a filthy cracked bowl. Pushing her into the small room she stood there unable to pull her pants down due to her still bound hands.

"Please could you undo my hands.....I need to use them to......." She turned towards him a look of panic on her face.

Patrick looked at her, indecision crossing his face and then turning her around he undid her hands, watching as they at first fell to her sides, and hearing the groan as the blood flowed back into her muscles causing her some pain.

Gruffly he pushed her forward further into the loo, "Hurry up and don't try anything." Slamming the door he stood leaning against the jamb, arms crossed, waiting.


Snake walked over to the two girls, a wad of money in his hand. "There's a little extra here, go buy yourselves something nice." And throwing the pile of notes on the bed between them he turned away, striding out the room with the parting shot "be gone before I return in five minutes. I don't want to see you here when I get back."

The two naked girls scrambled off the messy sheet covered bed gathering up the banknotes and rushed to get into their clothes as fast as they could. They knew of Snake by reputation and they were both happy they had gotten out of this assignation intact. Moving into the large main room with the panoramic window the girls scampered off, slinking out the main door and out into the night. Down the road they split the money into three amounts. One for each girl and the bigger slice for their Pimp.

A good nights pay.


Jerry sat in the darkened room staring at the phone, waiting for Patrick to call. He was sweating profusely. He had known when he and Patrick had started to plan to relieve their employer of a portion of the latest delivery of coke, sell it and get out the country to start a new life that it was going to be dangerous. But as they had made plans it had all seemed to be simple. Simple and so enticing.

And for Jerry a real chance to start afresh, to get away and be clean. No more dirty business. No more looking over his shoulder always waiting for the tap on the shoulder by the Old Bill.

He'd been on the wrong side of the law all his adult life, and if he was truthful to himself, most of his adolescent life as well. Stealing from other pupils at school had started out as fun, shoplifting sweets from local shops and nicking bikes from the street had somehow evolved into joining a team of housebreakers and carjackers until he had ended up working for Snake as a collector.

But now he was in love.

And the object of his love was straight.

Megan was as honest as a new born baby and although he worried if he could go straight himself, he was determined to try. And the money from his share of the deal would set him and Megan up over in the South of Spain to start again.

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