tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage Ch. 02

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 02


This is a romantic crime thriller which contains some romantic sex, some non consensual sex, some male on male violence, and a lot of very interesting and interacting characters, with some twists and turns in the story.

As with all my stories there is not always a nice tidy happy ending for everyone – life is just not like that.


Jerry picked up the ringing phone, "Where are you? I've got everything ready that you asked for."

"I'm down at the old unit outside of Lullingstone, the one that we did that short fraud scam from two years ago. It's still empty. When you come down make sure you're not followed. I don't think Snake knows that we're working together on this or he would have pulled you in at the same time as me."

"Have you got the goods with you?"

"No they're still hidden where I put them. They'll be safe there. But I need to sort out a little problem that I've accumulated in the last four hours."

"What little problem?"

"I'll show you when you get here, now fucking get a move on, I'm starving and need some pain killers."

"I'm on my way."

Patrick put the mobile back in his jeans pocket and looked across the room to where the girl sat huddled in the corner on the cardboard boxes. She sat with her hands tied in front of her, never taking her eyes off him. The memory of how she felt under him echoed in his head and the memory of the sweet smell of her permeated his brain. The acrid smell of urine floated up at him from where he had peed and he looked around the room suddenly aware of the shabbiness and desolation of the place that they were hiding out in. Looking back at her he suddenly felt ashamed that he had brought her here; she looked classy and innocent, unlike the type of woman he usually consorted with. The types that knew the score and were out for a good time, but this scared young woman seemed nothing like those tarts. Her clothes were now dirty from rolling around on the toilet floor, her hair a mess, her mascara had run, but she still looked sweet and innocent and each time he looked at her he got a tingle up his spine and in his belly.

But she was still a real problem.

And he had no idea what to do with her.

"Who's going to miss you?"

Frowning she asked him hesitantly, "What do you mean?"

"Is someone at home waiting for you?"

Nodding she answered, "I share my home with a friend, Sarah."


The long pause gave him his answer. "So no boyfriend?"

Her chin rose up a couple of inches, "It's none of your business."

"Beautiful girl like you and no boyfriend, so what happened? He play around on you? Dumped you did he?"

Her chin rose up a notch higher.

"He must have been a real fool then."

"Are you always so personal and obnoxious?"

"Pretty much."

"What are you going to do with me?"

"I have no idea."

"Who were you running away from when you got in my car? Who beat you up?"

Sitting down on the floor opposite her he answered her in a weary voice, "A very bad man. One who would have killed me if I hadn't gotten away. Someone I don't intend to let get his hands on me again."

"I can understand him wanting to kill you......I sympathise with him completely."

Smiling at her he told her, "Don't worry I'll grow on you"

"Don't hold your breath."

Patrick's smile grew into a full grin, which hurt as his split lip started to bleed again. "If I was you sweetheart I would think twice about flirting with me while you're in your position."

"You call this flirting?"

Patrick sucked his split lip tasting the blood and wished he had met the girl under different circumstances. He just knew he would have loved to have spent a long weekend rolling around between the sheets with her.

Talk about bad timing.


Snake sat in his club watching the bodies move to the loud beat of the music on the dance floor. The reek of sweaty bodies and the heady smell of a hundred different perfumes hung in the air. The noise of the music throbbed through his body and he watched as Johnny 'the slice' move across the room towards him, his arm around the waist of a curvy sensuous redhead wearing low slung hip hugging white trousers and a barely there silver top that showed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her belly was exposed, the silver and diamond wink of her pierced naval jewellery glinted enticingly at him.

Johnny 'the slice' nodded at him as he reached his table as Snakes men stepped forward protectively. Raising his hand as a sign that it was alright, Snake sat back, his double Scotch in his right hand, "Johnny....what can I do for you?"

"Mr Armstrong... Sir....that little job we discussed....I did it last night.....I've brought your cut......and the offer of a little extra." Pushing the girl forward Johnny 'the slice' smiled a crooked smile showing his rotten teeth, "thought you might like a little fun tonight."

Raking his eyes over the girl Snake nodded, holding out his hand for the envelope, "Sixty percent Johnny. Just as agreed. The girl does not reduce my cut."

"There were bigger overheads than I thought."

"Sixty percent Johnny, or fifty percent and a slice of your cock. A kind of pound of flesh in lieu of payment. Your choice."

"Sixty percent it is Mr Armstrong."

"Plus the young lady."

Nodding and pulling out the large package from inside his jacket, the man handed it to Snake, "Five Grand, all in fifties."

Taking the bulky package, Snake stood, "Good doing business with you Johnny, I'll send her back to you after I've finished with her." Looking down at the redhead, "This way love, I hope you're matching collar and cuffs."

The girl giggled, high on ecstasy; and followed the very tall man with the tattoo of the snake head on his neck unaware of what was going to really happen to her.


Jerry looked behind him as he turned left, checking again to see if he was being followed, but there was no one there. He pressed down on the accelerator making the black Mercedes speed up, but not enough to draw attention from the possible eyes of the cops. Moving through the dark streets of the South East of London he made his way down to the A2, Kent and towards the Village of Lullingstone nestled just inside the M25 but rural enough for Patrick to hide out in.

Next to him on the passenger seat was a big leather sports bag containing some clothes, food and drink, supplies and a blanket.

Earlier he had popped into visit Megan and had found her exhausted from another Asthma attack. Gathering her up in his arms he had promised that soon he would be able to take her to live in Spain where the air would be cleaner and better for her, where the sun shined and they would have a better life. She had kissed him and told him that he was her love, and she would be happy to be with him anywhere. He had floated on air back down from her cramped small flat in the tower block to where his car was parked, and had stayed floating until reality had hit him.

Snake had guessed that Patrick had siphoned off the 10lb of pure coke from the last delivery two days ago, and now it was hidden somewhere. God knows where. And Patrick was in hiding, and Jerry knew that Snake wouldn't rest until he had Patrick, his missing coke, and whoever else was involved by the short and curlys.

And he still had to act as if nothing was wrong and be at work tomorrow collecting the next instalment from the unsuspecting couriers that brought the stuff across from the continent or Snake would guess the other partner with Patrick was himself.

Buyers for the stuff were waiting, and he was going to be up all night running around going down to Lullingstone and then down to Dover ready for the next Collection.

No sleep for the wicked he shrugged to himself.

Getting the drugs over past customs was a great scam. Some of Snakes men, with one of Big Willies tarts dressed up as a couple over in France sussed English families on the way to the Ferry that were at rest stops. They would sit down and start to chat to the parents, as if they too were tourists on the way home. Loose tongues answering innocent questions during the conversation gave them the ferry crossing time and where about in the UK the family lived, whilst outside a couple of men dressed as Roadside Services hunkered down next to the unsuspecting families cars in the car park attaching to the underside of the car a couple of the well wrapped and protected bags of drugs.

To anyone looking it appeared that the men were fixing a flat tyre.

As the family got up to leave a quick phone call as warning to the men in the car park, and then the unsuspecting family was on their way, couriering drugs onto the ferry and over to Dover where Jerry and others after a phone call letting them know make, model and number plate of car followed the family home, where that night in the driveway or the houses garage the drugs were retrieved.

If by any chance the family were stopped and caught, well then that was their problem. And nothing pointed the way back to Snake and his men.

Ten unsuspecting families with a couple of bags could move a lot of goods, and the big SUV's and large family cars could take quite a lot of drugs under the car.

It was a great scam and it had been Patrick's idea. It was what he was good at. Ideas and setting up scams. Solving problems. Setting things up for Snake.

But he had wanted out. Just like Jerry.

Sick of the escalating violence that they were witnessing with Snake they had plotted and planned and Jerry wanted to get Megan to Spain whilst Patrick dreamed of a life of leisure in the Florida Keys.

Driving slowly down the winding country road and turning off his headlights, Jerry approached the small industrial estate carefully. It was on a local farmers land as a secondary business renting out the units to local businessmen and he knew that there was never any security here, but he was being careful. Driving to the back of the old run down unit and parking next to the small car hidden behind the dumpster he got out just as the door opened and Patrick appeared beckoning him to come inside quickly.

Carrying the bag from the passenger seat he entered the moon lit building exclaiming to Patrick, "Jesus H Christ Patrick, you look like hell!"

"I fucking feel it! Got any booze in that bag?"

Opening the bag and handing a bottle of Scotch to Patrick he watched as his friend opened it and took a long hard swig before following him through the door on the right. Stopping dead, a look of shock on his face Jerry looked across at the girl sitting tied up on the cardboard boxes in the corner. "Who the hell is she?"

"She's that little complication I mentioned I'd picked up along the way."

Turning to Patrick who was bending over and pulling out some fresh clothes and the first aid kit from the bag he asked, "What are you going to do with her?"

"Truthfully I have no idea. She's seen me and now she's seen you.....she's getting deeper and deeper into the shit, and that's causing me a real problem."

Taking a couple of steps over to Patrick as he pulled off his torn and dirty shirt, wincing as he exposed his torso with a range of multi coloured bruises adorning it, Jerry hissed at Patrick "Hey man you can't do what I think you're thinking."

Stopping in the process of pulling on a black tee shirt Patrick looked Jerry in the eyes, "and what do you think I'm thinking?"

Taking a step back and shaking his head Jerry replied, "Not that.......what ever it is you're thinking."

Rachel sat watching the two men as they stood discussing her as if she wasn't there. The man that had kidnapped her pulled on the tee shirt over his hard muscled body with the vivid bruises on it, and the new man with the dark blond hair and glasses kept glancing at her with a nervous frown on his face. Bending over her kidnapper pulled out some foil wrapped packages and opening them he looked at a sandwich before taking a big bite, asking the second man with a full mouth, "You sure you weren't followed?"

"Totally sure."

"Any idea of a safe place for me to wait out until the deal is completed with the buyers. I don't want to stay here after tonight."

"I know of a mate that is over in Australia for a few weeks and his place is empty. Should be a doddle to get in and stay there for a while. I'll come and get you tomorrow night and take you there. The deal should be done by the end of the week. Money and goods exchanged and then we can be outta the country by Sunday latest."

Patrick walked over to Rachel eating the rest of the half of the sandwich. "You hungry?" he asked her. Getting a nod he bent down and taking the knife from his boot cut the stockings binding her hands and then dropped the other half of the sandwich onto her lap.

Walking back to the bag he pulled out a bottle of water and threw that over to her before turning back to Jerry. "You had better get going. I'll see you here tomorrow night."

Clapping his friend on the shoulder and taking a long hard look at Rachel as she sat nibbling on her half of the sandwich Jerry told him, "Promise me that you won't do anything rash."

"What! more rash than ripping off one of the most vicious villains in South London and going on the run with five hundred grand of pure cocaine of his?" Exchanging a long look Patrick reassured Jerry, "Don't worry....the stuff is safe, just get the deal sorted, and the timing, plus a place for me and the girl to wait out in safety and everything will be just fine."


Snake moved his hips slow and deep, his rigid prick moving up and down the slick hot and tight hole of the redhead. Her sweat slick body arched under him as he raised his body up on his arms over her, her sighs, moans, and gasps in tandem with each thrust of his body into hers. Her hands grasped the struts of the big metal headboard, the muscles in her arms standing out as her body strained towards her orgasm. Snake bent down his head, sucking one of her big turgid nipples into the cavern of his mouth, and her legs drew up and grasped him around his hips, clasping on for dear life.

His head reared back as he felt his cum rise and then spurt out into her as his own orgasm peaked a moment before hers, his shout of pleasure erupting from deep in his throat, echoing around the room.

Rolling off her body onto his back he lay there panting, languid and complete whilst the girl lay next to him. After a while he rolled off the bed walking into the other room to pick up the gear and back into the bedroom to lay out some lines on the bedside table.

Smiling over at the girl he passed to her the rolled up twenty pound note and told her to enjoy herself whilst he went into the other room to make some phone calls.


Rachel sat hugging herself, the now empty water bottle on the floor and watched the man drink from the bottle of Scotch, his eyes never leaving her.

"What's your name?"


"Well Rachel, I had better introduce myself. My name is Patrick and you have two choices. You can sleep by yourself, your hands tied behind your back and ankles tied together and no blanket, or you can have the pleasure of sharing the blanket with me. Of course your hands will still be tied but in front of you. Your choice."

When she gave no answer Patrick took another swig from the bottle. It helped ease the pain in his gut and ribs. "I think I would feel a lot better if I had hold of you tonight." And stepping forward he reached into the sports bag and pulled out a roll of bandage. "Hold your hands out honey; put your wrists together like a good girl and we'll get on just fine."

Doing as she was told she watched as he tied the bandage around her wrists. "Lay down sweetheart." And grabbing the blanket he lay down behind her, pulling the woollen covering over them, "I hope you're not one of those women that hog the covers." he whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her so that they lay in spoon fashion, "I just hate a woman that does that." And settling his body against hers, his arm holding her around her waist, they lay in silence until they both fell asleep.


The redhead lay back on the big bed, a satisfied smile on her face. She had asked Johnny 'the slice' to introduce her to Snake because she was ambitious and he was a powerful name in the criminal underworld, and she felt that by being in his bed she could get to be his woman.

She knew she was good in bed and Snake's shout of ecstasy had made her smug.

Watching as he walked back into the bedroom she smiled up at him, opening her arms and inviting him over to her. She watched as he smoothly walked towards her, naked, his body gleaming, the tattoo of the snake curling down from his neck, around his body and down his leg, his dark black eyes glinting as he smiled down at her.

Leaning down he kissed her, "Just relax, stay here in bed and I'll be back in about half and hour, I have some business to do on the phone. If you want there's enough on the bedside table to do a couple more lines."

Raising her arms around his neck she kissed him before telling him, "Don't be long baby, I'll get lonely without you."

Standing back up he gave her another smile before walking over to the closet to pull out a short white towelling robe and slipping it on walked out the room pulling the door closed behind him.

Rolling over onto her stomach she stretched, plumping a pillow and settled down waiting for the next round of sex with Snake.


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