tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage Ch. 05

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 05


This is a romantic crime thriller which contains some romantic sex, some non consensual sex, some male on male violence, and a lot of very interesting and interacting characters, with some twists and turns in the story.

I have tried to keep things as tasteful as I can, keeping in mind some peoples sensitivity.

As with all my stories there is not always a nice tidy happy ending for everyone – life is just not like that.


She woke up slowly her head pounding, her eyes feeling as if they were full of grit, her mouth dry. Carefully opening her eyes she squinted and saw his face laying inches from hers, his eyes closed, the dark bruise on his cheek vivid, and his jaw covered with a couple of days growth of dark stubble. Lying there quietly she assessed her situation, noticing that she was wearing only her bra and pants and in a strange bed in a strange bedroom, and unable to remember how she got there last night. Easing gently away from him she started to get out of the bed, only to suddenly feel a hand grip her arm and a sleep roughened voice say from behind her, "Going somewhere?"

Turning her head to look over her shoulder she saw him laying there looking up at her, "Where are we? How did we get here?"

Pulling her back down so that she was laying on her back, Patrick rose up over her staring into her wide scared eyes. Leaning on one arm, his other hand on her opposite shoulder, his face looking down at hers he whispered, "Somewhere safe." just before he lowered his face and nestled his mouth against the side of her neck nibbling the soft skin just below her ear. Rachel's hands went up to press uselessly against his shoulders. "What are you doing? ....Stop!"

But his mouth continued to kiss and nibble her neck, down to the little hollow at the front, across her collar bone and then down to the firm mounds of flesh that bulged from the top of the cups of her bra. "Wait, stop." she breathlessly told him.

Rising up over her, his body laying completely over hers, she felt his hard erection as it lay against her groin, his legs pushing between her thighs opening her up, "Patrick please stop." But his only answer was the lowering of his head to hers as his mouth opened and pressed down over hers, softly pressing his tongue into her mouth, his hands each side of her head lacing gently into her hair holding her still. She felt him move his body against hers, rubbing gently, slowly as if there was no hurry, and his tongue lazily tasted the inside of her mouth.

Rachel's hands pushed at his shoulders, a small noise escaping her throat in denial, but the noise was swallowed by Patrick's mouth as he gave a small growl.

Patrick spread his legs, making hers move wider and one hand left her hair to travel down to one breast, pulling the material of her bra down to expose her sweet flesh. Leaving her mouth he kissed his way down to the naked globe and taking the pearled nipple in his mouth he suckled it deep into his mouth before laving it with his tongue. Her body reacted by arching slightly, the gasp deep in her throat escaping as her fingers tightened on his shoulders, her short nails digging into his tight flesh stretched over his hard muscles.

"You have to stop!"

But all he did was reveal the other breast, her bra now pushing the two round mounds up where it lay below them. Moving his mouth to the other hard nipple, he repeated the sucking and nibbling causing a restless movement to the body lying below his.

The hands that once were pushing at his shoulders now rose up to his head, lacing through his short hair and pulling it down towards her as he continued to torture her breasts with his mouth, alternating between her two hard pointed and wet teats.

In a plaintive whisper she told him, "Please.......no."

His hand swept down her torso to her hip where he found her panties and gently he moved them down as his mouth followed his hand kissing and nipping the sensitive skin of her midriff and belly. Removing the pants he moved on down further until his mouth was settled over her sex that only moments before had been covered by the black lace and with his tongue he lathered the hard nub nestled in its little hood.

Rachel lay there eyes closed, sensations washing over her as he manipulated her clit with his hot wet tongue. Head tossing back and forth as sensations washed over her she pleaded, "No....stop.....please don't."

Patrick looked up along her restless body keeping his mouth and tongue working his magic on her as she panted, "I can't......no...."

As she seemed to almost reach her peak he stopped and moving his body back over hers he slipped his hard penis slowly into her tight and moist hole, moving into her in a controlled and steady entry until he was seated deep inside of her. Her body had reacted by curving her hips upwards, the look in her eyes luminous and shocked as her nerve endings reacted to his possession.

Gradually he started to rock, moving almost out each time and then thrusting slowly and surely forward all the time staring into her wide shocked eyes. After a while he picked up the pace, rolling his pelvis as he moved back and forth, and Rachel reacted again to the deep and full thrust into her, her arms pushing back at his shoulders, her grunts and moans coming in tandem with each deep push into her.

"Please don't.....don't make me......."

Rising up on his arms over her, the muscles in his upper body tight and bulging he moved faster, pumping harder, causing her legs to raise up around his hips, and with each downward thrust he felt his balls hit her bottom, each backward movement a prerequisite for a deeper and harder push in.

Patrick felt the tight wet muscles ripple inside of her that was gripping him as her orgasm started to roll; her head drew back, her nails dug harder into his flesh. Picking up he pumped into her frantically as she screamed, "Nooooo....." her body no longer hers to control as wave after wave pounded her nerve endings, and gritting his teeth he let his own orgasm take over, spilling his seed into her, his buttocks quivering with pleasure.

Falling exhausted onto her body, his sweat covered skin met her own glistening body, his heart beat heavy and fast in his chest, and he lay with his face buried into the curve of her shoulder, the strong smell of musk and sex swirling through his lungs with each deep breath he took.

Rachel lay there staring up at the ceiling with Patrick's heavy body holding her down. Confused as to her feelings, here she was, beneath her kidnapper, used sexually against her wishes but her body singing with pleasure.

After a while Patrick rolled off her to lay on his back sprawled out, relaxed and content. Carefully Rachel eased off the bed, standing up and covering her breasts with the pulled down cups of her bra.

"Where are you going?"

Looking behind her she whispered, "I need to go to the loo."

Turning on his side, his head balanced on his hand he smiled at her, "Don't try to escape through the window, we're two floors up." Patrick admired her body as she walked over to the bathroom door and disappeared behind it. He heard the small click of the lock and swung out of bed and over to the door. "Rachel?"


Putting his ear to the door he strained to listen. "Rachel? Are you ok?"

He heard the toilet flush and then the shower. "Rachel let me in." Rattling the door knob his voice rose. "Open the door Rachel....What are you doing?...let me in."

Standing there his heart beating, he waited, his ear against the door, listening to the sound of the shower.

Inside the bathroom Rachel scrubbed her body and hair, letting the hot water wash over her, but she couldn't wash away the feelings inside of her. She heard Patrick's voice as he shouted at her from the other side of the door, but ignored it as well as the frantic banging on it. She stood under the hot spray for five minutes and then turned it off, getting out and wrapped a large white bath towel around her, her hair dripping down her back. Walking over to the medicine cabinet on the wall over the sink she rummaged around in it until she found some pain killers and took two.

Slowly she opened the door and stood there.

Patrick stood naked in front of her the look of worry in his eyes. "Why didn't you let me in?"

Walking past him she picked up her top and skirt from the floor where he had dropped them last night as he had undressed her, only to have them pulled out of her hands by a furious Patrick. "I asked you why didn't you open the fucking door when I asked you to?"

Rachel's hand came up and slapped him hard across his face. "What part of no do you not understand?"

The two of them stood shocked in silence and then Patrick dropped the clothes back on the floor and reached for her pulling her into his body as she started to cry in great heaving sobs. Resting his cheek against the crown of her head he wrapped his arms around her and rocked her gently as she cried.


Sarah picked up the phone and dialled the Police, she was frantic with worry. No sign of Rachel. She had tried continually to get hold of her on the mobile, but it kept going across to voicemail.

When she finally was passed to the correct person at the end of the phone after some time she poured out her worries about her missing friend, explaining how unlike this was of Rachel, and that she hadn't turned up to work yesterday, or come home in two nights.

The policewoman at the end of the phone asked her numerous questions, intimating that maybe Rachel had met someone and was out enjoying herself, but Sarah emphasised that she had split up recently from her boyfriend and was upset over the split, and that if she was going to stay away for so long she would have got in contact to let her know where she was and not to worry.

Asking Sarah to pop into the police station and bring a photo of Rachel, the police woman told her not to worry too much as most missing people turned up after a couple of days rather sheepish, but that they would put out a description of her car to all units so that if it was spotted they could check and make sure she was ok.

Placing the handset back down Sarah sat back; resting her head against the big comfortable chair she was sitting on and closed her eyes. She just couldn't get the feeling that something wrong had occurred.


Standing in the kitchen, with Rachel sitting at the small breakfast table wrapped in a white towelling robe that Patrick had found in the closet he brewed some coffee and placed the mug in front of her where she sat. Her head was bowed, shoulders hunched, quiet and withdrawn and he asked her if she would like something to eat, adding that there wasn't much.

She just looked up at him, her eyes red rimmed, her face pale.

He felt like a real bastard. He could now add rapist to the long list of things in his life he had done outside of the law.

To him it hadn't felt like rape. To him it had been heaven, her body responding to his, her small moans and gasps had seemed to urge him on, and her orgasm when it came had held him tight and firm, milking him as he had thrust inside her.

Reaching up and opening a cupboard he found a large tin of peaches which he opened and split into two small bowls. Walking over to place them on the small table he looked down at the top of her head, "Sorry....." and his hand stroked her wet hair, tucking some behind her ear, "I'm so sorry....I thought...."

"Please let me go home."

He sat down. "I can't. Not yet. Not until the deal is done and I'm outta here."

"I promise I won't go to the police."

"I can't take that chance." Smiling tentatively at her he teased, "If I'm caught they'll give me so much time, the next time I see daylight I'll be an old man."

"Then why do it? Why take the chance?"

"Because it's my way out. My way to escape. I've got some money in an off shore account, and with this last deal it will give me enough to start afresh. Somewhere good, away from Snake. Away from London and all it entails."

"Can't you just stop and start afresh without doing this deal, what ever it is."


"I don't understand. I just don't understand." and she started to cry.

Patrick sat there, food forgotten, his heart constricting in his chest, watching her.


Snake kicked over the glass coffee table, snarling with anger, his face red with rage. His arm swept out knocking a plant off of the glass shelving unit, so that it flew across the room, ending up amongst the rest of the mess littering the floor of Patrick's lounge in his flat.

His men had searched the whole place, but there was no sign of any pointer to where Patrick was. Walking over to a photo frame laying on the floor he bent down and picked it up, staring at it. Behind him stood two of his men, standing quietly, and waiting for their boss to give them their orders.

In the photo were two young men smiling, bottles of beer in their hands, carefree and happy. One with a twinkle in his eye pointing at the others neck with a finger, gesturing at the new tattoo of the snake that the other had just had done, the snakes head on his neck, the rest of the tattoo swirling down his body, a proud grin on his face.

Patrick and himself as young men.

Back when they were best friends and life had been an adventure, and he was sure of his friend's loyalty. Turning around he screamed at his men. "Find him. Find him and bring him to me. I want the bastard on his knees begging for his life. He can't have got far."

Striding across the mess that was once Patrick's possessions he left the flat and went out to his car. Sitting in the back as he was driven back to the lab where his office was located, he stared at the photo still in his hands, memories of the two of them and the adventures they had shared running through his head.


Jerry sat in front of Darwin Zsotsi, nervous and trying not to show it.

His old boss smiled at him, white teeth gleaming out of his dark skinned face, his braided hair and smart sharp suit dark black, emphasising the heavy gold jewellery around his wrist, neck and fingers.

"You're looking well Jerry. London seems to be doing you good. You were always a good reliable man. After this deal, you considering coming back to work for me? I'll give you a good place on my team when I take over the manor."

"Thanks. But I've decided to get out. Things are getting too hot for me and I want to go to where the sun always shines and I can drink beer all day by a pool."

Laughing Darwin replied, "You'll be back. You're too good an operator to leave it all behind you, and when you do, come and find me."

"Thank you Darwin, I'll keep that in mind. Now how about we talk business? I have the goods, at fifty five grand a pound how about we say five hundred and fifty grand."

"How about we say three hundred and two grand? You need to dump it quick. I need to make a decent profit."

Jerry sat back. "It's quality stuff. I know, and you know, you'll make a tidy profit on say......four hundred and fifty grand."

"Three fifty."

"Four.....and the satisfaction that you're sticking it to Snake."

"Three eighty and that's my final offer."

They sat staring at each other for a few minutes, Jerry knowing that if he backed down he would look weak.

"Four hundred Darwin." And he started to rise.

Laughing the black man stood, putting out his hand and shaking Jerry's, "Four hundred it is you old bastard, and because I like you. Where and when can we do the exchange? I can have the money here day after tomorrow."

"I'll let you know. I can be ready within the next twenty four hours. How long are you down here for?"

"As long as it takes. I intend to make war on that bastard, and this is only the beginning. Supplying his own dealers with his own goods will be the first volley."

"I'll contact you as soon as I can make the arrangements."

Clapping Jerry on his shoulder the Manchurian told him, "You do that."

Walking out of the rented house where Darwin Zsotsi was staying in Dulwich he looked up at the sky. Now all he had to do was retrieve the damn stuff from where Patrick had hid it, but not until he had gone back to the flat with the food for him, and somehow retrieve his key for the safe.


The farmer sat on his tractor, the noise from the motor a loud rattle as it stood turning over, staring at the glint of light blue behind the old derelict unit in his industrial site. He had noticed it first thing this morning and it was still there early afternoon.

Turning off the ignition in the noisy old machine, he climbed down and walked to the end of the field, climbing over the tangle of hedgerow and over the wire fence that kept the unit divided from his field. The glint of blue came from a car parked by a dumpster, and then he noticed the broken window in the units' door. Walking over to the car he looked in the drivers window to the ignition and noticed the key ring hanging there, and then to the back seat where a woman's black handbag sat.

Walking to the back door he called out, "Anyone in there." Waiting to see if there was an answer before opening the door and walking in he turned into the room on the right he found the cardboard on the floor, the bandage that had held Rachel's wrists laying there on the floor. Going up the stairs he found the room with the chair, a pair of woman's shoes and a discarded stocking tied with a knot in the middle lying on the floor in front of it.

Picking his mobile out of his back pocket he phoned the police.


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