tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage Ch. 09

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 09


This is a romantic crime thriller which contains some romantic sex, some non consensual sex, some male on male violence, and a lot of very interesting and interacting characters, with some twists and turns in the story.

As with all my stories there is not always a nice tidy happy ending for everyone -- life is just not like that.


The two lovers stood in the small shower cubicle together, the water streaming down their bodies sluicing off the lather that they had rubbed over each other, their hands and fingers touching and stroking skin. Patrick watched fascinated as the white soapy foam slithered down Rachel's body, revealing her dark pointed nipples as they stood out at him, and then down her body to gather around her small feet as she stood in front of him. Almost of their own violation his hands rose up to cup her breasts, his thumbs rubbing across the hard tips before following the trail of suds on down, past her naval to the crevice between her thighs.

Opening her legs to give him more access, she sighed and let her head roll back, the water raining down on her face as she felt his fingers search out her entrance, then she felt two of them moving up inside her, sliding slowly up and down, as her body heated up from the inside out to match the hot water raining down upon her.

He watched her as she closed her eyes, giving into the pleasure he was working on her, and he consciously captured the picture in his mind of her like this so that he could hold it there to pull out in the future, whenever he needed it.

For when she might not be there for him.

Faster and faster he moved his fingers inside of her, her hands holding onto his shoulders, the fingers digging into his muscles as she gasped and bucked her hips to meet the movements of his hand as her orgasm started to build. Using his thumb on his other hand he rubbed gently her clit at the same time and her face fell forward, the water streaming down his chest from her wet hair, and her legs started to wobble as the waves of satisfaction started to ebb and flow through her nerve endings.

The scream of joy when it came erupted from deep inside of her, and he felt her spasm around his fingers, her juice flowing freely down the inside of her thighs mingling with the shower water and the residue of soap.

Picking her up with his hands around her waist he lifted her so that he could enter her as her legs rose to clamp around his hips, her arms twining around his neck, her face burying in his shoulder, her hot breath panting against his damp skin as he thrust hard into her still throbbing cunt.

He rode her hard and deep with a desperate pace, frantically as if this would be his last time, his mouth was hard upon hers and his arm tight as if he would never let her go, and when he came his shout was of love, and torn deep from within his soul.


Jerry sat in his car, the mobile phone clamped to his ear, setting up the meeting with Darwin at the flat for late that afternoon. "I'll meet you at the end of the road and show you where the place is......."

"It will be just you and this Patrick geezer there?"


"I don't want any surprises."

"No surprises Darwin.....and none on your side either....."

"Would I do that to you Jerry.....I'll bring along a couple of my men.....and the money......you have the goods and we'll do our stuff and both be happy."

"Sweet.....see you at four."

Now all Jerry had to do was get the last of the coke and Patrick's key from his flat. Switching on the ignition he pulled out into the morning traffic and guided the car along towards the south side of the woods that the lab sat inside.


Johnny 'the slice' sat sipping a hot cup of tea in the greasy café on the corner of the shopping parade. He was nursing a small hangover and his stomach was rolling along with his head. Last night he had been on the look out for any information on any jobs being planned as he was now broke, the money from the last job he had pulled all lost on the dogs and horses that he had bet on over the last couple of days at the local bookies.

Cursing his bad luck, he shovelled a forkful of fried sloppy egg into his mouth. Every nag he bet on had come last, in fact one of them was probably still running it was so damn slow. He needed some cash, and fast as his old woman was going to skin him alive if he went home broke.

Suddenly into his drink muddied brain he could hear the conversation from the table next to him and curious he started to listen, the magic words twenty five grand had penetrated the fog he was trying to clear from his head with the greasy breakfast in front of him.

"Word is that Ivan was down the hospital Accident and Emergency for over four hours. Had to tell them it was a rough game of sex that got out of hand. Can't sit down or pee without the most excruciating pain." The big blond guy with a nose that looked as if it had came second in an argument told the other three men sitting at the table who were laughing their heads off. "Seems Snake is so worked up about Patrick Curtis he took it out on Ivan's arse."

The older man sitting opposite the blond guy told him, "I ain't ratting on Curtis, even for twenty five grand. Good man Curtis. When my fifteen year old daughter got knocked up by that bastard last year he arranged for her to have the kid over in the hospital in Portsmouth for us, away from prying eyes, paid for her stay down there and even went down to visit to find out what she wanted to do with the bairn. Once she decided to keep it he helped strong arm financial support from the bastard that got her pregnant. Even goes over to see her and the kid once in a while."

"How is your grandson?"

"Poor little bugger is doing ok....no you won't find me or a lot like me ratting the whereabouts of Curtis to Snake...not for that amount of money......good man Curtis.....and that Snake is a slimy fucker that lives up to his name."

"Shhh don't talk aloud like that....you don't want to end up like Ivan."

"So where do you think Patrick Curtis has run to? You think he's still on the manor?"

"Who knows? But if I was him I would put the miles between me and Snake as fast as I could."

"He'll need help to get away and showing his face around is a sure way to help someone pick up the twenty five grand reward from Snake."

"Maybe someone is already helping him. Lots of people around here would."

The blond told the rest of the men sitting at the table, "They may turn a blind eye and not say anything but most people wouldn't help him. They'd be too scared to put themselves on the line, even for Curtis......no I think he's long gone....and good luck to him."

Johnny 'the slice' finished up his food, gulped back the last of the tea and left the greasy café, making his way towards his parked car at the end of the road. He knew where Patrick Curtis lived and he had a feeling deep in his gut that if he hung around there eventually someone would turn up at the man's gaff and when they did he would follow him and get a clue that might just bring him a windfall of money.


The Police team were meeting and discussing the information that they were gathering with regards the missing Rachel and the possible sightings of their main suspect.

"We've had numerous calls in, mostly from the usual cranks claiming to have seen Curtis and the girl. One reckoned that they were both dead and she had contacted them through a medium and that they are happy on the other side." A ripple of laughter ran around the room and he continued, "We're running a call list on Rachel's mobile number and that should be with us early afternoon. It will give us the approximate area of where any calls were made and who to, so if it has been used since she disappeared we'll have an idea of the area he may be in."

"The photos of the two of them are in all the papers this morning, and we're going to set up a short appeal to be filmed for tonight's London News programme on the box."

"I still say she's dead....or probably wishes she was....I think we should focus on Armstrong....my gut feeling is she was taken on orders by Curtis for him....he has a bad reputation for abusing woman."

"Well let's watch what Armstrong is up to then."

* Rachel stood now dressed in her fresh clean clothes at the cooker making scrabbled eggs, whilst Patrick sat watching her, the feeling of domesticity washing over him. "If you come with me to Florida you could choose the place we live in, do it out as you wanted."

Without turning around she told him, "I've already got a place, its here in England, it's were I want to be."

"Ever been to Florida?"


"Then how do you know you'd rather live here if you can't compare it to there."

"I just know."

"Ok......not Florida....you choose where we live.....anywhere in the world....just not here."

"Patrick I'm not going with you." and she took the frying pan and turned around, scooping out the fluffy eggs onto his plate in front of him. "I have a life here and I told you I don't want to spend my life on the run."

"We wouldn't be running......we'd spend most of our time in bed....me on top of you."

Giving him a look she sat down opposite him, "Eat your eggs and shut up."

Sighing dramatically he picked up the fork and told her, "You're breaking my heart."

"If you don't shut up I'll break more than that!"


Jerry turned off the ignition of his the car in a small clearing at the edge of the woods where he had stopped and walked down the small winding pathway that lead deep into the trees, careful not to be seen, looking around him checking the whole time for any sight of anyone. About a hundred yards into the woods there was a steep dip and he slithered down the sides of the depression in the ground until he got to the bottom. Lying on their side was a number of fallen tree trunks, some of them rotten, and walking over to one of them he bent at the knee looking up the hollow end and reaching in pulled out the pile of rotting leaves until he uncovered the last of the packets of coke.

Grabbing them he scampered back up the hill to the pathway and made his way back to his car, his heart pounding along with the sound of his running feet. Throwing the packets into the back of the car he jumped into the drivers seat, locked the doors from the inside and started up the car, and with a squeal of tyres backed out of where he was parked and raced away as fast as he could, putting the miles behind him and the lab that lay a quarter of a mile away in the heart of the very wood he had retrieved the stuff from.


Johnny 'the slice' parked his car at the end of the street. The up market apartments that dotted the area were sought-after conversions of large Victorian houses. Leafy trees lined the road and from where he sat he could see police tape across the entrance to one of the houses.

The one that Patrick lived in.

Settling further down in his seat he watched as the occasional person wandered down the quiet street. If the police have been nosing around here it was unlikely that Patrick would come back he thought to himself. Maybe he should try and think of somewhere else he might hide out in. Lighting a fag and taking a long draw into his lungs he realised that the twenty five grand was not going to be as easy as he thought.


Rachel sauntered over to the wine rack at the end of the kitchen and picked up a bottle of Merlot. Lifting the bottle up to show Patrick who sat reading a Men's magazine he had found in the lounge she asked him, "Fancy joining me for a little pre lunch drink?"

Glancing up and replying, "Thought a nice cold Chardonnay would be more your style."

"Our unsuspecting host only has red. His taste runs to Pinot Noir and Merlots."

Walking over to the cupboard she took down two glasses and putting them on the table along with the bottle and then went over to the kitchen drawers to look for a bottle opener. "What's your favourite wine?"

"A nice Rioja, drunk sitting by a sparkling blue sea, the sun beating down on our skin, the waves gently hitting the beach in the background, you in a tiny bikini watching the world go by, me watching you whilst getting hard....dirty thoughts going through my mind......"

Handing him the bottle opener she laughed, "In your dreams."

Patrick opened the bottle and poured out the drinks, "The other day you got rat-arsed on the Scotch. Go careful on the wine.........Jerry is bringing the buyer over later and I don't want to have to deal with him whilst dealing with a drunk woman."

Rachel's body sat up straight, her eyes alert on Patrick, "You're going to go ahead with this stupid deal.....you could call it off now.....you could phone Jerry and tell him to tell your buyer the deal is off.....you could go straight."

Shaking his head at her he picked up his glass of wine, "Are you crazy.....I've already got one insane and vicious gangland boss after my head, I fuck up this deal with Jerry's contact and I'll have two....besides its going to be my last deal....I promise, with the money from this and what I have saved I can get out, start afresh.....re-invent myself....all I need is the right woman to keep me on the straight and narrow."

Watching him take a sip of his wine she smiled, "You'd be bored going straight."

"Not if you were with me."

Filling up his glass she told him to shut up and drink up.

Smiling across at her he asked her, "Trying to get me drunk young lady and then take advantage?"

The look on her face and the blush running up her cheeks told him all he needed to know.


Jerry walked over to the house four doors up from Patrick's, there was no car in the drive and it looked deserted. Sauntering down the pathway that led past the house to the back garden as if he lived there he pulled the steel cutters from his jacket pocket and cut the chain that held the padlock holding the garden gate shut and secure. Making his way to the back of the house and down into the garden he walked to the end where a large tree stood next to the fence that divided next door from the garden he was in. A quick shimmy up the tree and he dropped down next door, walking carefully across to the next fence and climbed over until he reached the back of Patrick's house.

Walking carefully up to the side of the house he found a small window and using his glass cutter made a hole small enough for his arm to reach through and open it up and climb through.

Once inside he made his way out of the lower flat and up to Patrick's, creeping and listening out for anyone else the whole time.


Johnny 'the slice' was just about to give up and had started the car when he noticed the blond man with glasses come out of the house a handful of doors up from Patrick's.

Sure that there was something familiar about the man, he watched as he sauntered up the road as if he hadn't got a care in the world and turned the corner. Some instinct told him he should follow this person and he did a quick three point turn and made it around the corner just as the blond man climbed into a car parked a little way down the road. Deciding to follow and see where he was going Johnny stayed a little way behind, just like he had seen in the movies, and smirked at the thought that he should maybe see if he could get into filming as an actor or extra. He certainly looked the part he thought glancing up at himself in the mirror, skinny and pocked faced he would make a good villain, and could just see himself in a Guy Richie movie.

He was so intent on admiring himself he almost didn't notice the car he was following turn left, swearing to himself he continued to follow and tried to keep his mind on what he was doing and remember whether he had seen the man before.

After a good twenty minute drive during which he had let a car or two come between him and the blond man he was following he saw the car pull into the kerb in front of a small block of flats. Driving past and then stopping further up the road he watched as the Blond man got out and went to the entrance, and then go inside.

Just as the man disappeared through the door he remembered. He had seen him months ago at a local pub at a wake after a funeral of a well known Bunko man. Patrick had been there and the blond man had been talking with him.

Getting out the car and running up to the flats he rushed through the door and listened to the sound of voices coming down from above. Creeping up the stairs he was just in time to hear the closing of the door to the right of the top floor.

Almost dancing with glee on the stairs Johnny 'the slice' could almost taste the twenty five grand that he would get from Snake when he gave him the information.

In all of South London he was the one that had found the wanted man.

And really by a fluke.


Handing over the key to the garage safe Jerry told his friend, "I'm going to go and meet Darwin and bring him here for four o'clock. Have everything ready but hidden. I'm booking the last running Car Eurostar for tonight at the Ebbsfleet terminal, as soon as the deal is done I'll pick up Megan and get down there. Bags are packed and by tomorrow night we'll be in the Costa Del Sol."

Patrick smiled and told Jerry to look up a friend of his called Danny Roberts "he's got a bar on the front at Fuengirola called Moxie's, he's a good man, and he'll give you some work on security. Tell him hello from me when you see him."

Rachel stood arms wrapped around her waist, her eyes wide with fright. They were going to go ahead with this and she, a total innocent was going to be in the flat when they did it. My God, she thought what if the police turn up. She would be done as an accessory and end up with a criminal record.

Jerry looked around at her when she made a little noise of fear.

"Where are you going to hide her?"

"In the bedroom closet. I don't want her anywhere near the actual deal just in case it goes down wrong."

At a big squeal from Rachel Patrick walked over and putting his arm around her whispered to her, "Nothing is going to go wrong. It's just a precaution."

"But what if they come with guns. I've seen it on the TV. What if they decide to double cross you?"

"Then you stay in the closet. They don't know you're here so they won't be looking for you. You wait for over an hour without moving unless I come and get you and then you get out of here as soon as you can. Make for home."

"Please call it off."

"No way. Do as you're told woman and don't get in the way."


"Just shut up....." and he kissed her. "I love you Rachel but Jerry and I are too far down the road to stop now.....when the time comes do what I've told you. You'll be alright."

Rachel just stared up at the man who only days ago she didn't know existed and realised that she too had fallen in love.


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