tagGay MaleRavaged in Broad Daylight! At 18!

Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18!


Mark frowned while looking in the full length mirror. After growing a lot this past winter, none of his old clothes fit. His father, taking pity, had given him a pair of old jeans which Mark promptly cut into shorts. But, as his reflection in the mirror made startling clear, he'd cut the shorts, well, too short. His dick and balls dangled free of the denim.

Discouraged, he continued looking in the mirror. He was the only boy in high school with hair on his chest, light brown like his shoulder-length wavy hair, and more hair fanned across his arms and legs. Years of swimming had blessed him with a nice body, and this pleased him, unlike the time he overheard a group of girls in school talking about how his buns were like big melons they wanted to squeeze. This made him nervous.

He then had an idea. If, by lying down, would he still be exposed? He repositioned himself and looked. As the sun reflected off the mirror, he clearly saw not just his dickhead, but his whole penis, balls and all, against the faded blue denim. He was also struck by the pattern of hair on his legs. The hair grew thicker on his thighs and even thicker, like a beacon, around the crack of his ass, just barely concealed by a thin stretch of denim. In contrast to this dark mass of fur, even his smooth ass checks were partly revealed. Looking at himself so exposed, he realized that he'd never seen himself quite this way before, in fact, no one ever had. It bothered him that he was still a virgin.

He sat up and frowned again. He really wanted to get some sun, but there wasn't anything else to wear. What if he found a private place? Could he get away with wearing the shorts in, say, a place like North Shore Park? It was a park in name only, being just a big strip of grass between a little used road and the bay. He had never seen anyone in it.

He thought: Well, there's only one way to find out. Pulling a pair of sweat pants over the shorts, he also put on a T-shirt, got a towel, jumped on his bike and rode to the park. As expected, the park was empty. After pulling off his shirt and pants, he was careful to lay down facing the bay and not the road. Seagulls won't complain about exposed dicks!

For the first ten minutes or so, he was still nervous, but the warm sun lulled him into a calmer state of mind. After ten minutes, he fell asleep.

He woke when a shadow crossed over him. He opened his eyes, squinting. Standing directly next to him was an older man, about fifty, slender, with a crisp gray beard, and bald. He was wearing nice shorts, and long gray hairs covered arms revealed by a short-sleeve shirt. Just inches from Mark's eyes were a pair of well-developed, tanned legs covered with dark hair.

"Can I help you?" Mark asked. The man did not answer, but slowly looked Mark up and down. Mark was nervous, and was surprised at how vulnerable he felt – he was nearly naked while a fully dressed, grown man stood towering over him.

"You don't seem to have any suntan lotion on. Won't you burn?" was all the man said. Mark felt relieved. At least the man wasn't a cop out to arrest perverts wearing obscenely short shorts.

"No, I forgot my suntan lotion," Mark said, barely able to speak.

"I've got some in my car."

"I don't want to inconvenience you."

"Oh, it's not a problem."

Before Mark could protest, the man walked off. Mark quickly sat up, and was stunned by the sight between his legs: his whole dick was hanging out! The sun had warmed Mark's scrotum; it had expanded and stretched to the ground. His shaft nestled between his balls, and the sun sparkled off the many sweat droplets covering the exposed skin. And that man saw everything! Shit! Shit! Mark shifted in a vain attempt to cover himself, but the shorts were simply too short. So, he quickly unbuttoned the top jeans button, unzipped, pulled his dick shaft up toward his belly, pushed his legs tight together, and re-zipped.

The man returned. "I've got a little time to kill, so why don't I help you put the lotion on? I usually do with my children and wife."

Mark wasn't sure about this, but as he couldn't do his back, he thought, well, why not? "OK."

The man sat down and started rubbing the lotion on Mark's feet. Being touched like this feels strange, but good, Mark thought. The man continued silently. When he reached Mark's knees, he asked, "Can you move your legs apart a little?"

Mark felt stupid. "Well, you see, I kinda cut the shorts really short, and, well, uhh, I kinda...hang out, you know."

"Oh, that's OK," replied the man, "I did the same thing once. I'm not embarrassed if you're not."

Mark thought: why should he care if this man didn't? He moved his legs a little apart.

The man continued silently. Mark asked a few questions, but received no reply. So he laid his head down and relaxed. The minutes passed as the man moved slowly up Mark's legs. In a low voice he asked, "How old are you?'

"Eighteen. Just last week."

"You're awfully well developed for eighteen." What does that mean? Mark was wondering how to respond when the back of the man's hand brushed against his balls. Mark bolted up but the man continued rubbing lotion on the insides of his thighs. Again, a hand brushed against his balls. As Mark was about to protest, the man squeezed the lotion bottle and the cap came off. Suddenly cool liquid poured onto Mark's thighs, sweat-covered balls, and into the crack of his ass, barely covered by the thin strip of denim.

"Oh shit, I'm really sorry!" the man said, "Here, let me rub it in."

Before Mark could protest, the man had pushed Mark's legs apart and was massaging Mark's thighs. Mark went ridged at the thought of this man's hands being just an inch from his exposed balls.

"I don't mean to scare you, but the lotion is, well, everywhere." Mark tried to speak, but nothing came out of his mouth. He felt utterly frozen, and before Mark knew what was happening, this stranger – a man! – was actually rubbing his lotion-covered scrotum. Oh my God! Shit! Fuck! As Mark grew ever more alarmed, the man shifted to that special place below his balls. Mark inhaled deeply, and then looked down his chest. And was horrified. Staring back at him was his dickhead, just barely peeking out from the top of his shorts. Shit! I forgot the button! The more the man touched him – there! – the harder his dick became, pushing the zipper open further, until about an inch was exposed to the world. Shit! Mark tried to think non-sexy thoughts, but as the man diligently continued his massage, Mark's dick kept getting harder. Shit! Shit!

No one had ever seen him with a hard-on, much less another guy. Paralyzed from fear, he looked at the man, expecting him to be shocked and disgusted, but he seemed intent on his work. He was also, Mark noticed, breathing very slow and deep.

Mark was still frozen. Silently, the man continued, and very gently pulled Mark's knees up a little and opened his legs wider. This is the last thing Mark wanted. But things got worse. The man's finger moved from below Mark's balls to the thin stretch of denim covering Mark's ass crack. As he rubbed, he pushed the lotion-soaked fabric aside, and Mark knew his private, private space – my butt crack! – was now exposed. To a stranger! To Mark's even greater astonishment, his dick got rock hard, and strained against the fabric. What? Damn! The man traced the hair along the crack, rubbing the spilled lotion. His finger then slipped into the crack itself! Fuck! Oh fuck! As Mark's mind raced, sweat poured from his hairy armpits, his breath quickened, while his dick pushed hard against the zipper, exposing another half inch – but he said nothing. He couldn't. The man hiked Mark's knees up a little more, pulled his legs further apart, and continued to work the lotion into the crack.

The unthinkable then happened. The man started working his finger around Mark's bud. Oh...my...God! Then he slipped a finger inside! Inside! Mark gasped, but the man didn't seem to notice. Aided by the spilled lotion, the finger slipped easily into Mark's most private part, moving gently in a circular motion. After the initial shock, Mark was surprised by an unexpected thought: It felt good.

The man pushed Mark's legs fully up and apart, completely exposing the young asscrack, thus allowing his finger to penetrate even deeper, while his right hand massaged Mark's thighs and balls. He then inserted another finger, until both were easily accepted.

Mark breathed very deep, still unable to move. He was also amazed this was happening in full view of the public. He looked around but realized that, with the way they were positioned, and with the man's back to the road, and the nearby bushes, it would be difficult for a car driving past to see exactly what was going on.

As Mark grew used to his most private space being violated, the man poured lotion on Mark's belly and started rubbing the soft young fur. To his surprise, Mark no longer cared that his rock-hard dickhead was sticking straight out. In fact, he liked this, but couldn't understand why. He even wanted this older man to touch his dick! But surely he wouldn't.

He did. While rubbing, his hand brushed against the exposed dickhead. A moment later he did it again. And a moment later. Did he mean to?

Mark was electrified. He liked that this strong, much older man was looking right at his dick, and seeming not to mind! Mark looked toward the engorged shaft and watched, fascinated, as it strained against the zipper, as each brush from the man's big hand bumped it and forced the zipper open a little more.

"I think we need more lotion," the man said before pouring some in his hand. "You wouldn't want this to get burned." He then rubbed the dickhead with his fingers.

Fuck! Fuck! Mark almost fainted – it felt so good. He moaned and breathed very deeply. As he did he realized that they were no longer alone. About twenty feet away, a young man of about 25 was sitting on the seawall. How long had he been there? He was built like a runner and wearing only a pair of thin nylon shorts, the kind split up the sides. His running shoes lay beside him, his feet dangled in the bay, and his back was to the road.

The runner was watching. Shit! Unlike a driver on the road, he had a view straight up Mark's legs. Fuck! Mark felt totally exposed. Duhh! I am! Sweat glistened across his mostly nude body, a hard-on strained against his shorts, his dickhead was visible to any passerby, a man was even groping his dickhead, his balls hung out, and he had a pair of fingers up his exposed ass! As Mark grew alarmed, the runner smiled. Stunned, Mark simply smiled back. This is soooo weird!

The man didn't seem to notice the visitor. At this point Mark gave up worrying and instead focused on how – Damn! – good it all felt. He looked over at the runner who seemed riveted by the view.

The man worked his fingers across the dickhead. Damn! He then started working on the shaft which pushed the zipper open even more. Damn! Damn! As the man's fingers went up and down, the zipper opened further. Mark's dick was now half exposed, and the bright sunlight was like a fuckin' spotlight! Damn! The man then wrapped his hand around the rock-hard shaft and started to, it seemed clear to Mark, jerk him off! As the man's hairy knuckles pushed against the straining zipper, it opened further. Then further. And still further. Damn! Damn! Damn!

"We need to get lotion on every inch. You surely don't want this to burn either."

It was now obvious to Mark that he was being artfully molested – but damn it feels good! – but maybe the man was serious about his not getting sunburned? Mark wasn't sure what to think at this point.

The man continued stroking up and down, and each movement forced the zipper open, until it was all the way down. All the way! Mark watched utterly fascinated as his totally exposed hard-on was jerked-off by a strange man, in broad daylight, and with yet another stranger watching! And the world! Jesus! Just when Mark thought nothing could be more bizarre, the man pulled his fingers out of Mark's ass, roughly grabbed the thin stretch of denim between Mark's legs – Mark's last suggestion of privacy – and broke it – totally exposing the young ass. He then pushed Mark's right knee into the air, forcing the crack wide open. Mark quickly glanced at the runner who now had a direct view of his most private, intimate space. And highlighted by the bright sun! Fuck! The runner responded by quickly pulling his own dick out from his shorts and jerking off!

Mark was delirious from lust. He felt unable to control anything.

At that moment he heard a zipper. Looking to his side, he saw the man pull out a huge erect dick and pour some lotion on it. Far from being alarmed, Mark was excited by the sight of this large, manly penis surrounded by a dark thatch of hair. The man grabbed Mark's hand, and pushed it around the shaft. Mark could hardly breath, but he liked the feel of the steel member, at how different it was from his own, and how much bigger. He slowly stroked it up and down, the lotion glistening in the hot sun, and the bearded man groaned. To his amazement, Mark loved giving him pleasure.

Suddenly, the man roughly pulled the young boy over his lap.

"JESUS!" Mark gasped. He was still lying down, but there was no mistaking what was taking place. He first felt the man's hard dick between his legs, then between his crack, and then...inside him! Filling him up! Shit! I'm getting fucked! In broad daylight! And with a witness!

The man looked into Mark's eyes, and Mark was startled by how intense this felt, emotionally. Far from being alarmed or in pain, he suddenly felt close to this perfect stranger, and liked the idea of their being connected, of having this man inside him. This guy's dick is inside me!

Mark realized he was close to cuming and met the man's deep gaze. The man was breathing very deeply and quickly, his entire face was bathed in sweat, and his beard glistened.

"Damn! Fuck!" Mark yelled each time the man thrust deeply into him.

The runner yelled out, "Do it! Do it." The man didn't pause jerking Mark's young meat; all the while fucking deeper into the boy, thrusting his massive member between the young, innocent cheeks. "Damn! Fuck!" Mark gasped over and over. He looked over at the runner furiously jerking off, his back to the road.

Mark couldn't hold on any longer. "Fuck, fuck, FUUUUCK!" he gasped as a stream of cum bolted from his dick and landed on his chest. The man's dick rammed into Mark's ass over and over as more streams bolted from Mark's dick. Soon, the young boy's hairy belly was covered in sweat and cum.

The runner made a long, low moan. Mark looked over just as the runner's dick spurted into the bay.

Gasping and spent, Mark watched the man, the older eyes never leaving the younger eyes. The man started moaning deeply, then pulled Mark upright so that he was sitting on the huge dick, and thrust his tongue into the young man's surprised mouth. Mark was overwhelmed with the intensity of this, and loved the feel of a beard being mashed against his face. With the man still looking him right in the eyes, Mark felt jism exploding deep inside him, over and over, while he bobbed upon the man's lap.

"Your ass is incredible," the man moaned during his final thrust, "Increeeeeeedible."

Mark fell back onto the grass as the man slowly withdrew. He then pulled Mark's torn shorts up and drew the zipper closed. Just when Mark thought nothing more could stun him, he watched as the man bent down and licked the sweat and cum from his furry belly.

"I'm glad to have been of help," he said after washing Mark with his tongue. "You know, a good friend of mine would love...putting lotion on you. He's really good at it. Can we meet you here tomorrow, same time?"

"Say yes!" the runner yelled out.

Dazed, Mark had just one thought. Maybe he'd cut the shorts just about right.

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would love to fuck a young stud in the park like that.

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Horny story I wish I could have participated !

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