tagGay MaleRavaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 06

Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 06


When Mark woke in the morning, he reviewed the previous few days. How could he have been a virgin on Monday, and so ravaged by Friday? He couldn't count the dicks that had been rammed up his young ass, or the blow jobs he'd given and received, or the amount of jism that had been pumped into his body.

What a week! He could hardly believe it happened.

Of course, in thinking about it all, his dick got hard again, and Mark was unsure whether to be happy or sad that he was leaving the next day for college in New York.

But what memories I'll have.


Mark intensely focused on his studies, and became the editor of the yearbook and president of his senior class. But for the first two years of school, Mark was celibate, and hadn't had sex since that mind-boggling week in Florida. Then he slowly befriended a scholarly student, David, who worked in the library. The two became friends, and Mark was startled the day when David kissed him between the book stacks.

Mark kissed back.

An hour later the two were naked, and Mark was again startled – by the fact that David was a virgin, and by his body. His studious demeanor had not prepared Mark for the incredibly hunky, furry form hidden under those preppy clothes. Nor the passion.


David and Mark became lovers, and Mark's initial introduction to sex – extraordinary as it was – hadn't prepared him for the intensity of what he experienced with David.

With each passing year, Mark loved David even more, and even after twenty-five years Mark was still hugely attracted to his lover – his firm body, great intellect, devilish humor, and engaging sweetness. And after so many years, Mark was consistently amazed and delighted that David felt the same about him. Mark knew that most long-term gay couples stop having sex with their partner after but a few years, but he and David had better sex after two decades than when they first met. We know each other so well. And during all their years together, neither had strayed.


Then there was the call that shattered Mark's life. David was dead. In a car crash.


Two years later Mark received another unsettling phone call. A lawyer wanted to see him, and first-class tickets to Florida were dispatched.

After arriving, Mark was ushered into an elegant office that abounded with rich woods, polished brass, and rather magnificent tapestries. Soon, a handsome man in an extremely well-cut suit came toward him.

"Mr. Morgan?"

Mark nodded.

"I'm Eric Sesson, and I'm very glad to meet you. Won't you come into my office?"

Mark followed, having no idea of why he was here.

"Mr. Morgan…"

"Please call me Mark. Mister makes me feel even older than I am."

"But you're only forty-seven if I'm correct."

"Yes, but I still feel like a kid."

Mr. Sesson laughed. "I know just how you feel. I'm forty-nine, but still feel twenty-five inside. And won't you please call me Eric?"

Mark nodded, and when Eric unbuttoned his jacket Mark couldn't help but notice that the elegant lawyer was extremely fit.

"I know you're wondering why I've asked to see you."

Mark nodded.

"Well, I don't mean to startle you, but do you remember a Glenn Forrester?"

Mark scanned his memory banks. Glenn Forrester? "No, I know no such name."

"That's very curious. Very curious. Hum, maybe this will help, but please don't be too shocked."

Mark had no idea of what Eric was talking about, and watched as Eric popped a DVD into a player. The monitor before him came to life.

And Mark nearly died.

Before him in shocking detail and full color was him getting fucked and sucked in that public park all those many years ago.

Mark bolted up. "Where did you get this? Jesus!"

Eric seemed quite calm, and paused the action. "Do you remember this man?" he asked while pointing at a man whose huge dick was stuffed into young Mark's mouth.

Remember? Mark would never forget the older man who took away his virginity and introduced him to the wildest week in his life.

Mark nodded again.

"That's Glenn Forrester."

"I never knew his name," Mark replied before falling back into his chair.

"I'm very sorry. I know this is all quite a shock."

That's an understatement.

"But Mr. Forrester has died."

"Died? Oh, I'm sorry." Died? The older man is dead? Mark suddenly felt quite ancient. "But what does that have to do with me?"

"Well, he was rather fond of you, but you just disappeared. I was retained to track you down, and we both followed your life and career all these years. And we were both very sorry about David's death."

Tears welled up in Mark's eyes at the unexpected mention of his dear David.

Eric brought out a large, leather-bound album, placed it before Mark, and began flipping through the pages.

"Oh my God! This is my whole life! But why? Why would you do such a thing?"

"Mr. Forrester never had children, and in a weird way he adopted you. In particular, he was very proud of your career, and of the non-profit group you founded to help inform people about so many important causes."

"David and I founded the organization."

"And dedicated your lives to it. This album contains, I believe, every press clipping, newspaper article, letter to the editor, commentary, magazine article, and press conference images. As well, Mr. Forrester had all six of your books."

Mark's eyes followed Eric's pointed hand toward a small stack of books. Each was well dog-eared, and this unexpectedly touched Mark.

"Mr. Forrester greatly admired what you made of your life, and he wished to reward you."

"Reward me?"


"What? How?"

"He left you his entire fortune. He knew that you would make good use of it."

"What? WHAT? WHAT!"

"Yes, and it comes to about $120 million, including the Florida mansion, the estate in England, and yacht."

"WHAT?" Then Mark could say no more. This Eric guy must be playing a joke on me.

As if sensing his concerns, Eric said: "Mark, this isn't a joke. Mr. Forrester has indeed left you his entire estate. Including the house that you once, uh, had quite an evening in."

Mark mind flashed to an old memory. "But how could you…"

Eric put on another DVD and Mark was stupefied to see himself flayed on a table with man after man after man rimming his ass, fucking him, and ramming dicks into his mouth.

"Oh my God! Where in the world did you get that? Fuck! I can't fuckin' believe all this."

Eric placed an arm around Mark's shoulders. "Mr. Forrester had cameras throughout his house."

Mark felt so exposed. A moment before he was a stranger to this dapper lawyer, but now he realized that Eric had – for years! – watched his every private part be ravaged by a group of men. He's seen me naked and getting repeatedly violated! Shit!

Just then Eric paused the tape. The young Mark had a dick shoved in his mouth – a dick attached to a beautiful young man.

"Do you recognize him?"

Mark's mind raced. Recognize him? He was just one dick that night of many.


Eric walked toward the monitor. "Look familiar?"

"What? Do you mean that's…you?"

Eric smiled.

Mark felt faint. So, not only has this elegant lawyer been watching my every inch of my skin all these many years, and my every orifice be violated, but his tongue and dick were once inside my ass, he fucked my mouth, and splashed jism across my face!

Before Mark could recover, Eric popped another DVD into the player, and Mark gasped at seeing his young self jerking off on Glenn's face, and, later, getting fucked by Glenn's butler! Shit! He really did have camera's throughout the house. Shit!

"I'm totally, completely, and utterly embarrassed. I think I'm also furious, and feel at quite the disadvantage."

"Then perhaps this isn't the best time to tell you the rest."

"Oh God. There's more?"

"Do you recall the night in the bar?"

How could I forget getting rimmed and fucked by a stranger in a public bar?

Mark nodded.

"Well, that was the second time I "met" you."

Mark's mind seemingly melted. "What? You were the guy behind me?"

Eric nodded. "You see, I asked Mr. Forrester if he would arrange a date between you and I. The night in the bar was his typically unorthodox, sexualized response."

Mark could barely breathe. Wow. Eric really does know my every inch.

The lawyer put his arm around Mark, and the two were silent for several minutes.

"Mark, Mr. Forrester had his old videos transferred to DVD. These are the only copies that you're in. He wanted you to have them as well."

A feeling a relief washed over Mark, as he'd worried about the one video – he hadn't known there were others – all during his political/advocacy/publishing career. God, what if it had been released?

"There will be papers to review and sign of course, but you've had several incredible shocks. Why don't you get some rest in Mr. Forrester's hou…I mean, your house. There's a car and driver waiting for you. Oh, and I've had all the camera's disabled."


The next morning, Mark was still trying to process the change in his life. He'd been served a splendid breakfast by the staff – my staff! – and was trying to comprehend and adjust to the idea that he was a very rich man. One thought however kept swimming laps in his brain. What good is all this without someone to share it with?

At the moment, the butler announced that Mr. Sesson was here to see him. Mark had to stifle a laugh at being treated so regally, and was also relieved that the butler was so young. Obviously, he isn't the one from so long ago.

"Yes, I'd love to see him."

The butler disappeared, and Eric's smiling face entered. "I hope you had a good evening."

"Yes, very good, but weird of course."

"I cannot really imagine. And I wanted to apologize for how everything went yesterday. I knew there was no good way to explain everything."

Mark nodded in agreement, and realized that he was glad to see Eric. He liked his looks and his voice had a timbre that Mark found soothing. And sexy. Mark smiled in thinking about last night – when he played over and over the DVD section where Eric had ravaged his younger self. Oddly, Mark realized that he liked the idea that he and Eric had been, well, together. They had a history, and at least something connected Mark to the surreal events of the past twenty-four hours. He also liked the idea that while Eric had long viewed Mark naked, Mark had now been offered the same, uh, courtesy. Quid pro quo.

"May I be so bold again?" Eric asked, interrupting Mark's thoughts.

"Oh no. What next?"

"Well, it's something that I wanted to do twenty-nine years ago."

"I can't imagine."

Eric then walked over and kissed Mark. Well. And Mark was surprised when he responded so hungrily. He hadn't been with anybody since David.

Eric pulled away. "While I met you quite intimately all those years ago, I never did the most intimate thing with you. I never kissed you."

Mark was stunned, and said nothing.

"I wasn't sure what Glenn thought about you, but I knew then that I wanted you, and not just for a night or two of ravaging. Your life since confirmed my initial sense about you, and while you can't possibly know this, I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for you to become available."

All Mark could do was blink quickly.

"You see, while Glenn admired you all these years, I fell in love with you."

Mark had one unexpected feeling: Elation.

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