tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRaveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 02

Raveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 02


Sam was a little apprehensive about today. He had seen Raveena in jubilant mood this morning, and that could mean one of two things - she had had a great night (which she had not as she had slept alone) or she had something special planned for today. She quickly put his doubts to rest.

"Sam", she said, "You are going to have some fun today. Aishwarya is coming over tonight, and we have a major fuck-session planned. The two of us would most certainly need male company. Would you oblige us?"

Holy fuck! Not that bitch. Aishwarya might be a screen Goddess and many men would want to do her good. But she was a downright bitch. On the occasions he had fucked her (Raveena had sent him to take care of her foul mood), she had always left him hight and dry. She only bothered about herself cumming. But, his loyalties lay with Raveena and he knew he had no choice but to agree. Raveena had always been good to him, and not just in bed. The two of them shared very deep intimacy. He was her confidante and friend, besides being her assistant. But, he had never told her about Aishwarya. He knew that his part of the bargain was to ensure that he kept the women happy. Anything he got out of it was a bonus. He agreed.

Ash came around nine in the evening, dressed in a sheer white top that did nothing to hide her milky white B-cups and the pink nipples. She wore a black skirt, that was worn so high, he swore he could see the crack of her ass. Raveen greeted her in an equally sexy outfit, but she did that with a saree. She draped the black saree around her, without bothering with the bra, the blouse, the panty or the petticoat. Just nine yards of cloth wrapped around her lay between her and her modesty. The two women smooched for a long time as they explored the cavernous depths of their mouths. Raveena's saree fell off from her shoulder and she did not bother to cover up those globules that were so hard that her lavender nipples stood up like little pricks. Her navel lay exposed, and she made a fascinating sight.

Very soon Ash was on her tits, her tongue expertly licking them, as her teeth slightly nibbled at the nipples. Raveena had lifted Ash's skirt above her waist and was caressing her bare bottoms. She managed to slide a finger in Ash's cunt, and slowly massaged her clitoris.

By this time, both the women were dripping wet and had all their clothes on the floor. They moved into the sixty-nine, each eager to outdo the other in their effort to eat pussy. Sam was on the floor below, and he heard a moan. He knew that they had both climaxed.

"Sam", he heard Raveena call him.

Shit! He had feared that. Now he would have to fuck that bitch. He slowly walked to the bedroom on the upper floor. As he opened the door, he was greeted by a fascinating sight.

Ash was on all fours on the bed, her hands and feet tied to the bedposts. Her ass was raised at him, and her twat seemed to invite him to take her. Raveen was standing beside her with a smile on her face.

"Sam", Ravs said, "I know Ash has been mean to you. You do not have to tell me. I saw your frustration every time you came back from her place. Well, today you get to do her as long as you want to. Fuck her brains out!"

"But", Sam said, "That would be rape. I can't do that."

"And what has this bitch been doing to you all these days? No, Sam. She deserves it. She has been a very bad girl. Take her Sam. Do her till her cunt gets so sore she is unable to walk."

Ravs went to him and dispensed his clothing. He was hard, and she guided him inside Ash. At first he was hesitant. But she egged him on.

"Come on, Sam. This whore never let you come. She never bothered about your pleasure. She only concerned herself with her orgasms. Fuck her. Rape the bitch. Do her, Sam. Rip her pussy apart."

This drove Sam crazy. He fucked her with an intensity he had not known existed in him. He was raping Ash, the most beautiful woman in the world, with the consent of Ravs! Ravs was masturbating as she witnessed the scene. Ash was screaming in pain. She did not want this. It normally did not take her long to come. So, she always fucked the guys and had them leave before they could come. They were her paid whores. No man had ever taken her against her will. This was insane. But, as he continued, pain slowly turned into pleasure, and screams into moans. This time it was time for Sam's revenge. He shot his load into her before she even had the chance to come.

She begged for Ravs to untie her so that she could finish herself off. "But, that is disgusting", Raveena chided her with her own descriptives.

Raveena opened her mouth for Sam's cock and it slowly grew to its full size. Sam was licking her cunt, getting it ready for the ensuing fuck session, not that it needed much preparation. Ravs was soaking to her skin.

She spread herself wide on the floor as he pumped his cock in her cunt. Ash watched as Raveena's breasts bobbed up and down with every thrust. She was getting turned on by this, but could do little to relieve herself. Her hands were tied and she could do nothing to douse the flames in her loins. She started rubbing her breasts on the mattress, but that made her yearning more and she begged to be untied. Ravs was in no mood to relent as she was in throes of her orgasm. Very soon, Sam exploded inside her.

"Please", Ash begged, "Let me relieve myself. I promise to be a good girl."

"Sam", Raveena said, "How can we be sure of that? I tell you what, do you feel the need to take a leak?"

"Come to think of it", Sam said, "I do."

"Come here. Follow my lead."

She turned Ash over, and squatted on her face. She let out a warm yellow stream in Ash's mouth and asked her to drink it. She asked Sam to do the same to her pussy. Sam urinated on her cunt as she lapped up Raveena's pee.

"Now, be a good girl", Raveena said as she untied her, "And remember to give Sam his due from the next time. If you had not been this rude to Salman, you would still have had him with you, you bitch!"

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