tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRaveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 04

Raveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 04


There comes a time when the best of things, while not necessarily coming to an end, do tend to get put on hold. It happened to Sam when Ravs got married and left for her honeymoon, though Ravs was insistent on having him tag along. Sam knew that her husband would approve, but he also knew that it would not be the right thing to do.

So, he stayed back in India at a time when the Election bugle was sounded. In hindsight, it was an experience that most people would have loved to have. With film stars jumping on to the politics bandwagon, it was only a matter of time before Sam’s ‘special skills’ got known to some of our women politicians. Make no mistake, these women might bitch about each other in the public eye but when they get behind closed doors they all stick together, no pun intended. Very soon, Sam was called to lend his services.

Some of these women are hot and beautiful. Others not so, in the conventional sense. But the kind of loose tongue they have and the profanities that seem to spew from it is simply too good. They swear and abuse, mostly in Hindi, and that makes it so much better. A few days ago, Sam was called on to serve that blot on India, Mayawati. This is not something many would agree to but Sam knew that if he did not his life could well be in danger. He decided to make the best of this situation and teach give her the kind of fucking he was sure she would never have got and would never get from anyone other than him or Raveena.

He found Maya surrounded by her henchmen who were clad only in their vests, their family jewels exposed. Maya was on her couch, topless, wearing a white Salwar. Her huge breasts sagged to almost her mid-riff, which gave way to a hugely protruding stomach. Sam was not able to believe how hairy this woman was. She had hair all over – arms, underarms, and even on her stomach and back. He shuddered to think of how hairy her cunt, ass, and legs would be. She had a glass of whiskey in her hand.

She made him sit next to her and felt up his pants. She liked it. On her instructions, he stripped off all his clothing and knelt at her feet. She loosened the strings of her salwar, stood up and let it fall to the floor. She wore no panties, like a typical rural Indian. At first impression, Sam thought he was looking at the legs and genitals of an ape. She was a hirsute woman. She spread her legs wide and placed the glass beneath her pussy. Sam could see a thin stream of yellow liquid jet out of her and mix with the liquor in the glass.

She held up the goblet for all to see. Man, these people could do anything to get in her good books. Not only were they all naked, they all seemed to scramble for the glass. Sam knew now why and how Maya wielded so much power. Finally, she decided to give the glass to a young party worker who had a pretty decent mouth and balls. He drank it all up, savouring every drop. She now turned to Sam, and said:

“Sam, tera lund to bahut pyaara aur bada hai. Saala, randwa, gaand bhi ekdam chikni aur mast hai.” (Sam, your cock is very sweet and big. Pimp, your ass is also smooth and wonderful.)

Sam said, “Waise, behenji, aapke mamme to kamaal ke hain. Kitne bade sur sudol.” (Sister, your boobs are also fantastic. Big and round.)

Maya: “Saala, behen bolta hai, behenchod! Par acha laga. Mujhe behenchod aur maderchod bahut pasand hain. Yeh sab mard mere kahene par apni maa aur behen chod dete hain, lekin inmein se kisike paas bhi tere jaisa chodniye lund nahin hain. Chal, aaj tu ek dalit ki beti ko chodega, betichod!” (You call me sister, you sister fucker! But, I like it. All these men here would gladly fuck their moms or sisters of I told them to, but none have as fuckable a dick as yours. Come, today you shall fuck a dalit’s daughter, you daughter fucker!)

Sam: “Agar aap chahein to main aapko khush karne ke liye kuch karoon?” (If you desire, then can I do something to please you?)

Maya: “Haan, randwe, tu aur aaya kisliye hai? Jo chahe kar.” (Yes, you pimp. Why else are you here?)

Getting the green signal from Maya, he went down on his knees and placed his mouth on her cunt. Her coarse thick bush almost had him gasp for breath, but he managed to find a way to her clitoris. As he licked it, he realised that Maya had never had anyone go down on her. He played with her, slowly bringing her to the threshold of an orgasm and then backing away. He also managed to put two fingers in her dirty anus and squeeze her insides as she came agonizingly close to cumming.

His hands moved up to her floppy tits. He caressed them, and pinched her big black nipples. She screamed and gasped, but he knew that she was enjoying it. If she did not, he was damn near certain she would have had him castrated by now. He looked around and found that this was having its effect on the other men in the room – some had already shot their loads, some were still stroking, but all were interested.

He now grabbed her thighs. Damn, these were fat! There was no way that even two hands would get around them. He quickly bent her over, and smacked her fat bottoms twice, hard. She nearly exploded, but before she could, Sam slammed hard into her virgin anus. Her eyes widened as she felt a searing pain shoot up her spine. He covered her mouth to stop the scream. To hasten her pleasure, he rubbed her clit over her hairy cunt. Soon, they had developed a steady rhythm and her stifled screams gave way to moans and grunts.

Maya: “Behenchod, saala meri gaand marta hai. Par, mast maarta hai bhadwe. Aaah! Tune to meri gaand ekdam khol ke rakh di. Ab to mujhe lagta hai ki meri tatti sab bahar gir jaayegi. Chalo acha hai. Yeh sab baithke phir meri tatti khaayenge. Umm…”

Sam: “Haan, aapki gaand to maine khol di hai. Who aapki choot thodi dheelee ho gayi this na, isliye mujhe pata that ki aapko gaand marwane mein bada mazaa aayega.”

Maya: “Haan, saale. Ab zor se maar aur meri choot ka paani chudwa de. Tub hi mere hi andar chootna.”

Sam went at her with gusto. Shortly, she was cumming, and Sam also was not behind. He did shoot inside her but he was wearing a condom for safety. Who knew who this bitch fucked and in what conditions!

When Sam withdrew, Maya squatted on the floor and shat! She was not kidding. This was going to a test of loyalty – who would be able to eat her enema? He decided he did not wish to find out, and left.

His next call was a pleasant one. Though she had left Bollywood years ago, he always enjoyed actresses. They appreciated the virtues of sex in getting rid of tiredness and frustration unlike most other women. And, they also knew that people like Sam, who genuinely cared, were hard to find.

He entered Jayaprada’s hotel room, and was pleasantly surprised to find her in her underwear. Sam had not been with Jaya before but he knew that she could be very hot and wild. Today, however, she was tired after a hectic day campaigning. Her legs hurt from the walking, and her breasts were sore from the countless incidents of grabbing. This was highly encouraged as many a time it had resulted in getting that extra vote that made all the difference, the most recent success story being of Sonia Gandhi.

She smiled, “Hey, Sam. Glad you could make it.”

Sam: “The pleasure is all mine.”

He walked towards her and drank in the sight of her naked creamy things, deep cleavage and a slightly bulging smooth stomach. The contrast of black bra and panties against the lighter skin was absolutely amazing. He would have looked longer but he knew that Jaya was in discomfort. He helped her take off those offending pieces of clothing, and lay her face down on the bed.

He started massaging her nape, moved lower to her back, and then to those beautiful white buxom bottoms. The cheeks were still firm for her age. He spent more time than usual on those lovely mounds, and then moved to her inner thighs. Sam loved all women with thick inner thighs, not fat. Jaya’s was perfect – thick, white and soft. He teased her by getting just about near her clit and then moving away till he did not have the heart left to taunt her any longer. He rubbed her love button and brought her to a small quick orgasm.

“Mmmmm,” Jaya said, “That was wonderful. Now I know why Hema Malini recommended you to me.”

He acknowledged her, and then turned her over. Aah, those globules were fabulous. They drooped a bit, but they retained the firmness of her youth. This woman was clean shaven, all over. Lovely.

He cupped her boobs, and slightly tweaked her brown hard nipples. Then, he closed his mouth around her pussy and lapped at it with his tongue, taking care to not disturb the rhythm of his massaging her breasts.

Jaya’s eyes were closed, and her teeth bit her lower lip as she was hit by wave after wave of orgasm. When she decided that she had had it this way, she grabbed his cock and guided it in her vagina. He was amazed at the tightness of her cunt. This would be possible only if she reserved it for few people and had the others do her ass. This bitch loved anal, but she preferred vaginal with those who knew how to do it right.

They locked into a passionate kiss as their tongues explored the deep caverns of their mouths. He loved the taste of Jaya’s saliva. Her teeth were lovely and they made the whole process of snogging her ever so delightful. While his cock was still in her, she made him turn and lie on his back as she rode him. Her hands were holding her hair, as his hands were all over her breasts, as she bobbed up and down. He grabbed her waist and pushed her down on him harder and faster. Suddenly he heard her yell and a little later she collapsed on top of him as his orgasm now started and his load released itself in her womb.

She fell into a deep slumber, on top of him, with his cock still in her cunt

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