tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRaveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 06

Raveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 06


News of Sam's treatment of Mayawati spread through the world of politics like wildfire. Never before had any man done anything remotely like it to any woman politician. Never before had anyone been man enough to brutally fuck a politician in her ass and make her come in the process. Never before had anyone peed in a politician's mouth.

Sam became highly sought-after. Every woman on the Indian political scene, worth her weight, wanted to bed Sam. Now, as Sam thought of it, he could not help but commend Raveena on her foresight. She was the one who had pulled strings and got her to Mayawati, though he did not know it at the time. With that one move, Raveena, through Sam, could exert her influence on some of the most powerful women in the country.

Yes, Raveena was married now. So? Sam was still a regular in her bed. Her husband knew that. Hell, sometimes, he came home to find Raveena and Sam naked, fucking like dogs and bitches in heat. Sam still was Raveena's 'Assistant', and he still had to discharge his duties, and semen, to the best of his abilities. Even if it involved fucking someone else for Ravs.

Raveena had been getting regular feelers from a few politicians. Don't misunderstand. She was not pimping for him. Raveena loved Sam. And, she knew that Sam loved balling women in power. She had experienced that herself. After the night he had spent with Mayawati, Sam took the next flight to Switzerland where Ravs was on her honeymoon. He found Ravs and her husband in bed, fucking. He paid no heed to that. For the first time, Sam lost control. He separated the two, and gammed his boots in Ravs. Raveena loved him for that. She loved that her plan had succeeded and she loved humiliating her husband on their honeymoon. All that the poor chap could do was jerk off as he saw his wife being taken by another man.

Raveena had a difficult choice to make. Who would get Sam, and in which order? That was important. Preference was given in accordance with the power the politician wielded. Tonight, Sam would lend his services to Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi.

When Sam entered 10 Janpath, he was shown straight to the bedroom. Priyanka was in front of the dresser, in black bra and panties, combing her hair. Sonia was nowhere to be seen. Priyanka, was a very hot woman. Her breasts, 34 C, were quite firm, and her ass was nice and rounded. Those thighs were made to lock around a man's waist. As he stood there watching that black underwear on a white body, he felt the beginnings of a hard.

"I hope you do not mind waiting a bit", Priyanka said, "Mom would be here shortly."

Holy fuck! This he did not expect. He had thought that he would be doing them separately, but this was just unbelievable. Mother and daughter, naked together, and both fucking him.

"Till then", she continued, "Why don't you make yourself comfortable?"

Sam knew what that meant. It simply meant 'take your clothes off for I need to see you naked'. He yanked his jeans off, revealing to her his hard manhood as he had not worn any underwear. His shirt came off next, revealing his hairy chest.

"Ah, you poor man", Priyanka chided, "You do not have underwear. Here, take this."

With that she took her panties off and flung them at him. Sam held them to his nose and smelled them. They were not fresh. Atleast two days old. The smell of sweat and vaginal juices was strong. So, this woman's kink was wearing old underwear. He liked that. He put her panties on. Priyanka did not bother to cover her privates up. Why would she? Her pussy was well trimmed and that ass looked like a 24 year old's. She oozed heat and she knew that.

Priyanka could make out Sam's hardness through her panties. As he grew in size, the head made an appearance out of the fabric. The moist head was just too much of a turn on for her and she went down on her knees and pulled the panties down. She cupped his balls in her hand and closed her mouth on the head.

That is when Sonia entered. She was in a white bra and white slip. Despite her 56 years, those breasts did not sag and that stomach was decently firm. Seeing her daughter, bottom naked, giving head to Sam got her wild. She grabbed her daughter's hair and flung her away.

"You slut!" she screamed, "Could not wait for me, could you? I told you I wanted first taste of that cock. But, you bitch! You took that away from me. Looks like you need me to teach you some manners."

And Sonia took her slip off. Sam could not believe what he saw. She wore no panties but a nice thick double-ended strap-on dildo emerged from between her legs. Her crotch was hairy, very hairy. She crouched on her daughter's face and peed in her mouth. The piss flowed everywhere. Most of it, Priyanka drank. Some flowed down the sides of her mouth and some trickled on her breast.

Sonia beckoned Sam over and closed her mouth around his throbbing member. She made him sit on her daughter's face so that she could lick his asshole. She was bent over him, her body lying atop her daughter's half-naked body as she swallowed all of Sam's 7 1/2 inches. She was good. Very good.

Then she removed her dildo. Sam knew that he had to return the favour. He lay her on her back and spread her leg wide. Man, she did have a very hairy beaver. Nice brunette Italian hair. Sam parted some on the hair and dived right into her vulva. It was sweaty. He was sure she wanted it that way. Strangely, this was turning him on more. And Priyanka, seeing her mother eaten by a man, was being turned on even more. She had taken her bra off and started masturbating.

When Sam thought Sonia was ready, her got her on all fours and rammed into her from the behind. Sonia's eyes gaped open as her cunt got used to the size of Sam. In a long time was Sonia getting a cock like Sam's in her. Most men she fucked were small. Sam caressed Sonia's fleshy mounds on her chest as he fucked her cunt. Sometimes his hands went to her ample bottoms and slapped them. He gave her a finger to suckle as he fucked her.

Priyanka came over and stood spreading her legs wide in front of Sam's face. Sam came forward and his mouth met Priyanka's nether lips. He grabbed the younger woman's buns as he gave her mother the fucking of her life.

He motioned to Priyanka that Sonia was coming. Being a good daughter, she closed her mouth around her mother's and put her tongue deep into it. Getting a snog from her daughter was just the right trigger and Sonia came in one huge orgasmic burst.

It was Priyanka's turn now. Sam stood up and bent her over. In one fluid motion, he slammed his cock deep into Priyanka's white smooth ass. There was little resistance for ever since she had turned 18, Priyanka's ass was used frequently by her mother. Though younger, Priyanka was much better at fucking than her mother. Without any halt to their fucking, she managed to sit Sam down and start moving up and down on his lap. Those lovely breasts juggles in Sam's hands as her cunt moved over his cock.

Sonia took her bra off now and offered her breasts to her daughter. Priyanka started suckling those lovely brown nipples as she fucked Sam hard. She increased the tempo of their fucking and was damn close to coming. Sam was not very far off too. He pinched Priyanka's nipples and turned her face towards him as he gave her one passionate kiss. That opened the floodgates and Priyanka's cunt started flowing all over Sam's cock. That was all Sam needed and he let go in her cunt.

As Priyanka felt those hot jets of semen hit her insides she had a few mini orgasms and then collapsed on top of Sam. That is when Sonia put on her strap-on again.

Sam knew that Sonia wanted to ball him. And, he could refuse if he wanted to. But, he did not want to. He wanted a woman in power to ball him. Sonia licked his ass hard as she lubricated its insides. Then she sat on the bed holding her dildo in the upright position as Sam lowered himself on it. When he was fully in, Sonia held his cock in her hands and stroked him as she fucked his ass. She had done this to many men, including her son, but none had had a hard when she fucked their ass. Sam was the exception. His cock was harder and bigger than it previously was. Raveena had prepared him well.

Sam grabbed Sonia's breasts as he increased the intensity of their fucking. Priyanka came around and kissed her mother on her mouth. Seeing mother and daughter pleasure each other got Sam to shoot his load all over Sonia's naked breasts. As he rubbed his come on them, Sonia let out a shriek of pleasure.

Sam picked up his clothes, went to his car and drove home.

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