tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRaveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 07

Raveena Tandon & Her 'Assistant' Ch. 07


It had been a while since we had met. So Sam and I decided to make up for lost time over a few drinks at his place. I reached his place at the appointed time.

I have to say that even though I have been to Sam’s many times I am always zapped by the paraphernalia that he has. His apartment is a treasure trove of all sex toys ever invented. He has a pretty neat inventory management system, which he designed himself and which, I am sure, would more than meet ISO requirements should that need ever come up.

As has been the norm, Sam and I were alone at the place. We were naked too, which some would find odd considering that we are both heterosexual males. We just like it that way. Makes us open up to each other a lot more. Also, it is mandated because it is in times like these that Sam and I test any new gadgets that he has gotten hold of. And this time, was not much different.

I don’t know what it was called. But it held promise. It was shaped like a bamboo, about 3 inches in diameter and a foot in length. It was very smooth. The thing about its intended use is not what comes to mind. It was a pretty neat thing. All you had to do was put it on a sofa or a chair, and sit on it such that it was wedged in your ass crack. Your anus had to touch it along the length of the shaft. Then you turn a knob and it sent out the most delicious vibrations.

As we tested this out, with a drink in our hands, I asked Sam what had kept him busy all this long. Well, his life had been a bitch. Ravs had a husband, and she was soon to have a child. So, there was not much that she asked of him these days except the occasional cunnilingus. Make no mistake. Sam loved Ravs, and he gladly did what was expected of him. Just that he had a lot of idle time on his hands after he had bathed and dressed her in the mornings. Until one day.

Ravs keeps having these flings on the side. She does not keep them a secret from her husband because the objects of her desire are normally women. And any man is turned on by the thought of his wife having a lesbian affair. So it kept their marital sex spiced up. Now that she was pregnant, she could not be involved as sexually with her lover as she had been. And she was afraid of losing her lesbian lover.

When Sam told me who her lover this time was my jaw dropped to the floor. I knew that Ravs made brilliant choices and chose her lovers with great care. But I was not prepared for this one. This time Raveena was involved with Priyanka Gandhi.

Sam knew the implications of that. He also knew what he had to do. During Ravs indisposition, he was to keep Ms. Gandhi sexually satisfied until Raveena was ready for action or she decided that she had to move on to another lover. That was not all of it. Raveena, this time, had finally done what she had always wanted – bed both mother and daughter at the same time. Yes, she was fucking Sonia Gandhi too.

By this time, the dangler between my legs was not dangling anymore. It was standing straight up in attention, and I am not sure how much of it was due to the device I was testing. Sam continued.

As per plan, Sam landed up at Sonia’s residence, 10 Janpath. It was an opulently furnished house. But it appeared to be deserted. The only person he had seen was the butler who had let him in and who had since disappeared.

Priyanka came out to greet him. She was dressed in black pantyhose and a matching leather garter belt. That is it. Her smooth white ass was bare, her voluptuous 34D breasts were exposed. And she had a ten inch double-ended black strap-on shooting out of her vagina.

“You must be Sam,” she greeted him with a smile, and offered him her strap-on to shake. “You are not suitably dressed for the party, I am afraid.”

Sam soon took care of that. He was out of his clothes in a flash. Priyanka looked at him, and nodded her approval. She went down on her knees, held his 7 ½-inch meat in her hands, wrapped her mouth around it, and swallowed it for a while. Satisfied, she asked him to follow behind her.

What a view that gave him! Priyanka’s back was exposed, her ass cheeks completely in his view. As she walked, her derriere sashayed rhythmically. She held his cock in one hand as she led him into the master bedroom. Her other hand was around her strap-on, pushing it in and out of her love hole.

In the bedroom, a spectacular scene greeted him. At first, he could only see a naked, fair, huge, smooth bottom. The woman it belonged to was bent over, her head between a pair of nice white legs that were opened wide. By the looks of it, the bottoms were recently waxed, and even the crack had no hair. The anus was wide open. When Priyanka stood behind her and gammed her strap-on into the anus, he knew why.

He went a little forward. Those white legs belonged to Sonia Gandhi. That much he had guessed. She was spread eagled on the bed, completely in the buck. She had three fingers in her mouth, and her eyes were closed. The woman eating her out was massaging her tits as she went about her business.

A step more, and he knew that the butt belonged to the Tourism Minister, Renuka Chaudhry. Now this was a small surprise because she was not known to be into women. She kept with her an army of strong healthy young men, aged between 19 and 22, all very well endowed. But here she was, sucking at a woman’s clit as if her life depended on it. And, Sam knew that it did. It was in Renuka’s best interest to keep Sonia in good humour, even if it meant getting her shit hole ripped apart by Sonia’s daughter.

What Sam could not figure out was his role. Obviously the three women had taken measures to satiate themselves, at least the Gandhis had and they were the ones who mattered to Ravs. As he saw Sonia and Priyanka come in quick succession, he tried to find the answer.

Soon as she came, Priyanka stopped fucking Renuka. And soon as her mother did, she just threw Renuka off her. Renuka took her pre-allotted place on the floor by the foot of the bed. She sat on her haunches. Priyanka took her strap-on off and put it Renuka’s her mouth for her to lick off the products of her own anus. She followed that up with taking her stockings off and putting them over Renuka’s head. Renuka was their slut today.

“Ah, Sam,” Sonia said. “Just the man I was waiting for. I hope I did not keep you waiting too long.”

“Hi,” Sam replied. “No, it is quite alright.”

He looked at Sonia. Even at 58 she was a very hot woman. Her breasts still retained some of the firmness of their youth, her thighs were relatively cellulite free, her belly was just a little protruding, and her ass was still like it must have been 30 years ago. Sonia came to him, twirling her hair.

She put Sam’s hand on her box. He could feel that her sex was moist and warm.

She continued, “Tell me Sam. Why should my daughter and I keep seeing Raveena when we have sluts like this broad here who can more or less keep us satisfied?”

“Sonia,” Sam said “there is a difference between being satisfied, and being more or less satisfied.”

“But with Raveena not around, isn’t even that better than nothing?”

“That is why I am here.”

“Okay” Sonia said, “If you think you are such a fuck ass, why don’t you make this slut come they way we have never been able to?”

“Yes” Priyanka took over now, ”This is not an ass woman. Bahut gaand maari hai iski lekin saali ek baar bhi nahi jhadi (We have nailed her ass many times but she has not once come). You make this slut come once, while you are fucking her in the ass, and we will decide if she has come or not, and you will have a mother and daughter as your slaves for the rest of your life.”

This was going to be tougher than he thought. It is one thing to fuck a woman who is willing, and quite another to do one who is not. First, it constitutes rape and that is something Sam never endorsed. Second, it was a damn tough ask to make someone not prepared for intercourse to come. Sam knew that he had to come up with something special. Sonia and Priyanka, meanwhile, were wasting no time and were already in each other’s arms kissing passionately.

He looked at Renuka. She was a pitiable sight, having been raped by the mother-daughter duo. She was flopped on the floor; on her back with her ass slightly in the air. Her legs were parted, and Sam could see that her anus had still not closed completely. Her cunt seemed dry, which only meant that Priyanka had not bothered for any foreplay before violating her anus. On the bright side, if there was one, at least Renuka was a heterosexual woman. So that was one hurdle less to cross.

He picked Renuka by her shoulders and took her to the giant bed, the one that was reeking with the scent of love juices of the most powerful woman in India. He lay her on her back, spread her legs, and took her hand.

“Renuka,” Sam began “I know this is going to be difficult for you. I hope we had met in more favourable circumstances. Even so, one thing I do promise you. I am not going to fuck you unless you want me to, because neither Raveena nor I approve of Rape. But you have to trust me, okay? Let me just play with your sensual body for a while. If you feel uncomfortable, we will stop.”

Renuka nodded her consent. This was the best she had been treated this evening. A complete stranger had spoken to her with the respect and dignity that any woman deserved. She was overwhelmed.

Sam bent over her lovely face, and kissed her softly on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and finally her mouth. He had not expected much of a response but Renuka instantly responded to Sam’s tongue in her mouth. Her tongue went out to meet his, and they were locked in a passionate kiss.

By this time, Sonia and Priyanka had been done with their round of cunnilingus and were greatly interested in the proceedings. Sonia put her naked bottom on her daughter’s naked lap as they both took the chair opposite the bed. Priyanka cupped her mother’s fulsome breasts as they watched the proceedings.

Sam was moving lower on Renuka’s body. His hands were massaging her ample breasts as his tongue was wedged into Renuka’s navel. This woman had a big belly, but her navel was still beautiful. As pleasure seared through Renuka’s body, her legs automatically parted to give him easy access to her sex.

Sam moved in. He dug his head in Renuka’s mound and his tongue reached the most hidden of places that Renuka did not even know exist. He turned her around, and put her on all fours. God, this woman’s ass was gorgeous. It was huge, but gorgeous. He licked her clit until he was satisfied that she was lubricated well enough. He looked at her. Her eyes were closed and he knew that Renuka was in no mood to stop.

He positioned himself behind her, and inserted his cock into her vagina. Her vagina had lost its elasticity a bit due to her constant fucking he assumed but it was still good. He grabbed her breasts as he rammed in and out of her. Renuka’s moans were getting louder, and he knew she was damn close. He increased the intensity of their union till he was sure that Renuka was going to cum in the very next moment.

With skill that comes only with having had many woman, he quickly withdrew from her cunt and rammed into her ass, all the while making sure that he was massaging her clit. Renuka would have cum even if he had stopped fucking her, but this pleasure mixed with pain rose her to a new crescendo of orgasmic delight. She let out a huge scream, her whole body shuddered for almost a minute as waves of orgasm spread through her senses, and then she went limp – passed out by sheer pleasure.

Priyanka and Sonia were taken aback. The man had done it, may be not in the way they had assumed he would but he had made her come as per the deal.

“You sneaky little bugger!” Priyanka said “You bloody son of a bitch.”

“Shut up, you whore!” Sam yelled “This is no way to talk to your master, you slut! Come here, both of you. Kneel down in front of me, and take my cock in your mouths. Priyanka, let me see if you have it in you to make me come or whether I will have to fall back upon your mother for it.”

This had Priyanka inspired. She went about sucking his dick with vengeance. She was good, really good. Either her husband was a good trainer (which Sam doubted) or she had had more than her share of men. Sonia was also knelt before him, her mouth open and her hands squeezing her breasts together. Suddenly, Sam had an idea.

He said, “Stop, you bitch! I want to see what your mother is made of.”

He grabbed Sonia by her hair, and took her to the bed, still occupied on one side by the naked Renuka. He put Sonia in the same position as Renuka before he had fucked her, and without warning thrust his cock straight up Sonia’s 58 year old anus. Sonia cursed.

“Ah, you bloody Indian men. You don’t know how to treat a woman, you imbeciles.” Sonia fumed.

“Oh, yes we do, you Italian cunt. We know plenty well how to treat women. We also know how to treat sluts like you. That makes us more of men than your bloody Italians.” Sam retorted.

Priyanka, was getting turned on by all this. She actually enjoyed seeing her mother taken so hard by this man. It was something she had wanted to do for a long time. She went closer and looked hard into Sam’s eyes. Sam knew what she wanted to do.

His cock still in Sonia, Sam turned the two of them over so that Sam was lying on his back, and Sonia was on top of him on her back. His cock was in her anus, and Priyanka had started to insert her strap-on in Sonia’s cunt. Sonia was sandwiched between her daughter and Sam. She had never been filled so completely before.

Soon, Sonia’s screams turned into moans of pleasure. Sam, too, spanked Priyanka’s ass and fingered her puckered hole as he fucked the brains out of her mother. He knew Priyanka was close. He was close too. Sonia was not. And this was by design, not accident. He wanted to show the slut how it felt to leave someone high and dry.

Priyanka pulled out as soon as she came, and Sam pulled out soon after. Sonia’s eyes widened in horror – her daughter and Sam were both deserting her when she was almost there. Sam did not give her much time to brood over it. Quickly he put his cock in Sonia’s mouth and shot his wad of hot creamy cum. Sonia gobbled up every precious drop.

Sam got up, kissed Priyanka on her lovely mouth, shook her dildo, put on his clothes, and left. He had to give Raveena a detailed report.

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