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My name is fightdafear and that is how I live my life fighting the fear. The fear of pain, the fear of getting hurt, and the fear of being caught.

I was at a local rave and I am about six feet tall, short silver spike hair (yes died) and green eyes. I am wearing black jeans and a fire silk shirt. Moreover, the DJ was off the hook. Then I notice a red head that was bout 5 4 and beautiful. She was very sexy but petite. She had on this short black skirt with knee high black boots that made her legs look like an angel. She had a neon pink tub top that barely covered her 36 c breast. Her skin was very light and the black lights gave off this great glow to it.

I was dancing all by my self when I notice her body grooving to the bass line. Her butt move with the beat and I slowly move in to her and wrapped my hand round her waist from behind and we moved like as one. Then she turns around and look deeply into my eyes staring so deep into them that the passion of us moving together was driving her spirit wild. We grinded to the beat rhythmic beat that the DJ was playing.

We were one. One body one spirit. Then I move my hands around to her firm butt. I lifted her up and I notice something that drove me crazy. I felt wetness in between her legs. Then I kissed her collar bone then her neck finally our lips met. The passion that transferred could hardly be explained. I was in a trance as the trance music played but not by the music but by her passion of her kiss. Then I felt her hand slide down and found my hardness and when she found it. It drove her mad. She unzipped my pants and moved my hardness out.

In addition, what I found out about her made me precum. She was not wearing panties. Her smooth shaved wet shaved pussy made it easy for me to go deep in her. I place her perfectly over my hardness and slide her down. She was so wet. We bounce to the bass line of the trance that got faster and harder and so did we. I could not help but to look around and notice that people were watching us fuck.

Just the thought of it drove me crazy. I moved in deeper into her fruit. In addition, right when the song hit a dramatic part she cam you could feel the tightness of her. However, I did not stop I kept bouncing her on my hardness. However, out of nowhere I felt this soft hand cresses my neck and I saw the red heads hands. Then there was this kiss on my neck that drove me up the wall. Chill when up my back. I look over my right shoulder and there was everyone just watching us and this blonde haired woman was lifting up her skirt .she slide down her black panties.

I could not take it the orgasm of the red head bouncing on my manliness, the organism drove my knees weak, and I fell down landing on my back and laying down form all the extreme pleasure. Then I smelt the most enjoyable smell and I look up and the blonde with her shaved pussy place her pussy on my face. I could not help but to taste that sweetness. I flick my tongue over her swollen clit and then licked her wetness until I felt the juices drip down on my face. While all that was happening, the red head and the blonde were kissing. There tongues look like they were one tongue.

As the red head bounce on me as if she was riding a horse, she was kissing the blonde passionately. We made a triangle of orgasmic size. Then the blonde stood up and so did the red head. I look around to see that some other was having sex too. Then I felt the best thing in the world both of them were licking up my hard cock. In addition, while doing that they were fingering each other. Red head tongue was playing with my balls while the blonde mouth sucked on my tip.

Next, they switch places, the blonde moved her tongue around my balls, and the red head deep throated my hardness. I notice my body started to shake on controllability and I cam all over their faces and they licked up each other's face. Then out of nowhere this thunderous applause appeared. Everyone was clapping for us. I stood up and fixed myself and I looked around and could not see the blonde or the red head.

To this day, I have never had experience like that. I look everywhere to this day never to see those nameless goddesses ever again.

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