Raven and Clarke of the 100


Clarke immediately stood up and wrapped Raven's left arm around her shoulder and lifted the girl's weight off of her foot. She walked her across the room to the low double size mattress over in the corner of the engineer's shop. Gently, Clarke lowered Raven down to the bed. Raven winced as she positioned herself on the mattress. Clarke looked concerned. "You're in pain. Do you want me to go get my Mom?" she asked.

Raven shook her head. "No, no, don't bother her. I'll be fine. I just need a cryopak to freeze my knee before it swells up. I have some over there on that shelf, if you don't mind Clarke," she compromised. Clarke quickly went over and brought back a cryopak, a chemical ice bag. Raven instructed, "Okay, just break the seal and give it a shake. It will start to feel cold in a few seconds."

Clarke followed the instructions and soon felt the cold emitting from the bag. "It's ready," she told the injured girl. She offered it to Raven but the dark haired girl ignored her and was busy unbuttoning her pants. Raven unzipped her fly and started to wiggle the jeans down her hips. Clarke was shocked but pleasantly excited at seeing Raven's black panties. "Raven, what are you doing?" she asked.

"The cryopak has to go directly on the skin to be effective," Raven answered. She struggled to pull her pants down past her bum. "Ugh, this is hard. Could you give these a pull?" she asked. Clarke went down to Raven's feet and pulled the girl's boots off before taking hold of the pant leg cuffs and pulling while Raven wriggled seductively. Clarke was getting a damp pussy as she yanked the jeans off. She stared open mouthed at Raven's bare legs. Her legs were muscular and shapely. She had a big scar over her left knee but it wasn't ugly. Clarke remembered all of Lexa's battle scars. She found them exotic and sexy. Raven's amazing thighs met at her perfect hips. Her black panties were clearly visible. Clarke did all she could to not drool. "Clarke! Clarke! Can you press that pack on my knee, right about there?" Raven asked, snapping Clarke out of her daze.

"Oh what? Oh ya, sure. Right here you say?" Clarke bumbled. Raven rolled on her right hip to allow Clarke to press the cold pack on her left knee. She posed purposefully knowing that Clarke was enjoying the view. Clarke's hands trembled as she touched the bare flesh of Raven's leg.

Raven was enjoying Clarke's discomfort. She broke the silence by asking, "So what do you think Niylah would do if she saw us like this right now?" She smirked at Clarke.

Clark cleared her throat and answered, "Honestly, she would see me helping out someone in need and be proud of me."

Raven smiled with an evil grin. She continued, "You have to admit, this looks a little sketchy. What if she thought we were doing something more?"

Clarke looked into Raven's devious eyes. She responded truthfully, "Knowing Niylah, if she thought you and I were having sex, she'd take off her clothes and join us. That's just the kind of girl she is."

Raven looked astonished. She replied with her own opinion. "Well, If you were my girlfriend and I walked in on you with another girl like this, I would be throwing wrenches and messing a bitch up."

Clarke blushed a shade of red. She seemed to only hear what she wanted to. "If you were my girlfriend?" she pondered out loud. That made Raven chuckle. She continued to tease Clarke by rubbing her naked thigh. Raven moaned as she massaged her sore leg.

"Do you want me to rub that?" Clarke asked. Raven let out a long breath and nodded. Raven held onto the cryopak while Clarke began rubbing the sore thigh muscles of the disabled girl. Raven rolled her head and moaned her approval of Clarke's touch. That made Clarke shift in her seat and cross her legs as her excitement continued to make her panties wet.

Raven continued her inquisition. "So, when did you figure out that you were into girls?" she pried.

That made Clarke a little uncomfortable and she coughed at the very direct question. "Well, I never really thought much about it. I guess I'm attracted to individual people, not gender specifically. My only sexual experience was with one boy but you know that story. I didn't hate it but it was not what I was expecting either. I didn't have any great desire to do it again. Then I met Lexa. I already found her beautiful. There was a physical attraction. When she came onto me, I felt helpless and could not resist her. When we had sex, it was more than I imagined. There were explosions and fireworks and electricity. That's when I knew I was hooked," Clarke explained. She sighed and blushed at her own confession.

Raven was glued to her every word. She could see the pretty blonde's face light up and sparkle when she talked about her deceased soul mate. Raven continued, "So it's like that with Niylah too, is it?"

Clarke drew in a breath through her teeth. Reluctantly, she answered, "Well, It's different with Niylah. She and I are very much alike. She's more like a sister to me. The thing is, we are both on the submissive side sexually. Don't get me wrong. She's gentle and nice and all but Lexa was a dominant when it came to sex. She was in control which I found so sexy. That's probably why we were so great together." Clarke began to tear up a little as she reminisced about her dead lover.

Raven began to understand Clarke better than she ever had. She reached down and stroked Clarke's blonde locks to comfort her. Raven then asked, "Don't you find it hot in here Clarke? I am absolutely burning up." To emphasize her point, Raven pulled off her tank top leaving herself in only a bra and panties.

Clarke stopped rubbing Raven's leg as she was taken aback. She stared at the almost naked girl's perfect body. Her mouth hung open. Raven grinned devilishly. Clarke mumbled, "Hot? What? Yes, I'm hot. Wait, what the fuck is going on here Raven? Maybe I should go."

Raven grabbed Clarke firmly by her wrist. "Don't go Clarke. This is the most real conversation you and I have ever had. You've been trying to get me to forgive you for a year now. I'm trying to work on that. You said it yourself this morning...all of these people's lives depend on you and I cooperating. So help me understand you better right now," she demanded. Raven's big round brown eyes were locked in focus on Clarke's.

Clarke was a bit frightened but at the same time, very turned on. The display of Raven's strength had made her pussy soaking wet. She also had to concede to Raven's very logical argument. Clarke relaxed and nodded in agreement. Raven smiled at the small victory. "Good. I'm glad that you agree with me. Now, I think that since I took my clothes off, so should you. You'll find it a lot more comfortable in this heat.," she strongly suggested. When she saw Clarke's bewildered hesitation, Raven grew impatient. "Take your top off Clarke," she demanded.

Clarke was transfixed by Raven's authoritative demeanor. She almost felt like she was with Lexa again. Clarke undid her buttons on her shirt and pulled the garment off over her head. She wore a white compression tank top on underneath but that came off too with her outer shirt. Clarke's bare breasts flopped out and slapped against her own body. Raven's eyes bulged as she stared at the magnificent orbs of the colony leader. They were round and heavy; a full D cup. Clarke's skin was milky white and her nipples were a light pink, with large, wide areolas. They were already erect and the buds of her nipples stood out like little finger tips. Raven reached out and held one in her hand. She was in awe.

Clarke jumped a little as Raven's hand cupped her breast. Raven's hand squeezed and that made Clarke gasp but she did not move. She was content to let Raven have her way. Raven continued to feel up Clarke's magnificent tits but she lifted her gaze back to Clarke's eyes. Steeling herself again, Raven demanded, "Come on, pants too."

Clarke knew that there was no turning back. She unbuckled her pants and unzipped them. She stood carefully, leaning forward so that Raven could continue to molest her sensitive breasts. She hooked her thumbs into her pants but suddenly Raven pulled her hand back. "Wait!" the dark haired engineer demanded. Clarke stopped and wondered what Raven was thinking. Raven paused but as she stared into Clarke's eyes, she instructed, "Turn around with your ass facing me, then bend over and lower them slowly to the ground." The instructions were specific.

Clarke spun half way around obediently. She decided to hook her thumbs into her panties too. They were already soaked through so taking them off would save some embarrassment. She started to pull them down and bent over at the same time. That left her naked ass and her pussy exposed as she stripped. She did it slowly as instructed. Raven licked her lips at Clarke's sexy bare ass. Raven had imagined it many times and was enjoying the exposed curvy bottom with full round cheeks that were quite firm but fleshy. While Clarke was bent over, Raven couldn't resist giving Clarke's ass a hard swat with her right hand. "SMACK!" rang the flesh from the brisk slap.

"Oww! Holy fuck Raven!" Clarke complained. She flinched but didn't move. Raven grinned as she gave the left cheek a swift slap too. "Oww!" Clarke jumped at the assault.

"The right one was glowing pink. I had to even them out. Nice fucking ass Clarke. Mmm!" Raven proclaimed. Clarke stepped out of her pants and removed her socks. She stood naked as the day she was born in front of a now very cocky Raven. Clarke had her hands down in front of her vagina, bashfully trying to cover herself. With her arms together, it squeezed her boobs together making them appear even bigger.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment as Raven studied every inch of Clarke's nakedness. Clarke broke the silence. "Well, one of us is a little over dressed,' she said. Raven bit her lip, never losing her eye contact with Clarke. She leaned forward and unhooked her own bra. Confidently she flung it off of herself onto the growing pile of clothes. Her breasts were much smaller in size than Clarke's; a solid B cup but they were proudly perky and her dark nipples were standing out like pencil erasers.

"Come here and help me with these," Raven instructed as she flicked the waistband of her black underpants. Clarke's hands were shaking as she leaned forward on Raven's bed and grasped her silky panties. Raven got a good look at Clarke's pussy. It was like a peach, pink and soft, with puffy outer lips and only a small patch of fair pubic hair. Raven shifted her hips as Clarke slowly pulled off Raven's panties. Clarke bit her lip to keep from drooling as she viewed Raven's naked snatch. She had dark pubic hair in a patch above her sex. The skin was an almond colour and she could see the glistening dampness on her outer labia. It was a lot like Lexa's. Clarke wondered if it tasted just as good.

Raven continued her inquiry. "So how do two girls have sex anyway?" she asked. She smiled as she watched Clarke's face go beet red.

"You mean you don't know?" Clarke asked with surprise.

Raven coyly shook he head. "You're the experienced one. I've only ever been with Finn," Raven justified.

Clarke blew out a breath and cleared her throat. "Well, first of all, we usually kiss. A lot! We usually touch each other and kiss sensitive body parts," she explained. Raven grinned and nodded. Clarke sighed and continued, "One of us usually goes down on the other after we're warmed up." She looked at Raven who just gave her a questioning glance. Clarke sighed again and went on, "We lick each other's pussy with our tongue, mainly on the clit. We use our fingers too, to fuck our partner. Tongue and fingers together usually works best. Either we take turns or if we lay down opposite each other we can do each other at the same time. Then there's scissoring. That's when we both spread our legs and make our crotches touch each other and we both grind and hump until we both come. That's pretty much it." Clarke was feeling very uncomfortable, nervous and vulnerable. Raven licked her lips.

Raven sat upright and leaned forward so that her face was inches from Clarke's. Raven asked Clarke, "So, do you want to kiss me Clarke?" Clarke nodded. As she leaned forward, Raven stopped her by placing her hand on Clarke's big breast. "And do you want to have sex with me Clarke?" the devilish Latina asked. Clarke nodded again, a little more dramatically than the first one. "I want to hear you Clarke. I want to hear you beg me for it," Raven demanded.

Clarke swallowed uncomfortably. She really did want it bad. Her personal mission to mend fences with Raven aside, she sincerely lusted for her. "I do. I want to kiss you, very badly right now. I want to make love with you too. I want to go down on you. I want to eat your pussy. Please Raven, please," the blonde leader found herself begging. The words just came out. Clarke was helpless to the darker girl's seduction.

Raven giggled at Clarke's submission. Clarke looked sad as she suddenly wondered if it was all a ruse to make her embarrass herself. Just as the panic was setting in, Raven grabbed a fistful of Clarke's blonde locks and pulled her face to her own. Raven didn't kiss her gently or lovingly. She pressed her juicy, bee stung lips hard against Clarke's mouth and jammed her tongue as far as she could inside. Clarke was startled by Raven's aggressive invasion as she felt Raven's long tongue near the back of her throat. Her blue eyes bulged as Raven tongue fucked her mouth.

Clarke felt a shiver through her body right down to her pussy as her heart sped up. Raven's tongue was long. Clarke felt violated but it was really turning her on. She started to suck Raven's long mouth muscle like it was a cock as a sign of submission. As Raven continued her oral assault, she used her other hand to maul Clarke's tits roughly. As she squeezed them she pulled. Raven slid her fingers to the tip of Clarke's pink nipple and pinched. She held on as Clarke winced and tried to scream. Her protests were suffocated by Raven's kiss. Raven was enjoying herself too. She loved the soft feel of Clarke's mouth and her body. She loved the smell of Clarke's hair. She felt the electricity between them and her pussy became very much in need of attention.

Raven pulled Clarke's head away a few inches as Clarke sucked hard on the tongue that exited her mouth. She wanted more. Raven was toying with her. She kissed Clarke's neck and licked up to her ear. She whispered into Clarke's ear, "Now you're going to lick me all over. You're going to worship my body with your mouth and you're going to eat my pussy like it was your last meal.' Then she emphasized her dominance by biting Clarke's earlobe. Clarke let out an audible moan.

Raven sat up arrow straight with her lame left leg out straight and her good right leg cocked to the side, exposing her glistening pussy. With her hand still grasping Clarke's hair tightly, Raven maneuvered Clarke's head to her neck first. Clarke moaned softly as she tasted the skin of her rival for the first time. She was salty with sweat. That's how she liked her women. She felt that over bathing made a girl taste too bland. She licked long and slow up Raven's neck and kissed her way back down softly. Clarke wrapped her hand's around Raven's back and softly massaged her tight back muscles as her meaty breasts pressed against the smaller perky boobs of the engineer.

Raven had truly never felt anything like it before. She wondered why Finn never made her feel so wet. Raven continued to moan her pleasure as Clarke's mouth kissed further down her body eventually finding her sensitive nipples. She jammed her tit into Clarke's willing mouth. Clarke licked all around the brown areola sending shivers up Raven's spine. Clarke latched onto the bud of Raven's nipple and suckled gently making Raven roll her eyes back into her head. The gentle female touch drove her mad with lust. Clarke spent equal time with both of Raven's breasts. Raven struggled to keep her composure and her dominance. She stared down into Clarke's face and saw the blonde smiling with her bright blue eyes. That brought Raven back around again and she tugged Clarke's hair, making her lower her head to Raven's abdomen.

Clarke licked out the bowl of Raven's belly button. She loved how taught and muscular the girl's torso was. She could lick it all day. Clarke was in search of even more treasure as she kissed lower. Clarke could smell the pungent aroma of Raven's sex rising up to her. She had a wild, rich smell. It reminded her of Lexa's aroma who was always wearing leather pants. Clarke preferred the powerful smell of a woman over a overly bathed one. Se wanted to taste it so bad. As she licked lower, Raven stopped her by pulling her hair. "Not yet you horny slut. You get your prize when you've bathed my entire body with that sweet tongue.," Raven teased.

Clarke whimpered but continued on her journey of Raven's magnificent flesh. As she licked the inside of Raven's muscular thigh, she could taste some of her girl juice that had been running freely for several minutes. Clarke savored it, groaning, "Mmmm!" as she licked. Clarke bathed all of Raven's thigh with her tongue and stopped at her wounded left knee. She examined the scar that was still very predominant. Clarke caressed it lovingly and patted it with soft kisses. She found it very exotic and thrilling. She traced the scar line slowly with the tip of her tongue. Raven began stroking Clarke's hair lovingly at the gesture.

Eventually Clarke licked below Raven's left knee but again Raven stopped her. "Never mind that one Clarke. I can't feel anything below that knee anyway. Here, start at the bottom of this one and work your way back to your prize," Raven ordered as she brought her right foot up and stuck her toes into Clarke's mouth. Clarke was shocked again. She had never tasted a foot before. Still, she savored the musky flavour and began licking between the brunette's toes. Clarke gave each toe a good suck as she rubbed Raven's foot. Once Raven was satisfied of Clarke's effort, she extended her leg so that Clarke could lick her way back up to her eager crotch.

Clarke had licked her way up to Raven's groin and was enjoying the taste of her juices from her inner thigh when Raven pulled her back again. The dark haired temptress rolled over onto her front. She laughed out loud as she held back Clarke's prize again. "Don't forget my back, slut," Raven demanded. Clarke was in tears. She admired the perfection of Raven's back side. From her neck down to her ass, she was perfect. Clarke started at the other girl's neck and kissed her entire back. Raven's ass was a work of sculpted art. It stood out with a perfect round curve. Clarke kissed the small of Raven's spine where her other operation scar was. It reminded Clarke of Raven's incredible strength for all she had been through. Clarke looked at Raven's ass like a kid in a candy store. She kissed each cheek lovingly all over. Clarke's kisses turned into licks. She eventually found the valley between the two beautiful pieces of flesh. Clarke licked between them and could smell the musk of the dark haired girl's back door.

Raven could feel Clarke's tongue so close to her asshole. She arched her back so that her ass pressed into Clarke's face. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks. That brought Clarke's tongue into contact with Raven's butt hole. She could sense Clarke's reluctance and hesitation. It was probably more than she had done before. Raven knew it was too late to turn back. "Lick it Clarke. Lick my asshole," the dominant girl commanded. She could feel Clarke's hot breath on the sensitive skin of her anus. She smiled as she soon felt Clarke's wet tongue licking circles around her puckered hole. "Mmmm. That's it. Good girl," Raven commended as she received her rim job.

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