Raven and Clarke of the 100


Finally, Raven couldn't take the torment any longer herself. "Okay, roll over on your back slut," Raven ordered. Clarke did as instructed and laid on her back. Her face was right in Raven's pubic patch. The black hairs were glistening with girl juice. Clarke inhaled deeply and enjoyed Raven's unique aroma. Clarke extended her tongue and found the sensitive flesh of Raven's pink labia.

Raven sat up arrow straight which put her pussy square on Clarke face. Clarke's tongue slipped up inside the face sitter. Raven moaned loudly as she nearly came. She looked down and saw Clarke's blue eyes staring up at her. Raven grabbed a fistful of Clarke's hair again and pulled her head up. At the same time, she ground her pelvis down on the blonde's face. She started fucking Clarke's face, grinding all over it. Clarke kept her tongue extended and licked feverishly at Raven's box. Raven rode Clarke's face like a saddle, humping methodically as she inched closer to orgasm.

For several minutes Raven rode Clarke's face and she felt her body start to quiver and shake. Her head began to spin. She held Clarke's face still while her clit was right on the vulnerable girl's lips. Clarke knew what to do. She clamped her lips around Raven's clit and sucked hard on it while still flicking it with her tongue. Raven bucked as the orgasm took over her body. She arched her back and groaned. She let out an audible scream as she came hard. Her body went into a spasm for a minute as her pussy squirted uncontrollably. Her body quaked for several minutes.

When she started to come down from her orgasmic high, Raven released Clarke's hair and eased her tingling pussy from her face. She looked down at Clarke who was gasping for breath. Her face and even her blonde hair was covered in Raven's ejaculated juices. Clarke's face still looked angelic despite how messy it was. Raven couldn't believe how much pleasure could come from that. Raven's body was still having aftershocks. She smiled from ear to ear. She was so happy, she couldn't help kissing the drenched leader of her people. She shared an open mouth kiss with Clarke. Her kiss was more gentle than her previous one. Clarke could feel the love in the tender embrace. Raven tasted herself on Clarke's lips. She was surprised that she enjoyed the pungent flavour. She began to wonder how Clarke's pussy tasted.

The two girls made out for several more minutes until Raven had regained her full senses. Raven then began biting her way down Clarke's neck making sure to leave a few hickeys as a sign of ownership. Clarke loved Raven's aggressive dominance. Raven stuck her fingernails into Clarke's boob flesh as she squeezed them. Raven teased Clarke's big pink nipples with a combination of licks and bites. The combination made Clarke flinch out of control. Her excitement had her pussy flowing with juice.

Raven continued to tease Clarke with licks and bites and she scratched the poor girl's body with her nails making the blonde squirm. Finally Raven found Clarke's little blonde bush and she began licking her with her very long, meaty tongue. Clarke cried at the anticipation of having her pussy eaten by the sexy Latina girl. Raven's tongue found Clarke's clit and she flicked it with the tip, up and down and side to side. Clarke began to come right away. Raven buried three fingers into the loose wet lips of Clarke's pink love hole. Raven wrapped her lips around Clarke's clit and sucked on it like Clarke had sucked on hers. Clarke bucked against Raven's thin fingers. Raven found Clarke's puffy pussy eager to take more. She pushed her pinky finger inside easily and fucked her with four fingers as she sucked Clarke's clit.

Clarke couldn't stop coming. It lasted and lasted. Raven didn't let up and kept frigging Clarke faster. Clarke exploded with an ejaculation of girl cum soaking Raven's face. Raven felt Clarke's pussy contract and loosen around her fingers. Raven tucked her thumb into her palm and gave a hard thrust. Clarke's eyes bulged as she felt her pussy take Raven's entire hand. Lexa had done that to her before and she loved it. Clarke let out a scream of pleasure.

"Roll over slut!" Raven demanded. Clarke was still in the middle of her long intense orgasm. She flipped over with Raven's hand still wrist deep in her box. Raven smiled as she finally had Clarke's big juicy bubble butt in her face. She admired her pink hand prints up close. Then she bit into Clarke's ass cheek.

"Ahhh!" Clarke screamed. Raven kissed the spot better as began thrusting her hand in and out of Clarke's dilated snatch. Clarke had barely finished her first orgasm as another wave rode through her. With her face down in the mattress, she moaned, "Holy fucking shit!" as she got fist fucked.

Raven stared at Clarke's sexy ass and could see her little pink star fish winking at her a she fisted her. Raven licked her lips and brought her face closer to Clarke's anus. With a devilish grin, Raven stuck out her tongue to it's full length, stiffened it and jabbed it up Clarke's asshole. Clarke gasped. She could feel Raven's tongue exploring deep inside her anal cavity. Clarke's eyes rolled back at the sensation and she shivered as another orgasm ripped through her body. Raven kept her tongue impaled inside Clarke's rectum as she pumped her fist faster in Clarke's abused pussy. Clarke squirted again, only minutes after her first explosion.

As Clarke came down, exhausted and limp, Raven pulled her hand out of the gaping pussy. She pulled her tongue out of Clarke's voluptuous ass too. She slapped Clarke's ass with her wet hand. That forced Clarke to roll over. Raven crawled up onto the blonde's heaving body which was still panting for air. She pressed her body against Clarke's and grabbed her head. She lowered her face to Clarke's. Clarke instinctively opened her mouth as Raven planted a kiss on her lips. Clarke could taste the musky flavour of her own ass on Raven's tongue which she dutifully sucked.

The two former rivals made out and kissed lovingly as they lay naked on Raven's bed for another half an hour before finally stopping. Raven continued playing with Clarke's hair, stroking it away from her flushed face. They stared into each other's eyes pondering their future. Clarke asked, "So does this mean we're good?"

Raven laughed. "Oh Clarke. You're so adorable. I'll tell you what. So long as you continue to be my personal fuck toy and do whatever I say then yes, we are good. Agreed?" she countered.

Clarke had never been fucked so good. All she wanted was what Raven asked her for. She smiled and nodded, "Agreed!" she found herself answering without a thought.

Raven gave Clarke a soft kiss. She then said, "That's a good slut. Now, as soon as Niylah returns from the hunt, I want you to tell her everything that we did here today. EVERYTHING! Then you're going to convince her to join us so I can enjoy both you sluts at the same time. Got it?"

Clarke gulped.

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by MTL1706/10/17

Great work

Forget Niylah, Raven should make Clarke seduce Octavia into some threesome fun. Also, Raven could make herself a cock to fuck Clarke with. Ideally of the strap on variety. Or just more of this, becausemore...

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