tagNovels and NovellasRaven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 02

Raven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 02

bySatin and Lace©

A burr did catch upon Ghost's long tail. Raven's heart became heavy with her thoughts. Their progress was slowed down. Brush, crevices, snarling roots reached up from the ground to trip them up. Raven thought back to where she always called home. The striking differences, stark reality. No more Zoo's, to many endangered animals.

A person didn't own pets, you might, if you were really careful, see a dog or cat in the MET. Yet, at one time people had them in their homes for sheer enjoyment. A middle class family made over a quarter of a million dollars annually. This afforded them a very tiny thousand foot one bedroom apartment in a triplex.

Cars existed for nobody that wasn't Council. Gas was a thing of rumors. Forests were dying acres by minutes. Oceans were drying up by the gallons in a single day. The rain that did pour down, burned you. The sun was forbidden to be enjoyed. As Ariana, she saw some gruesome sights. Stubborn people willing to sit in their little five by five yards.

The very wealthy stayed away from the masses. Movies stopped, Fine dining meant something they concocted to be used as meat. Trying to have a natural child was rumored to be as tough as getting into America after Homeland was placed. Children laughing wasn't heard. You worked for The Council or The Met.

No buildings were more than two stories tall. The way of thinking somebody could survive a jumping out a second story window. They weren't concerned of the life saved. The not having to fire up the ovens. Nobody buried. Dating wasn't heard of for there wasn't any point. You really couldn't procreate. Not marry without a million dollars in a Council Savings Department. Or the ever loving CSD.

Raven came out of her thoughts just as the low branch scraped her bear's head. She wore it she knew the snow covered mountains were coming up soon. Leaning down to Ghost rider she soothed him with an apple. His head was to busy looking for their safety.

"Whoa Ghost. Here is a treat. Now eat my friend." Raven fed it to him by breaking it in half.

Ghost chewed it down in two swallows. She knew he was grateful though. All though it was mid day she began to see a darkness envelope her and Ghost. Turning to look behind her she saw in the sky a blackness.

As though somebody had knocked over Indigo ink bottle it spread with long tendrils. The tendrils were sheer evil Raven heard of tendrils. They would get their icy death like grip into you and then pull you down until you suffocated. Ravin jumped off Ghost, slapped him on his hip. He stormed off towards their next stop.

As Raven's knee's hit the earth she almost cried out from the hardness. Lifting her arms high she prepared her request.

"Spiritual Leader, I'm only one, give me the answer? Your help I beg of you its ask and Ye Shall receive. I am asking, begging you to stop this. Allow this to pass over me." Raven's eyes were beseeching the sky that was still clear enough.

"Spiritual Of All show yourself to this icy tendril I beg you. Your hands can stop falling mountain ranges. Your hands can heal a baby. Your hands can reach around this ball we live on known as earth. You can stop this attack it will certainly penetrate back to time. Poisoning the past. Please from my heart the depth of my belief in you!"

The sound reverberated from the mountains, streams, the heavens yet a whisper.

"Raven my child take out a poisoned arrow out of the quiver. Face this tendril and in one mighty blow, hit it towards the center of it."

Raven's fingers were nimble, she brought the arrow to her lips. She didn't hesitate her Salvation gave a direct order. Blowing the arch in the arrow was high, higher straight. It hit the singular icy bony looking evil finger. Instantly the black oily evil foul threw up onto the earth. Molded itself into a twisted wicked looking metamorphosis of a tree. To high to climb. To wide to get around. Petrified to hard to cut down.

Raven fell prostrate laid there until she felt a cold nose. She came to smiling as Ghost came back for her. She finished her worship before she allowed Ghost to step closer. She patted his strong thick neck for he did well. Instinctively she knew not to turn around. She felt the fire heat seeing the red streaking above her head. She knew Her Maker would make this Tendril burn for eternity.

Raven stood up straight backed, arm slung around Ghost's neck. Mounting him she looked at the sky watching the clouds coming in. Night was falling she was without shelter. Laying her head back raising the Dream Catcher she spoke in a native tongue.

Her senses became on high alert. Listening she heard Ghost's breathing, her heart beat. Then she heard it. Her head was moving from side to side. Tune into the sound of wind whistling filtering through the huge majestic wings of the hawk. Never opening her eyes she felt the wind from its wings.

It enveloped her and Ghost, Ghost started moving galloping at a slow gait at first. Speeding up the Hawk never left them. Time passed without notice Raven was taken to safety.

Ghost stopped abruptly in front of a cave. Light was coming from inside a fire was burning already. Raven felt an ever so light kiss on her full mouth. Before she could open her eyes the hawk had vanished.

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