tagRomanceRaven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 04

Raven and River Hawk Dream Catcher Pt. 04

bySatin and Lace©

As dawn broke Raven was stirring. Ghost was fed, prepared for the last trek. Raven took time for her worship of the God. Asking for her guidance through perilous terrain. Once she slipped on the wolf skins, tied her knee high moccasins. She brought Ghost outside into the silent, snow fallen mountain. The fresh air cut into her lungs, iced with frigid temperatures.

Looking skyward she saw the heavy clouds noting they were going to let loose. This mountain was going to be a treacherous journey. Turning to the opening she lifted her dream catcher bringing out a gray feather. Sweeping over the face of the mountain her refuge went into hiding, never to be seen again. Raven knew she was burning her return. She hopped onto her stallion immediately feeling his girth between her long graceful legs.

"Ghost let's run onward." She shouted.

His hoofs were agile they made good timing. As the first snow started falling, Raven was in deep thought. Her loss of her whole family ran deep. Yet she wanted to live as though she would live forever. Her inner being was reaching for her future, knowing she would find it in the past.

Her thoughts were jerked to the here and now with a sudden loud rumble. Looking upward she saw the first burst of snow. Showering, pelting her face with skin biting shards of sleet. Ghost was tripping on the iced over stones. His faithfulness was met with Raven leaning down. Whispering in his ear, she caused him to rally and they made a little distance.

Thunderous, ear shattering deafening sounds Raven looked up to see the landslide. It was moving, gathering speed eating the surroundings. They had managed to make it to the foot of the sheer granite mountain. Feeling the sharpness of the ice, snow and hearing the wind whipping. The first snow shower almost took them down.

"Ghost we got to make it to the clearing." She shouted as she gave Ghost the order.

Ghost was running so his veins were bulging. His heart was pounding in his throat. The race was on. It wasn't long before she realized her impudence against nature. Lifting her face skyward she listened for the voice to guide her.

"Raise the clear feather above your head. Snow will become ice making you a tunnel to escape by." The voice was but a whisper in her left ear.

Immediately raising the feather the wind caught it grabbing it out of her hands. As quick as she felt it rip from them. She felt it back safely in her fist. Time to try to figure that out. She had to stay alert, sensing the dire situation. Ghost picked up speed as though he knew it was his long strides that would save them.

As the first snow started to bury them, her feather touched it. Instantly turning it into a canopy of ice. Hiding them safely inside, the whole avalanche changed allowing them speed. The bitter air was transformed into a thing of ethereal beauty. On one side of her was the jagged mountain terrain. The other was a sheet of the purest ice gracing her with cover and warmth.

Ghost brought her to the finish of the ice tundra. As the sun light sprayed across her angelic face. She saw an instantaneous vision splashing across the granite mountain. It was the past racing to overcome her. The council was following her, closing in on her with great speed. She knew they would destroy everything. She must get to the crevice and allow it to close.

She heard the thunderous sounds of hoofs, as she felt the ground shake. She knew she couldn't make the opening in time. Looking at the picture displayed for her she bowed her head calling upon her Savior to hear her plea's.

"Oh father, hear my voice. Help me! I must do something to stop this! Tell me show me how?" Raven cried out with a pounding heart.

Immediately she felt the answer. She turned around seeing the funnel she had escaped from. It was standing as a testimony of her belief in Him. Kicking Ghost she turned around racing to the opening. Grabbing her dream catcher, she lifted the cardinal red feather laying it as softly as a child's kiss. Touching the ice as it would melt the ice. Trapping the council for her to make it. The last leg of her last journey.

Stretching her arm she laid it on the ice. Combusting the surface in a wild fire the sound of a mighty rushing brush fire. Met her ears. Down the center of the tunnel was a vivid red fire lapping at the hardened surface. The mighty rush of melted ice deafened her ears. A gush of water slivered down the mountain. She was mesmerized by the sight, not noting the hawk was high above her. Not until the feather floated landing in Ghost's mane did she look up. Only hearing the enormous wing span as it flew towards her final destination.

Raven turned Ghost racing with all his might to their appointed place. She didn't hear the screams of the council as they were crushed by the ice. Carried away down the face of the mountain. She didn't let up on Ghost she was barely going to make the opening in time. No time to be awed in all she just seen. The hawk had followed as it always did keeping her safe within its wings.

At last she saw the grand opening. Leaving her breathless as she bowed her head in solum prayer. The mountain shared it's secret for her eyes to behold. Opening like a fragile, book of onion paper. Splitting itself for her. As they approached the crevice she could hear the mighty roar of the water fall. Two more full body strides and she would be safe.

The hawk watched her enter the mountain silently. Effortlessly he spread his massive wings brushing the mountain closed behind her. As it slid silently closed, it took flight majestic in all its beauty. The hawk flew high and wide over the mountain, assured of Raven's safety.

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