tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaven Chronicles Ch. 01

Raven Chronicles Ch. 01


Oracle One: The Genesis


Imagine if you will, a world, not unlike our own in the vast reaches of our universe. Let us say that the name of this world is Dadelus V and it is inhabited with humans similar to us. In fact, according to some, our race could be distant relatives these people or even its descendants..

Also imagine that this race followed a similar evolutionary development to our own but with some minor differences. For example a year for them or cycle as it is called in the story is approximately 14 months on earth or 1.2 years. Also they measure height and weight differently One standard unit of height for them is about 1.2 feet and weight for them is measured on the old English unit of Stone which is fourteen pounds.

As you read you will see that it is deeply steeped in mysticism and paganism and you will be introduced strange and interesting people and creatures. Keep in mind that the time period on this planet may or may not mirror our own. It could occur in our future or before we were even on the Earth. Just let your imagination enjoy the fantasy of the story and enjoy a willful suspension of logic.

Main Story:

It was an age of barbarism, darkness and mysticism, 500 cycles after what came to be known as "The Genesis of the Phoenix." Their world as it had been known had suffered a cataclysmic destruction and out of the ashes arose a new order, one based on Feudalism and rule by rival clans and kingdoms plus a world steeped in mystical and Pagan rituals.

Not only was the land and the people in it followers of lost Pagan arts, but the world was now home to all types of mystical and mythological creatures both good and evil. Among these were, wizards and witches, enchantresses and enchanters people who saw and prophesied future events, dragons and other mythological creatures, some of which were beasts of burden, Elves who also had their own kingdom and warriors as well as angels demons and Gods and Goddesses.

It was also a time of very little if any modesty. Sensuality and promiscuity ruled and there were no taboos for those who reached the age of ascension18 cycles or 21 years of age for us. Even the taboo of incest was non existent. It was embraced and it wasn't uncommon for brother and sister to lie with one another as well as father and daughter, mother and son and even mother and daughter or sisters .

It was during this time that the Great, powerful and highly respected and feared ruler named Osiris the Dark established his kingdom in the land of the three rivers, The Artemis, The Eden and The Styx.

Standing six standard units in height approximately 7 feet 2 inches high, twenty-three stones in weight or about 322 pounds with a very muscular build, red hair and beard, Osiris was the strongest man in his region which is equivalent to size of Northern Africa. It is said that he stood "head and shoulders above all his kingdom"

At 30 cycles or 36 years of age, he was an Excellent sword fighter, the best in his region Race is known as the Vikonians: Caucasians of European Descent... a cross between the ancient Vikings and the Mainland European. He was a fair, firm, and feared ruler well loved and respected by people in his region. He was a war hero and legendary in his conquests.

Osiris the Dark can best be compared to the great leaders and warriors such as Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Ganges Kahn, and Hannibal. This is because Osiris possessed the ability to think like his enemy, out maneuver them, and surprise the enemy with tactics which caught them totally off guard and would overwhelm them.

Osiris was also not the type of Battle king who would just sit on behind while his warriors did all the work. He was in the heat of the battle and in harm's way in most every battle and because of this, he had earned the respect of his warriors and because of his great fighting abilities, had earned the fear of his enemies.

Osiris, along with his young concubine and consort Eden for which he named his Kingdom settled the region in which his kingdom was located. With the help of his servants and the slaves he had captured in the last great battle for which he had earned his reputation, built his huge fortress overseeing the three rivers and along side the what was known as the Forrest of Enchantment

Osiris's kingdom stretched in all directions for several hundred Delyars in each direction, one Delyar being the equivalent of 3.2 miles. Tried as they may, none of his enemies were able to penetrate his huge medieval looking fortress which stretched 125 standard units high by almost 200 standard units across and 75 standard units deep

Osiris was also a very innovative person and intelligent person and quite the visionary for his time. With help from his soldiers and some of his subjects which he paid handsomely, he was able to "modernize" his kingdom which made it even better for him and his subjects.

His kingdom could be best compared to that of Ancient Rome in that Osiris had established a system of aqua-ducts to bring the water form the three rivers to the kingdom and provide a system of wells for people to draw water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and irrigation of crops in the out lining areas from the castle.

Osiris also made use of the natural hot springs and other geothermic sources of energy to heat the water which made it especially good for bathing and other needs such as heating homes and providing a crude source of power.

Other ways Osiris made his kingdom "modern" were to establish a system of crude roads made from crushed stone and crude concrete, garbage collection for which trash was burned in huge continually running furnaces outside the city and to provide a crude sense of sanitation similar to that of modern septic tanks treated with harmless natural bacteria and with what would be best described as lyme.

While Osiris was establishing his kingdom, Eden would bare him 3 sons. Almost 10 cycles later, Osiris would have a daughter who would become his most beloved and treasured possession who he named Raven and would be called "The Child of Promise".

Growing up Raven would want for nothing. While the male children who were many cycles older than her had to work for what they had, Raven did not. It is believed that, Isis one of the greatest of all the Goddesses herself had been incarnated in Raven as foretold by Chandra the personal Enchantress of Osiris and the mother of Raven.

Let us meet Chandra. Chandra the Enchantress was a very bewitching and extremely beautiful woman with long straight flowing dark raven hair, black eyes, ruby read lips, olive bronze skin, standing five standard units tall and slender body weighing 10 stones and measuring what we would know as 36C-24-34.

Chandra had a mixed heritage in that she had features of the nomadic tribes people similar to Asian in her eyes and facial features but also looked like she was part Vikonian. She was highly intelligent and spoke almost every tongue known to man and those known only to the mystical world.

Chandra would come to Osiris's kingdom shortly after the age of her ascension, adulthood for us. She appeared to Osiris late one night while he was walking near the enchanted forest. Chandra was knelt, facing away from Osiris, wearing nothing a long body length open black robe with a hood draped over her head to hide her face and a Golden necklace which could be best described as an Egyptian Ankh containing a single Emerald Green Jade stone in it.

Upon encountering Chandra, Osiris was stunned and heard her reciting ancient incantations and making strange things happen that no mortal could ever dream of accomplishing. He hid behind a tree and watched her for a while thinking he would spy on her and find out what she was doing there.

However, little did Osiris know that Chandra was aware of his presence and had been sent from the Goddesses to meet with him. Once Chandra was finished with her rituals, she arose to her feet and turned and lowered her hood.

"Greetings my Liege" Chandra said in perfect Vikonian tongue, equivalent to Middle English as she approached where Osiris was standing.

Osiris, knowing he was discovered, stepped out from behind the tree and faced her. Tried as he could with all his might, he could not hide the fear in his heart or in his voice that came through as he addressed Chandra.

"Who art though who speaketh in the Ancient tongue and yet speaketh an unknown tongue only moments ago," Osiris said with a tremble trying his best to sound brave and authoritarian.

"I am called Chandra," she replied, "and I speak many of the languages known to man and those known only to the immortals," she added with a mysterious smile. "I also knowst that thy name is Osiris the Dark, the great legendary ruler of the Kingdom of Eden" Chandra added with a triumphant smile.

"How dost thou knowst this," Osiris said with anger having regained his composure.

"I know many things my Lord," Chandra replied with respect yet un fearful and non chalantly and proud, walking bravely over to where Osiris stood "I also knowst thou hast a 1000 questions but thou shalt have them answered in due course. It is enough that thou knowst I am here as thy servant and companion," Chandra concluded with a mysterious smile.

Osiris was taken in by Chandra's bewitching beauty and couldn't help but stare at her perfectly formed body which was clearly visible from the open black robe in front. Osiris had been bewitched by Chandra's beauty and had fallen under her spell and from this time forth he would be subject to her mystical charm.

"Dost thou find my appearance pleasing my Lord," Chandra said with a smile as she walked over stood next to Osiris and disrobed revealing her tall sensual perfectly formed well toned body which glistened in the pale light of the two full moons.

"I must confess I find thy beauty enticing and thy charms intoxicating," Osiris said as his heart began to race like a schoolboy's who had just fallen victim to his first crush.

"Allow me to show thee some of the pleasures that await my Liege as his companion and advisor," Chandra replied kneeling in front of Osiris removing his belt and loin cloth exposing his massive cock.

Chandra began to suck on his cock taking it all in and all Osiris could do was stand there and enjoy the pleasure.

"Dost thou find this pleasing my Lord," Chandra said with a smile looking up at Osiris.

"Oh yes my sweet," Osiris replied "I am thy willing servant," Osiris added "Showest thou me all thy pleasures."

With that Chandra laid Osiris on the ground on his back and climbed on top of him and lowered her slightly furry pussy on to his massive pulsating cock. She began to ride him long and slow like a cowgirl would ride a bucking bronco.

As Chandra rode Osiris, she said with a lustful coo "Oh yes my Lord, take thou the flower of mine innocence which has been preserved by the gods for you."

It wouldn't be long until Osiris could feel his cock fill with cum and he would spunk his load deep inside of Chandra's pussy. She continued to ride as she climaxed and cooed with delight as Osiris's hot manhood filled her.

Next, Chandra would dismount Osiris and lie on her back and beckoned him to her.

"Hast thou way with me my Lord," Chandra said with a soft smile "I am thy humble servant and thou art my master."

Osiris laid on top of Chandra and began to kiss her body all over and bite her on the neck He made his way to her pussy and inhaled the musky scent of her woman hood and the sweet smell of the fragrant perfume she was wearing.

Taking his tongue and placing it on her pussy he began to lick and eat her out. Chandra would writhe in pleasure as Osiris skillfully and feverishly ate her pussy out. She thrust her body up to meet his head and held it there with one of her hands as she fucked his face.

Osiris would eat Chandra out for what would be equivalent to 10 minutes and soon Chandra's body shuddered and she climaxed as her orgasm peaked. She flooded his face with her hot sweet nectar and Osiris lapped it all up.

Once he had satisfied her that way, he parted Chandra's legs and inserted his pulsating huge cock into her virgin tight pussy. Osiris fucked Chandra fairly rough but not violently but it did not matter. Chandra was able to stand it and in fact she enjoyed it quite a bit.

"Ravish me my Lord," she said with a lustful moan and with that Osiris had his way with her.

Osiris fucked her for what would be a good 15-20 minutes in various positions and all during this time Chandra loved it and begged for more. Chandra would climax many times cumming all over Osiris's cock and Osiris would send his semen streaming in to the depths of Chandra's eagerly waiting pussy.

As their bodies finally collapsed together, Chandra laid on top Osiris as they came down from their orgasmic high.

"This is only a small sample of the pleasures that await thee," Chandra said with a lustful voice. "I will show thee things that thou hast never imagined and thou and thy seed shall be blessed by Isis and accomplished many great and wonderful things.'

Chandra and Osiris arose and walked back to the castle. Unbeknownst to Osiris, Chandra used her magic to cast a spell on the guards as so they would not see them approaching and would be able to walk past them into the Castle.

Osiris prepared a private chamber close to his for Chandra and where she would sleep for the night and the next day she became a addition to the royal court. She would wear only a body length white see through robe made of mesh material and always wore it open Only a few questioned Chandra's appearance there in the royal court and those who did Chandra used her magic as so they could not voice or make known their disapproval.

Osiris would come to greatly depend on Chandra's magic and insight to help run his kingdom. In fact, it is speculated that Chandra herself was the real power behind the success of Osiris. Chandra used this to her advantage and between that and her spell of enchantment she had put on Osiris she replaced herself as occupant of the royal Bed Chamber.

Finally the time would come for Raven to be born as foretold by the prophecy. It is believed that Raven's conception occurred 3 cycles after Chandra's arrival.

One evening after a feast while the male children were asleep, Osiris would be visited by Chandra who foretold of a mighty female warrior who would descend from his blood line and would be blessed by Isis herself.

Chandra would go on to foretell that through Raven, his kingdom would know no bounds and would accomplish great and mighty things. Osiris begged to question how it could be, seeing that his wife had become ill and as a result was barren.

"Fear not my Lord," Chandra said as she placed her hand softly on his lips. "What is not possible by man is always possible by Isis. Sleep now my beloved and thou shalt know all these things true in the morning," and with that, Chandra placed Osiris in an enchanted sleep. This is when she would consummate her union with Osiris and conceive Raven.

While in the sleep, Chandra removed Osiris's tunic, his loin cloth and sandals then removed the sheer see through white robe she always wore. She then laid on top of Osiris's naked muscular body as she recited the ritual of conception incantation given to her in a dream by Isis.

"Oh my beloved Goddess Isis," Chandra said. "Bless this thy sacred union between Osiris and your humble servant Chandra. May thou conceived through this union through this conception bring forth thy promise of Raven. Through Raven, may thy powers and majesty be known. Bless the child of this union, may her kingdom know no end and may she triumph in all she does. Lastly, endow her with all of thy magic and wisdom, in thy most Holy name I beseech thee."

Once Chandra had recited the prayer of incantation, she began to make love to Osiris. First she took his half erect penis in her hand and ran her tongue along the top of the helmet, Stroking it with her soft hand she placed her mouth completely over it and began to suck on it until it was hard.

Once rigid, she lowered her slightly furry dark black haired pussy onto Osiris male member. Riding him the way she would ride an animal Chandra began slowly moving up and down his hard tool as she made love to him.

"Awaken my beloved but only in a dream," Chandra said softly to Osiris as she continued to make love to him. Osiris opened his eyes and the two of them proceeded to make love.

She would ride Osiris's cock as she pulled him up and they embraced. They passionately kissed as they rocked back and forth, Osiris tool still buried inside of Chandra.

Chandra could feel her orgasm reach it's first peak and she exploded flooding her creamy nectar over Osiris's cock. They continued to fuck and it wouldn't be long until Osiris would be ready to shoot his hot semen into Chandra's pussy.

Sensing that Osiris was ready to cum she recited a closing blessing with a soft voice saying "Oh beloved Isis, take thou the joining of our seeds and bless it. Be thou conceived now I beseech thee," and with that Osiris and Chandra both climaxed together as juices mixed together and their seeds joined to form the conception of promise.

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