tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaven Chronicles Ch. 02

Raven Chronicles Ch. 02


Oracle Two: The Birth of the Promise

Raven was conceived during the height of fifth lunar rotation the full moon during the season known as the "The Time of Fertility" which would be the equivalent to our spring. After the ceremony in which Chandra and Osiris would conceive Raven, Osiris was put back into the enchanted sleep and in the morning awoke as if nothing happened except for having a dream.

Soon it would be known to him that Chandra was pregnant and he would be pleased and he knew then that the dream he had was not a mere dream, but the fulfilling of prophecy.

He proudly proclaimed to the kingdom that he was being blessed with another child however, to save face and to make sure the bloodline would "officially be Royal" he sent a proclamation that the Gods had blessed his wife Eden and re-opened her womb and that Chandra would act as care taker to Eden until the child was born.

This was not uncommon because as was custom, especially with nobility and royalty, the wife would be in seclusion for the duration of the pregnancy and no one would be allowed to see her except for the King of course and her care takers and trusted servants. Chandra cast a spell on the "inner circle" around her and Eden in so as they would report what the king and her would want them to report.

When the news hit Eden of her announced pregnancy and she found out that in fact it was Chandra who was actually pregnant, surprisingly she was not angry or jealous. Isis had told Eden in a dream that her daughter Raven was the fulfillment of a great promise.

Isis also told Eden that she even though her time was numbered, she would live long enough to see Raven's birth hold her in her arms and that had been chosen to be the personal hand maiden to Chandra and she would be blessed in the afterlife. Eden took the news with gladness and when she told Chandra she knew of the pregnancy, she assured Chandra she was not jealous in any way.

"I knowst that thou art with child and that it is my husbands child," Eden told Chandra as she came into Chandra's chamber. "Fear not, I am not jealous. Isis hath told me in a dream that Raven is the Child of promise and I am to be blessed by helping thee. Therefore I humbly submit myself to thee as they personal handmaid," as she knelt before Chandra.

"Arise my queen," Chandra said with a smile taking Eden by the hand and gently raising her to her feet. "Thou art Queen and shall always be until the day ye shall pass beyond veil. I Chandra am just a humble servant of Isis and have been chosen to bare the promise. We are both the same"

Eden then made a strange request of Chandra well at least strange to her in that Eden would have never have dreamed in having such words as she was to speak from ever passing her lips.

"I knowest that my Lord findeth thee appealing," Eden said as she came up to Chandra and slipped her hands under Chandra's open mesh robe and gently caressed her soft silky skin, rubbed her sumptuous breasts and gently passed her hand over Chandra's slightly furry pussy.

"What is thy request my lady," Chandra said with a smile as she disrobed and began to gently stroke Eden's hair knowing full well what Eden wanted but just wanted to hear her say it.

"I know this sounds foolish," Eden said blushing slightly, "but I want to know the carnal pleasures of lying with a woman all night long as a man would with a woman"

"I would be honored my queen," Chandra said taking Eden by the hand and leading her to the bed chamber.

"I want to experience it all," Eden added emphatically. "I want to fall asleep in a woman's arms and wake up with her not only tonight but for the rest of my days I know my life is not long here and want to experience pleasure before I pass beyond the veil. That is all I ask."

"Then thou shalt have it my Queen," Chandra said with a smile and lying Eden on her back on the bed, "and I shall be honored to be your guide as you explore these carnal pleasures."

With that Chandra began to make sweet lesbian love to Eden. She would eat Eden's sweet furry pussy out as Eden would arch her back and convulse as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through her body.

Chandra would then pussy fuck Eden as they laid with their pussies grinding together. This would make Eden so hot that she would cum within a matter of moments but she begged Chandra to continue until she would cum again and again.

Next Chandra would leave the room and come back with not one but two surprises. The first would be a hand crafted dildo made out of wood and covered over in a thin layer of wax and polished down so that it was smooth. It was the equivalent to 8 inches long and had a leather strap so that it could be worn around the waist.

The second surprise would be a young fair-haired handmaiden known as Usha pronounced "You-sha". Usha would have just reached the age of ascension, was slender stood about 4 and one-half standard units high equivalent to about 5'6" tall weighed about 8 stones around 112 pounds and measured the equivalent to 32B-21-32

"This is Usha," Chandra said as she led the naked girl in by the hand. "She is the new royal handmaiden to the queen and quite the little insatiable nymph as I have found out. She has gladly agreed to join our little party and she will be thy personal partner in your journey of Sapphic carnal desires."

With that Chandra strapped on the Dildo and began to fuck Eden in the missionary style as Eden in turn ate out Usha's sweet little pussy. Eden would then be fucked doggie style and then she would put on the dildo and have Usha ride her cowgirl style while Chandra watched.

Eden and Usha would go at it every day and night while Chandra would sometimes watch but other times make prepare for the birth of Raven which would come on the height of the second lunar rotation of the next cycle.

The time of Raven's birth was very special time of the year, especially for Chandra. Raven was born on what was known to those who spoke the Enlighten tongue and who practiced the Celestial Arts as "CHANDRAMA SIPAHI " which translated into Vikonian meant "Warrior's Moon."

Raven was born at first light of the morning just as the sun peaked over the horizon. The birth was amazingly easy for Chandra and as Raven was born, Eden was there holding her hand.

"She is so beautiful," Eden said with a soft sigh as she cradled Raven in her arms.

Just then, Eden felt faint and knew her time had come. She was ushered to her bed where Usha tended her needs.

"Kiss me my beloved before I pass, and send for Chandra" Eden said with a soft smile. "I want to lie in your arms as I pass beyond the veil to meet Isis."

With that Usha summoned for Chandra and she made haste to Eden's bed Chamber where she and Usha held her naked body next to theirs as they took turns kissing her softly on the lips and holding her.

Eden passed and after Eden's body was properly prepared for burial, Osiris was summoned. He came in to find Eden lying in state dressed in a royal blue burial robe and candles lit as Chandra and Usha stood dressed in open black robes and Chandra was holding Raven.

"The child of the Promise my Liege," Chandra said smiling as she presented Osiris with Raven cradled in a Royal blanket.

Osiris was speechless and could not believe his eyes and just wept tears of joy. "The love of my life," he said looking down into Raven's smiling half sleepy eyes. "You shall always be blessed my beloved and shall want for nothing as long as thy shall live."

Osiris then walked to where Eden laid in state and kissed her softly on the lips and said "Sleep well my beloved. Thou hast earned thy rest" He then turned to Usha and asked "Was her passing with out pain?"

"Yes my Liege," Usha said bowing humbly to Osiris. "She left this world in peace, contented, and happy"

"Very good," Osiris said in a matter of fact tone trying to hold back the tears. "See to it that Eden is laid to rest in the Royal Chamber and I shall inform the kingdom of the news."

Thou hast served our house well," Osiris added. "Chandra has spoken very highly of you and I have learned to trust her judgment. She is seldom wrong."

"Thank you my Lord," Usha said as she humbly bowed before Osiris.

"Arise my sweet," Osiris gently said like a loving father." Thou hast earned favor in mine house and as such thou shalt be the Personal handmaiden to both Chandra and Princess Raven. Thou along with Chandra also shall be not only the Royal governess and tutor to Raven and shall be a member of the Royal household and free to appear at the Royal court as thy leisure."

"Thank you my Lord," Usha said as tears of joy began to stream down her face. "How shall I repay they kindness."

"No repayment is needed," Osiris gently as he wiped away her tears the way a father would his daughter. This is my way to repay you for the kindness you showed Eden in her last days.

"Despite what you may think, I know most of everything that goes on here in the castle, Osiris added lovingly. "And yes I do know about favor Eden requested of you and how you let say met her wishes every night and day until she passed," Osiris said. "But don't be afraid I am grateful you made Eden's remaining time pleasurable for her," he added with a loving smile sensing Usha's embarrassment.

With that, Osiris left the room and made the proclamation to the kingdom of Raven's birth and Eden's passing. The kingdom rejoiced and mourned at the news but shouted their blessings saying "Long live Raven." which echoed through out the palace court.

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