tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaven Chronicles Ch. 03

Raven Chronicles Ch. 03


Oracle Three: The Rise to Ascension

Raven's birth was widely celebrated and Osiris even went so far as to declare it a royal holiday and as Raven grew, each cycle the whole kingdom would have what was known as the "Hunter's Feast" where there would be eating, drinking, music, dancing and wonton lascivious behavior.

As Raven grew, Osiris doted on her much to the dismay of his eldest son Darius who saw Raven a threat to his chances to become ruler. The other two sons Ramious and Ramses loved Raven and were captivated by her and thought Darius was foolish. Even though Darius did not like Raven, he lacked the courage to try to kill her but instead plotted to have her killed by forces inside the kingdom.

Chandra found out about the plans and instantly told Osiris who had the would be assassins killed. Osiris even went so far as to publicly display their bodies in the courtyard as a warning to those who would attempt to hurt Raven or any member of his family. To inspire further fear and loyalty to his word and to prevent any future attempts, Osiris not only had the assassins themselves put to death but their families as well were put into bondage and their assets seized and sold.

However Chandra decided she would deal with Darius in her own way. She used her magic and her womanly charm to seduce Darius and then put him to death. Here is how it happened.

Darius was twenty-four cycles of age at the time and had always had a thing for Chandra. He would secretly spy on Chandra as she and Usha made love but Chandra knew he was there so she and Usha would "make it good" for him. Chandra also went out her way to dress provocatively around him and taunted him with her sexual temptations without mercy.

One night when Osiris was away, Chandra along with Usha went into Darius's private chamber. They were dressed only their Egyptian Ankhs necklaces and wearing perfumes and carrying goblets and a bottle along with a small knapsack which contained several highly poisonous creatures similar to scorpions and serpents.

Chandra cast as spell on Darius and told him that they were tired of trying to deny their feelings for him and were here to "please him" Darius was overjoyed and allowed Chandra and Usha to tie him up to the bed while they made love to him.

Usha positioned her body so that she was right at his head with her sweet cunt just over his mouth. She lowered her cunt onto his mouth and allowed him to eat her out. Chandra on the other hand removed Darius's clothing and straddled his cock and sunk it deep into her pussy as she rode him cowgirl style.

Chandra rode him until she creamed several loads on Darius's cock and Darius spunked at least one maybe two loads of hot manhood deep into Chandra's pussy. Usha in the meantime had flooded Darius's mouth with loads of her sweet sticky creamy nectar.

Once they had finished, Chandra dismounted Darius and gestured to Usha to place a blindfold on him. They told him they were going to suck his cock for a while and then they would have a surprise for him. Once Darius was blindfolded, Chandra sucked on his cock while Usha took the goblet containing a drink with a strong hallucinogenic drug to put Darius in an altered state of consciousness.

Darius drank and instantly began to feel light headed. Once he was completely drugged, Chandra stopped sucking on his cock and placed the poisonous scorpions and serpents and casts a spell to make Darius feel erotic pleasure while the creatures were crawling on his torso.

Chandra then had Usha remove the blindfold and had her bind his mouth so he could not scream in terror when he saw what was happening to him. Chandra then confronted Darius on what she knew and he begged for mercy trying his best to scream and break loose but was unable to.

The time equivalent of 30 minutes past before Darius lie dead from the bites and Chandra and Usha left his chamber in secret. It wasn't until the next day that he was found by his personal servant. Osiris found out later that Darius was the mastermind of the plan from "gossip" in the court and it saddened him but figured it was the Gods way of punishing Darius for his deeds.

Meanwhile, as Raven continued to grow, she continued to soak up knowledge like a sponge and astonished her teachers and Usha. By seven cycles of age she was already speaking the three major tongues as well as the language of the Celestials and the language of the Scholars. Also Raven was far past the math and science texts Chandra had acquired so she summoned for Uriah the Wise, the keeper of all knowledge to come help teach her.

Raven also grew in physical and athletic prowess. By ten cycles she had reached 5 standard units in height or about 6 feet tall and could out fight and out run the fastest and strongest male warrior. Chandra and Usha had taught her every sword skill known and unknown at the time as well as every mean of what would be equivalent to Martial Arts and hand to hand combat. She excelled in that often taking on up to 10 warriors at a time in practice and beating them all and if she wasn't careful leaving them knocked out cold for days.

Lastly Raven displayed magical powers far beyond Chandra's comprehension and even astonished Uriah with her skills. It was evident that Raven was far more than a mere mortal that she was a goddess incarnate.

At the age of her awakening equivalent to puberty which occurred at twelve cycles of age, Raven began to fill out and by fourteen cycles of age she would reach her basic adult physical body shape although it wouldn't until ascension she that she would be fully developed in height and weight.

As was with custom in that time, once the female reached the age of awakening, she was guarded closely by "The Gelded Ones," male warriors who were basically Eunuchs charged by the king to "Protect the virtue of the Vestal Virgin" until the age of ascension. Raven would also be clothed while in public to set her apart from girls who had reached the age of ascension.

In private Raven could only be unclothed when needed, such as bath time or being changed by the royal handmaidens. Otherwise, she was to be clothed in the torso region from bottom of neck to thighs

As Raven slept, Chandra often slept with her to watch over her by night and to prevent her from "experimentation" or in other words self pleasure. It was midway between her awakening and ascension that Raven would have a dream inspired by Isis.

In this dream, Raven would learn of her own conception. Raven would know that Chandra was her mother and know that she was actually the incarnation of the great goddess Isis.

In this dream also, Raven would see her future. She would see where she had children, see how she would rise to power shortly after ascension and how that her kingdom would expand and how she would be a legend. She would see her family and that she live to rule for almost 75 cycles and she would spawn a dynasty that would last 1000 cycles. When Raven awoke from the dream, she kept the knowledge to herself as instructed by Isis until her ascension.

Finally the day of her ascension would arrive and what a day that would be. Raven would be awakened by Chandra and Usha both standing naked in front of her.

"Arise my queen, for thou hast passed from being a child to becoming a woman today," Chandra said taking Raven by the hand and standing her up "Thou mayest display they beauty in public now without being clothed or ashamed" Chandra added as she removed Raven's restrictive clothing allowing her sumptuous body to be displayed in all of its magnificent beauty.

At her ascension Raven stood 5 and one quarter standard units tall, approximately 6'4" tall, weighed about 12.5 stones or about 175 pounds, and she measured what would be the equivalent of 38D-27-37. She was very muscular and yet slender. Her eyes were emerald green and her long naturally jet black hair came down between her shoulders.

Her skin was golden bronze her luscious legs though muscular were very long and very well toned and between them was heaven, her nicely furry but oh so pink virgin pussy whose flower was ready to be plucked. Raven was a rare exquisite and exotic beauty and had the looks that could captivate any man and she would have many.

"Drink this my pet," Chandra said smiling as Usha handed her a silver goblet.

"What is this," Raven asked inquisitively

"It is an elixir of Chastity my Queen," Usha said softly. "It is to prevent conception until the time of the prophecy is fulfilled."

"How often must I take this," Raven said drinking it down.

"Every Lunar rotation my Queen," Chandra replied "It will allow you to enjoy the carnal pleasures of the flesh without the fear of unwanted conception. When the time is right you will know when to quit drinking and conceive the first of many warriors.

"Is there anything thing thou require of Usha and myself," Chandra said knowing full well Raven wanted to have hot lesbian sex with them

"I require you," Raven said approaching Chandra and putting her lips to Chandra's. As Raven and Chandra kissed their bodies pressed together as their cunts grinded against each other's as Usha watched and slowly fingered herself. Raven would then kiss Usha in the same manner as Chandra watched.

"Make love to me my beloveds," Raven said as she coaxed them to her bed chamber. "Come celebrate my rise to ascension and know what it is like to make love to a goddess."

Raven laid Chandra on her back and Usha poisoned herself over Chandra's mouth with Raven placed her mouth on Chandra's wet and willing pussy.

"Ravish me my queen," Chandra said with a lustful tone. "I am thou servant to do with as thou please.

Raven would make love to Chandra and Usha. She would like Chandra out then Chandra and Usha would together lick Raven's pussy until she creamed in both of their mouths. Chandra would then place the strap on dildo she had used with Eden and fuck Raven until she came over and over again. Raven would then take turns pussy fucking Chandra and Usha while the other watched and brought herself off.

Once their orgy had concluded Raven, Chandra and Usha partook of the holy wine and drank to their new union which would last for as long as Chandra and Usha would be on this earth.

That evening, would be the ascension feast where Osiris would show Raven off to the kingdom and they would stand in awe of her, for she was taller than any male warrior in the kingdom. The feast was basically a wonton drunken orgy in the fact there were people dancing naked, men and women making love and women going at each other as other women and men watched.

Raven sat with her father, Usha and Chandra as they watched and her two brothers later joined the feast which would last for 6 solar rotations or days as we would call them. Raven threw herself completely into the carnal passions of the feast. enjoying incestual sex with both brothers and her father. The feast would mark the beginning of a new age and set in motion the making of a new dynasty, one that the planet had never seen before.

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