tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaven Chronicles Ch. 04

Raven Chronicles Ch. 04


Oracle Four: The Legacy is Born.

For three cycles after the ascension feast, Raven would grow in favor amongst the kingdom and become a well respected warrior. As with any kingdom, there was from time to time, minor skirmishes and uprisings and the warriors would be called upon to fight and put them down. Raven quickly proved she could do just that and in a radical move, Osiris appointed her leader of the Phoenix tribe of warriors, which would be the equivalent of a general in a certain division of the army in today's terms.

The other leaders respected Raven and knew that she had proved her worth for such a position in fact there was talk in one day appointing her Chief of the Warrior Council, which in today's terms would be equivalent to the Secretary of Defense in our country. This would have made Raven the number three person in all the kingdom, just under Prince Ramious who was heir to the throne.

When the time came that the Chief of the Warrior Council had passed beyond the veil from old age, many of Osiris's advisors and even Chandra herself urged Osiris to place Raven in the position and it was so ordered and would have gone on without incident except that a mighty warrior named Prometheus challenged the decision.

According to Prometheus, Raven was female and thus was not worthy to hold such high a place. Also, he doubted along with several in his clan, the worthiness of Raven to lead. Osiris and Chandra were both on the verge of having him put to death for blasphemy but Raven beseeched her father to let her answer the challenge so he did.

Chandra knew Raven could do it and Raven met in the arena to answer the challenge of Prometheus. It would be a hand to hand combat along with swords and it would be to the death as to prevent any risk of favoritism.

Raven and Prometheus went at it and even though Prometheus was a formidable opponent, Raven had little trouble in defeating him. In fact Raven would not be fighting at her best as to make it more of a challenge which was something she richly enjoyed.

In the matter of the what we would call 20 minutes of time, Prometheus lay dead at Raven's feet and Raven was holding his head it up for all to see That would have been all except the five warriors loyal to Prometheus charged Raven and in matter of minutes all five of them lie dead or dying.

The crowd chanted "Raven, Raven, Raven" over and over again growing louder and louder as she approached where King Osiris was standing with the heads of Prometheus and his strongest warrior Cronus.

The crowd grew silent as Osiris rose to speak "Doest anyone here doubt the prowess of my daughter or her ability to conquer her enemies," Osiris said to the crowd.

"Vita Raven," the crowed chanted over and over again which meant "Long live Raven."

Osiris put his hand up again and the crowd fell silent. "It is done," he said in a mild tone. "I give you your new Chief of the Warrior Council. Let us feast and celebrate this glorious occasion," and with that there was a feast lasting 3 solar rotations or days.

After the feast there would come rumors of growing contentions form the neighboring kingdoms as a new force was rising which would try to dominate for supremacy in the region. Troubling dispatches would come to Osiris that many of his friends in the neighboring kingdoms had fallen and within 2 lunar rotations his kingdom would be at risk. Osiris summoned the war council and they knew that if this force was to be victorious there would be no stopping it.

Osiris was nervous for the first time in his life He knew he was getting old and couldn't fight like he used to and was worried he would not live to see the outcome and worried what would happen to his kingdom if he was to die. Chandra sensing his trouble consoled him after the meeting had adjourned

"Fear not my Liege," Chandra sad to him that night after the council had left. "Your Raven shall be victorious. Isis has declared it. Your kingdom shall prevail"

"I share your optimism my pet," Osiris said with a sigh, "but I fear that I shall be around to see the victory. I know my time here is marked and I love life too much to let it go.."

"You have served Isis well my Lord," Chandra said running her hand along his, "and for that she will bless you. Your name will be immortal even though you may pass beyond the veil"

"You have such a way of bringing me confidence," Osiris said placing his hand on Chandra. "You have always led me correctly and now I shall follow your advice and not be afraid"

"My Liege, there is something you must do the night of the warriors feast," Chandra said softly smiling.

"What is that my sweet," Osiris replied

"You must lie with Raven and your both shall conceive the first of many mighty leaders and warriors," Chandra said smiling. "They shall be brother and sister, the brother's name will be yours and the sister's name shall be Eden Your name shall live forever my Lord through your grandchildren."

The night of the warrior's feast, the customary feast the night before the battle, Osiris came to where Raven was and much to his surprise Chandra and Usha had already prepared the royal bed Chamber.

Chandra and Usha were standing in open white robes and Raven was cloaked in a long purple robe which had a hood and was open in front.

"It is time father," Raven said taking Osiris by the hand. "Come lie with me and we shall give birth to a new legacy."

With that Raven and Osiris began to make love. Raven knelt in front of her father and removed his belt and loin cloth then took his cock into her hands and began to suck on it. She bobbed her head up and back on the shaft taking it all the way in and as she did she massaged his balls.

Osiris was becoming week at the knees and having a hard time standing so Chandra and Usha laid him back on the bed and Raven continued to suck on him until he spunked his load deep in her throat.

Raven drank down every bit of Osiris's cum not missing a drop and continued to suck on him until he was hard again Raven would then crawl on top of her father lower her pussy onto his cock and remove her robe.

She would begin to ride Osiris long and slow as she bucked her body up and down

"Oh father let our souls become one," Raven purred and magically they did.

Osiris and Raven could feel each other's pleasure. Raven knew it wouldn't belong until she would cum and she knew Osiris was on the verge of spunking his massive load deep inside of her.

It wouldn't be long until Osiris would shoot has manhood deep into Raven's pussy and she would croon with delight

"It is done father," Raven said with delight. "We have conceived the first fruits of a mighty legacy that shall rule for a 1000 cycles"

However Raven and Osiris did not stop there. They would continue their love making into the wee hours of the morning then fall asleep in one another's arms and have one last night together before what would become known as the "The Rise of the Raven."

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