tagLesbian SexRaven Robinson Ep. 06

Raven Robinson Ep. 06


Raven slept in on Monday until noon. She had been up late last night trying her hardest to relive every moment of her playtime with Sam Watkins.

It had been better than she'd ever imagined – and she never even touched Sam physically. They had masturbated together using some of Liz's toys. Raven couldn't believe it when Sam had put that vibe in her own ass and let Raven watch. She never expected a bookworm like Sam to be that wild. But then again she was a bookworm herself, and she knew how crazy her own thoughts and dreams could get if she let them.

She wanted so badly to run to the phone the moment she got up and call Sam. Still she needed to exercise some restraint. Sam still didn't know Raven was an actual lesbian, and not just a girl who occasionally got a little carried away when drunk.

She was beginning to worry about the possibility that Sam would tell her twin about everything. But she had to hold on to hope that she would keep the secret – if she didn't she may well drive herself crazy before Liz and dad arrived home from their honeymoon.

There was a message on the machine that said they wouldn't be in till around midnight. A full twelve hours to wait and agonize over the many uncertainties that had arisen in the past few days. Raven again considered calling Sam, but she was supposed to be working today. She'd recently started a temp position at some office building downtown. Her sister Staci would likely be home to pick up the phone, she worked nights at some posh restaurant But Raven was worried that Staci would get suspicious of something so again she decided against it.

Raven realized the house was a bit of a mess. It wouldn't be fun cleaning up, but it would at least kill some time. She washed dishes, vacuumed, and dusted. She had already done the laundry a few nights prior when she procured a pair of Liz's white silk underwear. The house was sparkling clean by 4:30. Dad and Liz will be pleased, she thought.

After that she fixed herself a late lunch and sat down to watch a movie. From 5:00 until 7:00 she watched a scary movie. Normally they didn't appeal to her but Megan Fox was fucking gorgeous, and in this one she even kissed another girl! Next she attempted to sit through an awful romantic comedy that with the guy from '300' in it. She turned it off in disgust after an hour. By then it was 8:00 and getting dark. It began to rain outside and the windows shook from the wind blowing. She wished then that she still had a beer or two from last night.

This brought her mind around again inevitably to Sam. Her nice butt and soft coffee-toned skin – The way her toes curled just so when she came. The soft but still somehow full sound she made. Raven checked her cell to see if maybe Sam had called. She hadn't. It occurred to her that if something could develop in time with Sam she might be able to get a grip on her growing infatuation with her step-mom. What she was doing, the thoughts she had almost hourly, couldn't be entirely healthy. If resisting it for her own personal sake wasn't enough reason surly her dad's well being was. He was in love, wasn't he. Raven was only in lust, burning powerful lust, but lust all the same.

Sleep would be the quickest way to tomorrow, but sleeping in so late made it an impossibility. An hour or so of tossing and turning in her bed had Raven really frustrated. Eventually she broke down and decided to have one last go at Liz's fantastic toy collection. They'd still be probably two hours away now. All Raven needed was a few precious minutes. With luck it would also tire her so she could get to bed.

She entered the master bedroom without turning on the lights. The first toy she considered was the same one Sam had used. It seemed to get the job done last night. She rolled it over in her palm. Next she smelled it curious to see if Sam had left a fragrance. It wasn't a distinct as she'd imagined it would be. Like the panties the vibe didn't gross her out when she sniffed it's odor. Still plastic-y but with something extra. Maybe it was just natural body sweat Next she put her tongue on the tip. Again it didn't repulse her. It was exciting. The taste wasn't like the same as cum when she licked it from her fingers but it was different. Strangely it had a little tang. She placed it back in the drawer shaking her head. Hmmm. She then focused in on the butt-plug small and black. It's tip was more narrow than the vibrators she had used, she thought it might work better for what she had it mind. These things were made for it after all.

When she took it into her room it was dark and the lights wouldn't turn on. The power must have gone out in the storm. Raven wasn't exactly sure how she was supposed to put it in. She thought about just trying to jam it in but thought better of it. That didn't seem right. Then she thought about why the base was wide and flat. Of course if she set it down right she could squat over it and gradually insert it into her ass.

She placed it on her carpeted floor and got completely naked. The first contact on her hole was unexpectedly cold and then suddenly warm as it penetrated her ever so slightly. Raven teased it in a few times. Up and down she went. She started to think of doing squats in gym class. The tingling sensation it gave her was amazing. It was a little painful but still in a good way. She began to rub her pussy at the same time. Just before she reached her climax Raven heard the front door slam shut.

Startled she fell back on her butt and at the same time the plug went all the way in. It hurt a bit but there was no time to think. She could already hear her Dad yelling her name from downstairs. Thinking fast Raven threw on a t-shirt and slid quietly under the covers. As she moved the toy jostled inside her – This was wholly unlike anything she had felt before but she didn't have time to savor the experience. The entry had been much rougher than she would've liked, and she felt her eyes welling up just a bit.

Lizzy Robinson entered the room. She strode to the bed and knelt over her step-daughter. Raven was now very conscious of not only the thing in her ass, but also the pilfered panties under her pillow.

Lizzy spoke softly " Not feelin' well hon'." She was reading the discomfort on Ravens face. "Well you get some sleep and we'll hang out tomorrow, just us two ok. Oh and babe, clean up your room will ya, panties on the floor is very unladylike".

Raven hadn't even thought to sweep them under the bed when they came in. She sighed in relief and let dreams take her where they would.

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